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Direct TV / Sistema de televisión por directv

Martinbareno on Mar 21, 2017
Hola mi nombre es martin bareño mi no. De cta es 3506312 me siento un poco preocupado por la situación que estoy pasando con ustedes por culpa de att en sept..de 2016 me brindaron un paquete de 3 servicios que eran teléfono, internet y televisión por una cantidad de 76 usd porque según...

Interstate Farm Products, L.L.C. / Refund of initial investment of $6,500.00

dcblack on Mar 21, 2017
County Line Ag. hereby requests a refund of the initial amount of $6, 500.00 given to Interstate Farm Products, L.L.C. in December of 2006. We are no longer in need of the services provided by Interstate Farm Products and are requesting this money be returned to our company as soon a...

Intoxalock / Money Scam All the way!!!

Heather Waisanen on Mar 20, 2017
My device was scheduled to be out on 3/23. Bill is due in full ($101) on the 21st. Regardless of the removal, they do not offer refunds, pro-rates, etc. They will charge you with everything they can...Overnight fees, rushed shipping, high monthly fees. On top of that you will be on hold...

EasyHome / Never ever again

Christina Bambi on Mar 20, 2017
It now 9:20am and I've been at work since 7:00am. My neighbor just called me in a panic saying that this guy from easyhome just threatened and told her to go back inside and mind her own f'in business. Her house is attached to mine so she was super scared. Plus my dogs were going crazy at...

Pitney Bowes / Postage machine

Paul Burns on Mar 16, 2017
We cancelled pitney bowes, years ago, they have an auto renew contract and then when you try to stop the service they hit you with the years fees, penalties etc. As far as we are concerned the can take the $2700+ and shove it up their ###. My attorney will deal with them. Don't use it is a...

Aaron's / Customer service was unprofessional

Krystal Singh on Mar 16, 2017
My husband spoke with a man named David at the Aarons located at 1306 N John Young Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34741. He claimed he was the nights supervisor but he has absolutely no customer service experience. My husband and i have been experiencing issues with Aarons since we purchased with...

HomeAway / Homeaway Bank

Theresa Utt on Mar 12, 2017
My Money for vacation ID HA-T5V7KC property #781465, 45 days later still sitting in Homeaway bank never transferred to homeowner, so I had to write another $1600.00 check for this stay, a duplicate payment. Citi bank had this as a dispute already, so by chain of necessary events, that...

Hoveround / Evaluation representative

artswift2000 on Mar 12, 2017
This lady they sent to my home was very rude and sarcastic! Just because I didnt look a certain way and because I live in a doublewide, she immediately told me that because I wanted to take the chair outside that I just blew it for medicare paying. But when I called they said I could get...

EasyHome / Management store 570

Trish Sanchez on Mar 4, 2017
I am literally disgusted with the service at the Easyhome location on Dundas St. London On. I went into the store to fix my account. The store manager insisted that I needed to return the 2 laptops until I am able to pay them. I complained to head office & I have communicated with them...

AT&T / Business phone service -

Dschott on Feb 23, 2017
Our company - Anderson Machinery Co Acct #171-800-3346 001; Corpus Christi, Texas.. is now on day 4 of no phone service. On Monday February 20th before 8am.. a thunderstorm took down all electricity.. it was restored at 12:30pm.. except for the phone service . On Tuesday, Feb 21st.. 8:35...

Eco Global Corporation / Furnace

Michele Lamoureux on Feb 21, 2017
We had a furnace apart of a furnace installed in july 2016. The company that had did the partial install was Canadian Standards. Eco global came in right after the orginal company and said we needed to have the furnace up to code. So a lot more was added to the furnace. We have had issue...

Lease Finance Group (LFG) / Charging me every month for the last 15 years on equipment which I have already paid for

houtex ready mix on Feb 17, 2017
Lease Finance Group has been charging company for the last 15 years $125.00 + another $75.00 for equipment which we have already paid for The equipment is too old and out of date not using it . Please stop deducting from my account money which I don't owe you. if not I will be forced to...

Cathedral Hygiene / Hand dryer lease

A Thwaite on Feb 14, 2017
These people are particularly unscrupulous. We signed a 60 month contract which expired in August 2016. When we called to cancel it they stated that they have, without discussion or notification, rolled it over for another 60 months and penalties would apply to cancel it! Call 0113 263...

Afhco property management / Unethical behaviour, bad customer service even from the management.

Cmeh Ndlovu on Feb 10, 2017
I would like to say I am very disgusted by the Afhco staff from their agents to management. I moved in last year November, when I moved in they told me the rent has already increased. This year January I got my bill and rent increased. I went to the head office and in customer service I...

Hotwire / Car rental

Marc Estimable on Feb 6, 2017
I went on google to look for a better deal on car rental. Hotwire was selected as the best site. I went on and enter the pick up date and drop off. The site was looking for the best deal but I had to enter my information before revealing the price and the rental company. After I paid, they...

Reliance Home Comfort / Buyout of furnace

Ian Trott on Feb 6, 2017
Dear Sir or Madam, I purchased a furnace and A/C unit from you on a 7 year term. The price was $7499 plus HST as shown on the agreement the salesman drew up. That agreement also says that all payments go towards buyout if you buyout earlier. I am in the process of moving and will be buying...

EasyHome / Furniture

Jesslyna on Feb 2, 2017
I rent a bunk bed frame, a double bed full set, and queen mattress. I've recently stopped working and although I'm still making payments regardless, I've been physically assaulted, harassed, and threatened. So I will continue paying my bill but seeing as they like the to text me constantly...

Why Not Lease It / Bissell carpet cleaner

JillRisme on Feb 1, 2017
The selling price at Sears was $119.00 as it was a floor demo model, my payments were $13.00 every 2 weeks after 10 months of regular payments ($260.00) Icalled to see what my payoff would be and was told $257.00 to pay it off! I almost chocked. Now I knew going in that I was going to pay...

EasyHome / Unethical behavior

Pamela Dewar on Jan 31, 2017
On Jan 13th I called Easyhome to make payment arrangements due to be being off work for health reasons. I was told that I needed to return my merchandise immediately or I would go to Collections. On Jan 16th at my JOB 2 employees of Easy Home came in to "Speak" to me. Today...same thing. I...

Lincare / Cpap

Marty Susman on Jan 27, 2017
My brand new CPAP machine (June 2016) was not working, your company picked it up, 5 days later they delivered an old (wrapped in plastic) machine & lied telling me it was new, anyone with a working brain knows it was old) I called a week later when I began receiving emails telling me I wa...
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