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Aurora Sinai Medical Center / maria limon is sick, twisted and crooked

Amanda Mooney on Apr 24, 2018

I worked at Aurora Sinai Medical Center working as a cafeteria cashier From 2000 to 2003. Maria Limon started suspending kitchen co-workers over little petty stuff!!! The good black kitchen co-workers who quit, because of Maria Limon's wrongful actions. The black kitchen co-workers who...

Olive Garden / general manager/company

Spottywindow on Apr 24, 2018

Working at the Kingsport store was awful. Sonya Grubb is the worst person to work for. She let's people work that is under the influence and nodding off when talking to tables. She talks down to all employees except her favorites. She has no compassion for any of her employees. After I...

Speedway / general manager

Emrah Dalipi on Apr 23, 2018

Hi I work at store 4127 in South Milwaukee Wisconsin the general manager Jeff Torres once referred to fiancee whom he's never met as my [censored] he complains about customers harasses people I asked him if I should let one of the newer guys have a smoke break and his response wa...

SuperAmerica / Northern Tier Retail / I here to tell you i’m not being given a chance to leave or a promotion

Eric Chew on Apr 23, 2018

I've been working above and beyond work my first 4 months after the 4th months I was promised a promotion but my store manager went out to another store and promoted someone else at another store but the guy wasn't even train like me and didn't even have managerment experience just like me...

The Salvation Army USA / I am complaining about a manager

Maritza45 on Apr 23, 2018

I wanted to make a complaint about one of your Managers from one of your stores. I had a very bad experience on Saturday April 21st 2018 because my daughter of 7 years old had a bad experience in one of the dressing rooms she went in to try on a dress on her own I was outside the door ...

Family Dollar / store is never open

Alicia Wallace on Apr 22, 2018

Seems like our family Dollar store is never open anymore & they do not give our town any warning of the closures. No sign on the door or anything. This store is the only store in our town we have to shop at. So if it's closed, the whole town is in a bind. Then when it is open the shelve...

Olive Garden / employment

Nativegirl1995 on Apr 22, 2018

I had just started at Olive Garden, today would of been the last training day for me. I arrived on time walked through the door just for the manager to tell me I couldn't work in the pants I had on ( black Jean like) yes I understand their dressing policy they have but due to me still...

Food Lion / food lion manager on duty

Ashley Barley on Apr 22, 2018

4/21/18 Food Lion 603 E Nash Street My husband and I went to get supplies needed for my mothers 40th birthday party. We had gotten everything we needed we headed to the registers. The girl at register 5 was done with her customer so we went on through, at that time the customer service...

Camping World / general manager

Done with the drama on Apr 20, 2018

The Airstream Building in Thornburg has no management and when one does come down the general manager gets rid of them. There is no support for the people that work at that building. They have to rely on each other the only time you see management is when something goes very wrong then...

Penske Corporation / 2011 volvo unit # 598594 2011 volvo, premium package truck and took delivery on 4/5/18. unit # 598594 vin # 4v4nc9eh9bn528260

Ybaysinger21 on Apr 19, 2018

SOS, PLEASE HELP! We purchased a 2011 Volvo, Premium Package Truck and took delivery on 4/5/18. Unit # 598594 VIN # 4V4NC9EH9BN528260 Bill of Sale # 07961180327063 Purchased the extended warranty through Penske - NTP 1 year/100, 000 miles $1695 1. The truck is not operating (see attached...

Red Roof Inns / housekeeper tanya

Glen Davila on Apr 19, 2018

She do not no how to clean her and the manager of red roof inn name tina m kalbus are the worst people I seen ther the rest of the staff are very nice. Y'all should get rid of the manager tina m kalbus worst manager I seen she is very rude disrespectful [censor] she look like she 60 year...

Red Rooster Branch / service

Aman_gohal on Apr 18, 2018

Good day, Hope you guys going well. Here I am one of the employee of red rooster (484 sunnyholt road parklea) who has been working since a long time at the red rooster very honestly and punctually. Nobody informed what was actually going on at the back end of the store with the managers. A...

Wendy's on Martin Luther King Dr Greensboro NC / the southwest salad

Brenita on Apr 18, 2018

On monday evening I went to the wendy's on mlk to get a southwest salad with no avacodo & no pepper jack cheese. I get home the had gave me iceberg lettuce instead of romaine lettuce so I call back and tell them they gave the wrong lettuce ceecee apology's and said they would...

ResCare / pay checks

Mother of five children on Apr 17, 2018

ResCareI'm having a procblem that needs to be Handle immediately. I work for RES CARE and to my understanding HR didn't know that I'm a PRN However, money is being Deducted from my check from benefits that I never sign up for or qualify for. I want to know is this something I need to go to...

Dollar Tree / dishonest store manager

Sandra N Richardson on Apr 17, 2018

The Booneville, AR store manager came in after another manager was fired. She apparently told him stories of what her employees were doing wrong. Nate called them in one by one and told them that honesty went a long way with him and to tell him what has been going on. My granddaughter, Haley...

Dollar General / district manager

Brooklyn Stephens on Apr 16, 2018

My name is Brooklyn Stephens I'm The store manager of Adrian mo I found out tonight that my district manager ( James maguire) is going around to other stores talking bad about me because I wasn't trained right and he is blaming it on me he went to one store and told a store manager that I...

Capgemini India / fund international

Manjunath M on Apr 16, 2018

Dear valued customer (manjunatha m) This is to bring to your notice that we at the reserve bank of india new delhi branch, received a telegraphic transfer of 2.5 crore rupees in your name and which has to be processed and transferred into your bank account. we received a draft in your name...

Costumer Service / employees

Sara .. on Apr 13, 2018

Last night around 9:30 I went to a costumer service is westwood location, and asked them if I coild call my husband and tell him to come and pick me up because my off was turned off and I even showed them that my phone was turned off and couldnt turn it back on, I told it would be just a... / despicable / liar manager on linkedin

Lo Mi on Apr 13, 2018'm absolutely appalled to see this deceptive untrustworthy two-faced backstabber named Ravi Krishnan is now flat-out lying to everyone on LinkedIn, calling himself a "talented executive with strong leadership and development skills" - when he's actually a very despicable...

Hungry Jack's Australia / workplace bullying and harassment

Swati15 on Apr 12, 2018

This is a complaint against manager Rahool working at mimchinbury hungry jacks on the 12 April evening he's been bullying my 16 year old son who works there. He also verbally abused my daughter on the same night she confronted him. I need to report to police as this has caused significant...


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