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Spirit Halloween / managment

Aesir_Deity on Sep 26, 2017
Unfit for managment, our manager sits in the back on her phone 80% of the day makes all male staff members do most of the work and talks of firing them behind their backs when they talk to each other about store products or asks for assistance with their task. They choose favourites and...

Cici's Pizza / terrible management

What's my name on Sep 24, 2017
Esme, the head manager at Cici's in San Angelo, Texas. Schedules her employees on days they have requested off, as well as schedules employees to work without telling them. For example I just started working there and requested one specific day off and she has me working a double on that...

Kroger / breaks and lunches and working off clock

Hartsell Henry on Sep 23, 2017
My fiancé works in Starbucks and because Kroger won't hire the people she needs she has to work through her breaks and today September 23 2017 was the second time in a year that she has had to work through lunch because she doesn't have the help she needs I am also sending a complaint to Starbuck...

Alfarsi International LLC / worst living situation

Shojith Prince on Sep 22, 2017
Greetings! This grievance, on behalf of my husband Mr.Prince Siluvaimuthu Joe who got a job in Alfarsi International LLC company and landed in oman on 02nd Feb17 and 1. He Forced to do extra hour without giving over time 2. Ill-treated 3. Passport held by the employer 4. Not issuing...

Hobby Lobby / payroll tampering

KArndt on Sep 22, 2017
My supervisor deleted my hours worked. I was verbally told I would be paid double time if I worked on my day, which was after Labor Day. I went to my supervisor today because I did not see these extra hours on my paycheck. He stated he would look in to it and fix it. I was then informed...

Pizza Hut / online order

kayla kearney on Sep 21, 2017
I ordered a meal online and they called me and told me they couldn't deliver my food because of the weather, which is understandable. But I used a coupon with my order and I didn't even receive my food. I called the manager at Pizza Hut to see if I could get another coupon and she was rude...

Nandos / always say that they are sold out

Cameron Bevan Pillay on Sep 21, 2017
Good day. Kindly note that I am extremely disappointed in the service from nandos. I am currently living in Dbn and everytime I phoned to order the quarter chicken the told me they are sold out. I called them when they just opened so I find it hard to understand how is it possible to be...

Dollar Tree / management

Bigguy69 on Sep 20, 2017
Store # 4892 2489 Aramingo Ave Phila Pa 19125 I work for this dollar tree, and my manager is Sophy Phork, a recent incident has occurred while a new supervisor was there, where both bathrooms seemed to have been clogged, as I unclogged the toilets, the drain pipe on the floor had shot out...

Wal-Mart / employment

marcer on Sep 19, 2017
I was hired a Wal-mart store recently, I formerly worked for Wal-mart at another location, The new store just recently said to me, I was not a new hire on the day they let me go, they said I was a transfer. I said you did not tell me that on the day that you hired me that I was a transfer I'm...

Hometown Buffet / management

Douglas C Irving on Sep 18, 2017
Started working at hometown buffet in October of 2016 as a dishwasher worked veryhard .Management at this particular location are favorable towards Hispanics Americans all manage at this location all managers at this location are hispanic.I am african American paid bi weekly dramatically...

Dollar General / manager cussing at employee and not letting her use the bathroom

Dashjobs33 on Sep 18, 2017
My cashier, Melanie, was very nice but she obviously had to pee. I told her to get the manager up here so she could go, she said she'd been trying. It was only them two in the store. She said 'Chiconda, i need to go to the bathroom', I'm not sure exactly her reply, but she cussing and...

Shoppers Drug Mart / manager and employment problems

Yana Duce on Sep 17, 2017
While the Mohawk store has had many friendly people, I have found that for the amount of years working at this store, there has been alot of problems. Starting from head manager to staff priority, there has been complaints and issues that have yet to be resolved. Firstly, I would like to...

Ruby Tuesday / supervisors

Lori Bansel on Sep 16, 2017
I witnessed one of the supervisors being extremely rude to their staff. I wanted to say something so bad but I didn't want to be out of place or get my food messed up. Supervisors shouldn't yell at their employees in front of customers, or at all really. This is the 2nd time I have seen...

Taco Bell / service by the management

robgordon235 on Sep 16, 2017
I went to taco Bell and was told by the manger to leave the property because of my friend wasn't buying anything and I and my friend left the build without an incident I am homeless and have been 09/10/2017 to now and the management doesn't seem to understand that this is real I used to be...

Artillery Centre Nasik Road Camp / corruption at artillery centre nasik road camp 422102

Bhartiya Naagrik on Sep 16, 2017
Subject : corruption in artillery centre nasik road camp Respected sir, A team of corrupted officers and babu's (Clerks) playing with national security. Already two times complaint regarding national security have been sent to mr. J s bindra, the commandant of artillery centre nasik road...

Greendot / everything

Dbrhgldmn on Sep 15, 2017
Greendot is [censor]. They are always having problems. Customer service is very rude. No communication skills what so ever. Because of greendot, I have missed very very important meeting and such. They never update you on what is going on with them. Like for example. The send money option...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / bowl

keisha beatty on Sep 15, 2017
This was the second time in many years I was disappointed. My coworker and I had the same experience the food was not the same, no salt, & stale chips. The gauc was also disappointing meaning the not normal taste with the usually taste. The guac tasted like water. ORDER 350 9/15/2017@...

Big Lots / treatment of employees

Shannon Cella on Sep 13, 2017
Writing on behalf of a friend at the Murrieta, CA location. 3 Weeks ago she was suspended for something she didn't know was wrong, 2 weeks ago she was supposed to find out her fate. As of today she's heard nothing and keeps getting the run around when she calls. At one point she was told...

Advance Auto Parts / lack of leadership 4409 south carolina / georgia

LordofFire on Sep 12, 2017
CEO Team / RVP / VP I really have to ask the question...What is going on in our Company and more importantly this District? We received word on Hurricane Irma almost 2 weeks ago...everyone knew the areas that would be effected greatly by this hurricane, but yet no one was prepared to take...

Ahmen & Hamman Attorneys / verbal and sexual harassment

michelle pillay on Sep 12, 2017
Mr Max Ahmen is a sick old man. Being in this employ had lead to me seeing a psycholgist, several visits to my medical doctor due to the stress levels that my body and mind could not endure. I am just one of the females who has be verbally abused, made to fell uncomfortable when he looked...
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