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Employers Complaints

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Papa John's / Customer service

Kevon Chaitan on Oct 19, 2018

I've been treated very hostile over a simple situation which caould have been handled differently if the guy who claims to be the manager just listened to me. I'm not from around the area and it's not the egotist time I've bought food from that PaPa Johns restaurant either. Long story...

Olive Garden, Walker, MI / Inappropriate termination

Beverly Roberts on Oct 19, 2018

After working for Olive Garde for two years, I was terminated as a server on October 15th. The reason is ridiculous but the part that makes me upset is how it was handled. This is what occurred: Two hours into my shift, one of my customers was my brother and sister-in-law. Everything was going...

Save-A-Lot / I am complaining about working at save a lot

ii Crescent ii on Oct 18, 2018

My boss is very unprofessional, there was somethings about the job that was off and I should have noticed it during the interview but I wanted a job so much I ignored it, I shouldnt have First, during my interview nothing was really discussed except when they wanted me to work I dont know...

Dairy Queen / management

f golden on Oct 18, 2018

In sevierville...the head manager..BOSS... is a bully to her lower mangers, has very short temperament when training anyone to proform a job, tends to speak to employees in a demeaning manner, Promotions to positions are are made by the BOSS with out consulting lower manager I many case...

Meijer / managers/store director

Concerned5 on Oct 18, 2018

I know someone whos never worked a Friday night do to religious beliefs and after 19 yrs want to take it away from me. That is discrimination against them. You knew they were an now trying to take it away. You can not just do that they can get a lawsuit. Tell me why after 19 yrs they now...

Casey's General Store / management and store issues at fergus falls store on north union

Monique Nelson on Oct 17, 2018

I am a concerned citizen of Fergus Falls Minnesota. The last year I have noticed so many bad things about the Fergus Falls Casey's General Store that is located on North Union. Everytime you go in there the management team along with store manager are always looking crabby and cranky...

Smith's / Smith's Food and Drug / store reset - 2540 maryland parkway, las vegas, nv

ThomasEdward on Oct 16, 2018

Was at the store last night, 10/15/2018. I am a former grocery store employee of over 10 years back in the Midwest. I understand the reset concept based on the store location, sales and marketing. The current move of the Eggs to are just past the Liquor Dept way away from the rest of the... / I am not complaining any product its very serious problem...

fizza noor on Oct 16, 2018

Daraz.pkAp Kay drazz say menay ek cover and protecter order kiya tha vo mujahy mil gay hay... But ap Kay ye workr hain hunain Siddiqui jo mujhay bar bar meray Nam say msg Kar rahay hain Kabhe what's aap pay to kabhe meray number pay... Mera order number tha. [protected] jo Kay mujahy reaived...

Michael Guy / the company and the avon ohio location.

Mike26_hunter on Oct 16, 2018

This would only let me submit this if I did one star. I wouldn't even rate this company that. For starters, I worked for this company. I was a bow tech for a few years and it is my passion. I am very good at what i do. The "cabelas way" is to sit someone down in front of a computer and...

Kroger in Cruse Road Lawrenceville / racism

Sakina88 on Oct 14, 2018

Dear kroger customer service, Today at kroger in cruse road in Lawrenceville Georgia. A person insulted me inside kroger in front of my 5 years old and 6 months old son. He tries to remove my scarf over my head. And the security man did nothing. Instead of protecting me he said sorry to...

Burger King / manager

Tkaylah Farmer on Oct 12, 2018

The manager was very rude and had a bad attitude. She was talking to me any kind of way and told me to evaluate. The manager say I didn't tell her when I added something to somebody order.She had a very bad attitude and told me if I do it again she would fire me.I was doing my job and she...

Sonic Drive-In-2928 / management

Dc325 on Oct 10, 2018

New manger that took over this location from the previous manger is constantly yelling at her crew not helping them and not attempting to learn the system and she is also the mother in law of the manager in fort Stockton who was thinking of quitting then other manager is fired he's happy...

Dollar Tree / wrong glue.

Mrase on Oct 10, 2018

I'm making slime with my daughter and I sent my boyfriend out to get some glue. He went to dollar tree and he got the wrong glue so I sent him back. They told him they can't take it back when I know for sure they can. I have returned some watch batteries that I got that was the wrong size...

Sam's Club / Sam's West / management

Tonika on Oct 10, 2018

I am an employee at Sam's club store number #4777 I would like to submit a complaint on management I have never seen such unprofessional managers in a company before. My complaint is that besides the fact that they are lazy. They put people on the schedule to show up to work at 6am 7am and...

IHOP Restaurants / store management and malpractice

Cierra Guyle on Oct 9, 2018

Store #1926 Edmond Oklahoma. General Manager is orlando. Nickie Harvey was the manager on duty during both incidents First violation date happened on Oct 2nd around 3am. I, Cierra, began having vivid ptsd flashbacks during work while serving tables. (All health information was disclosed...

Sheetz / constant hiring emails and texts

Katherine Robbins on Oct 9, 2018

SheetzI would really appreciate it if the company would stop contacting me. I'm a little tired of getting emails and messages when I keep getting rejected. I haven't applied in over a year. I understand you will not rehire me. I'm just upset they won't rehire me after I put in 5 years. I love...

Family Dollar Stores / I purchased a cell phone air conditioning vent holder

Regina42758 on Oct 8, 2018

I went into the family dollar store on saturday to return a product that. Was defected. I was told to find the manager. I did locate her & told her that I purchased the product 2 days ago from the watkinsville store. She told me I broke it without even looking at it. Said it was not broken...

Texas Roadhouse / jason robitelle

Salvador Pacheco on Oct 8, 2018

I walked in to pick up a point shift and he was forcing me to work broil because he wanted to work point. I picked up the point shift for Will Pavis and explained it to him and he called me a "little [censored]" in front of the whole staff and told me I was fired so I left home walking after...

Fast Trak, Inc. / why is fast trak like mount kilimanjaro

Sean4389 on Oct 5, 2018

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in one of the biggest continents in the worlds, and is considered one of the easiest mountains to climb and with the company here they climb mountains that are attainable to everyone. It is the worlds tallest free standing mountain while most high...

The National Commercial Bank [NCB] / service

Noor Fatima on Oct 4, 2018

The National Commercial Bank [NCB]Hello ncb. It is located at tareek al mia. Sanaya branch. Besides the injaz bank. I came here for a new card. Here there are 4 counters. And only 2 counters are working. In there 2 counters 1 is indian and the other one is saudi. Indian is good. But the saudi at counter number 6 is not good. He uses mobile alot. And his behaviour is very bad. Thanks