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Smashburger / Unethical behavior

Kholt390 on Nov 17, 2017
This happened on 11/15/17 My number: 4026181645 I went up to Smashburger to do my homework and order food. There was a manager whose name was Jamie that came in wearing pajamas with her son. She went into the kitchen and started messing around and disturbing everyone in the lobby. She wa...

Sedgwick Claims Management / unethical behaviour with Adjuster Rosemarie Sedalis

Amessing on Nov 17, 2017
Good Morning, I am writing you; because I have a claim that was only partially, and I have been faxing reconsiderations over to the adjuster for over a year on these unpaid bills. I called bill review, and was advised that they never received our reconsiderations, and these bills were not...

Tim Hortons / Mistreatment of Employees

FNfndhdfcv on Nov 16, 2017
I currently work at the Tim Hortons at 1405 Kensington Avenue NY 14215. Our old manager got moved to another store and now, we have a new manager . I don't know the managers full name but his first name is Vijay . He is actually the district manager from what I've heard . My complain about...

IHOP Restaurants / very poor management

Rubentorres on Nov 15, 2017
I had an interview today at 3 pm at 3511 Steelyard Drive Cleveland, OH 44109. I got there at 2:52 and told a waitress about my appointment. I heard her when she went to the back and said my name loud to the manager and then said I don't know I guess he's early. After a few minutes a guy...

Dollar General / holiday pay and thanksgiving hours

Sarah0358 on Nov 15, 2017
I would like to complain that your making your employees work a regular business day and not giving them holiday pay on thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. We have family too if your to good to be in the office on those days than why are we not good enough to be with ours. Dollar general is a...

Family Dollar Stores / store manager always complaining about her help

Jo Falcoln on Nov 14, 2017
I visit Family Dollar in Hendersonville North Carolina at least twice or more a week. Sharon the manager is always saying, and I quote "No one does anything, I have to do it all. I have no help at all" The three ladies who work there along with Sharon, do work, you have a cashier and two...

Chipotle Mexican Grill / bad management and inappropriate relationships.

Diianaa on Nov 13, 2017
I am a former employee and I have been treated like crap there. The general manager lied to me about helping me become a manager, she never gave anyone proper training and would get mad when they didn't know what to do, she would blame it on the others crew members when her managers were...

Makro Online / store general manager

Connor cavannagh on Nov 13, 2017
Hello I started working at makro a month ago and as soon as I started the store manager Chris wearing didn't seem to be keen on me I had one day of due to sickness when I came back the next day he called me into office and started shouted saying your [censor] at your job, you may as well go...

Taco Bell / service and food quality

Jocelyn iwanczyk on Nov 12, 2017
Went to get to taco. Bell cravings deal and the girls working said they were out of nachos and we asked if we could substitute the nachos for a taco. They supposedly asked the manager but we heard laughing so I doubt they asked. When we got our food it was all cold and the lettuce wa...

CVS / manager: james gibsonton riverview fl 3638

Why today on Nov 11, 2017
I went in there with my two children to develop pictures for a 3rd grade science project. I had a coupon for 100 prints for 10cents and let the lady know before I started. At check out it came to $33 dollars she didn't know how to apply the coupon so she got the manager who was extremely...

Cricket Wireless / questions

Anonymous661 on Nov 10, 2017
I called cricket to ask them a question because im leaving to mexico and i wanted to know what am i supposed to activate on my phone so my data can work in mexico and they asked me to holed and 14 minutes passed and i heard her having a conversation with her friend about what she did and...

Digi Telecommunications / bad service

JaneSim on Nov 10, 2017
Digi Lintas (Digi ) has the worst customer service. My daughter went there with my husbabd to buy an iPhone 8 and none of them acknowledge my daughter or my hubby . The place wasn't packed with customers, there were a few but don't tell me you can't even say hello or hold on sir" . My...

Panera Bread / being fired without just cause.

Nocause on Nov 6, 2017
October 5, 2017, I called the HR Dept, to complain about a manager being a bully, and I feared being physically hit or pushed by this manager. He had been a bully to me in front of customers, made me cry, then when another manager asked for us to step into the tiny office space, he flat...

Burger King / service

Yamy377 on Nov 6, 2017
I have been a customer for over 10 years at the burger King on Orange Ave and sandlake. Yesterday was a day that I decided I wouldn't shop at that location anymore. The store manager is very rude and ignorant. After I place my order I pull up to the pick up window to pay and hand the...

Pizza Hut / service complaint

Belinda14 on Nov 6, 2017
Worker from Pizza Hut name Carrie was very rude, disrespectful, mean, the way that she was acting was like she was under drugs or she was burn out the way she was talking it was to loud out of control very rude even she refused to give my order ( that was 2 large pizzas) which I wasted my...

Econolodge Hotel (Unity, LLC.) / refusal of separation notice and pay

Econolodge Hotel (Unity, LLC.)Worst Work Experience Ever!!! Econolodge (Atlanta Airport East) in Forest Park, Georgia 30297... Took on another job that paid more because Econolodge offers very low wages!!! I was fired supposedly, and I had not worked there for a year; however, I never got my separation notice as requested...

Pfizer / unfair treatment from lc

Anonymous 11 on Nov 2, 2017
On 11/03/2017 I was shown unfair treatment at the Pfizer Company Located in Rocky Mount, NC. The LC was very rude when she spoke to her employees, she doesn't give he employees a option to volunteer to work or not, she has a very bad attitude and doesn't communicate with her workers. I...

Family Dollar Stores / store manager charles wright. store 1714, location 107 carmel avenue

Chevalier 1 on Nov 2, 2017
On 10/02/2017 @13:00:36 store manager Charles wright opened a bag of chips ate a few which were supposed to be disposed of due to low quality. Knowing company policy this is called for immediate termination due to theft. Also he has had relations with his former employee whom he reside...

Dollar General / district managers

Doug2017 on Nov 1, 2017
I have a friend who works for your fine company. Who is a VERY HARD WORKER and DEDICATED EMPLOYEE who has done far more than he has been given credit for. He has been a ASM for over a year an a half. I just learned that within a month he was demoted and no is being transferred to another...

Sears HC / paying employees expenses

tazzman62 on Nov 1, 2017
I was the store manager for the Auto center and have been waiting for mileage to be paid for almost 90 days. I am off work as I had several Strokes and do not think I will be going back as they have sold the building to turn it into a steak house. I call the HR number which does not work...
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