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Ebay Scams Complaints / false claims

Stop Bullying Now on Jan 21, 2019

Sellercritic.comThere is an Internet predator in Westland Michigan name Charles Fitch who loves to harass people on social media. This one man is so prolific that he was spotlighted twice by WJBK Fox news reporter Rob Wolchek And put in the hall of shame. Charles Fitch runs in many questionable website...

ebayisajoke seller critic detroit thermal systems / conduct unbecoming a uaw member and detroit thermal systems employee

Stop Bullying Now on Jan 1, 2019

ebayisajoke seller critic detroit thermal systemsUAW member and Detroit Thermal Systems employee Charles Fitch has been stalking myself and many other people for over 6 years. Charles Fitch files fake fire code violations from his home at 33267 Lancashire st in westland michigan and also creates fake ebay accounts for thesole purpose of...

Wholesale Marine Equipment / no response to multiple emails

Scott6875 on Nov 12, 2018

Ordered a set of taco 280 outriggers. Paid thru paypal tied to a capital one credit card. No communication. I have opened a claim with both. Dont be fooled by their webpage! Super profesional, but that's how they hook you! Also, please note that there are no satisfied customers on the net...

eBay Inc Devin Wenig Scott Cutler Marie Oh Huber Wendy Jones Pierre Omidyar / privacy security breach and targeted harassment by trs using social media

Seller Critic on Aug 15, 2018

eBay Inc Devin Wenig Scott Cutler Marie Oh Huber Wendy Jones Pierre OmidyarIn the following video, ebay seller Hubcapjoes AKA youtube's crazeenydriver is posting user ID's on youtube which in and of itself is a privacy concern. We're considering this a breach in security practices at eBay Inc but I'll still give you the url showing the violation...

Qanon / conspiracy theories

Kat Adler on Aug 1, 2018

I am a big believer in YouTube and love it but oversight needs to happen when wildly untruthful videos are allowed to slander good people and spread complete and utter lies about things that matter to the stabilization of the U.S. and the world. When you deliver a service you have a...

Emanuela de Tillio / ebay scams

Oneup1 on Mar 30, 2018

Emanuela de TillioEmanuela is James Taylor's partner and he is also known as James marnley. She posts fake reviews up on the internet assisting James and spreading fake gossip about legitimate companies and she is currently based in Italy though is unfortunate enough to have recently had a child with...

James Taylor / ebay scam rip off

Oneup1 on Mar 30, 2018

James Taylor is an eBay scammer and you should avoid him all costs along with the people he has doing his dirty work in the UK also known as Lisa Matthews and Alex Reid he also uses his partner's name and emanuela for various purposes. James is a variety of different Tactics to try and...

Shipsurance / shipsurance

John Yount on Jun 26, 2017

ShipsuranceShipsurance is a huge SCAM. They will take your money and run fast. If you ever give your money to these thieving [censor], and then have to file a claim, you'll see what it like to get screwed big time. Emma ( the rude old lady in the claims dept.) is going to make you feel like the...

Philippe Gagnon / cyberbully/stalker

Honesty13 on Jun 21, 2017

Philippe GagnonAVOID! Any and all interactions with PHILIPPE GAGNON. Phiippe has a hard time being nice to people. In his free time, he harasses hard working sellers on ebay. And, thankfully, eBay has banned him from their website (see picture at the bottom of his suspended ebay account). About 1 out of 5 of...

TKS / printer toner

Trushar Mody on Jun 15, 2017

This seller is a big scam. Beware. I purchased toner refills for my Ricoh color printer from AAA toner. It was purchased from EBay. They give a “2, 000% Quality guaranteed “on EBay. You CANNOT find any difference between Original Ricoh printing. NEVER. We used their toner and within a...

Precision World / service - customer discrimination

Max20172565 on Jun 3, 2017

I've tried to purchase from them on eBay. They have blocked me from purchasing and biding for no reason whatsoever. I have a 100% rating with over 1, 000 purchases & a few sales. The help & support staff at eBay can't explain it and say it's up to the seller to block anyone they choose and... / Powerselleraccount.Co. Uk jordan james snell fraud & scam

Karren2017 on Feb 4, 2017 James Snall is a rip off merchant he owns and many other scam websites dealing with eBay and amazon seller accounts. If you look hard enough you will find many reports online deep in eBay forums. team had stolen $4200 from me thi...

Isle of Hope Thrift eBay Shoppe / Pop up ad scam

Johanne Layne on Sep 10, 2016

Isle of Hope Thrift eBay ShoppeI am new and very small in raising money for a nonprofit supporting animal services in our community. On August 28, I was listing for Labor Day specials, when eBay, or what looked exactly like it, says by selling 50.00 or more, there would be a 50% reduction in end of month costs: it...

Market Vision on-Line / Market videos llc online trading

Reviewer77053 on Nov 7, 2015

I Transferred 2500 dollars from my bank account and was told I would get training 1 hour /week for online trading on 9-10-14 I talked to Mike Johnson Mike Archer And Chad R Butler phone [protected] Address Market Videos LLC 1901 Monticello Ave Phoenix, AZ [protected] Bank of America...

Frank Schauer - Music-outlet-shop / Scammed me on ebay for guitars. Reneged on deal.

Reviewer13243 on Oct 16, 2015

Frank Schauer scammed me on ebay. I purchased several guitars from Frank Schauer and he pretended to be an honest businessman on ebay under the username music-outlet-shop. Frank agreed sell the guitars to me at a specific price then after I had already paid for the guitars he very rudely...

Cone Industrial / Sales fraud - fork lift

AT1, Inc on Oct 6, 2015

Cone IndustrialOn Aug.7th I contacted Cone Industrial located at 10940 Trinity Parkway, Stockton, CA 95219 about a Fork Lift he listed on Ebay. It was a Crown 2009, Model RC3000, Stand-Up Counterbalance. Price $4, 950.00, with 3700 Hours and the pictures showed it to be in Excellent Condition. The owner...

Variety-collectibles-4u / Refusal to issue refund

Reviewer67427 on Sep 20, 2015

Don't buy from variety-collectables-4u on eBay.. I tried to buy 2 NC State team photos from 1974 and 1983. The ones I was sent were flawed enough to make them unsuitable to frame-in one the picture was chopped off and in the other the names were covered up. I was able to easily get my...

webustnuts Shawn Spiers / False claim

Parts Supply on Jan 12, 2015

We received a claim through ebay for a complete gasket that we had listed on ebay for $892.00 from the user name: webustnuts we researched all our ebay sales and this user name had never purchased this complete gasket from us. In his claim he had the picture of the complete gasket that matched...

Harrison Autographs / Fake Autographs

Lisa Ford s on Dec 12, 2014

Hello everyone im shocked that ive had to take the time to write this but im so angry with Harrison Autographs as ive purchased a signed Liverpool shirt for my son and it came within a few days which I thought was good BUT then I went to get it framed so it would look lovely on my son... / Money chetating on Web

Sathish Sundaravel on Dec 10, 2014

I have ordered Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hybrid mobile Case which cost around 28 $ as per a) I have created an account in the site as sathish.[protected] b) I ordered the mobile case and made the payment via paypal as per the site "PayPal Website Payment...