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Ebay Scams Complaints

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Wholesale Marine Equipment / no response to multiple emails

Scott6875 on Nov 12, 2018

Ordered a set of taco 280 outriggers. Paid thru paypal tied to a capital one credit card. No communication. I have opened a claim with both. Dont be fooled by their webpage! Super profesional, but that's how they hook you! Also, please note that there are no satisfied customers on the net... / luraco pump, nil magnetic

david connellan on Oct 31, 2018

I ordered this item through your ebay site on the 13 september. Paid in full to australia. I received a email from this company, asking for more money, before they shipped, I had already paid in full, very bad, to start with. I have now asked ebay to step in, which they did. Ebay told me the...

Letgo / miss information

Etrucker on Oct 26, 2018

Half of the things on letgo are wrong sold no response and scams I'm going to file a formal complaint with the FTC. Something needs to be done about this site it's way worse than shopping for me won't be back there is no way to rate the seller and letgo has so many adds that it'...

Yanwen / the yanwen tracking number doesn't available in south america

Jorge Escalante Miranda on Sep 27, 2018

I have two parcels loosing in the courier postal service of Colombia (South America) because the Yanwen tracking numbers are not available in my country. Our national courier postal service say: Yanwen tracking number don`t have two letters at the beginning of track number and two letter...

eBay / an rv that is listed on ya site

Jerry Hanna on Sep 10, 2018

I purchased an Rv that was listed on ya site when it was time to purchase I was informed that I had to send the money to ebay I sent the money and now eBay says I owe an additional $1000 for insurance to get the Rv shipped to me the Rv is still on ya site It's blue and white and for...

eBay / my son got scammed by a buyer

MerlineC on Aug 24, 2018

My son sold some things to a buyer. The buyer told EBAY he received the merchandise. So my son gave eBay the tracking # 9505500016188226000161. The merchandise was shipped on August 14, 2018. It was delivered on August 16, 2018 to a IN/AT Mailbox in San Jose CA. eBay said that since my son...

eBay Inc Devin Wenig Scott Cutler Marie Oh Huber Wendy Jones Pierre Omidyar / privacy security breach and targeted harassment by trs using social media

Seller Critic on Aug 15, 2018

eBay Inc Devin Wenig Scott Cutler Marie Oh Huber Wendy Jones Pierre OmidyarIn the following video, ebay seller Hubcapjoes AKA youtube's crazeenydriver is posting user ID's on youtube which in and of itself is a privacy concern. We're considering this a breach in security practices at eBay Inc but I'll still give you the url showing the violation...

Qanon / conspiracy theories

Kat Adler on Aug 1, 2018

I am a big believer in YouTube and love it but oversight needs to happen when wildly untruthful videos are allowed to slander good people and spread complete and utter lies about things that matter to the stabilization of the U.S. and the world. When you deliver a service you have a... /

linda al on Jun 27, 2018

I have already 25 to 35 things from wish out of all of those things I have received three green blue and gray contact lenses when I have ordered rings earrings bracelets Nails close shoes and never got none of it then they tell me that they're sending me a refund to prepaid cards that I no... / they are at it again!

Tmanagers on Jun 26, 2018 is part of a huge scam group! They are also known as,, OSA.ME.UK, Plus many other domains and names they use. The main guy behind it is called Nathan Alan Coombe from Torquay Devon, UK. They also owned a company called PSA...

Power Seller Shop / ebay account fraud and paypal fraud

Matthew pritchard on Jun 2, 2018

Power Seller ShopThis company's been online scamming for years and also been instigating paypal and eBay fraud. There are various people involved in this and this is Apparent from all of the interactions both on social media and on the wider web The only changes his name like most people change their... / scam ebay accounts and it is fraud to sell or buy them

R travers on May 23, 2018

www.powersellershop.comThe owner of this company is an absolute sham as is his business partner Emanuela dI tillio and both are complete scammers and selling eBay accounts and also travel websites which produce huge numbers of complaints from people that don't get their products or simply have the money...

AN & Associates / item ordered is nothing like the information provided

Nancy Kaspari on May 19, 2018

AN & AssociatesOrdered wooden figures, mail & female made out of wood with moveable joints The Male was to be 12 inches tall and female 10 inches. I received the package 2 weeks later. No information regarding the 'order' that was enclosed I paid $70.00 for a 2 inch tall 'persons' made of plastic and...

Viagogo / tickets issue

Glenn Lambert on Apr 12, 2018

I bought tickets through Viagogo . They issued the wrong tickets and I spent many hours trying to contact someone. There is no phone number that tney make clear to help the customer. They do everything in their power to stop direct contact. So frustrating and then I found out the ticket... / not helping with my item.

dick gibson on Apr 3, 2018

My name is tony bobet resided at 1710 seward avenue, bronx, new york city, 10473, apartment#5-g. Telephone#[protected]. I am filing for my brother behalf. His name is raul bobet that resided same address from the above page. I file an complaint to usps for my item. I am filing an...

Emanuela de Tillio / ebay scams

Oneup1 on Mar 30, 2018

Emanuela de TillioEmanuela is James Taylor's partner and he is also known as James marnley. She posts fake reviews up on the internet assisting James and spreading fake gossip about legitimate companies and she is currently based in Italy though is unfortunate enough to have recently had a child with...

James Taylor / ebay scam rip off

Oneup1 on Mar 30, 2018

James Taylor is an eBay scammer and you should avoid him all costs along with the people he has doing his dirty work in the UK also known as Lisa Matthews and Alex Reid he also uses his partner's name and emanuela for various purposes. James is a variety of different Tactics to try and...

Letgo / 2005 nissan murano suv/categorie cars

reggie sims (Dark Knight) on Mar 28, 2018

Letgohi I am the buyer my name is reggie sims and on 3-26-18 I went on LET IT GO! to buy a vehicle a 2005 Nissan Murano SUV!! the sell price is $1000 the sellers name is Tracy M. Thompson ( upon agreeing to buy the SUV the seller said that we have to go through Ebay...

Tomtop Group / radion control car

senji4444 on Mar 22, 2018

I bought the car on Ebay and it was defective. I contacted them and they pretended that they would take care of it. They told me that if I left a 5 star rating on ebay that they would replace it. I left the rating and they said they shipped another one but never did. They would provide me...

Craigslist / 2007 ford f150 lariat

Terri Maurer on Mar 16, 2018

CraigslistNorma Tucker (, [protected], nephew's number [protected]. Posted a truck for sale on your site. We sent email stating we were interested. The price was $2000. She sent us more pictures, her nephew contacted us and said it was being sold through ebay and they were...