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Redbox Automated Retail / the movies in the redbox located at the Walgreens in Taylor texas.

lesrod on Aug 19, 2017
This week I have had too return a DVD three times this will be my fourth.Its the movie Going In Style..I think some one needs to get sent out to check the DVD out...!!its very incoveaint for me too drive back and forth to different Redboxes to find a good DVD to watch.I don't mind the...

Chris Collection / damage dvd

dick gibson on Aug 11, 2017
Chris CollectionDear Sir/Madam: My name is Tony Bobet. I resided at 1710 Seward Avenue, Bronx, New York City, 10473, Apt#5-G, telephone # 347-297-7394. I am filing an complaint to Chris Collection, resided at 123 Emory Street, Brockton, Massachusetts, telephone# (781) 301-1783. I order an item on Amazon.com. I...

Big Fish Games / nancy drew game

Ed Sala on Aug 6, 2017
On 7/31/17 I clicked on a popup for a new Nancy Drew game offered by Big Fish Games. After the click, the information said it would cost $2.99, so I clicked that I would purchase it for that price. I provided my payment information (Discovercard 6001 0058 7587 5505) and clicked to the next...

Israel-Music.com / dvds

giobur on Aug 3, 2017
Israel-Music.comNever received shipping info or an email from him. He works by himself, no employees at all. The status of my order kept saying "received" and nothing happened since July 20/2017 This is an Israeli company led by Zvi (Zvika) Shapira. The exact address according to Israeli information: Zvi...

Disney Movie Club / disney movie club

clawson2012 on Jul 7, 2017
Disney Movie Club continues mailing letters and packages (w/ DVD & Blueray videos) to our business address, even though they have been notified on numerous occasions that they are mailing to the wrong address. They keep mailing stuff to Lindsay McGlamery. I've notified DMC that the addre...

Dollar General / no redbox at our dg store!!

dermaman on Jun 19, 2017
I have asked the manager of our local DG store to get a Redbox.. The DG in the town 9 miles north of us has one... Why can't we have one? I've suggested it to him numerous times and he always tells me that he's "working on it!!" Just a day ago, I once again asked him where the Redbox wa...

Dollar General / redbox

dermaman on Jun 16, 2017
I have suggested to the store manager many times that his store needs a "Redbox"... Every time he has stated that he's working on it but there doesn't seem to be any progress in getting one in our store.. There's a DG 10 miles up the road and they have one!!! Our store at Derma...

Meijer / service

Sabrina Crump on Jun 16, 2017
A visit to the Southfield, Michigan store location found both women bathrooms to have stall doors and toilet paper holders that do not function/operate had not been repaired or replaced. This is a safety issue. It can also cause excessive use of toilet paper, use of other paper due to the...

Netflix / netflix posting of a letter from wwii veteran's family

kathryn rolston on Jun 13, 2017
This is sad - and really irritating. I don't get Netflix's intent in posting a letter from a family of WWII veteran whose family must cancel his account because of his failing faculties. Netflix makes the point of telling readers this man made great sacrifices for his country, and wa...

AVG / paid for avg protection, which I didn't get.

Marie Nadine on Jun 3, 2017
May 16 I bought AVG protection from Amazon for a discount. I found out today they do not give refunds on downloads. I was promised a CD which I did not receive. I took the information from the order and put it on AVG's web site. They recognized the purchase, but went no further. I wa...

Netflix / disc delivery and issues with waiting for bad discs twice!

droonfang on May 26, 2017
This is my 4th complaint to the company. The last time I was told all I'd have to do is call and explain and they'd fix it. But last night and today (5-25-17 and 5-26-17) they refused. In fact, last night they LIED and said they'd comply, but they did NOT. And today, were so bad at...

ZeroPro Tactical — Foxboro, MA 02035, Room #3 / zeropro scope

tony deleano on May 11, 2017
zeropro scope zeropro scope Contacts & Information Posted: May 11, 2017 by tony deleano false advertising, junk quality Complaint Rating: 0 % with 0 votes Contact information: Foxboro, Massachusetts United States This so called scope was purchased in the month of May, 2017. through...

Samsung Electronics / blu ray dvd player

Stuart Degraff on May 11, 2017
I have a DVD player, under warranty, that keeps turning itself off and restarting. I was told to send it back, at my expense, and let the technical team fix it. They sent it back to me and it's not any better, in fact it's worse than when I sent it in. I called and talked to two different...

Adult Marketplace.com/ Robert Buttinell / Fraud, illegal dvd

dick gibson on May 2, 2017
Adult Marketplace.com/ Robert ButtinellDear sir/madam: My name is tony bobet. I live in 1710 seward avenue, bronx, new york city, 10473, apartment, #5-g. I want to seller from adult marketplaces.com. The seller name is robert buttinelli, live at 775 hepperhan avenue, yonker, new york city, 10703. I order the item# 1345078, name of...

Redbox Automated Retail / No disc in kiosk

Sarni on Apr 27, 2017
Rented a movie online and was directed to a Kiosk nearby. Tried to receive it and was told by the machine it wasn't there.Called their number, didn't press "9" for Spanish, and got a heavy accented Spanish lady. I live in South Florida and am acquainted with the accent but her was almost...

Cinamuse / Streaming of a video

Jayne West on Mar 28, 2017
I signed up for a free download and the site said I would not be changed. However, I have been charged $39.95. I would like a refund of my 39.95. This appears to be a scam and I will report you to all comsumer agencies if I do not receive a refund. The charge was on 3/17/17 for the...

Instaflix / Kiosk never delivered movie, then shut itself down

jeff47624 on Feb 10, 2017
This happened today (2/10/17) at about 7pm at Instaflix kiosk Cub foods 10881 university avenue ne Blaine, mn 55434 After I had swiped my credit card a screen appeared telling me to wait for my movie. After taking longer than usual, (Maybe over 30 sec. , much longer than red box) another...

Rapidvidz / Illegitimate subscription

hans prins on Feb 6, 2017
Since at least one year rapidvidz has charged my account. The last withdrawal was 48, 73 euro(jan. 04-2017) but there have been withdrawals at least since january last year 2016 (49.95) and probably even longer. I have never given permission nor did I subscribe to Rapidvidz nor did I...

Amazon - Round3 / damaged product

dick gibson on Jan 21, 2017
Dear sir: I am filing an complaint to round3. located at 4175 royal dr. nw ste 300 kennesaw, ga 30144-6428. I live at 1710 seward avenue, bronx, nyc, 10473-4215. apart#5-g. I order an item from amazon.com. the item is hotel transylvania, for $4.95. the customer services, daniele, from...

Redbox At Walmart / received the wrong movie

Barbaraannestrada on Jan 7, 2017
I went to go rent a movie and turns out that it wasn't the movie I wanted or even chose and the one I received is currently not out for redbox rental so I would like a refund or some red box credit please. Y'all should really check every movie after a costumer drops them off for thi...
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