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Cinamuse / Streaming of a video

Jayne West on Mar 28, 2017
I signed up for a free download and the site said I would not be changed. However, I have been charged $39.95. I would like a refund of my 39.95. This appears to be a scam and I will report you to all comsumer agencies if I do not receive a refund. The charge was on 3/17/17 for the...

Instaflix / Kiosk never delivered movie, then shut itself down

jeff47624 on Feb 10, 2017
This happened today (2/10/17) at about 7pm at Instaflix kiosk Cub foods 10881 university avenue ne Blaine, mn 55434 After I had swiped my credit card a screen appeared telling me to wait for my movie. After taking longer than usual, (Maybe over 30 sec. , much longer than red box) another...

Rapidvidz / Illegitimate subscription

hans prins on Feb 6, 2017
Since at least one year rapidvidz has charged my account. The last withdrawal was 48, 73 euro(jan. 04-2017) but there have been withdrawals at least since january last year 2016 (49.95) and probably even longer. I have never given permission nor did I subscribe to Rapidvidz nor did I...

Amazon - Round3 / Damaged product

dick gibson on Jan 21, 2017
Dear sir: I am filing an complaint to round3. located at 4175 royal dr. nw ste 300 kennesaw, ga 30144-6428. I live at 1710 seward avenue, bronx, nyc, 10473-4215. apart#5-g. I order an item from amazon.com. the item is hotel transylvania, for $4.95. the customer services, daniele, from...

Redbox At Walmart / Received the wrong movie

Barbaraannestrada on Jan 7, 2017
I went to go rent a movie and turns out that it wasn't the movie I wanted or even chose and the one I received is currently not out for redbox rental so I would like a refund or some red box credit please. Y'all should really check every movie after a costumer drops them off for thi...

Redbox / A rental movie

Thomas Oliver85 on Jan 7, 2017
I rented a movie from a redbox inside of a Walmart in Rockport Arkansas. The redbox was located by the door on the Pharmacy side of the Walmart store. I rented the movie "Krampas" on 1/6/17 and it was all scratched up and would not play sound on my dvd player. I would like to get thi...

Redbox / Renting a movie that doesn't work.

Kurt Dibble on Nov 27, 2016
Rented a movie I put it in my xbox one and the screen pops up black saying. ( Please try a different disc, We cant play this one) (0x91d70001) we tried it in my friends xbox one and the same thing happened, but the weird thing is theres no scratches or marks on the DVD. I hope someone can...

ShaolinDVD.com / missing/defective DVDs

Passacaglia on Nov 25, 2016
A warning to anyone considering a purchase from this seller: his failure rate is 25%. That is, fully a quarter of the discs were either defective or never sent at all. DVDs that were sent were dirty and beat-up, several had to be cleaned before I could play them. Seller promised to send...

Redbox / Wrong movie

Shalynn Arrington on Nov 24, 2016
I paid for Alice through the looking glass DVD at the Redbox Kiosk located at the 7-11 on Genesee, but instead I got the Ghostbusters DVD. Since these two movie titles are on different screens I know I did not mistakenly hit the wrong rental button. I would like to exchange the DVD...

Family Feature Films / DVDs

Vicky Lynch on Oct 12, 2016
This company will not quit calling me. I have asked over and over for them to take me off the list and to quit calling. I regret ever buying anything from them because they will not leave me alone. They call early Saturday mornings, they call me at my work number during the day. IF there...

Multichoice / Poor service

Megz06 on Sep 5, 2016
on the 20 August 2016 I installed a dstv explora via multi choice for an of R949.00 I spoken to a guy who help me nicely who told me that I just need to pay R949.00 only to find out on the Monday the 29 August 2016 that my debit order is R1155.3... I was calling whole week call back next...

Avanquest Software / No serial number on cd they sent me.

Rob Cossalter on Aug 26, 2016
On the 8th July 2015 I purchased Avanquest Architect 3D 2015 (v17, 6)Ultimate -ENG cost $188.43 over the net and I asked for a back up with a CD to be sent to me. Everything down loaded fine except it used over 2.5 gig of my 5 gig per month allowance which took almost 2 hours to download. I...

Redbox / Unable to return movies due to a broken kiosk

nanaKris on Aug 1, 2016
I had two DVDs checked out. The next day, the kiosk broke. Redbox argued with the business over fault for the terminal not working. Their technician is located in Illinois. It took 13 days for the kiosk to be repaired! During this time I had to go to the store daily to see if it wa...

Samsung / TV screws for for wall mounting

bunny chaser on Jun 30, 2016
I purchased a 50" LED Smart TV and when it arrived I wanted to use my existing wall mount to hang my TV. When I looked at the back of the TV to see where the screws were to mount there were none! I called Samsung and they said that is their policy not to include the screws needed for wall...

DonnaPlay.com / apply free trial by it has charge as premium

JJew on Jun 30, 2016
DonnaPlay.comI apply for free trial but it was automatically changed to premium when I submit the information. So I cancelled after that immediately as refer Cancellation Confirmation Reference Number: 55998256. You can see your mail at date and time which you sent confirmation of register and cancellation to me. Why I still has the charge in my credit card.

Starzplay / Movie + tv shows streaming

Reviewman on May 17, 2016
StarzplayI subscribed to the online Movie streaming network called StarzPlay on March 2016. There is an offer that allows new users to try the system for a month without any money being paid upfront. It clearly read as 'Money will not be deducted' if I cancel the subcription before the...

Cox Communications / Cable tv dvr

Gabe L. Gador on May 15, 2016
Tomorrow will be third time that I will return and replaced my Cisco DVR from Cox cable. This stupid machine has been a headache for us and our family for a long time but no one at Cox cable has been able to figure out on how to fix this problem. For several times a day, the DVR without...

Israelmusic.com / CDs / DVDs

DavidVeit on May 5, 2016
I placed an order with IsraelMusic.com through their website March 1st 2016 for the following items: Not yet shipped Type Price each Quantity Price Shirey Moledet Part 3 by Ofra Haza CD $2.53 1 $2.53 Song For Comfort by Daniel Zamir CD $16.99 1 $16.99 Missing Here by Daniel...

Classic DVD World / Bad discs - 12 o'clock high series

USS_Ranger_Vet on Feb 25, 2016
My daughter bought the series for me for Christmas. This is a 20 disc set. Disc numbers 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 18 & 20 all have a bad section in the first episode. That section occurs at almost the same spot on each. Disk #17, the first episode is horribly out of sync. The 3rd episode was not...

Redbox / Denies disc was received, charged my account

Reviewer64066 on Dec 10, 2015
I rented two dvds from our local redbox just over two weeks ago. After two days, I returned both dvds to the same redbox location at the same time. Neither disc was rejected at the kiosk and after depositing the discs I left. Now I received an email receipt from redbox indicating that I am...
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