Dry Cleaners & Laundry Complaints

Miele Washing Machine / delivery/ customer service

on Mar 26, 2019

We bought a 7 litre Miele washing machine from The Good guys. Delivery of all Miele is handled directly by Miele. We ensured that our salesman at Good guys put into the delivery instructions that we had 60 stairs as access. Delivery arrives and they flatly refuse to bring it down. Ring...

Liza Rodriguez / breaks contracts

on Feb 19, 2019

Liza RodriguezLiza Rodriguez breached a contract and did not accept the terms of the agreement when it lost its appeal. She went so far as to lie about the course of events in reviews, and to involve her posse when we did not meet her demands, which were contrary to the signed agreement. Liza even...

School Of Hackers / ceh certification

on Dec 29, 2018

School of hacker is an iso: 9001 2015 certified cyber security training & penetration company located in delhi, we have been delivering basic & advance it security training and services with upgraded technology contents to it professionals from various branches of it industry. Our goal i...

Game Stores South Gate / / washing machine

on Dec 19, 2018

I bought a 17kg LG washing machine from Game Southgate, on the 14th December 2018, I was promised the machine will be delivered the following day ...its the 19th today and I'm still waiting for them, when I went there on the 18th they told me the admin FORGoT to capture my delivery...but definitely I will get it on the 19th ...but nothing was delivered ...

Tucker Ga. Location / customer service

on Aug 27, 2018

Called to get availability of an item from a person name Trey. I asked for a manager. He hung up on me 3 times. Put me on hold for over 10 minutes. Place his lead person on call to say managers are on a conference call, its monday. This young lady went to screaming at me saying she wa...

Your Washateria / billing

on Aug 11, 2018

I had the dumpster waste service with WM over 10 years, and I cancel their service by the end of June, 2018? Details after cancel letter sent out at March, so I am ok to get out, but at June I still got the bill for July, 2018($199.51), I call WM and they said just disregarded it, the dumpster...

Horrible Customer Service / services

on Jul 14, 2018

The lady at the front desk in Snyder, TX has been extremely rude as sh refuses to bring her customers extra towels. She didn't even want to page the housekeeper, really!?!? All she says was, come to the front and get them yourself. We have never stayed at a place where they refuse to bring...

Luke Mobile Number 07824 313895 / sale of washing machine

on May 13, 2018

Bought a washing machine off a small ad on Gumtree. Buyer (Luke, no other details other than based in Greenwich apparently) delivered to doorstep. So, unable to test machine there and then but lead to believe it was in good working order. From first use, loud rattling / rumbling sound...

Lake Econo Wash / customer abused and personally victimized by worker, worker's husband and people

on May 10, 2018

It was ether the 12th or 19th of April, it was Thursday afternoon and me and my mom were washing our clothes at a laundry mat in our town and I accidently hit my head on one of their machines, I was frustrated when it happened but I would've been fine if this lady who was running the place...

Umer Electrnic Pakistan / washing machine

on May 5, 2018

Umer Electrnic PakistanI bought a Toshiba washing machine from above mentioned shop, it broke down after 2 months. The model number is TA3810. I feel that i was sold a fake machine as this number can not be found in internet, is it true? Moreover, i don't see any "Toshiba" written on its pcb, am i right to doubt...

Lake Econo Washateria / abusive owner and abusive people

on Apr 19, 2018

A young man and his mom were washing their clothes and just when th young man got frustrated when one of them machines hit him on the head, I understand he got mad about it but the lady who was running the place at the time on Thursday and what looked like two large and tall males started...

Nasseau Square Cleaners 7693 Lake Worth FL. 33467 / silk hermes scarf ruined

on Mar 14, 2018

On january 16 th 2018, I went to Nassau Square cleaners to have my Hermes silk scarf cleaned. When I pick it back, I notice once home that it had not been cleaned (lipstick still on) so I went back on the 20 of january so they would clean it again. So, the men at the reception said: no...

Dirty Bedspread / housekeeping and management not doing their job

on Mar 7, 2018

Dirty BedspreadI have stayed in motel 6 on 3 different occasions now and this is the first time that the bed spread is filthy and needs to be replaced with a new one. House keeping should tell management and management should replace this immediately. I feel like I'm sleeping in a filthy dirty place. I'm...

Anna Paras / delayed delivery

on Jan 26, 2018

Good day LBC! Would like to ask what does Forwarded to SF-Davao mean? Ordered 5 items from Lazada last January 21, 2018. 2 items out of that 5 has been tagged as Forwarded to SF-Davao. Last Update of the items on your tracking system was January 23 and January 25. What happened? Where's my...

Jeeves Singapore / dry cleaning

on Jan 24, 2018

Bad experience with Jeeves - they completely stretched out the waistband of Anne Fontaine trousers ($1000 retail price) so that they are unwearable. Complained to head office but they said their policy is only to help if you complain within 7 days (maximum 30 days). We only found out much...

Better Homes and Garden / ironing board cover

on Nov 26, 2017

Better Homes and GardenI purchased Better Homes and Garden ironing board cover and while I was pressing WHITE napkins the blue print blead into the napkins. I didn't pay attention to this until about the fifth napkin. I do not enjoy this mondain choir and now I have to rewash and hope the stains come out...

McFarland Cleaners / won't honor quoted price and will ask for cash payment

on Oct 17, 2017

Will rip you off. Gave price and tried to charge double. Then attendant would only take cash payment and not receipt. Update: After the lady called my wife and I repeatedly bordering in harassment (7 calls so far) and we were given the story about being new and not wanting to get fired I...

Grab Hitch / I want to make a complaint

on Oct 9, 2017

Grab HitchI'm riding in SKU1958P with Grab! See my trip live here — Grab: Ride Safe, Ride Sure. She drop off my bf at main road caught by heavily rain not responbile person she never complete the trip at blk 860 tampines ave 5 she still dare...

Four Seasons Cleaners / morning manager complaint

on Sep 15, 2017

We have done deliveries in the back of our store for the last fifteen years and it has never been a problem with the circle k since we don't use an actual parking spot and we are only there the Max of 10 minutes. But for some reason now the morning manager has freaked out on the owner and...

Matag / Centennial washer

on Jan 13, 2017

Washer does not have enough water to wash clothes. What I did is I had a 1 1/4 clear hose laying around the garage that was almost the inner diameter of the inside of the tub. I then taped both ends with plastic tape to make it water tight. I i had bought it for it i would have gotten it...

McFarland Cleaners / Dry cleaning

on Dec 16, 2016

Lost my entire bag of shirts that I had dropped of for dry cleaning. All they did was shrug their shoulders. HORRIBLE experience. They have new people at the drive up routinely. I handed my bag to a new lady on Thursay, she said pick up on Monday, I said fine and drove off. She didn't...

Crystal Beauty / Not yet received product and no respond

on Oct 26, 2016

Crystal BeautyI have purchased horse oil shampoo from singapore Crystal Beauty on 29/9/16 qoo.10, until now I haven't receive my product. At first I thought from oversea should take a long time, but almost 1 month I still not yet receive, then I called to skynet Malaysia, they said the product wa...

London Key Cutting & Services / Still don't have keys or a refund

on Sep 30, 2016

On the 19th September I had keys cut that did not work, went back 5 times (re-filed, promised a refund, did not have cash to refund, had it recut and still not working.) Contacted the owner, who put the phone down in my ear. Went back again on another shift and had the keys cut again but...

Laundry Plus / Dry cleaning

on Sep 22, 2016

I paid more than £100 clean pair of curtains. I couldn't believe, I've got ironed smelly curtains. Never trust them. The curtain is not properly dry cleaned . I'm extremely disappointed with the service they provided . The company climes the curtains were dry cleaned twice. I least it...

Sheldon Cleaners / Pressing of laundered dress shirts

on Sep 22, 2016

Sheldon CleanersI'm done. I've spoken to them twice about the poor quality of the pressing after my dress shirts are laundered. I'd just accepted it for a while, because I didn't have time to deal with it. This morning, I get one off the hanger as I'm dressing for work...and this is what I see... Check...

crothall western KY / Racism, nepitism, leads and supervisers lazy as hell

on Aug 6, 2016

We have a supervisor Jesse bottoms who don't care about our health and safety we have a very dirty environment to work in.all of our carts, boxes, hamper carts don't and/or work right, we use boxes that are unclean and dirty with feces, urine .our linen are half ### clean and we're told to...

Earls dry cleaning richboro PA / they ruined my clothes

on Apr 6, 2016

Earls dry cleaning ruined my clothes, and when I went to talk to them about it. Derrick Magia was so rude and did not care, and actually tried to make it sound like I was stupid and ignorant.. He actually spoke to other customers being smug about me why I was standing there.. Look at all the...

Essi's Dry Cleaners / Service

on Jan 26, 2016

The dry cleaners charged me ten pounds to fix my boots, they showed me it could zip up and down, which it could have done before. They didn't touch my boot, I paid for a new runner and a new runner was not put in. I still have the reciept where it actually says ten pounds for a new...

Nettoyeur Beros / Went it to fix zipper, came out dry cleaned instead...

on Nov 26, 2015

Walked in with my jacket and specifically showed the owners to fix zipper as it broke. The following week when I came to pick it up, the owners had dry cleaned it instead and did not fix the zipper. The owners quickly blamed me for poor communication and did not want to pay for their error. The owners do not speak english or french, only chinese.

Fabric A Sec / Damaged expensive blouse/bad customer service/zero ethics

on Oct 3, 2015

Fabric A SecNot sure why I even went to this hole in the wall Dry Cleaners near River Valley (77 Indus Road) Singapore. I gave them my expensive designer shirt for dry cleaning and ended up with something so badly altered that it is now unwearable. The color has faded, the material (100% silk) i...

Chatel Cleaners / Service not following time frame specified on bill

on Aug 20, 2015

I dropped off a suit for cleaning prior to a funeral. Two days later when I went to pick it up (a little early) they did not have it and said it would be ready for the original pick up time. I called at pick up time and it was still not present. they said it was not ready and still needed...

Dutch Cleaners / Lost Clothes and will refuse to reimburse

on Aug 1, 2015

Be very warned on Dutch Cleaners! Since they just opened a new store in my neighborhood located at 27 E Kings Hwy in Audubon, NJ, I decided it would be nice to try them out. A week later I came back to pick up my 7 Brooks Brothers dress shirts for work and the woman handed me someone...

on the go laundry / Requested a pick up and no show

on Jul 13, 2015

I contacted this company and talk to Mike Pelletier, and the information was fine an he told me when I was ready to get started to fill out the online form so I did (3 times) and a week go's by and I call him on the phone and he tells me that my forms were going into a spam folder, I...

Abingdon cleaners / Damage to clothing/no compensation

on Feb 24, 2015

Abingdon cleanersWe took a suit in to get let out and they ruined the pants. This is a $1000 suit ruined. Rather than open the seam to let them out, they cut the material right in middle of the seat (im guesding by accident with a seam ripper) and just stitched over the material. First, she told us that...

Underground Dry Cleaners / Damaged Dress

on Oct 1, 2014

I dropped off a dress at 6:38pm on September 30, 2014 and the clerk named Nara and I even had a conversation about it, so it is not as if either of us were in a rush while the transaction was taking place. I pointed out one (1) ink mark, not necessarily a stain, but something that could...

Washinglabel / Lost laundry and lack of compensation

on Jul 30, 2014

WashinglabelThis is a really irresponsible business owner! He lost my laundry pieces worth $400 but claimed he could not even find the invoice. When probed on how that could happen and the amount of compensation he could offer, he hung up on me! I tried to call him over 15 times to no avail. He also...

Laundry Unlimited / Damaged my leather jacket

on Jul 11, 2014

I sent my newly bought leather jacket which I only wore it once to LAUNDRY UNLIMITED for cleaning on 25/6/2014 and picked it up a week later after paying $48.15. Shockingly there were several black marks on both the front and back of the jacket. I highlighted the marks to the counter lady...

American Quality Dry Cleaners / Lost Garment

on Jun 3, 2014

I wish I could give negative stars. I dropped off a pair of True Religion jeans, $225.00 cost, to be hemmed. When I went to pick them up, the young girl at the counter told me I already did. I told her I would check my closet and ask my husband if he picked them up. Well, no pants at home...

Royal Cleaners / Missing items

on May 6, 2014

I have been a customer for several years. Last week I brought in shirts and my ONLY suit. Jong always checks in clothes but this time his wife did who does not understand English. I also never look at my ticket because I trusted him. It was obvious she did not know what she was doing. My...

WashDay Laundry Centre & Dry Cleaners / Scammer

on Apr 4, 2014

Alert for the job seekers!!! Be careful - the owner constantly hires new laundry attendants, advertising 2-3 vacant positions. Then he creates the situation when a new employee has to leave. The owner is very nice to clients but he is extremely rood with his employees. Scenario: the...