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Drug Stores Complaints

CVS Mesa Verde, CA / buying a syringe

Rory Vance on Jan 15, 2019

I have a prescription for medication that can only be administered with a syringe. I've had this prescription for about a year and CVS sells me the medication and syringes so I can inject the medication. A CVS Pharmacists (new to my store) refused to sell me syringes without a...

Gillette / commercial

Harris Anne on Jan 15, 2019

To whom it may concern, Your most recent commercial attacking males was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Truly insulting to both men and women. As a Female with a Father, Husband, Sons, Nephews, Uncles... You have done them all a disservice by forcing an ugly agenda that frankly none...

Clicks Pharmacy MetLife Mall Port Elizabeth / erronous medication provided by pharmicist

Lee Hensberg on Jan 13, 2019

My husband has diarrhea. The diarrhea had subsided and he complained of cramping. This morning I drove to clicks pharmacy at metlife mall. Told the pharmacist at self medication counter I wanted meds for stomach cramps as result of diarrhea. She asked no questions. Provided no information...

Osco Pharmacy / sick employees at the pharmacy. waiting on customer's

Sandra Wiedman on Jan 12, 2019

I went in to the Osco pharmacy. Located inside of the Albertson's, at 3355 Pershing Blvd. Cheyenne Wyoming 82001. I was in there to pick up 2 prescriptions, on Wednesday January 9, 2019. The employee who waited on me was very sick!! When I spoke to another employee, regarding this matter...

Walmart Stores / pharmacy

Kim Hall Taylor on Jan 9, 2019

When our pharmacy (fred's) was closed in forrest city, arkansas, all our records were automatically sent to walgreens. Having previous problems with walgreens (waiting an hour several times when orders were suppose to have been ready) and wanting a nation wide access to our prescriptions I...

Clicks Retailers / pharmacist refused to help me with medication

Tshego kitsa on Jan 4, 2019

I went to Clicks Pharmacy Olivedale yesterday and asked the Pharmacist, Trevor, to help me with 5 tablets for water retention and the Pharmacist refused. I showed him proof (an old expired from my doctor) that I have been taking the medication and also indicated that my doctor is still...

Walgreens / pharmacy

Rj59 on Jan 2, 2019

I really enjoy going to your store to get medications that I really need and to be told for one reason or the other that they are not ready, we dont have them in stock or we do have them and after waiting for over a hour in line that i can come back tomorrow to pick them up. Walgreens as a...

The Coca-Cola Company / cvs pharmacy selling expired diet coke.

Karen maher on Dec 30, 2018

Yesterday 12-29-18 I needed to go to cvs pharmacy, Sonoma blvd., Vallejo, calif. and they had the two liter bottles of Diet Coke 4 for 5.00 which I thought was a good deal. So I put them in my fridge and today 12-30-18 opened one and took a drink and it tasted a bit different. Diet Coke i...

CVS Pharmacy / CVS Health / manager/customer service employee

Story Falu on Dec 27, 2018

My husband and I were at the CVS at 1223 2nd Avenue on 65th street in Manhattan in the area that we live in on December 24th, 2018. It's the closest to our home. My husband always goes there to refill his Green Dot card. My husband told the cashier who's name is (Neimarie) as he alway...

Shoppers Drug Mart / spraying of perfume

Bettie Marchiori on Dec 27, 2018

Thanks to a person spraying perfume samples on people at the Nordel Crossing Shoppers Drugmart location, I now have a migraine - and there is no effective medication for my migraines, so thanks! It took me years to enter into Shoppers Drugmart stores because you have to walk through the...

Apollo Pharmacy / services

Aveek Chowdhuri on Dec 27, 2018

This is Aveek Chowdhuri wants to inform you that I am totally disappointed with the services of apollo pharmacy.You people can't give a changes to the customer when they are giving 500 rupee note and in case of emergency you refuse the customer.Is this is your reputation of your...

Apollo Pharmacy / worst customer service

Kv Naveen on Dec 26, 2018

Apollo pharmacy in podili, prakasam district are troubling us each and every time. Today I have requested for emergency medication to my wife who is suffering from severe fever and medication for my daughter.. they denied to deliver.. they don't even care when I told them that I will raise...

Shoppers Drug Mart / kyle - pharmacy assistant screamed at me and smacked the counter violently in front on me

Lydia letourneau on Dec 25, 2018

Shoppers Drug MartHi, tonight 24 Dec 2018 between 23:00 and 23:30, Kyle the pharmacy assistant at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Davie Street 1125 in Vancouver, BC V6E 1N2 store # 0272 screamed at me, smacked the counter violently with my prescription paper and the ran out front behind the counter to come stand...

99 Cents Only Stores / employee customer service

Cvito on Dec 23, 2018

I needed a refund for a product that was charged. The employee advised she will charge me and another employee will go get product as I did not find when shopping. The employee came back and verified they were sold out of water. An employee by the name of Emilia was asked to help me and...

OptumRX / restasis multidose vial 30 day supply. coupon for free 30-90 charged for 3 days

Pat Beehler on Dec 23, 2018

OptumRXReceived coupon for 30-90 day of Restasis multidose vial up to $300. Local Pharmacy, Meijers attempted to fill prescription for 30 day supply. This is the smallest amount available. This medication had not been filled in more than 6 months. The reason I was not allowed 30 day supply was not...

Shoppers Drug Mart Essex / complaint

Shannon Bates on Dec 22, 2018

I had a coupon for a free enfamil 3 powder that the shoppers would not give me for free. Even though the coupon was valid. They said the coupon said up to 21.99. The shoppers sold me the product up to 21.99. However if a coupon says free, the shoppers should honour the cost of free. I...

Safeway at the Summit / pharmacy

Welco on Dec 19, 2018

The staff has been reduced to two employees and they are unable to keep up with the demand. We have experienced continued delays in updating prescriptions and failures to call doctors for approval. If the employees are not attending to a customer they ignore you until you announce your...

BuyBulkMeds / fraudulent and criminal activity

lsuroberts on Dec 19, 2018

BuyBulkMedsI have tried to contact bbm multiple times since they stole bitcoins from me on 10th october. Bitcoin said bbm did receive these bitcoins so they have stolen my money, sent nothing in return & refuse to reply to any of my emails - this is theft & fraud Bbm have chosen not to respond...

Walgreen's / staff

T Leatherbarrow on Dec 18, 2018

On Mon. Dec. 10 I was in line at a Norwalk, CT Walgreen's, a place where I've had overwhelmingly positive experiences. When I got to the cashier, she sneezed practically in my face!!! No apology, either!! So disgusting!! I spoke up in a sharp tone, telling her how I felt about what she...

Albertsons Pharmacy in Apple Valley, CA / pricing and service

TL Jiron on Dec 17, 2018

12/17/18: Today I went to get a prescription filled. I was there in August of 2018 (have receipt) to fill a prescription. I was going elsewhere prior to Albertsons. I no insurance so I pay August, I shopped around and found Albertsons had a much better savings compared to where I...