Driving Schools Complaints


Trama Motorcycle School / motorcycle waiver course

on Nov 26, 2018

I have received a score of 14 on my test at the end of the 2 day course on 11/25/18, I have received minimal feedback during training, nothing indicative of me failing; the instruction I have received prior to the course (printed) sates, " you may accumulate no more than 20 points to pa...

James Esposito / hotel reservation

on May 23, 2018

Hi I have been a good Priceline customer for many years I recently booked a car for Memorial Day weekend May 26-May 29 in Fort Lauderdale As it turns out there is going to be a major weather event that weekend there. A tropical storm with 12 plus inches of water and high winds I have...

Emirates Driving Company / poo service

on Oct 15, 2017

Hi there, Today I had been to Emirates Driving Co. in order to open my driving license file with my Indian License and try for the license in first try. But the behavior of Arab person at the desk was very rude. When my turn came, I told him that I am having Indian License and wanted to...

Swift Columbus OH Academy / I was trying to get my cdl thur the columbus oh academy

on Aug 22, 2017

just want to tell you about a little experience I had at the Columbus Academy. To start out I arrived at the Columbus Academy Sunday August 20, 2017. I was told how great your company was . I had the worst experience ever. I will never recommend your school there to anybody else. My first...

A1 Truck School Fresno California / do not provide proper equipment so upon graduating most trucking companies won't hire you.

on Jul 11, 2017

Don't waste your money with a1 trucking school from fresno, california!!! ...Alot of trucking companies won't hire you after graduation from this school because they only use day cabs and trailers less than 53 feet and their tractors only have 6 gear toy transmissions (the trucks have a car...

Day And Night Driving School / driving lessons

on Oct 24, 2016

I joined the Day and night Driving school and they promise unlimited lessons and when I went for my first lesson i called the number on my receipt to adv i need lessons and they adv go to our offices the driver will find u there now now, waited eventually decided to leave and left a...

Lightning Motorcycle Training / Failing to Refund In Full for a Cancelled Booking

on Aug 2, 2016

My complaint is that the trader failed to refund in full the amount paid when I cancelled the engaged service even though I cancelled within 24hrs of the booking for a service that was not scheduled to be delivered for at least another 45 days after the booking. On the 6-Jul-2016, using the...

C1 Driver Solutions / Complete rip off

on Sep 16, 2015

This school is a rip off there are so many fields that you can get into with a lot less head ache I too was scammed by this fraud now in the hole for thousands of dollars. Those recruiters are good they serve you up that lie like no one else but in reality flipping hamburgers is a better... / Driving course

on Sep 1, 2015

This is the worst driving course that I have ever taken. It is non-sensical, poorll put tgether and not educational .It has stupid quiz questions like "what color was the actors mustache in the video presentation" . This course takes much longer to complete than other s.

Mansfield school of driving / rude receptionist

on Jul 9, 2015

Hello,   I have a complaint against driving school of mansfield. The physical address of the place is 1219 e.Debbie ln #103, Mansfield,  tx, 76063. The complaint is against the receptionist/ the lady who seats at the front and does paper work and attends the phone calls. She...

pam and driver solutions / fired

on Jul 7, 2015

I was fired after 9 months because a few minor ticket for improper u turn.being fired is not the problem but driver solutions hasseling me almost every day saying I owe them over 4, 000 dollars is crap.I tried to fullfill my one year cotract, I did not quit.pam kept almost...

USA Truck / Careless and Clueless Company

on Jul 4, 2015

Go ahead and find out the "hard way" here at USA Truck. They aren't the "worst" company to drive for but, they certainly aren't one of the "better" companies to drive for out here. I've been driving rigs for quite a while. And I've had my share of good ones and bad...

New Method Driving School / Unreliable

on Apr 5, 2015

New method driving school is horrible. Last week my driving instructor backed out and said he can't come to the day of my test and sent one of his colleagues instead. He had a totally different car then I the one I was use to driving. The gears were difficult to adjust not as simple...

Dynamic Driving Institute / Act of lasciviousness

on Aug 24, 2014

It was my first time to enroll in a driving school. I would like to complain on one driving instructor, who constantly touched and squeezed my hand while driving the steer and while manipulating the 'kambyo'. Also, after the driving lessons, 2 driving instructors asked me to give...

Sharjah Driving Institute / Too much mismanagement

on Aug 6, 2014

I am really very disappointed the way SDI is treating the students. I opened a file recently and was very excited to start my driving classes but what happened in last 3 days has really pissed me off. First day theory classes was the introductory one and trainer was suppose to start the... / Rude instructor and I felt uncomfortable

on Jul 20, 2014

I started to learn how to drive and used the website My friend advised me to try it, so I called them and the rep informed that the instructor would arrive on Monday. My instructor arrived, but he was nervous and rude. I felt horrible, ‘coz he told me several...

Defensive driving school / Fraud

on Jun 12, 2014

I was examined by Gayan pillai at defensive driving school in kent I thought I would bring to your attention what happened to me while taking a driving test at this school if I would have read reviews about this school first I wouldn't have gone there so here is my story... The first thing...

Air Brake Course / Air brake course fraud

on May 18, 2014

I was planning to upgrade my skills from class G licence to class A licence and I was looking air brake course so I can get my Z licence. I called different places finally I went to one driving school by name Payless truck driving school and atten the two days air brake course. It was on...

Dubai Driving School / DDS is Fraud, they are so un professional and their behavior is like animals

on Mar 23, 2014

Dubai Driving School is totally fraud. They will fail you in assessment tests (taken inside school) for increasing your classes and earning more money. Their Communication is very bad. They behave like animals. All their staff is uneducated. Their Indian Manager named Nishan even does not know...

WestBrook and Law Services / Buffoon and Carelessness Personality

on Mar 19, 2014

I have gotten the Law confusion with me away from my 100 percent stable and honest secure environment.Those foreign and pedifile children that is grown and locked up in Jail on the News better continue they path around suspicion they apart of not me.They better not be allowed to no longer...

Toronto Truck / Driving School

on Sep 30, 2013

I was really hesitant to go there because of the postings I saw on this site but the guy on the phone gave me a lot of information about all the steps I needed to take, medical, written etc compared to all the other places i called, plus he said they were open seven days of the week so i...

Mayflower / No Complaints

on Jun 2, 2013

Here is a solution to all these complaints out there. STAY A WAY FROM THOSE COMPANY THAT SAY WE OFFER ON THE JOB TRAINING. Find some way to pay for the training your self. Believe me it's better in the long run. My husband went to West Michigan CDL training school, received the best...

Driver Solutions LLC / Billing

on May 10, 2013

5 years ago, I attended five days of classes at this establishment, then they did physicals and found out I had a pre-existing heart condition. They called me to the office later that day to tell me that I was a liability and they were not going to fund me. I did not continue with the... & / Be Careful!!!

on Jan 7, 2013

I found this website through the DMV for my son to take his learner's permit online. He started with Road Rules portion of the test. When he reached question # 14 he answered and press the continue button. The questions kept reappearing not allowing him to continue. It was Sunday...

kankan driving school / Instructor Missing and No refunds

on Nov 21, 2012

Don't be fooled into the £99 for 10 hours because it is not worth it because you only do 6 hours at the beginning then the last 4 hours before the actual driving test which to me is pants plus in between the 6hours and 4 hours you got to pay for the other lessons. :-( Well the...

Booking - Direct. Org. Uk / After they got my money they stopped contacting me.

on Aug 2, 2012

I was scammed by for $50. I applied for submitting theory test (motorbike driving). After they got my money they stopped contacting me. I don’t know the time and the date of test. Now I don‘t know if there will be the test!! Please help me with this scam! / Stole money

on Apr 23, 2012

I upgraded to the read along upgrade, It would not work, Every time I selected to use it it would kick me out of the lesson window. rendering unusable. I contacted CS and was told to go F myself.. I have NEVER experienced such A-hole customer service In my life and will NEVER use that... / Horrible Service - Lousy Instructions

on Jan 5, 2012

I took the entire on-line course and completed each quiz at the end of the chapters. The quizzes were timed and the answers automatically submitted. The final exam was also timed and I assumed my answers would automatically submit when time ran out, but I was wrong. I was using the time to...

Eric Bradshaw Business Consultants / Consultants

on Dec 24, 2011

Terry Bradshaw From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the baseball player, see Terry Bradshaw (baseball). Terry Bradshaw Terry Bradshaw at the Pentagon. No. 12 Quarterback Personal information Date of birth: September 2, 1948 (age 63) Shreveport, Louisiana Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) ...

LIT Truck driving school / Bad teachers

on Nov 28, 2011

These people are not teachers, they are only old truckers who have a gravy job through LIT. You pay over a 1000 between class, physical and drug screen before you ever start. The class is scheduled for 7am to 3:30pm, but they let you leave at about 11am everyday and do not have class on...

BBDC / Misleading Website

on Aug 8, 2011

BBDCI was pondering whether I should Cancel or just leave my company event earlier to go for my BTT test which i had booked, however i saw a TRYSELL button and clicked it. The next thing I knew, my booking was cancelled with no refund. I called their operator only to find out that once I have...

lit.(lamar truck driving school) / The Trainers

on Jul 30, 2011

Was toldby Marlon the director and given contract that we students would be in class from 7am to 3:30 pm. Started driving the first day none of us students new how to drive a 18 wheeler. Annie the trainer walked up and down the side of the truck cussing, calling students stupid, thi...

DirectLGV / Bad service

on Jul 29, 2011

I paid DirectLGV £1600 in January 2011. So far I passed my HGV theory test. I have called the almost every day, sometimes several times a day, to chase up a practical training course. Eventually after many threats to them, they booked a course with a trainer close to me, and then...


on Jun 12, 2011

I have paid this company called highway lgv 1100 pounds for my pcv practicals back August 2010. I was promised a date in November which was cancelled at the last date. I was given 2 more dates which was cancelled at the last dates as well. these people are big cons. Now I have pay more...