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Driving Schools Complaints

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IDriveSafely / “Poor usability for driver's permit exam”

Allen6789 on Apr 2, 2017
Teen driver course was okay. Teen Permit Exam - very poor site. We paid for an exam that was not taken. When I called to try to fix it, they said I had to pay again. Turns out there was a page full of text, and supposedly, buried in that page was explanation that the next page started the...

CR England / Driver breaking traffic laws

insultedfather on Mar 29, 2017
To whom it may concern, This morning in San Diego, there was a traffic backup due to and accident on the highway. After sitting motionless for quite some time, it was finally my opportunity to enter the highway entrance once my light had changed permitting me to do so. Just before that would...

Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchises / 10 hour lessons

Babes78 on Mar 15, 2017
These ### steal your money!! What happened- in my case was I paid for 10 hour lessons, £125 for a block, booked -and I got a driving instructor who told me how it works - it's a fraud - I was given a few hours of my 10 hours I paid for, after that they said you pay...

Drive Dynamics / Dynamic Franchises / Block driving lessons

Moss house on Jan 23, 2017
I am writing to complaint about getting a refund for my sons lessons which were paid for on the 19th December 2016. After 14 days I had to ring the company as I had not heard anything from them they told me that his instructors name and number and for me to get hold of him. I did this and...

Marlboro / Stale marlboro smooths

1970froggy on Jan 18, 2017
I bought several packs of Marlboro smooths in the last few days from multiple states and everyone of them have been stale, it gives me an instant headache and sick to my stomach...im tired of buying and then having to toss them out due to this...is there anything you can do about thi...

CRST / Scammers/business practices/eoe

Stick2Gether on Dec 30, 2016
I'm the fiancé of a recent crst cdl graduate. He was sent to crst under false pretenses from a company that was going to sponser his tuition. I'm going to leave this company out of the equation because this company was scammed by crst as well. After my fiancé earned his cdl permit, crst sat...

Day And Night Driving School / driving lessons

Zandiswa on Oct 24, 2016
I joined the Day and night Driving school and they promise unlimited lessons and when I went for my first lesson i called the number on my receipt to adv i need lessons and they adv go to our offices the driver will find u there now now, waited eventually decided to leave and left a...

Drive Dynamics / Driving lessons

drivedynamicsscam on Oct 21, 2016
Drive DynamicsA completely fraudulent company using all the sleazy ways to scam people. there are no 10 lessons for 100 pounds. call them and they will make some excuse to make you pay more and give you less hours. do not book them online. 1. 3 hours the instructor will only tell you the controls. thi...

Omega Driving School / Instructor told me to shut up because I pointed out his unprofessionalism.

Ndgperson on Sep 24, 2016
Let me tell you what happened today. I attended class 3 of the theory classes to get my learners permit. I arrived early, because they have 38 people registered in the class and not enough seats or space for everyone to be comfortable. I am not 16, I'm an older woman, so I arrive early to...

Drive Dynamics / No driving lessons/no refund

geoff sweeny on Sep 14, 2016
I booked my driving lessons on Aug 19th letting them know I've got a baby on the way and need to start lessons asap in Harrow. So I paid for 10 lessons and was told someone would call within 7-10 days. Three weeks later I buzzed and spoke to Sue at DD. The instructor will buzz you by...

Drive Dynamics / Refund still not authorised after 1 month

lisha10 on Aug 23, 2016
My name is Alisha Johal B34 7HT, I payed for beginners lessons 10 hours for £114.95, this was payed over the phone on 27/07/2016, the man I was speaking to said that there was instructors in my area, but the next day I got a phone call from the same man from Drive Dynamics telling me that there...

Drive Dynamics / Driving lessons booked no instructor contacted back yet more than a month

Shanno on Aug 13, 2016
I did booked lessons with drive dynamics driving school their team member called me on 7th of july stating they have a instructor on my area which they gave me the name of the instructor promised me that instructor will be in touch with me within a week and i could start the lessons soon...

Lightning Motorcycle Training / Failing to Refund In Full for a Cancelled Booking

RichardNZ on Aug 2, 2016
My complaint is that the trader failed to refund in full the amount paid when I cancelled the engaged service even though I cancelled within 24hrs of the booking for a service that was not scheduled to be delivered for at least another 45 days after the booking. On the 6-Jul-2016, using the...

Drive Dynamics / Unethical, thieves. No lessons supplied, no £260 returned. Emails and calls not answered. Ma

mary a w on Jul 18, 2016
I I bought a block of 10 lessons £260. A week later I was told they couldn't provide an instructor and I would get my money returned. A month later having spent literally hours trying to speak to them on phone, the line going mysteriously dead when I ask for my refund, unanswered email...

Idrivesafely.com / Horrible voice recognition system

Vincepp on Apr 1, 2016
I used this course and everything was fine, and when I almost completed the course their voice recognition system stopped recognizing my voice. It said that it was not my voice. Are you kidding me?? How can I fail at my own voice? I wasted so much time on that junk! When it stopped...

Swift Transportation / Discrimination

Mzjul59 on Mar 26, 2016
I contacted a recruiter, told him I had a service dog for PTSD and anxiety. He told me it was fine bring my dr letter and they would get me a mentor that was OK with dogs. He also told me to get my DOT physical which I paid $60. He got me a greyhound ticket to Fontana Calif, a 16 hour ride...

Galadari Motor Driving Centre / Delay in providing test date

Reviewer95990 on Mar 6, 2016
It is really very frustrating for every test date being delayed by one month long and make sure to postpone the dates so that the student never finishes the driving test within the learning permit period. Out of frustration nobody knows whom to complaint and how to proceed. There are a few...

Sergio School of Trucking / CDL License training program

Robert J. Davies on Jan 30, 2016
This company Sergio School Of Trucking ripped one of my friends off…his name is Dave….he was looking at getting his truck driving license and they kicked him out of the program after he paid $900.00 in full and promised him a full refund of his money $900.00…but only gave him $300.00…then told...

Sergio School of Trucking / Unethical Behaviour Refund Promised not given

Joe Tyler on Jan 27, 2016
Sergio School of Trucking Soliman Shehata aka Sergio has not refunded me as promised. I paid Sergio $900.00 he after being taught by his instructors the basic skills he decided I was not ready to take the In the street driving part of the test. He stated I was too slow a learner and kicked...

Shippers Choice / Everything

Reviewer22862 on Oct 8, 2015
This is a horrible school. The equipment is in terrible condition. Some of the instructors are okay. But, a couple are impatient and rude-not cut out to teach anyone how to drive commercial vehicles. There are way too many students enrolled at one time to accommodate the small number of...
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