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Diet Products Complaints

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Circle K Stores / vitamin water incorrect product dispensing/lack of customer service

Zulleika Villalobos on Feb 18, 2018
Vitamin water dispensers both dispensing diet products for the xxx. I kindly told the cashier that both were diet. He just stared back at me and Said yeah?? I go to this new circle k not only because is it convenient but also because of the variety of drinks, etc. After this encounter with...

The Kraft Heinz Company / crystal light cherry pomegranate drink mix

Barbara Foley on Feb 16, 2018
On February 16, 2018 I purchased a box of Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate Drink mix, 10 individual packets. When I got home and opened the box I found 3 of the individual packets inside were unsealed and empty or partially empty. The original box had been unopened when I purchased it. The...

The Coca-Cola Company / diet coke feisty cherry

Paigelily on Feb 12, 2018
I bought a bottle of diet coke feisty cherry flavour from my local tesco. It didn't taste right at all. It gave both me and my partner burning sensations in our throat which lasted a while. We both agree that something needs to be done about this product as it could be dangerous to...

Weight Watchers / hidden fees, misuse of personal identifiable information, and discrimination

Jill Taylor on Jan 28, 2018
On My birthday weight watchers sent me a special offer for $89.90 for 3 months of meetings ands 3 months of online plus. I paid through a link and received a card to show at the meeting. When I went to check in at the meeting, the weight watchers rep, Carol, said the membership card I...

Support For Total Cleanse Also Power Core / power core gold and other products, viatrade in uk, cleanse total diet

Baggetta on Jan 28, 2018
My name is Geraldine. I have cancelled these products and they keep on sending them to me and taking money out of my account. I will never do this again. I would like my monies put back into my account. Urgently. Regards, Geraldine This makes me so so mad. They suck you in all the time...

Slim Living Club / unauthorized credit card charges

mitch mack on Jan 27, 2018
slim living club is still charging me for a product i made a one time payment for. I have contacted slim living club and they said the charges would stop. they have not stopped. i have sent an email as well and informed my credit card company. the credit card company as well has put in a...

Phenom Health / "free" trial of testx core

no longer interested on Jan 21, 2018
January 5, 2018, through reviewing a purchase online, I got the chance to try this supplement called Testx Core. I paid $4.95 to cover shipping. I never received anything after reading it would be rushed to my door. Yesterday I see a temp authorization about the next shipment on my bank...

goodcleansing.com / beginner cleanse juices

Leslie123 on Jan 7, 2018
I ordered Beginner Cleanse juices for $99 from the website. They kept deducting money from my account everyday for $99 per month and after contacting 100s of time to remove my credit card from there system they still did not removed it and kept charging me. I had to go to bank and stop the...

Brach's / bad batch of brach's sugar free cinnamon hard candy

AudL on Jan 6, 2018
I usually have a hard time finding the Brach's sugar free Cinnamon Hard Candy, but I like very much. So when I do find it, I purchase up to 6 bags at a time! But, the last set of bags -- so far I've thrown out 3 bags, taste awful! Seems the batch received too much cinnamon flavoring or...

Ultavive Carginia / ultative garcinia order no. 900328884 - a. m. joubert

Anna Joubert on Jan 4, 2018
This is not a complaint I as given this e-mail address to contact to ensure that my free order will not be generated automatically as indicated in their pamphlet. I made use of the free sample only and as I am a pensioner I am not able to continue receiving this product as it is very...

Nutrisystem / It didn't help me

Alise on Dec 27, 2017
Does this system help everyone or are those people special? I follow all the instructions, I eat only what I have to, I work out every day and drink a lot, but it brings no result and I can't lose my weight. Two weeks ago I was 95 kg, today I'm 93 kg. What do I do wrong? Does it mean I can...

Dollar Tree Store / "anna yvette, or evette", and cashier name is "rachel" both were rude

Moreen on Dec 25, 2017
Dear dollar tree headquarters and complaint department, I have lived in the community of allston/brighton for more than 11 years. My husband purchased for me, in error, two bottles of "nestea lemon 1 ltr on 12/21/2017 at 19:07 hours. I tried to exchange, with the original receipt in my hand...

Dermaythelp / garcinia total diet

Turi Tupou on Dec 6, 2017
10.06.2017 $105.76 aud 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.9545 09.07.2017 $139.07 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7259 16.08.2017 $139.71 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7226 14.09.2017 $139.84 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7219 13.10.2017 $142.85 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7067...

Phenom Health / body boost

Merle White Trammell on Dec 4, 2017
I ordered a "free" sample of Body Boost product on 11/08/2017 and paid a fee of $4.95 for shipping and handling. I paid with my credit card. I was to have a 30 day trial period, and I received 60 capsules which represented a 30 day supply, On 11/28/2017, my credit card was charged $84.71...

BioTrim Labs / SlimLivingClub.com / testo ultra

AD8696 on Nov 25, 2017
Hii, I have ordered and made payment of $172.16 through my CC and promised by Biotrim Lab to deliver the shipment at my given address between 7 to 21 business working days.As the order has been placed on 24th Oct 2017 but still there is no communication and information about the the delivery...

The 2 Week Diet / Click Sales / don't be fooled

claire on Nov 23, 2017
Don't ruin your health, it may be dangerous for you. People, wake up! Do you really think that eating vegetables for 2 weeks will bring a great result? Most of you probably think that only starvation will help. Yes, eating nothing but vegetables maybe won't kill your stomach, but...

Weight Watchers / Unreliable company

Nikki Swattt on Nov 23, 2017
Why advertise a great support, but never keep your word and don't honor your own politics? Just like the others I fell for their ads and joined their strange club. Once I needed their help, they were never there. Is that your great customer service that never replies? Is that what we pay...

Primo Garcinia / primo garcinia

Kirsty Aust on Nov 10, 2017
Please cancel order and payments immediately from my account, please supply return address and arrange refund to my account for the bottles coming back that I received in which I did not order. I requested the trial and have since received 2 bottles aswell as charged for each without...

Phenom Health / "free trial"

Angry10001 on Nov 10, 2017
I ordered what was advertised as a "Free Trial" and paid for postage & packing. When I received the health tablets it seemed more than a sample, which is what I thought it would be!! I contacted them by email straight and cancelled any further deliveries but as I did not return the "free"...

Coca Cola / diet coke in cans

Gregg Shope on Nov 4, 2017
... Flat diet cokes!!! I threw out the flat 12 pk of diet cokes from last week, and bought 2 new cartons tonight. They were flat too, so I took them back. I took those back and they got them from the back room. They were flat too!!! This is the charleston rd kroger in new albany indiana I...
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