Diet Products Complaints


Keto Weight Loss Plus / keto weight loss plus-natural pure cleanse

on Apr 18, 2019

Unauthorized payment from my account. I applyed for a free trial and only had to pay for posted but now i find that they are accessing my account without my permission for the last 3 months and I dont even use the product. The dates that they hve been at my account 15/02/19 - 27/04/19 -...

Support Vitapro / primo garcinia

on Mar 26, 2019

On the 10th of march I ordered a promotional sample of primo garcinia for au$5.95 postage. I never received the sample. Then on the 22nd of march I was charged au$145.94 from the same company, which I definitely did not authorise or received any other products. I am appalled by the...

Hoang Quach / rgpluservice

on Mar 24, 2019

Hoang QuachI went into my account and saw money pulled out from this company. A total of $146 WTF!?!?! I may have purchased an item from them but, I did not give them permission to take future payments from my account! I want a refund of the exact money they took from my account A.S.A.P. Can you...

Slimentia / slimentia

on Jan 26, 2019

I called Slimentia & spoke to Richard in Customer Assistance about returning the Slimentia I had ordered. I explained I had only loss 2lbs. with the product and requested a refund. I was offered other weight loss products to purchase. I declined purchasing any other products. I was given...

Pruvit Venture Inc / keto starter products

on Jan 22, 2019

order through the following website http:// I placed and order in January 2019 and was told it would be received within 5 days. by my coach I never received the product (Keto) nor any evidence that the order was received. My credit card was charged on the 13th or...

Essential Spa / keto drinks

on Sep 21, 2018

Yes I've emailed them several times with no response. I told them not to deduct money as I want all shipments of this stopped. I'm diabetic, have hypothyroid, high cholesterol, hypertension, and more. This drink made me sick and tasted horrible. They have no phone number and...

United Marketing / security deposit amount not refunded by fraud company "united marketing"

on Sep 14, 2018

United MarketingIn the month of march 2018, I have deposited total rs. 20, 000/- as security deposit amount in united marketing company account in Hdfc bank ltd Then he had send diet products to me and told me that he will give commission against product delivery and he will give me daily 2 customer name...

GNC/ Poor Customer Service / poor customer service

on Aug 23, 2018

On August 23, 2018 at approximately 10:30 am, I entered the GNC in Bowie, MD where one staffer was helping/checking a young lady outat the register. Another was walkig around on the phone. I walked around a waited my turn to speak with a staff member. After the cahsier finshed up, he left... / pure garcinia slim dietary supplement

on Aug 1, 2018

I did not request that you continue the sending of this product. I did the trial and found that I can find the product at a much cheaper cost in the town. Please stop charging my credit card immediately. When you ship you give the customer no information on how to contact you. This is very...

Cleanse Total Diet / complete body cleansing system

on Jul 16, 2018

I have decided in 2016 to start using the product, but after a few months i did recognise that it does not work for me as advertised. I already started to try and cancel the product from February 2017 but with no luck and they just keep on sending the stuff and deduct the money from my...

order name mismatch / beef weight gainer

on Jun 25, 2018

I have placed a order beef weight gainer and i've wrote my pet name The payment will done through credit card the name on the credit card is setu sharma And i've placed order by name suraj sharma They need kyc docs of suraj sharma but I have kyc of setu sharma please provide me a valid...

Asendia Fulfillment House 4008 / order which I didn't authorise

on Jun 14, 2018

I purchased a trial of a food supplement, I did not authorise any more but I have received another bottle, there is no address to return it and no phone number. they are trying to charge me 86.19 USD. I have cancelled my bank card so hopefully they cannot take this amount out of it. The...

Nutralu Garcenia / dietary supplements

on May 23, 2018

My name is heather haines my address is 34/3 the palladio mandurah 6210 western australia phone [protected] I applied for a free sample of nutralu garcinia and you have sent me another bottle of this product that does not work. Please stop sending me this product, I have contacted my bank...

Garcinia Slimline / slimline tablets

on May 22, 2018

I tried to cancel any further deliveries of these tablets within the trial period. 27.3.18 Rang and left a message to cancel. No response 13.4.18. Emailed to confirm I wanted to cancel. No reply 17.4.18. Rang and call was answered and agreement was made to cancel any future deliveries. I...

Nutralu Garcinia / refund of product

on Apr 27, 2018

On the 10th April I had the amount of 131 dollars taken from my account for the above product, my bank account had the following remittance advice V5915 09/04 online [protected] Client Number: [protected] I initially trialled a supply of Nutralu Garcina for $5.00, I then... / unauthorized billing

on Apr 17, 2018

With regards to your continue shipment and bank card charges for complete garcinia, cease and desist from any further inter actions with us. Please consult the latest order id# [protected] for our details. My wife ordered a sample of the product but never requested to be a regular customer...

Ultavive Garcinia / ultavive garcinia

on Apr 6, 2018

I purchased the free option just pay the shipping which I did, I purchased this on the 16/03/2018 and to date I have still not received the item. To my dismay there was a deduction from my card again yesterday (05/04/2018) for the amount of R1302-81 which I did not authorise, please could...

Infoslimnow / natralu garcinia

on Mar 18, 2018

InfoslimnowI ordered a sample pack of Nutralu Garcinia tablets on January 25, 2018. The tablets arrived about a week later. On February 12, 2018 I called the given contact number (Sydney Australia [protected] ) to cancel any subscription for the supply of any further tablets. I received, and have...

Qingdao Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd. No. 130, Shandong Road, Shibei Distric Qingdao, Shandong China / scam, did not deliver product I have ordered

on Mar 6, 2018

Qingdao Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd. No. 130, Shandong Road, Shibei Distric Qingdao, Shandong ChinaQingdao Sigma Chemical Co., Ltd. No. 130, Shandong Road, Shibei Distric Qingdao, Shandong China Phone: n/a Web: Category: Health Supplement They have lied about sending the order to me, they have used a false tracking number from the Netherlands and...

Support For Total Cleanse Also Power Core / power core gold and other products, viatrade in uk, cleanse total diet

on Jan 28, 2018

My name is Geraldine. I have cancelled these products and they keep on sending them to me and taking money out of my account. I will never do this again. I would like my monies put back into my account. Urgently. Regards, Geraldine This makes me so so mad. They suck you in all the time... / beginner cleanse juices

on Jan 7, 2018

I ordered Beginner Cleanse juices for $99 from the website. They kept deducting money from my account everyday for $99 per month and after contacting 100s of time to remove my credit card from there system they still did not removed it and kept charging me. I had to go to bank and stop the...

Ultavive Carginia / ultative garcinia order no. [protected] - a. m. joubert

on Jan 4, 2018

This is not a complaint I as given this e-mail address to contact to ensure that my free order will not be generated automatically as indicated in their pamphlet. I made use of the free sample only and as I am a pensioner I am not able to continue receiving this product as it is very...

Dermaythelp / garcinia total diet

on Dec 6, 2017

10.06.2017 $105.76 aud 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.9545 09.07.2017 $139.07 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7259 16.08.2017 $139.71 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7226 14.09.2017 $139.84 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7219 13.10.2017 $142.85 usd 100.95 dermaythelp. Comat 0.7067...

Primo Garcinia / primo garcinia

on Nov 10, 2017

Please cancel order and payments immediately from my account, please supply return address and arrange refund to my account for the bottles coming back that I received in which I did not order. I requested the trial and have since received 2 bottles aswell as charged for each without...

Ultavive Garcinia / slimming products

on Oct 26, 2017

Order no's: [protected] and [protected] I placed my order on 10/03/2017 and was promised that I am only going to pay shiping costs of R35.00. As to date I have not received anything and was charged more than R3000.00. The excuse was that I had a probation period to try out the product and wa... on line / primo garcinia

on Oct 25, 2017

I ordered a free sample of Primo Garcinia and have received 3 samples which I did not order On the 3rd August I was charged to my account 99 Euro for postage I did not authorise same On the 5th Sept `17 I was charged 103.95 Euro to my account I did not authorise same On the 5th of October `17...

Prüvit / supplement

on Oct 20, 2017

PrüvitEarly August 2017, I went and checked out a public input session at the moose lodge on Frood Road in Sudbury Ontario Canada. After checking them out they’ve convince me to try their products out on trial. After a week of trying their product for free I ended up buying a month’s supply worth of... / complete garcinia

on Oct 18, 2017

I ordered 1 quantity of Complete Garcinia on August 16th @ €4.95 & to my surprise another arrived in October - both without any accompanying documentation. I did not sign up for anything but the 1st quantity. I now see on my credit card bill that I was charged €103.95 by the above company in...

Complete Garcinia / unauthorized credit card charges

on Oct 12, 2017

Deborah Hood - Australia supposedly Order Number [protected] from PO Box 1229 Salt Lake City UT 84110 . 12/10/2017 this product has arrived no invoice and no way of contacting them except this site - ordered a free trial with no authorization to continue and now keep receiving this product at...

Complete Garicina / complete garicina

on Oct 10, 2017

I ordered this product online once and last moth and again this month money has been taken from account. I put on the order once off payment so why are you still taking money!!! I do not want any more of this product so please stop taking over €100 from account... I no longer wish to receive... / complete garcinia

on Sep 22, 2017

This company has done a withdrawal of $127.00 from my account. I did not authorize this transaction. Do not wish to take part in trial. And want my money returned. Cant believe that this is how this company operates. Not happy. Will be warning people against this company. Have been trying...

Debra Streader / complete garcinia

on Sep 23, 2017

I only wanted to try i did not authorize you to send me any more product at 84.02 cancel this immediately or i will get the bank to reimburse my account need this done asap needless to say i won't be requiring any more product thankyou i do not want any more product thankyou please don't...

Complete Garcinia / complete garcinia

on Sep 10, 2017

Purchased CG on the 17 AUG 17, was charged for the postage, recevied item. Have since recvied second bottle (wasnt ordered) and charged full amount on my credit card. Please cancel any further orders, I DON NOT want any more products. Please provide correct return address as I wish to return...

Complete Garcinia / unauthorised charges

on Sep 4, 2017

I purchased a bottle of Complete Garcina on Aug 15, this purchase was without obligation, I did not sign anything or agree to any further purchases. On Aug 28, an unauthorised charge of Euro 99.00 was made to my account. I did not order any further items nor have I received any. This i...

My Life supplement vitamin / I bought 2 sample bottles of vitamins. for I believe I paid $13.??.

on Sep 2, 2017

I wanted to see if they would help me lose weight. Took it like it said, I did not loose any weight. I live on a fixed income and when my SS check came in there was $64.00 of Overdraft fees plus more vitamins charged to my account of $149.90 for a total of $213.80.This was not authorized...

Help Center 1 Inc. / sales

on Sep 1, 2017

This is the most unethical, illegal, group of scam artists in the industry. They will lie, delay shipments because they take orders without having inventory. When my aunt got her product (8 weeks after she ordered it) it had another company's paperwork in the box. They never to this day...

GNC / management

on Aug 8, 2017

I am complaining b/c the GM, Ashley at Short Pump in Richmond VA fired my son. He has been with the company for almost 2 1/2 years, part time, never called in sick, never came in late, made his numbers. Yet when the new manager of his store forgets to take down the sales sign and never...

Nutralife / nutralife diet

on Jul 23, 2017

Don't know how we got these 2 items. The Indian service rep had such a strong accent that my wife and I could only understand about half or less of what he was saying. Told him we don't know how we got the stuff, that the UPS bags are unopened, and we want to return for a full refund. He...