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Diet Products Complaints

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PRÜVIT / Supplement

Charles Tossell on Oct 20, 2017
PRÜVITEarly August 2017, I went and checked out a public input session at the moose lodge on Frood Road in Sudbury Ontario Canada. After checking them out they’ve convince me to try their products out on trial. After a week of trying their product for free I ended up buying a month’s supply worth of...

Ttlythnnw.com / complete garcinia

Noreen Keane on Oct 18, 2017
I ordered 1 quantity of Complete Garcinia on August 16th @ €4.95 & to my surprise another arrived in October - both without any accompanying documentation. I did not sign up for anything but the 1st quantity. I now see on my credit card bill that I was charged €103.95 by the above company in...

Yoplait / yoplait light blueberry patch

BTrautwein on Oct 18, 2017
I was wondering where the blueberries were. Did you forget to add them? My mom and I both had one for dessert and she was lucky enough to get one. So many types of yogurts and this is what you offer? I've had them before and was trying to get my mom on a lower sugar option. She i...

VitaGlo / bad treatment

Nuri Cank on Oct 16, 2017
They tend to send wrong products, I mean those you didn't order initially. I don't know, maybe they have contracts with post offices or something like this, but when you need to return, it will be at your own expense. They will not refund this money, be sure. Moreover, they will find a...

Complete Garcinia / unauthorized credit card charges

debhood on Oct 12, 2017
Deborah Hood - Australia supposedly Order Number 505759181 from PO Box 1229 Salt Lake City UT 84110 . 12/10/2017 this product has arrived no invoice and no way of contacting them except this site - ordered a free trial with no authorization to continue and now keep receiving this product at...

LBC Express / where is my package!!!

Cheska Kalalo on Oct 11, 2017
LBC ExpressHappens October 11, 2017.. i didn't receive my package and this is cash on delivery...tracking number: 71001374976623...i've waited all day for this package to be delivered to me...so why will you post a status that it was not delivered due to payment issues...Is this some kind of a...

Complete Garicina / complete garicina

cathriona on Oct 10, 2017
I ordered this product online once and last moth and again this month money has been taken from account. I put on the order once off payment so why are you still taking money!!! I do not want any more of this product so please stop taking over €100 from account... I no longer wish to receive...

Coca Cola / sprite zero not available

Jeanette Coffman on Oct 4, 2017
Being diabetic we always drink diet sodas, now that we're older we need clear drinks a lot of the time. Now all of the sudden there is no Sprite zero in tiffin Walmart or tiffin Kroger. Why is this no longer available in our town?is there something else coming out since there is no longer...

Coca Cola / new improved flavor coca cola zero no sugar

Carolrod on Oct 1, 2017
I have been a faithful consumer of Coca Cola for many years. I switched to Coke Zero several years ago when I was diagnosed with diabetes because I do not like the after taste of Diet Coke. I lived through the switch from Classic Coke to New Coke and was very glad when that product'...

Dermaythelp.com / complete garcinia

Kandy Galloway on Sep 22, 2017
This company has done a withdrawal of $127.00 from my account. I did not authorize this transaction. Do not wish to take part in trial. And want my money returned. Cant believe that this is how this company operates. Not happy. Will be warning people against this company. Have been trying...

Shoprite Holdings / product

Tsika on Sep 22, 2017
Shoprite HoldingsI went to buy Groceries as usually, when arrival at home i have a cup of tea, i have open some of my snaks from my lovely Shoprite i ate two portion and is then i realised that is Not tasty then i checked the expirirng date i found that the expiring date is 04 September 2017 and today i...

Debra Streader / complete garcinia

Debra Streader on Sep 23, 2017
I only wanted to try i did not authorize you to send me any more product at 84.02 cancel this immediately or i will get the bank to reimburse my account need this done asap needless to say i won't be requiring any more product thankyou i do not want any more product thankyou please don't...

SmartStyle / waxing

Dawn Griffin on Sep 16, 2017
Hello, I emailed a complaint last week, Saturday, 9/9, regarding the waxing I had done on my lip on 9/4. I did not get any response from you and that has me very concerned that no one cares that I had blisters on my lip!!! I went to the Fulton Smart Style on 9/4, I think it was ticket 60...

Powerade / powerade zero

Debbie ellsworth on Sep 15, 2017
PoweradeLast week end I bought 2 cases of Powerade zero grape. I always take from the bottom so I can get cardboard trays still covered in plastic. This way they are easier to get home. When I opened the bottom case there were 3 bottles in the middle completely full. With a clear liquid. I have...

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Plus / Pure Garcinia Cambogia / active serum and drought

Hazel Hughes on Sep 11, 2017
They have taken money but I haven't received any products. I have contacted my bank and they said that the consumers are right so no refund. I contacted company and they said I signed up for these product. I told them I haven't received any products and they still say no refund. I think I...

Complete Garcinia / complete garcinia

Jo Foster on Sep 10, 2017
Purchased CG on the 17 AUG 17, was charged for the postage, recevied item. Have since recvied second bottle (wasnt ordered) and charged full amount on my credit card. Please cancel any further orders, I DON NOT want any more products. Please provide correct return address as I wish to return...

The Coca-Cola Company / new coke zero

Debbie Byrne on Sep 4, 2017
I have never been able to drink diet sodas because of the artificial fake taste. I was so happy when you you came out with Coke Zero because it was so delicious and I could not tell the difference in it and regular coke... Why did you feel it was necessary to ruin something that was just...

Complete Garcinia / unauthorised charges

Antoinette Rickard on Sep 4, 2017
I purchased a bottle of Complete Garcina on Aug 15, this purchase was without obligation, I did not sign anything or agree to any further purchases. On Aug 28, an unauthorised charge of Euro 99.00 was made to my account. I did not order any further items nor have I received any. This i...

LBC Express / lazada delivery algicleanz (2)

Chelsey Valdeviso on Sep 4, 2017
Aug 25, 2017 I was notified that my order has been shipped. Aug 30, 2017 the product has arrived at Laoag Hub and arrival is to be expected and then same day it said to get in touch with customer service because of shipment issue. My order is expected to arrive from Aug 31-Sept 5, 2017. At...

My Life supplement vitamin / I bought 2 sample bottles of vitamins. for I believe I paid $13.??.

Charolette Vincent on Sep 2, 2017
I wanted to see if they would help me lose weight. Took it like it said, I did not loose any weight. I live on a fixed income and when my SS check came in there was $64.00 of Overdraft fees plus more vitamins charged to my account of $149.90 for a total of $213.80.This was not authorized...
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