Desktop Computers Complaints

Advance Systems Repair Pro / scan and repair

on Mar 25, 2019

I installed and ran the system. My computer didn't change. Think they are not what they say. I have now uninstalled Advance Systems Repair from my computer. Billing was done by Safe Cart. I want my money refunded. they say 60 day refund. Only been 3 days. License No.[protected]...

CARD Bank.Inc / dell optiplex 3060

on Mar 12, 2019

CARD Bank.Inc*[protected] (Dell Optiplex)- Shipment issue. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels.. *[protected] (LiebertitOn UPS)-Arrived at CFS PORT AREA. Good Day! Madam / Sir's Ask lang po namin same day po yan pinadala sa LBC March 08, 2019, pero bakit parang...

Hi5 / all of a sudden my account has been canceled for no apparent reason.

on Jan 8, 2019

Hi5 Dear Hi5 Team, my email id is cupidxxxonfire... and I'm a user/member of hi5 since 2008 as I remember, since I'm using this social network (I mostly use to play pets) itnever happened as today. I'm getting a highlighted message that my account has been cancelled. I just want...

Harvey Norman Thomastown / flexi rent

on Dec 17, 2018

Contract numb: 1583110 ilia panousopoulos 17 december 2018. I called flexi rent and spoke with nikki in regards to paying out the contract and was advised that this is a rental agreement and we would have to pay $3561.40 for 24 months and then to pay it out it would be between $800-900. I asked to...

Cagumbay Residence / service

on Oct 19, 2018

ano to?? PLDT or PLDC ?? parati nlng na didisconnect ang internet... meron minsan na every 1 minute na wawala ang internet... nkaka irita na... meron minsan na nawawala ang internet nang isang araw ... do your costumer deserved this kind of service?? give us a service that is worth to what we...

Vodafone Group / Vodafone Egypt / service

on Oct 16, 2018

I am very sorry that this happens with me from Vodafone even though I am a customer of the company for more than 10 years. A lady called me and said that she a lawyer by Vodafone company and said there is adjudicate belongs to me regarding an invoice from 2009 that was not paid although I... / service provided is a fraud/scam

on Oct 12, 2018

I was hesitant to do business with you, however I was told that the only way I could get access to my Acer computer, after being locked, was to provide my credit card number to Answers By Support. In doing so I expected to gain expertise service. I was than told they could not assist me and...

Mozilla Firefox 62 / browser

on Sep 20, 2018

its too slow, crashes at times, it is not the mozilla we used to use before, it seems to me at times they are acting just like some spies, I actually installed the latest version and I tried some mailers to work on those, believe me or not I was not able to shift tabs, browse properly or...

DG Services / formfilling

on Sep 17, 2018

It is a froud company and make sure that they are cheat many of the students like me and they take the money and run the company people, if you want money then you have to beg students not for my time you know the pain of students life ...and do you know the value of money...

Donnish Group / ignores paying a refund

on Aug 31, 2018

Donnish GroupTechnocare Technology has through its partner the Donnish Group been payed $349.99 for a service rendered to my PC. As it afterwards turned out, the service rendered was already covered by a Life Time Security agreement I had with Technocare Technology. On behalf of another partner of...

HP Smart Friend / service contract that is fraudulent

on Aug 21, 2018

Buyer beware! I will be filing a former complaint with consumer affairs regarding hp smartfriend premium service. I bought a new computer. After a regular hp update, it no longer would communicate with my printer. Upon calling in for warranty service, I was told software wasn't included in...

Socialatic / unauthorized credit card charges -

on Jul 12, 2018

This happened that I lost $33 once and $115 another time. I had stored my credit card details with this company/person and they charged instagram followers without even me asking them. I complained to my card company and they said they are looking into it and till now nobody has responded...

Yahoo 7 Australia / news / sport

on Jun 4, 2018

My complaint is to Yahoo 7 Australia. For several months now since the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Auatralia, the Yahoo 7 Australia Sports page has always been displaying the same headlines on both the android version and the desktop version. I feel this has gone on...

Home Use / officejet 3830 printer setup

on May 18, 2018

Call me at [protected]. Charged $149.90 for removal of a virus, which I was told why my wireless printer was not connecting. This did not correct the problem. After working with the third tech, the problem is my router signal. Printer now working. Also I am on a plan that permits only 15...

Voan Express / ps4

on May 2, 2018

Sir I ordered ps4... I think his name was David M Richards. Then when I ordered the ps4 after making payment he told me there was miss packaging of products. After then when product was at Pakistan he told me that we have to clear customs so I again made the payment after that when the...

Laxmi Agency / service provided not satisfactory

on Apr 14, 2018

Laxmi AgencySir this is to Lokendra Singh from Shri Ram Kripa Enterprise Haldaur District Bijnor (U. P.) I have complain against the distributor Laxmi Agency Haldaur District Bijnor (U. P.). This is to inform you that the distribution service by this provider is not satisfactory. Even the distributor...

WinZip / winzip update

on Mar 30, 2018

I subscribe to winzip updates for $7.95 per year, I no longer have access to the email this was set up with - [protected] I have been charged for this year's update but cannot access the information to do so. My current email address is [protected]@gmail. com and I would greatly...

Jeffrey Allen Steinport Vianet, LLC Scottsdale, Arizona / abusive data mining monetized websites set up illegally as non-profit 501c's

on Mar 28, 2018

Jeffrey Allen Steinport Vianet, LLC Scottsdale, ArizonaApparently Jeffrey Allen Steinport cannot leave the public alone with this data mining for profit monetized websites, that he sets up illegally as non-profit 501c's. We will now start filing lots of IRS Referral Forms 13909 non-profit against Jeffrey Allen Steinport's fairly new criminal...

Geek Squad Federal Way Washington / computer (tower) repair

on Mar 17, 2018

On March 6, 2018, the computer (tower) I was using had a fatal error of an unknown type or kind, the screen went blue and white letters came on the screen, the system shut down before I could even read the white words of letters. I called the Best Buy Store in Federal Way Washington and...

MacPalace / deceptive behaviour

on Mar 17, 2018

MacPalaceThese guys are total crooks, liars and thieves. I ordered a Logic Board from this company. I paid for a high spec board but they sent me a low spec board. I purchased a Logic Board for an iMac 27 inch3.4GHz on January 5 2018 as below. 820-3299 MD095LL MD096LL A1419 Manufacturer Part Number...

Desdelius / I am complaining

on Feb 27, 2018

Well I bought a home theatre in hifi corporation on 13 august 2017, since than I brought it in for repair two times already, the first time I brought it in the same problem they call me within 21 working days, the second time it had there same problem again I took it there now I we there...

HVCS / malwarebytes with anti-exploit software

on Feb 25, 2018

I have been experiencing on my computer for all programs slow opening and also notification that this program has stopping working and in some cases it would close the program causing a loss of data. I have been a paying Malware customer for over 10 years and have never experienced any issue...

Josh Consulting Inc / quicken support - scam

on Feb 9, 2018

This company purports to be a 1st party Quicken support line. It is not and does not even answer the phone. I purchased a "2 year support plan" for $349.99 on August 8th, 2017 and when I experienced another problem with my Quicken file. I tried to contact the company. No such luck. This i...

Free Webs / midi files downloading

on Jan 29, 2018

Free WebsI am using Opera. There are 2 midi files that keep downloading like every 2 or 3 minutes from Free Webs. I have gone to their site but can not find any way to contact them. This is very disruptive to my day and very, very annoying. I have attached 2 pics showing the downloads. I also...

Ronald / hp dt 570-po31nd

on Jan 17, 2018

RonaldCalled staples netherlands and complaint about the keyboard. I was directed to hp [protected]. Spoke to the receptionist and was transferred to an english speaking technician. After doing several exercises (15 minutes) he informed me that the keyboard is defective and need to be replace...

WinZip / malwarebytes

on Jan 2, 2018

I paid for a renewal of my license for Winzip's MALWAREBYTES, the money was taken, I received an email which was supposed to contain my License key (which I needed to enter into my computer). The email contained a LINK to a website location from which to actually acquire that License key...

Cyberpower / or1500pfcrt2u

on Nov 27, 2017

Expensive 1500VA UPS with USB and RS-232 communication ports never reliably communicated with the host Windows PC over multiple PCs, USB and serial ports tested. CyberPower REFUSED to accept ANY responsibility for their apparent improper implementation of USB / Serial COM protocol...

WinZip / program

on Nov 25, 2017

On October 26 I paid $14.95 for an upgrade to WinZip, and then I paid $37.90 for the program WinZip 22. But when I went to register it, I was told I had a wrong registration number. I contacted WinZip and they gave me another number which was erroneous. I contacted WinZip three times with the...

George Jones / new kiosk system @ haddon heights, nj office

on Nov 22, 2017

Wednesday 11/22/2017 - 138PM There have been alot of complaints about your new kiosk system, Everytime a customer comes to have a blood test they must make all the same entries EVERY TIME!I find it onerous and time consuming. Sometimes it does not take. With a screen says are you there??...

PC Support Office / desk computer

on Oct 27, 2017

10-24-17 I was contacted and said My Norton email was infected and needed my computer cleaned.I paid $249.99 and contacted Norton and was told I was spammed because my Norton and computer were fine plus they never called me. I turned this in to Norton and my bank with all the info. The...

HP Customer Support / customer support

on Oct 24, 2017

I called the customer support to get an answer to a question about one of their computers before I bought one. The guy was completely ticked off and mad when he came on the phone to talk to me and showed me a whole new level of being rude. I was afraid to even ask anything. I went later to...

Riya / sadda haq timing earlier it was on 2pm to 2:30 pm but now a new show is coming on tha time instead of sadda haq which is not fare

on Oct 23, 2017

Sir or mam I just want to say that why u people have change the time of repeat telecast of sadda haq which was on 2pm to 2:30 pm now a new show bhakto ki bhati me shakti is coming that is not fare I is an unfare judgement why u people have change its time we r having the timing issue pl...

Lees Get-Aways / hp envy 700-406

on Jul 18, 2017

Lees Get-AwaysBought HP Envy (Top of the Line) Model 700-406 on April 1, 2015. In December it fried the Monitor and now have a motherboard failing. This machine cost me $800 out the door and another $60 to diagnose why it was freezing with distorted visuals. Have used HP products in the past, but I...

Live Assist Technical Support Services / godaddy hosting services related issues

on Jun 15, 2017

Godaddy servers are not working. They giving 500 internal server errors. Godaddy support team take you on call and keep you on hold and play around with your personal information. Very bad services and stupid support from godaddy. I do $500 business every day and I lost 1000 usd total...

Reyn Christopher G. Gumangan / zeus m-110 lightning chain bolt gaming mouse 3 months local manufacturer warranty

on Jun 3, 2017

By LBC "We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient is unknown at the given address. Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels." Shipping Address Reyn christopher gumangan. #45 National Highway Erlyn Store Lingsat San Fernando City Launion 2500 La Union...

Gigabyte / Motherboard

on Apr 2, 2017

Gigabyte may make some of the best motherboards, but so are other companies. What makes Gigabyte unique is their horrible customer service. For that fact alone, I recommend all y customers (I am a computer consultant) to stay away from any Gigabyte, or its affiliates products. A short...

Driver Download / Service is not getting a refund

on Feb 3, 2017

On january 29 2017 i ask for a refund and have not heard from you people so i though that i would just let you know that i am still waiting for this refund and now i just wonder if you forgot to send it or if you do not want to send it witch one either one i am still waiting for thi...

Puerto Rican Association for Hispanic Affairs a 501(C) / Unpaid balance due from a contract

on Oct 1, 2016

I offered a Service for this company in June or 2016 and they were unable to pay the balance owed on the contract on its due date. I have tried to work with them but they keep putting me off and now no contact in over a month even though I have sent them messages and contacted them on the phone. ...

Refurbished-pc Of Amazon / Buying Computer

on Sep 2, 2016

The Refurbished-PC of Amazon people send broken computers until the 90 day run out. Then say we apologize but the computer no longer qualifies for return since the 90 days' warranty for the item has expired. We just got the broken computer but to bad times up. My advice stay away from...

Hewlett Packard / Model 450-a30

on Aug 9, 2016

My case number [protected] Purchased above 10/23/15. Mid-April motherboard would not connect to Ethernet. I was able to get around that by using a front port adapter. July 2016 the CPU and disk started running in 90th percentiles so unable to get anything done. Attempted to resolve thru...