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Yahoo / Yahoo mail virus

Blackowl1947 on Apr 23, 2017
Working on a lengthy email today I experienced an attack that knocked out all virus protection and proceeded to take my computer which contains the last four years of written work held in Microsoft word. I find it unbelievable, after all the publicity regarding Yahoo vulnerability you still...

Geeks on Site / computer repair

SJ3 on Apr 22, 2017
I called this company after my computer crashed. I paid $297.00 for 4 hours of service. The technician came out and spent about 3.5 hours "fixing" my computer. After he left I discovered several problems that hadn't been fixed. Couldn't open any Office files, couldn't connect to the...

Gumtree / minkos macs

Batt Man on Apr 18, 2017
Minkos macs Tottenham 441 high road N17 6qh 02088088333 Minkos macs Camden 5 Ferdinand street Nw1 8es 02081273730 Minkos Mac Lewisham 8 manor park parade Lee high road Se13 5pb 02088521961 This seller has told me directly that he does not care about gumtree and its rules. He has 3-5...

Dollar Tree / dollar tree nw 23 penn okc

Tiffany4861 on Apr 13, 2017
Dollar TreeI was an Asst.Mgr for almost a year. I was assualted by an employee there due to a disagreement about my attendance. My store manager instantly took his side because our store manger has been dating his sister. Its a lot of favoritism at the store, harldy no professionalism, and a store Mgr...

Logitech / Unethical behaviour

Hello Long story short ( I'm not sure who's the general service for Logitech here in Bulgaria) but as far as I know they have returned a product under warranty (a keyboard, with the excuse that it was spilled with "white and sticky material" (sperm as later on on the phone they told me...

Norton / Norton

Cheryl A. Dotson on Apr 7, 2017
I have paid for a service to protect my computer and was repeatedly knocked off and that my subscription had expired. It has not and I still have no security. I want it fixed now - I have reported this four times and still no fix. My firewall was wide open and still is. I wish to have thi...

Gigabyte / Motherboard

UriB on Apr 2, 2017
Gigabyte may make some of the best motherboards, but so are other companies. What makes Gigabyte unique is their horrible customer service. For that fact alone, I recommend all y customers (I am a computer consultant) to stay away from any Gigabyte, or its affiliates products. A short...

Just Answer / Tech support

PeterOG on Mar 22, 2017
I've just checked my credit card statement to find that JA has taken double the payment when they didn't even resolve the issue I contacted them for. I reluctantly wrote off the first $51 because I felt they would not refund me, and I was too ill to pursue it, but now I discover that they...

Intel / Not delivering what i paid for

Benjamin Venturina on Mar 17, 2017
Hi i've been getting slow speeds lately and its unconvienient, i paid for the ULTERA PLAN 999 with 5MBPS and all im getting is 0.7-1Mbps, its frustrating because im a PC Gamer and i experience massive ping ( For example 350-1000 Ping ) i cannot enjoy my gameplay because of this, i live in...

Newegg.com / Monitor return

Josh Cohen on Mar 16, 2017
I purchased a monitor and paid Newegg.com directly (no third party). The monitor was defective. I received authorization from Newegg to return it for a full refund, no restocking fee. They sent me a FedEx label (their address for returns). I returned the monitor within 30 days of...

Hp Computers / Battery for desktop envy

Karen Price on Mar 14, 2017
I paid for a replacement battery for my computer. Order #BJPJ8184-01. Case #3036947986. I have paid $118.95 for the battery. Plus a tech service fee of 60.00 to determine that I needed a new battery Unfortunately, the incorrect battery was sent to me. I have a desktop HP Envy Rove 20 Mobile...

Yahoo / Yahoo mail

Ruth Ann Moffet on Mar 14, 2017
What is wrong with your mail? It is soooo slow and the advertisements are continually loading which stops all functions and sometimes stops the entire program. Composing an email is impossible. I am three sentences ahead of the print. Very frustrating. I have been with yahoo for 20 some...

Secure Data Rescue / Computer hard drive recovery

Macman666 on Mar 6, 2017
Avoid secure data rescue. There are many other companies that will do the same work with more integrity and speed. Secure data took 10 days to assess my hard drive, then took 10 more days to supposedly fix it. Secure data then charged almost $200 more for parts. A parts list was never...

Webroot / Automatic renewal

Hope Boune on Mar 2, 2017
I took my computer into Best Buy in 2016 to have a new harddrive installed. They put Webroot on as the virus scan even though I told them that I already had a subscription to a Virus protection. They said that it was part of the service and that I could choose not to renew it. I found out...

TrustPilot / Reviews reputation management

Andrew Butler on Feb 26, 2017
TrustPilotTrustPilot sales agents have on several occassions since 2009 tried to sell me their paid reviews and reputation management. I listen I ask questions and I realised I wanted such a service but knew it was flawed. Since Mid 2016 after fake negative reviews were found about my company on variou...

Yahoo! / Just trying to log in

MichaelKelley on Feb 21, 2017
All right, here's how it goes: 1. You got hacked. 2.. Boo-hoo, cry-cry from me. 3. So you wanted me to change my password. 4. You wanted me to make a stronger password. 5. Now I am so cocked up, I cannot login at all. 6. I can't access your 'Community' (ha-ha) to get help. 7. Messages are...

HP / Pavilion

djbigfun on Feb 20, 2017
HP has zero customer service! Top 2 worst experiences every! You are wasting your money purchasing any computer products from HP! My less then 5 month old computer has had several issues, todays issue was I TURNED IT ON! The sync up with Windows failed and I spent 4 hours to restore! 1st...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / Smartfriend service

Reveal Lies on Feb 18, 2017
Originally in August, 2016, I was given a free one-time support to SMART FRIEND, which is owned by HP, but is a paid service. You get techs from India only. The tech did a screen share, took control of my computer, & ran freeware program after program, not asking or telling me what he wa...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Failing to supply ordered product

Joachim Meurer on Feb 6, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationOrder # 637558040 I ordered a dell computer with windows 7. Costco confirmed but shipped Windows 10. Over one week costco is jerking me around and finally told Me today to take a hike and refuses to ship windows 7. Just telling me to return the product for refund is not the issue here...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news comments

Allen Blaine on Feb 4, 2017
I read an article and get to the comments section at the bottom and the type freezes up. What is happening??? I cannot type my comment because it freezes. Please respond. I would like a response and a resolution to this problem. Yahoo is my home page, I don't get it. I am a conservative...
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