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Yahoo! / Just trying to log in

MichaelKelley on Feb 21, 2017
All right, here's how it goes: 1. You got hacked. 2.. Boo-hoo, cry-cry from me. 3. So you wanted me to change my password. 4. You wanted me to make a stronger password. 5. Now I am so cocked up, I cannot login at all. 6. I can't access your 'Community' (ha-ha) to get help. 7. Messages are...

HP / Pavilion

djbigfun on Feb 20, 2017
HP has zero customer service! Top 2 worst experiences every! You are wasting your money purchasing any computer products from HP! My less then 5 month old computer has had several issues, todays issue was I TURNED IT ON! The sync up with Windows failed and I spent 4 hours to restore! 1st...

Hewlett-Packard / HP Development Company / Smartfriend service

Reveal Lies on Feb 18, 2017
Originally in August, 2016, I was given a free one-time support to SMART FRIEND, which is owned by HP, but is a paid service. You get techs from India only. The tech did a screen share, took control of my computer, & ran freeware program after program, not asking or telling me what he wa...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Failing to supply ordered product

Joachim Meurer on Feb 6, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationOrder # 637558040 I ordered a dell computer with windows 7. Costco confirmed but shipped Windows 10. Over one week costco is jerking me around and finally told Me today to take a hike and refuses to ship windows 7. Just telling me to return the product for refund is not the issue here...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news comments

Allen Blaine on Feb 4, 2017
I read an article and get to the comments section at the bottom and the type freezes up. What is happening??? I cannot type my comment because it freezes. Please respond. I would like a response and a resolution to this problem. Yahoo is my home page, I don't get it. I am a conservative...

Driver Download / Service is not getting a refund

Dwabs on Feb 3, 2017
On january 29 2017 i ask for a refund and have not heard from you people so i though that i would just let you know that i am still waiting for this refund and now i just wonder if you forgot to send it or if you do not want to send it witch one either one i am still waiting for thi...

Activision.com / Black ops 3

UndreamtStone on Jan 26, 2017
Matchmaking is ridiculous and having people from Guatamala and other countries on US servers sucks..they all have 200 plus kills per minute and its due to lag comp...you and I both know this and its sad...also, there are so many hackers playing all your games its ridiculous...seems you...

Samsung South Africa / Sl-m2070w/xfa

Pedro A on Jan 25, 2017
Wifi printer bought 3 days ago. Setting up via personal hotspot on a desktop Mac, setup software would not close, then unable to print. Contacted Samsung who told me they would call back. No one called for two days. Savvy, I corrected the problem, having discovered that the IP address on...

Telkom SA SOC / Adsl landline migration to holding pool

Mornay Kayster on Jan 21, 2017
Telkom SA SOCI signed up to a different isp & closed all telkom internet accounts. personally filled in & mailed the required documentation for my line to be migrated to the holding pool. This was done on 20 of December 2016. A telkom agent called me on the 18 January 2017 stating the line has been...

King.com / Game fix!

JuneRose on Jan 15, 2017
I am on level 1879 and have been for quite a while! The object is to collect 3 lemons and remove 75 frosting . The frosting is not a problem but the lemons are! The three frosted ticks which turn into the lemons needed are not all turning to lemons - only 2 are lemons and the third turn...

TOT Public Company Thailand / Fiber broadband

T-dator on Jan 14, 2017
We live at no. 126/20, moo1, (Nai rai) , tambon phe, rayong. And we have a broadband connection via fiber cable download 20mbps upload 2 mbps with tot.In the house we have a wifi that distributes the signal to 2 iptvs and 2 pc laptops. It worked ok until 3-4 months ago, but now we can not...

Purolator / Delivery

Mickey on Jan 9, 2017
To whom it may concern: I don't even know where to start about the nightmare I have had with our Purolator delivery driver and customer service. My husband ordered a computer from Dell on December 25, 2016 worth over $1200CAD. We patiently awaited the delivery, and received a phone call on...

Youtube / Attention ceo manager of youtube

Rosaa on Jan 6, 2017
Attention ceo manager of youtube My name is mudji versteeg I'm emailing you to complaint about a upsence posted video that you have on your website and one is teenage girls being bullied in school, and public streets. And also video of torturing girls and i'm little upset that each time...

Just Answer / I am complaining about just answer and the computer technicians

ndrasa on Dec 30, 2016
I rang and April spoke briefly and put me onto a technician this happened not once but twice and when the problem reoccurred I had enough. I was charged and could not be bothered getting back to you, rang again same speal another technician not fixed after ages gave up angry now asked for...

Hooters / Washington dc

Jamescorner on Dec 18, 2016
I went to the hooters on 7th Street in Washington DC. It was my first time ever going to hooters. The food was great more tgen i can say for the service. When i got seated the server yelled across the bar and asked what i wanted. Servers passed by my table time after time and not one of...

Dell / Dell Inspiron - borderline fraud or bait and switch

ds in dell on Dec 12, 2016
My 3.5 year old XPS8500 hard drive failed. I contacted Dell 12/09/2016 about options on hard drive or system replacement. The decision was to do a system replacement. I asked about a black Friday add (Inspiron Desktop Core i5 processor and 1T hard drive) and was told that price could not...

Digital River / Nvidia titan x

Purchased two nvidia titan x cards on monday the 27th of november. After 5 days the cards are still not sent even though nvidia store says they are. Shipper has no data about a received shipment. This is a 25 998, - nok scam. Why are digital river taking my money but i am not getting my...

Dell / Order placed on 11/9/2016

Shawn Lindsey on Nov 14, 2016
They overcharged me and added an item I didn't order. Then after numerous times talking to people who either gave me the runaround or flat out lied, (they kept asking me to re-instate the order) I got half the order cancelled and the other part is in limbo as are my funds. I am a disabled...

Facebook / Abusive user on farkle blitz on facebook

judybaby on Nov 12, 2016
The player/user is named Arthur. He has over 2 million points, and this is certainly NOT the complaint. I logged on and started playing. He immediately put in a friend request and the box popped up. I clicked the reject button. He popped the box back in about 5 times consecutively and...

ASDA / Lift

Ann Ganter on Nov 6, 2016
The lift in Oxford Templar square is out order again and tomorrow it will be a week l am in a electric wheel chair and find this disgusting as the items l want to look up and the café are all up stairs and the notice does not explain why, this is not the first time the last time it was out...
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