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Department Stores Complaints

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Dollar Tree / Messy store

MaryAnn East Randall on Sep 21, 2018

Dollar TreeI am on a few pages for Dollar Tree arts and craft ideas. People in other states post their arts section in their store to show all the cool stuff and tell how much they spent, what they are making etc. Well, I realized our store not only doesnt have near the products that other stores do...

Woolworths Australia / customer service

burnetta wareham on Sep 20, 2018

21/9/18 At 7 am did some shopping no registers open had to use self serve another lady waiting at express she was calling to staff if they could serve her after i went to smoke counter this lady was still asking to be served all the time being ignored there were 3 staff moving trolley...

Nike / the store service is terrible

Nicole Kearns on Sep 20, 2018

I bought a couple shirts at the store at the mall. It was on sale and I needed to change the size. They returned it and charged me for the full price, almost double what I paid because I needed to change the shirt. I was not happy about that obviously so I returned that one too. They...

Dollar General / cluttered store

Kimma86 on Sep 20, 2018

The dollar general store here in Corning Arkansas is so poorly lighted. I am disabled and I have trouble a lot of times walking. This store makes it even harder because the isles are cluttered with stock that hasn't been on shelves. The same items have been in same location for days. Since our...

Woolworths Australia / i'm complaining about poor customer relations

Priceline on Sep 19, 2018

I was going through the self serve checkout when the woolworths staff member stood maybe 2 metre's me beside me, watching and obviously staring, making me feel very uncomfortable like a (theif). I understand that supermarkets need security so stealing does not occur, and I am happy to...

Circle K Stores / customer service and inventory

mrshouser2011 on Sep 19, 2018

Location 3303 S Blvd, Edmond, OK 73013. I have several issues with your company. First today at 1145am i tried to get gas quickly as i was in a hurry because my husband had a broken leg and my baby was also in the car with my husband. The cashier took 8 mins with one customer just chatting...

Dollar General / unethical behavior

Tonya Wolfe on Sep 17, 2018

i was working with a merchandiser and had jobs in dollar stores.Well apparently the manager most likely said "[censored]" and when customers complained she automatically blamed me. so it went from her to corporate and cost me my job. I think it was very childish. store number 7298. a few of...

Circle K Stores / cashier

Sarah Briggs on Sep 16, 2018

The store I'm filing a complaint for is a Circle K store that used to be a Kangaroo Express the store number is 2722103 on 10 East Silver Star Road Ocoee Florida 34761 the store phone number is 407-877 0 4 2 4. The date was September 16th 2018 around 11 a.m. I normally go to another Circle...

Family Dollar Stores / the store itself

Bea Meadows on Sep 16, 2018

I visit this location often because its close to my house and the prices are reasonable and you can purchase certain items in bulk, but every time I've been in this store for the last 3 months they're no stock on half the shelves but they are carts sitting in every isle and the isle...

Diya Online / poor customer service

Lucyx on Sep 13, 2018

13/09/2018 at 10:54am ... I came to one you branches in Luton regarding about one of the jewellery I saw online, I showed it to one of the ladies near the counter, and they said they don't have it, this is not good customer service, when I use to come here before, the lady would say let me...

Victoria's Secret / bra fitting service

Joanne Homer on Sep 13, 2018

Victoria's SecretI took my granddaughter to the Milton Keynes store of Victoria secrets. I was very impressed by the customer service and friendliness of the whole team. We asked for a bra fitting service for my 13-year-old granddaughter who had previously been measured several months ago at Marks ...

Sunridge Mall in NE Calgary / the fact that I got locked in the bathroom because the bathrooms are old and the locks are gross and worn out and need to be replaced..

cheryl Whalen on Sep 12, 2018

Sunridge Mall in NE CalgaryOn Wednesday, September 12, 2018 i used the bathroom at Sunridge Mall in NE Calgary and was locked in the toilet and couldn't get out as the lock would not slide back, I tried for it seemed a very long time and also called out to a person two stalls away to get help..she did and 3...

Kohl's Department Stores / croft and barrow pants for women

Judith Pitts on Sep 11, 2018

I bought three pairs of Croft and Barrow women's pants on September 9th. I washed them and there is a definite odor like that of scorched cloth when an iron sits on it too long. I hesitate to keep washing them because 2 of the pairs are black and I don't wan them to fade. How do I get rid...

Arizona Jean Company / clothing quality

lorraine0908 on Sep 11, 2018

I bought by daughter 5 polos for school and they fit her perfectly, however, the buttons will not stay buttoned at all. Now I have to buy her all new shirts because of this. I can't send her to school with the polo unbuttoned and her bra showing. I shouldn't have to take all of the shirt...

Sams Club / purchase online/pick up in store

dogreddog on Sep 11, 2018

I live near Charlotte, NC, there is a hurricane supposed to hit the coast of NC on Thursday 9/13/18 and the potential for power outages, so I wanted to make sure I had some bottled water just in case. I called my local Sam's Club #4797 to ask if they had bottled water in stock, the lady...

Circle K Stores / new manager

Mimi1207 on Sep 10, 2018

I am having a huge issue with the new manager Mia at the store in Reddick fl . She is VERY rude and threatens the employees daily about writing them up . Everytime i go in there she is either on her phone, talking to some man or sitting behind the desk "watching the cameras " I have been...

Meijer / customer service

JediJames68 on Sep 9, 2018

MeijerFirst I would like to thank Meijer Corporate for sending me the coupon booklet. Very kind and useful. I saved $5.00 which isn't much but, better than nothing at all😀 ( that $5.00 can go towards gas for the car). My concern however is when using the Self Check Out machines. Sometimes they...

SM Supermalls / SM Prime Holdings / the yellow tag prize we received, lux lotion

Marker Me on Sep 9, 2018

It was Sept. 2, 2018 when we are given the chance to participate in the yellow tag prize lottery. Unfortunately though, when we are about to us the lotion we receive looked at the expiration date of the lotion, the Lux lotion we received is already expired last Feb. 18, 2018. How rude it...

JCPenney / man in girls fitting room

Ejexpress on Sep 8, 2018

My 10 year old daughter and I were shopping at JCP Northeast Mall in Hurst TX. In the girls (childrens) section, my daughter went into the fitting room so she could try on a bra. She immediately walked out stating there is a man in there. I walked in and and a boy who the man said was hi...

Tulalip Disney Store / military discount issues; store purchase

Maria Vanessa McGinnis on Sep 8, 2018

Good evening, My spouse attempted to make a purchase to include military discount. During the time of purchase she did not have her spouse ID card. I provided my Retired ID card, however she was making the purchase. During the time of purchase she was denied military discount because she...