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N. Charlerston Family Dental / The dentist preformed unnecessary services on my wife and myself.

Willy Hecker on Sep 22, 2017
After having the same dentists for 30+ years in Columbus Ohio, we moved to Ladson SC 08/ 2015 and began going to N.Charleston Family Dental at 9510 Dorchester Rd., Summerville. We both saw Dr. Mark Davies on 03/22/2016. X-rays showed that I had a cavity in the #14 tooth, under a crown...

Kool Smiles / Service

Ruby Leah on Sep 22, 2017
Today, September 22, 2017 my son had a 11:15 A.m. appointment at Kool Smiles on Keystone Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana. I walked in 2-3 minutes early and proceeded to sign my son in. The receptionist stated that my son could not be seen due to me having to fill out his paperwork before he...

Aspen Dental / lower denture implants

Lin Wills on Sep 18, 2017
In October 2015 I went to Aspen. I had partial plates top and lower. I had 6 upper natural teeth and 5 lower. These 11 teeth were ugly, yellow and rotting so I decided to have them pulled and have a whole new set of full beautiful white perfect dentures. The doctor told me that the lower...

Dental Works Of Lexington NC / unethical behaviour

bruceba on Sep 18, 2017
We went in for a cleaning, oh we can take care of these other dental problems you have. We can't pay for that. Oh you have wonderful insurance you only pay this much. Thank you, this is wonderful news. Lets do the work. Works done, happy. Whoops hold that happy, its a little more then...

DentalWorks / workmans comp case

Margiebucci on Sep 17, 2017
My name is Margaret Bucci and in Dec, 2013 I had an injury at work. I went to Dental Works in North Olmsted, Ohio. They started the work and I thought they submitted the claim. The work still has not been completed. I called here last week and a lady named Bobette told me it was turned...

United Healthcare / I am a 16 year old girl and need my wisdom teeth out and they won't pay for it

Jessica Foshee on Sep 16, 2017
My mouth hurts so bad I can't eat anything remotely hard, my diet right now consists of gummy bears, worms, jello, popsicles, baked potatoes, and everything that doesn't require major chomping into. I haven't been able to eat tacos, hamburgers, steak, or any kind of good source of protein...

Aspen Dental Management / appt.

rossieriver on Sep 16, 2017
i had a appt. at 800am sat. in watertown ny office nobody showed up at all waited till 930. i had to drive 80 miles round trip was not very happy im on a fixed income cant be makeing trip for nothing i think there should be some kind of discount . it was not my fault they dint show up...

Manahawkin Family Dental / unethical behavior

Deb Downey on Sep 14, 2017
Although this may be long, I ask that you read thru to the end. Sub-standard healthcare services are unacceptable. Due to my husband’s retirement disability from the State of NJ, we were assigned to a dentist due in the Horizon Dental Choice plan that the state provides. I maintained my dental...

Aspen Dental / gold crown

Muckmuck on Sep 14, 2017
Aspen DentalA dentist ordered me a specific product as a cap on front tooth. Another dentist came along a deleted the first product and replaced it with another product. When presented with the product I stated that it did not look gold and was assured that it was. Upon arrival at the dentist, I wa...

Smile Care Lancaster, Ca / dirty very dirty carpets, walls, broken and old equipment.

kachina475 on Sep 13, 2017
Smile Care Lancaster, CaThey blame corporate??? For filthy office, walls, carpets, old broken equipment.. I complained over a year ago then changed to another office, I only came back to Lancaster office because of a emergency and it was worse if that is possible. Seniors and poor families don't need to put up...

Aspen Dental Management / communication/professionalism

Denina Dunn on Sep 12, 2017
Good afternoon! I had a scheduled appointment with the oral surgeon. It took awhile to get the appointment due to his schedule at the office. I had to miss work for my impacted wisdom tooth to be extracted. The oral surgeon recommended not to remove it due to it being next to a nerve that...

Aspen Dental Management / overall experience and have waited for a refund since aug 19th.

Jeanie Hayes on Sep 8, 2017
Was told I was to have a filling and an extraction on Aug 17th. Went in for the appt., paid up front and then was told by a different dentist that it was not safe to have both done. I had the filling, but not the extraction and have been trying to get the refund ever since. The Chillicothe...

Vitals / fake review

thamptondmd on Sep 8, 2017
My name is Dr. Travis Hampton and I have a fake review on your site. Someone gave me a 1 star review (actually 2 1 star reviews are there, one with no comments what-so-ever and the other is a bald face lie). I left a review myself to correct the fake review. Please take them both down, but...

Southcoast Smiles / dental work

Kelila on Sep 6, 2017
Southcoast Smile engages in insurance fraud, poor dental care and deceiving patients, regarding financial requirement for work and also the treatment plan itself Southcoast Smiles also have a practice of serving patients who cannot afford a dentist has led to complaints of patients being...

Aspen Dental Management / dental work

Kelila on Sep 6, 2017
A class-action lawsuit accuses Aspen Dental, one of the nation’s largest corporate-dental chains, of illegally owning dental practices and of deceiving patients. Dollars and Dentists, our joint report with the Center for Public Integrity reported in June that Aspen Dental’s practice of...

Dr. Michael S. Tancio, DMD / unfounded allegations of stolen monies against dr. tancio

toothdoc8 on Sep 6, 2017
Hello, This is dr. Michael s. Tancio, dmd. I refute the unfounded allegations and claims in this narrative/complaint submitted to your website sept 5, 2015. The company I worked for at the time gentle dental, performed an investigation and no monies were found nor taken from the accuser. The...

Kool Smiles / wrong treatment and service

RMP280892 on Sep 5, 2017
Incident day: May 03, 2017 Incident location: Chamblee/Buford Hwy office I visited the location since I had sensitivity in the tooth located at the right side. I inquired in the phone regarding the treatment and cost where the person who attended told me that the cost for the treatment...

Aspen Dental Management / dentures

Alice G Batrna on Sep 5, 2017
Two plus weeks ago I went to my Aspen Dental office with a lower denture for a repair. I have called twice and they are not ready.It took less time to make a full set. For two weeks I have limited eating ability with only two teeth in my lower jaw. THey only say they are back logged. It...

Danada Square Dental / dentist

S Day on Sep 4, 2017
I had a wonderful dentist that I saw for more than 15 years. When he recently retired I needed to find a new dentist. I chose Danada Square Dental. I made an appointment for an exam and x-rays with Dr. Mathew Brink. He found a couple of cavities between two teeth. I scheduled a follow-up...

Aspen Dental / A partial I had them make

Marvin Doolittle on Aug 31, 2017
I have worn partials for fifty years they last a very very long time except the one Aspen Dental made for me just two years ago.Well the metal part broke I went to Aspen Dental in Sherman Texas who made it, they said oh well that's you problem.Run very quickly from them in my opinion they...
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