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Deadbeat Parents Complaints

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Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton / HIV positive prostitute

donnieg2 on May 4, 2017
I am filing this report in regards to Laura Michelle Smith (Laura Hamilton) from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This individual advertises her services for $49 on backpages. She operates out of her home at 29 Holly Ave in East Hamilton when her "husband" (He's just her boyfriend...

Ddbordeaux / dog breeder

True that on Apr 11, 2017
Charles Miller from Pennsylvania is a rude and arrogant liar claiming to be a dogue de Bordeaux breeder, when in fact his French mastiffs are Mutts and there is a DNA test to prove it. He has been in violation of sanitation codes and denied a kennel license to this day he is selling mutt...

Hungry Jack's Australia / Paid $36.60 for numerous food and beverage items and did not receive

qrzn on Mar 13, 2017
i purchased a large meal varying products totaling $36'60.After receiving sub standard food just thrown together and missing parts of the order i phoned the Takalvan street store to complain.The manager said he would replace the entire order.He took my name and phone number and gave me a 3...

Armando D Talbert / Deadbeat father

FDBeats on Feb 3, 2017
Armando D TalbertArmando D Talbert, otherwise known as Mr. Know Good from rolling sixty neighborhood crip gang out of West Covina, ca . Has a two year old baby that he refused to take care of. He hides from child support so he does not have to take a DNA test. He is a ### that hides out with his enabler...

Target.com / Unruly teenagers @ the collections oxnard target

B3Lov3d on Jan 28, 2017
Hi! This is not the norm for me but I am spent! Weekends are a horrible at Target flooded with unsupervised teenagers running amuck. Yesterday, I witnessed two teenagers tossing the ball back and forth down the isle giggling as if it were a playground. I saw this from the adjacent Isle, the...

NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) / Attendant of brownsville residence

yazi on Dec 21, 2016
Hello, I know a christina mcclam that stays with nycha in brownville, brooklyn, ny. She is currently living with three kids, two cats, another female adult who makes about 1500 a week, and her child in a one room apartment. I feel it is a health hazard to the children who are staying...

Sylvin Silla / Deadbeat dad and husband

Breestronger on Nov 28, 2016
Sylvin SillaSYLVIN SILLA is currently residing in San Diego, CA. He is originally from Gonaïves, Haiti. He attends San Diego Mesa College. He got married in March of 2015 for a green card. He has a newborn child that he doesn't want to take care of because of his immaturity. SYLVIN SILLA abandoned hi...

Starbucks / Drink

Natasha Durand on Nov 16, 2016
I was at LAX and just brought frap praln grande and vanilla cold brew ice coffee vents at 11:22. I wanted WAY past everyone behind me for my drinks. Finally I asked about my drinks and they forgot about my drinks. When I finally received my drinks Inhad on little bit of whip, I over looked...

Canada Post / Ark: survival evolved

SadCorey on Nov 12, 2016
I was playing the above mentioned game, and I found a bunch of dinosaurs that belonged to someone else, however due to the owner away for 8 days they were about to be up for re-adoption. I was so excited to be able to have a super cool Dino with wings and I told all of my friends. One of...

Subway Farm Road & Durango / Speak up for ethics!!!

Maralana Williams on Nov 8, 2016
Subway Farm Road & DurangoJeremy Eisnor is a Government Contractor for an Aerospace Company called LockHead Martin. His FB page might show how he is a great man, a Dad, a family man, but also a DIVORCE husband!! Talk about what a great guy he may try to impress, but don't be fooled by what an dishonest man he...

Trudy Picard St. Pierre, Brightside Adoption Home, Constance Kellogg / no law vs. evil adopting parents whom pretend they are the real parents and refuse contact

Rocky on Sep 28, 2016
Trudy picard st. pierre, 138 pleasant avenue wakefield, massachusetts 01880-1728 781-246-0018 Beach road, ware, massachusetts 01082-9460 01082 413-967-8352 stuart, florida 34994; agawam, massachusetts 01110 Chicopee high school, class of 1963 Web: www.mercycares.org...

My Health, Wealth and Happiness / Medallion

Anna Braginski on Sep 18, 2016
Placed orders before. Last order was in May. After that instead of happiness - a lot of real problems with health, properties and more. Send it Back to the address that was in the letter send to me with the medallion. Now I receiving letters From the company. I even called them, talked to...

Reliance Communications Limited / Unprofessional behavior by company representative.

Nidhish on Aug 5, 2016
Today (05.08.16) i got a call from company representative regarding delay in payment of bill, he spoke very violently for not paying the bill at time, i never expected such a low level talk from a company representative. i demand apology from the person who is was involved in this cheap...

Florida Department Of Revenue / DOR

Cherish Jongquist on May 11, 2016
Florida DOR is a JOKE...as well as the hearing officer's for Osceola county. My EX husband and I have 3 children together. When we were divorced in 2008 I didn't ask for an increase of his original child support order from 2006 due to the fact that at that time he still wa...

Florida Department of Revenue - Child Support Enforcement / Nothing being done about child's deadbeat father ever

Reviewer65792 on Jan 19, 2016
First of all my ex was ordered to pay $454 a month for our first child, that was good, until he started falling behind in payments to the tune of over $ 20, 000, so I was getting his tax refunds, everything was fine with that until I was stupid enough to get pregnant with 2nd child, then...

StyleWe / Don't deal with these people!

Gunara45 on Jan 12, 2016
Their website looks very professional, but products they sell are horrible. The quality is very poor and they have serious problems with sizing. Items I ordered were damaged, so I returned everything. Received a message stating I would get a refund in 3 business days. 3 days passed and...

Child Support Recovery Cartersville Ga / Distributing money any way they want

RMCS1082 on Jun 30, 2015
Child support recovery - I have 2 cases which both had arrearages. I was faithfully making payments on my normal child support & I was faithfully making payments to my arrearages on both kids that was court ordered. They still took 100% of my taxes which really was not even mine due to the...

Traian Cabba / Narcissist / Sociopath

Stenographe on Jun 20, 2015
Traian CabbaTraian Cabba has alienated his only child from his former wife for the past 10 years, a Grand Mnaipulator of the legal system ; the Superior Court of Québec; Now pending at the Court of Appeal. Traian Cabba has de-frauded his former wife out of millions of dollars.

New Jersey Child Support Enforcement / does nothing to find deadbeat parents in the arrears

angrysingleparent on Jun 1, 2015
This system is flawed... They never look for dead beat parents and when you try to contact them which is a task in itself they are rude and disrespectful as if you owe them! The courts than place these restrictions on the deadbeat and then never enforce them... My son's dad has no...

Florida Child Support / They will not do anything

Frustrated single mom on Mar 27, 2015
Every time you call Florida Child Support Enforcement you either can't get through and are told to try call again later.. Or when you are able to actually speak to someone they all tell you different things. I don't understand it at all. It's like the right hand doesn't...
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