Deadbeat Parents Complaints

Azazel Makaya / spiritual services

on Jan 26, 2019

Azazel MakayaAzazel Makaya aka Meghann Donelle Norman born April 3rd 1997 is a pathological liar and a thief. I use to be friends with benefits with her and felt protective over her. Because she told me her father Donald Norman use to molest her on and off throughout her entire childhood. And I...

Kayla Stinson let go / disrespectful language

on Apr 29, 2018

Offered to buy her phone at a certain price and when she disagreed I told her that I was not interested. She then proceeded to call me a b**** and block me. I hope this not how let go allows there community to conduct business as this was my first interaction with the app and it already...

Family Services Jacksonville Florida / child support

on Apr 3, 2018

My name is Carolyn Thomas I am being given the run around to receive child support extension for my daughter Jameshyia Janae Hunter who 18the birthday was Nov.22 2017 but she's still full time student graduating this upcoming May 31 2018. I have complied with family services given unto...

Egal Ben-Shimol / deadbeat dad

on Feb 18, 2018

This guy is a dead beat Dad and he has the attorsity to sue me for child modification in Broward court. He only pays $320 and hasn't seen his children in 10 years. Florida must get tuffer laws on dead beat dads. Egal Benshimol files fraud affidavits with his lawyers help. His lawyer Harvey...

Laura Michelle Smith Hamilton / hiv positive prostitute

on May 4, 2017

I am filing this report in regards to Laura Michelle Smith (Laura Hamilton) from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This individual advertises her services for $49 on backpages. She operates out of her home at 29 Holly Ave in East Hamilton when her "husband" (He's just her boyfriend...

Ddbordeaux / dog breeder

on Apr 11, 2017

Charles Miller from Pennsylvania is a rude and arrogant liar claiming to be a dogue de Bordeaux breeder, when in fact his French mastiffs are Mutts and there is a DNA test to prove it. He has been in violation of sanitation codes and denied a kennel license to this day he is selling mutt...

Armando D Talbert / Deadbeat father

on Feb 3, 2017

Armando D TalbertArmando D Talbert, otherwise known as Mr. Know Good from rolling sixty neighborhood crip gang out of West Covina, ca . Has a two year old baby that he refused to take care of. He hides from child support so he does not have to take a DNA test. He is a ### that hides out with his enabler...

Sylvin Silla / Deadbeat dad and husband

on Nov 28, 2016

Sylvin SillaSYLVIN SILLA is currently residing in San Diego, CA. He is originally from Gonaïves, Haiti. He attends San Diego Mesa College. He got married in March of 2015 for a green card. He has a newborn child that he doesn't want to take care of because of his immaturity. SYLVIN SILLA abandoned hi...

Subway Farm Road & Durango / Speak up for ethics!!!

on Nov 8, 2016

Subway Farm Road & DurangoJeremy Eisnor is a Government Contractor for an Aerospace Company called LockHead Martin. His FB page might show how he is a great man, a Dad, a family man, but also a DIVORCE husband!! Talk about what a great guy he may try to impress, but don't be fooled by what an dishonest man he...

Trudy Picard St. Pierre, Brightside Adoption Home, Constance Kellogg / no law vs. evil adopting parents whom pretend they are the real parents and refuse contact

on Sep 28, 2016

Trudy picard st. pierre, 138 pleasant avenue wakefield, massachusetts [protected]-0018 Beach road, ware, massachusetts [protected]-967-8352 stuart, florida 34994; agawam, massachusetts 01110 Chicopee high school, class of 1963 Web:

Child Support Recovery Cartersville GA / Distributing money any way they want

on Jun 30, 2015

Child support recovery - I have 2 cases which both had arrearages. I was faithfully making payments on my normal child support & I was faithfully making payments to my arrearages on both kids that was court ordered. They still took 100% of my taxes which really was not even mine due to the...

Traian Cabba / Narcissist / Sociopath

on Jun 20, 2015

Traian CabbaTraian Cabba has alienated his only child from his former wife for the past 10 years, a Grand Mnaipulator of the legal system ; the Superior Court of Québec; Now pending at the Court of Appeal. Traian Cabba has de-frauded his former wife out of millions of dollars.

New Jersey Child Support Enforcement / does nothing to find deadbeat parents in the arrears

on Jun 1, 2015

This system is flawed... They never look for dead beat parents and when you try to contact them which is a task in itself they are rude and disrespectful as if you owe them! The courts than place these restrictions on the deadbeat and then never enforce them... My son's dad has no...

Florida Child Support / They will not do anything

on Mar 27, 2015

Every time you call Florida Child Support Enforcement you either can't get through and are told to try call again later.. Or when you are able to actually speak to someone they all tell you different things. I don't understand it at all. It's like the right hand doesn't...

Frank Fanella / deadbeat father, alcoholic

on Jan 12, 2015

It is very hard to say this, but my father, Frank Fanella, is a deadbeat parent and an alcoholic. He pretty much ignores court-ordered alimony payment, always making up excuses. I am grown now, but my mother, Claire, still has to raise my younger brother and sister. He abuses family and...

divorcee family / spying

on Jan 3, 2015

Divorced wife of 8 years father B.H. was seen minutes ago spying infront of my apartment from a burgandy minivan, when i opened my blinds the van drove away, i recognized him in the passenger seat, i have had no verbal or physical contact with divorced wife or family for 8 years, my exwife...

Phyllis Price / Zack Smith family guilty

on Dec 6, 2014

My Mom Smith family was raped by Zack Smith their deceased Dad/Father and the Beaumont Texas Police had the black Smith family try to contaminate me with bloody beds in 2005 and even Phyllis Price my Mother guilty of having her Brother spread his head knot and germs everywhere. Stephanie...


on Aug 21, 2014

My child support case was opened in 2012, after the father fled to New York to be with a woman he met online. After I realized the young lady was posting all her business on social media, I gather all the facts. I reported to CSS where and whom he was residing with, phone numbers and...

Christopher Nonemaker / Dead beat parent

on Aug 21, 2014

Have not received child support in 4.5 years from this dead beat father of three residing in broward county florida that owns his own business with new wife Linda Blanda Nonemaker and step daughter. They can pay $2600.00 month mortgage but not take care of his children... How do you think...

Ellen Patrick / Bullying Child Care Entertainment Providers

on Jun 16, 2014

Ellen PatrickEllen Patrick /Madeline Julia, attempted to defame and strong arm, Talented Kids a teens, ran by a college girl and a PR firm. Ellen is a nightmare parent who slanders/strong arms/ disrespects/abuses/lies on and lies about companies that are child geared in the entertainment industry. We...

State of Florida Child Support Office / Mishandling cases in florida

on May 19, 2014

Greetings, I am interested if anyone knows of any lawyers that are inexpensive and are willing to take on the Department of Revenues State of Florida? I have gone to the child support office here in Jacksonville 3 different times on the same situation ( case) . Each time I go to the...

Monique Braswell PTA Fraud / scandalous school administrator

on Apr 11, 2014

Monique Braswell PTA FraudMonique Braswell (well-known for PTA embezzlement) to run for District 2, when she doesn't even qualify to be a candidate! And leak this information to The Augusta Chronicle, who printed another lie in their article (3/3/14). Written by Susan McCord, the public ought to know the...

Robert Crothers / Scam artist dead beat

on Mar 19, 2014

Robert CrothersThis coward scammed a single mother with three little boys of over 5 thousand dollars. He used her credit card to pay for over 5k of back child support. He never payed the debt back. Warning to others about this bottom feeders character

Chuck Thompson / Alcohol,Drugs,Illeagl firearms and more

on Mar 14, 2014

I have along with several others seen "bear" with his young girls from younger to now 9 or 10, going to many locations and drinking and driving with them. What he does is say the kids are lying. I have wanted to call their mom and let her know, I'm sure she has no clue just how bad it...

Nicole Barros / Insurance Fraud

on Jan 1, 2014

Nicole BarrosThis woman had commited insurance fraud by making a false claim that I famaged her vehicle. She says that she was 100% accurate she saw my face and that my prints were on the knife that was found by officers in front of the passenger rear tire. She says the last place she saw me was at her...

Florida DOR/CSE / Anything goes

on Dec 1, 2013

Well, just when you think you can turn the page on your life you find that anything goes with government agencies. I had a settlement agreement from 1996 in which I owed child support. I paid ever month all the way through to my son's 18th birthday, $80K. 1 year after the last payment, the...

SMX Staff Management / Deadbeat Central

on Nov 29, 2013

I have worked here for several months and the management is a joke. Not only do they favor the females working here, but they allow deadbeat parents to lecture those that don't have any issues. For instance, there are two leaders who constantly brag how they've been getting away...

Alanis Stevenson / Gold Coast Scammer

on Sep 29, 2013

Alanis StevensonIn the High Court in Brisbane yesterday, a jury delivered a $3, 000, 000 verdict of defamation against the ex partner of a software company "Online Virtual" based in Queensland. Lawfuel reports that the defamation case had been brought against high profile gold coast women Alanis Stevenson in a...

Record $3,000,000 Defamation Payout awarded / Alanis Stevenson

on Sep 26, 2013

Record $3,000,000 Defamation Payout awardedIn the High Court in Brisbane yesterday, a jury delivered a $3, 000, 000 verdict of defamation against the ex partner of a software company "Online Virtual" based in Queensland. Lawfuel reports that the defamation case had been brought against high profile gold coast women Alanis Stevenson in a...

Alabama DHR / fathers lack of rights

on Sep 16, 2013

Tallapoosa county court is the worst! DHR is very cold hearted, and are using the "Title 4d incentive" to profit apparently with local attorneys and judges. This is a mafia, not a justice system. If you are a father that lost a job be prepared for the punishment! This court does not care if...

Clair Flauta / Accomplice to FRAUD & THEFT

on Jun 19, 2013

I am representing victims of a Fraud and Theft case possibly involving Clair Flauta (age 27). It is to my understanding that she, along with the scammers Sarah Megan Flauta (DoB 08/29/1986) and George Henry Flauta, III (DoB 08/05/1982) lied and stole money through identity theft and...

Gerber Life Insurance / Beneficiary status

on May 15, 2013

My wife and I purchased a life insurance policy for our grandson in 2002. In 2011, my grandson was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On March 9, 2013, my grandson died from cancer. We had assigned portion of our insurance proceeds to be paid to the funeral home. We thought that the remainder...

Sarah Megan Grodsky / Scam Artist using Two Little Girls to lie and Steal

on Apr 18, 2013

Please watch out for Sarah Megan Grodsky also known as Sarah Megan Flauta and Sarah Ari Flauta. She is using two little girls in her scam to lie and steal money: Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta Kimiko Raelynn Flauta She is also on welfare and committing welfare fraud by stealing. Do not trust...

Luhound the deadbeat &dad& / Luis Morales aka LUHOUND

on Mar 8, 2013

I have two minor children whom ive been trying to collect child support for since 2002. Throughout all these years Ive felt helplesss because the courts continue to fail my children and I can not afford to hire an attorney. My childrens donors name is Luis Morales aka LUHOUND, he is a 31...

Sarah Megan Grodsky (Dob 08/29/1986) Of 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, Co 80026 / Selling her Body and her Personal Information

on Mar 6, 2013

Sarah Megan Grodsky, DoB 08/29/1986, is a prostitute selling her body and the personal information of herself and her two children. She has stolen nearly $10, 000 dollars and has yet to return the money to the people she stole from. The two girls also live there with Allen Ray Grodsky...

Sam Kerss / Skank

on Nov 6, 2012

Sam KerssSam Kerss is a skanky bogan her mum lisa is a stoner and her stepdad jayson is a wife basher and child abuser who bashes sam and her sister caitlin

Jason Kerss / Dead Beat Dad

on Oct 26, 2012

Jason Kerss is a convicted child abuser who has server time in jail in victoria he bashes his wife and daughters

Renee Drusylla / All you dudes be on the lookout

on Oct 6, 2012

Renee DrusyllaShe fooled my family into believing she was just a innocent single mom in distress. She got in a relationship with my brother, and lets just say he is regretting he ever told her his name. He found out she was sleeping around with anyone with money. She is a thief, a liar, and a rip off...

Lisa Kerss / Child Abuse

on Sep 27, 2012

Lisa Kerss is a dead beat parent she sits at home smoking pot all day and abuses her teenage daughters she treats them like animals she is a junkie who does not deserve to have children

Sean Stewart Smith / Deadbeat Dad

on Aug 6, 2012

I have known a lot of people that rush into relationships because they want the relationship. Then find out they have made a mistake. My advice is to look before you leap. I also advise young women that are considering getting into a relationship of any kind to make sure they stow away...