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Crypto & Hedge Funds Complaints

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Right Side Capital Management / Is this company still active?

Kayla James on Dec 10, 2018

These guys have a very simple website, but a very big portfolio that hasn't been updated in one year. This raises the question of their activity. If you dealt with them, please, let me know by commenting on this review. The number of companies they invested in is impressive, however, it doesn't...

FinLab / looks a little suspicious to me

Andrew Edwards on Dec 10, 2018

It seems that FinLab really tried to do everything to provide as much information as they could. They gave a lot of descriptions of their fund, introduced the team (that actually should be enlarged), showed their portfolio. Among all of this information, there's still something that'...

Camp One Ventures / not sure about this company reliability

Daniel Tonks on Dec 10, 2018

Let's remember that any financial company (be it a bank or an investment firm or something else) has to be serious, respectful, reliable and richer than people who are gonna bring the money. These companies have to afford to hire a decent web designer to create a great website for...

Mosaic Ventures / I would like to see more information

Robert Cetter on Dec 10, 2018

Would I call Mosaic Ventures scammers? Nah, I don't think so. At least because they introduced their company in the best way. The team, the story of the firm. Most of the information is like a good example of how it actually should be if your company operates in the same space. I only want...

Foundation Capital / not impressive

Lawrence Lee on Dec 10, 2018

There are so many companies that try hard to look legit, they spend money and hire experienced web designers to make their website look expensive and structured. Some can do it, some can not. It probably depends on their budget. But along with that many of them simply forget to add another kind...

INBlockchain / avoid

James522 on Dec 10, 2018

Let's see what INBlockchain is about. Looking through the website I can say that there's not much. The company states they are experienced and that they contacted more than two thousand projects, invested in more than fifty projects, and were in close contact with the one hundred most...

GV Management Company / not informative at all

Lesley Rillshier on Dec 10, 2018

Can anyone explain how to contact GV Management Company? I only know they are based in the UK and that's because I have read their privacy policy nobody usually reads. They paid so much attention to their team description and forgot that it wasn't the only important thing to share. But I must...

Tally Capital / what a weird firm

Andrea Mikhai on Dec 10, 2018

Tally Capital is a very strange company with a weird website that looks like crap and contains no information except for an email. I checked it via to see what the website looked like through the years and maybe to find a reason why it looks this way. The first time the...

Earlybird Venture / Earlybird VC Management / no exact addresses are provided

LouisKeaton on Dec 10, 2018

This company doesn't seem to be a scam, in my opinion. Even though there are several things that have to be improved. But at first, I am gonna compliment them for making a good work on a team introduction. Believe me, it's a very rare thing to see something like this. So well done. Let'...

Limitless Crypto Asset Management / didn't match my criteria

Marvin Marcelino on Dec 10, 2018

I've read the reasons why I should choose this fund and they haven't convinced me at all. Because I, unlike the others, pay attention to different things and if they seem to be suspicious I don't even consider this company. There are some criteria for consideration. The first one: contact...

First Round Capital / Keep it simple, guys

Mark Salhab on Dec 10, 2018

Actually, it's not the worst company and probably can be advised. It's a rare thing to see both: a good team and processes descriptions. But I don't understand one thing: why was it so hard to provide all the contacts on one page? Yes yes, the company is very special, with principles and...

ZhenFund / no contacts

Craig Trohnson on Dec 10, 2018

Their website is not very informative so we're only left to guess what they are about and what exactly they do. It's said that ZhenFund is a seed fund based in China. The company has three branches including the headquarters, even though it's absolutely not clear how to contact those branches and...

Future Perfect Ventures / FPV Venture Fund / what a mess!

Claire Winne on Dec 10, 2018

The website hasn't finalized yet. It's glitchy as hell. It's absolutely inconvenient to use it. Its design is poor and confusing. Once you click the "invest" link you will not get to the other pages because it won't just let you do it and you will have to type the web address again to get...

Sequoia Capital Operations / a little confusing

Ben Knills on Dec 10, 2018

Let me hasten to state that I don't think Sequoia Capital is a scam. Well, first of all, the website design is well done, expensive and made by professionals. Nice to know that the company paid attention to this, unlike the others that constitute the majority. This feature is very important, it...

Divergence Digital Currency Fund / don't use them

Margaita Bartlett on Dec 7, 2018

What happened to Divergence Digital Currency Fund? Does anyone know? It seems to be not active, but they keep having the website. It contains just a tiny description saying that it's a multi-strategy crypto fund based in Los Angeles and San Francisco and an email. Oh and cookie policy...

Liberty City Ventures / be careful

David Bats on Dec 7, 2018

Liberty City Ventures website is the strangest website I have ever seen in my life, first of all, because it has always been awful. It's easy to check using machine that can show you what any website you want looked like previously. When I saw today's version of their...

Kindred Ventures / doesn't deserve your trust

Richard Moolin on Dec 7, 2018

I don't understand what this company is about and whether it's active or not. Honestly, it doesn't look active, but why then they keep maintaining it? Hoping for new investments or what? The main page is almost empty, it contains just one sentence saying that the company supports founders and...

General Catalyst / please, add more information

Alison Eddmann on Dec 7, 2018

There are only a few pages on their website. Can't say whether it's ok or not. It depends. However, they have a wide and impressive portfolio, a big team that's well-introduced and plus they mentioned branches and phone numbers and that's great. What would I like to see on the website, because I...

RRE Ventures / strange website

Graham Outy on Dec 7, 2018

Does anyone know how to contact this company? Not that I finally decided to invest, but what if I really wanted, what would I do then? I tried hard to find something, but what I found was an address and that's all. I guess, if they occupy the whole floor, then they probably have at least...

Lightspeed Management Company / a lot of things to do

Ciarah Kenney on Dec 7, 2018

Oh my god, why is it always a problem to provide an exact location? What wrong may happen if they do it? The same can be said about their branch in Israel. Why did your partners from China and India bother about it, but the main offices didn't? There's also no detailed and comprehensive...