Cruise Lines Complaints


Carnival Elation / disembarkation and cabin smell and filthy balcony

on Apr 15, 2019

This is the 6th cruise i have been on and this ship is the worst one ever! The Grand Cabin i paid alot of extra money for smelled terrible, like methane gas coming out of the bathroom drains. We complained but nothing was ever done about it and the balcony was filthy, hadnt been cleaned in...

Celebration Cruise Line / poor and lack of timely communication on celebrity constellation trip october 19-30th to france, italy, spain and gibraltar

on Nov 3, 2018

This is my 2nd Celebrity Cruise and it may be my last! The communication on the ship following severe weather and hitting another cruise ship was delayed, inconsistent and handled non-professionally by the captain and the officers. The lack of trained personnel to answer questions, to...

Carnival Cruise Lines Freedom / the entire unethical operation of the guest services group

on Oct 11, 2018

Sail date [protected] Bad start as soon as we went through the first security before boarding. Immeditely upon being sent to #26 that lady took our boarding passes and went to talk to someone other persons, whispering and pointing back to me and my husband. She came back and pointed to...

Princess Cruises Voyage K812 / cabin problems for half of cruise

on Sep 20, 2018

We had a 15 day cruise 7/18/2018 to 8/02/2018 and had a mini suite, we had been looking forward to this cruise for over a year, after we were bought out on another cruise Princess had overbooked. Now get this, we are in a mini Suite with sewer gas for 7 out of the 15 days cruising and...

Windstar Cruises / windstar star breeze cruise

on Sep 11, 2018

Windstar CruisesThe Windstar Star Breeze misrepresents itself as a luxury cruise experience. Thier customer service blocked me from a all social media!! Let me begin by saying this was to be my dream vacation. My last vacation was 5 years ago. I work incredibly hard and when I finally chose to take the...

Carnival Triumph / the way I was treated at customs

on Aug 25, 2018

My sister got married August 17, 2018, we have planned a big celebration on the Carnival triumph ship. My sister had told my nephew Nicholas she was going to pick up his first certificate to go on the cruise. Quotati my sister got married August 17, 2018, we have planned a big celebration...

Celebrity Cruise / disrupted cruise

on Apr 5, 2018

My wife and I have recently completed a 14 day S. American cruise Buenos Aires to San Antonio, 4 - 18 March 2018. Stateroom number 7208. We were very disappointed with numerous aspects of the cruise and the way it was managed. The cruise was not completed as planned. It was a truly...

Kyle Peter Glynn / medical refund tickets

on Feb 18, 2018

Kyle Peter GlynnHi...We were supposed to be on the cruise Feb. 10th 2018, however had to cancel. We were supposed to be on the Elation ship. Our booking #:9VN7N7. On the 24th of January 2018 Kyle (Pete) took a fall down steps and had a compound fracture in his right leg. Had surgery in Lakeland, Fl...

Celebrity Cruise / cruise, panama canal,

on Oct 27, 2017

Celebrity CruiseWe went on a cruise on 31st March 2017, leaving Miami & going through the Panama Canal, arriving in San Diego on 17th April. On the 2nd day at sea I fell going into the bathroom in our cabin. We had been cruising for 2 days, no announcement had been given to be careful on board. As I went...

Nathan Schein / cruise line cancels cruise!

on Oct 17, 2017

10/15/17 Nathan Schein Aida Colon 6022 n. Campbell Chicago IL. [protected] [protected] CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES I booked a Carnival cruise on Fascination on march 28, 2017. There is a hurricane Maria devastates Puerto Rico. I called Carnival Cruise many times and I am told there is going to...

liberty / money back

on Sep 12, 2017

I'm wanting my back as I had to leave for the storm. As if right now I can't afford to do the trip because I used the money to leave home with. I was set to leave the beginning of October but that still won't give me enough time to start back saving. Event thought it was a group trip I wa...

Carnival "Paradise" Trip / lack of empathy for customers

on Sep 8, 2017

On September, 7, 2017 a Carnival cruise ship, "Paradise" sailed to Cuba. Despite the anxiety, preoccupation, being imparted to public by t.v., authorities, media, about the imminent danger of hurricane, Irma, Carnival management did not care about their passengers plea to allow for...

Yorker Holidays Services Pvt Ltd / travel services cruise lines

on Sep 6, 2017

I had booked my trip with Yorker for coming December wherein i was to travel to Bali + Singapore + Star Cruise from Penang for 2 nights. This deal was through one agent here in Mumbai. All this booking were initiated on July 15, 2017. Till date we did not receive any confirmation slips for...

Celebrity X Cruises / health and safety on board celebrity constellation

on Sep 3, 2017

Client Number: 788683, State Room 2117 Date: Monday 28th August, Disembarkation day into Venice after 9 night Greek Island Cruise Time: 06:00 approximately Location: Deck 10 Conditions: Early morning light, calm conditions. Incident: Returning from deck 11, where I was watching the ship...

Pamela B. / allure of the seas cruise for september 17th, 2017

on Aug 19, 2017

My husband and I paid in full for a 7 day cruise to the Easter Caribbean. Just found out two days ago, on the 17th of August, that due to "SPEED RESTRICTIONS" they will not be stopping at St. Thomas, which was primarily the whole reason for our cruise. Instead they will be stopping at San...

Select Sign, Inc. / carnival dream cruise 08/06-08/13/17

on Aug 15, 2017

Just returned from 7 day Carribean cruise that was supposed to include Montego Bay, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel stops. On the morning of the last stop, Cozumel, we were informed that they had an engine problem that they could not repair in time to make the stop, so it was cancelled, and they...

Royal Seas Cruises / unethical behavior

on Jun 27, 2017

JUNE 26, 2017 Corporate sales associate for Celebration Cruises d.b.a. Royal Seas Cruises sold me a cruise pkg. that was stated that it was for a discounted price of 130$ which was for to pay the port taxes only for cruising from Florida to Bahamas, then proceed to tell, and sell things that...

Bahamas Island Cruise / hotel stay in orlando for 3 nights then a cruise on the grand celebration

on Jun 26, 2017

I received a call o 06/26/17 from Bahama Island Cruise for a very inexpensive holiday 3 nights including airfare to Orlando with free rental car if I don't need a car then I receive $100.00 for gas voucher plus reduced prices to go to Disney or universal studios. Then a cruise on the grand...

T A I Shipping (Pvt) Ltd, / unethical behaviour

on Jun 9, 2017

T A I Shipping (Pvt) Ltd,We are well known shipping company in sri lanka.wanni gamage sandu kapila kumara (n6591572) was our seaman travel from colombo to kuching(ak 46/ak 5212) on 8/6/2017 .but officers of the counter 29 in colombo airport denied to travel him if he had valid visa, letter of guarantee from...

Carvinal Cruise Line / ship sensation

on May 23, 2017

4 day cruise from 5-18-17 to 5-22-17 I listed the issues 1. Was told I could not change to the forward dinning room  this happens every cruise I have to go argue to get moved 2. All day all night noise in our room from the partys in the center ship bar. Call and and made a complaint. 3...

Caribbean Cruise Line / Cruise package

on May 2, 2017

I purchased from a close friend of mine a package that she was not able to use for cruise through Caribbean cruise line. I paid $250 to her for the package then put another $800+ into this package. Someone brought to my attention that this was part of a big scam. I spoke with someone at...

Goto Bus / services/bus cleanliness

on Apr 21, 2017

I've used this bus several times for a number of years, and I've seen no improvements in customer service or cleaning of the bus. I took the bus from Atlanta to New York. Upon entering the bus, it smelled musky, and windows have not been cleaned, nor the area where the bags were placed...

Oceania Cruise Linda / Complete lack of customer service

on Feb 17, 2017

My husband and I booked a cruise to Tahiti on 1/25/17, booking # 2284912 for 10 days. We arranged air through Oceania which brought us into Tahiti on the first day of the cruise at appox. 10:30 p.M. After being in transit for an excess of 24 hours. We had to report to the Serena lounge for...

Desiree Golembiewsky Teeny Office / Theft of personal information

on Jan 19, 2017

Desiree Golembiewski has been stalking and harassing me for nearly two years. She even became friends with my friend just in a demented attempt to get close to me. Most recently, Ms. Golembiewski hacked into my email account where she obtained copies of my passport, drivers license and...

Royal Sea's Cruises / Rude and unethical behavior fraudulent company

on Jan 4, 2017

I was calling my credit card company and the number was answered with a free vacation.(July 3, 2016)I listened and thought it was a wonderful gift. then the sales person added that I could upgrade to all inclusive and 5 star hotels with 7 day car rental. yup sounds too good to be true but...

Holland America / Experiment n' terror cruising

on Nov 6, 2016

Our 09/28/16 Oosterdam 12nt Mediterranean Dreams cruise experience follows. Part 1 - Petri Dish Experiment We gave ample monetary consideration in the form of time off, airfare, transfers, excursions and the cruise itself, only to be subjected to a lack of hygienic common sense or a...

Carnival Elation / Horrible service

on Nov 1, 2016

I recently traveled to Bahamas for the first time ever (especially a cruise) and my experience was horrible! they served the same food every day, the food was never hot/always cold, or sometimes to hard to eat. Our cabin's bed sheet wasn't clean upon arrival. The attendant cleaning the...

Duane Lemon / Due to hurricane matthew we were unable to take the cruise

on Oct 10, 2016

Our booking number is 3QD6V1. The Port Canaveral was closed and not reopened until 7pm on 10/8/2016 due to the hurricane. We would have had to drive all night from Tennessee to meet the ship. We are 75 years old and an all night drive is impossible. Florida had many electric outages and so...

Duane Lemon / Unable to travel to florida because of hurricane matthew

on Oct 9, 2016

We were to leave today Sunday 10/9/2016 for a 4 day cruise but due to traveling conditions we could not make the trip. We planned to leave Tenn. on Friday 10/7/2016 but the port was being evaluated and there was no word that the ship would sail until 7pm 10/8/2016. We would have to travel...

Carnival Legend / Refund

on Sep 21, 2016

Was on the carnival legend when it took a sudden turn Aug 29 scaring the heck out of everyone including their own staff. We thought we were turning over while in the dinning room .Glasses breaking dishes falling and people running. People were actually getting life jackets. We got into...

Carnival Liberty / Failed to make port of call

on May 14, 2016

We were taking 18 high school seniors on the vacation of a lifetime to cozumel and Progresso Mexico. May 7th 2016 sail date. First 2 days at sea was great. Our excursion in Progresso was fine also. But we were stranded in Progresso overnight cause of high winds. So we were not able to sail...

Caribbean Cruise Line / Cruse package needed to be refund.

on Jan 6, 2016

I purchased the tour package of 2. I asked them to refund my money due to my job lost and could not afford to go to the vacation. They told me to sell this package to someone I know. I did not wanted to go through this hassle any ways. So I asked for the refund, and the reply was my...

Celebrity Solstice Cruise / Solstice, No longer a luxury cruise!

on Oct 24, 2015

Celebrity X Modern Luxury Cruise Style! This is their new motto as seen on T.V. or the internet. If you booked an inside cabin, window, we choose a balcony. Now settle for scratchy T.P. and tissues, faded small robes, and worn out towels. Gone are the luxury aquatic spa therapy items. The...

Carnival Ecstasy / Horrific Cruise

on Sep 5, 2015

Where do I begin, My Wife fell down the stairs because the elevators were not working and her heal got stuck on the metal edge of the stair. She sat at the bottom of the stair Bleeding for more than 30 minutes. I got the attention of at least 3 crew members and not one was helpful. Her leg...

Holland America Cruise Line / Upgraded room not very appeasing.

on Aug 31, 2015

We wanted a window in our cabin. We got the window with cabin directly above a cargo hold door. Several times we were awakened be heavy chains clanging that sounded like a chain saw in our cabin between 3:30am and 4:15am several nights. TV not working when we checked in. Several telephone...