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Equifax / unethical behaviour

Angie Jordan on Jan 17, 2018
I have called everyday since Jan 8, 2018 and they told me that my addresses don't match up and that is why I can't get online to do my disputes. I have faxed 2 seperate copies of my information that you all requested and mailed it and nothing. Everyday is just wait 24 hours, just wait 48...

Clickyourscores.com / hard to cancel, no refunds

Brien Greene Sr. on Jan 3, 2018
I called before my 7-day free trial was up and ATTEMPTED to cancel. I was overtalked by a female representative. I was under the impression I had canceled, it turns out I did not. I called them again after I noticed a $39 transaction in my account. I got another fast-talking...

Golden Corral / I am complaining about the food

MaryJeff on Jan 2, 2018
My family and I visited on Sunday 12/31 at 1:48pm. The food was cold. The steak and shrimp were horrible. I spent $63.57 And the food was horrible. The salad was very good. But the hot bar and the dessert was horrible. Our waitress was very good and attentive. It will be a very long time...

Tim Hortons / customer service

John dick on Dec 30, 2017
As I was setting there, the manager was treating one of the worker feel like [censor]. She yelled at him and screaming at this boy three times. She was saying drive throw and sending home. Poor kid. He was saying tell me I will do anything for you she was saying no no no. Basically she wa...

Scoresense / unauthorized credit charges for services I did not ask for.

Sharyne Hunt on Dec 28, 2017
On 12/25/2017 $39.95 was deducted from my checking account for services I did not ask for. This is a credit score company & I would not have paid that much money for someone to get my credit score. I would like a refund and appreciate it if you never take money from my account again. After...

Mylife / website

Lorrie Taylor on Dec 26, 2017
I am just wondering why you are charging ME for looking at MY information? I was trying to edit the information and it started doing a background check on ME. If you are going to charge ME for looking at MY information, take me off the site or tell me how Please, I'm tired of doing this. You...

Accurate1Solutions aka A1S.LA aka Allen C. Stallworth aka Christopher A. Stallworth / credit repair, financial counseling

GregoryJ on Dec 23, 2017
Allen Stallworth doesn't know the first thing about credit repair. Not only does he switch his name going by Chris Stallworth when the mood suits him but any questions about credit repair or potential clients who are satisfied with any work he has done for them is like searching for a pot...

I Love Jewelry Auctions / unethical behaviour

JKennis on Dec 19, 2017
I placed an order with this l love Jewelry place. According to their schedule it was in time for Christmas delivery (Dec7). They charged my card immediately, but I haven't heard anything since. My order status is "Unfulfilled" and has never changed. I've tried 3 different number...

Rotita / never received the order

Adifferent on Dec 18, 2017
I am a first time customer that placed an order for a Pocket Black Asymmetric Hem Long Sleeve Hoodie in November. Order # W1711160740037385 I made payment by credit card for $32.97. I received an email the end of November indicated that a confirmation of payment had been made. I have not...

Modlily / clothing

patborrello on Dec 14, 2017
As there is absolutley no paper work in the two bags of things i have received, going to me, i will not have that much information to give to you. All i do know for sure is i ordered a few items from modlily. Received two packages with the identicle items in them. The same two exact...

Game Stores South Africa / Game.co.za / my account

fr4nk13 on Dec 13, 2017
Morning, , on the 12 November, i went to Game stores N1 City, where i had made a perches of +-R70 at the same time "i left my card at game stores N1 city" or should i say that the cashier never gave me back my card.. I had received a call minutes later from game N1 city, that i had left my...

Cex.io / withdrawal transaction issue | additional money taken issue

Wasimraja on Dec 12, 2017
BAD experience : I dont know when they will fix this. Im fed up trying to reach you. My name is Wasim Raja ID : up110524364 Issue 1 : I tried to complete a withdrawal transaction 6 days before and i did not get the money. here is the screen shot . Please kindly find the below...

Famous Birthdays / celebrity birthdays

angela54321 on Dec 12, 2017
Celebrityborn.com is a website which strives to provide you all the important information about your favourite celebrity. From birthdays to career details, the website presents the summary of the life history of your most loved stars. CelebrityBorn.Com ensures that all information about...

Score Sence / credit reporting protection

Patricia A Cox on Dec 10, 2017
I've canceled the service four times and they will not stop taking out money. I also changed my card number and they still found away to take it out. I've filed out reports talked to three different people on this and they keep telling me it's been canceled. Please if you are reading thi...

Lumineux Cream Use For Global Skins / http://www.wellness786.com/lumineux-cream/

Dunlapjeky on Dec 5, 2017
lumineux cream use for Global Skins been genuinely aggravated Along with the glance of All Individuals unsightly indications of expanding outdated current ideal down below your eye location and on The entire encounter?Lumineux Solution If Absolutely, then this evaluation will certainly...

Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors / check being declined

Kay Howell on Dec 3, 2017
I was in Academy doing Christmas shopping and did a debit and it went through fine for $85.18...two days later I was in the store again doing Christmas shopping and wrote a check for $43.99 and it was declined...WHY and whats the matter??? I have written checks all over town while doing...

Clickyourscores.com / membership scam

Andrey Chetvertakov on Dec 1, 2017
Clickyourscores.comDon't do any business with them!!! First it seems like they ask you to pay only $1 BUT they will charge your card next week for 39.90!!! So you get an impression that first time using their services is 1 dollar and they never warn you about next week charge for membership and no way you...

Why Not Lease It / washer

Rachelle A on Nov 29, 2017
I had worked with this company a couple years back when I got a bed from sears. I loved it yes you pay a little over the price but it wasn't by a lot. When the lease agreement was at the last payment they contacted me out and advise on my two options either to stay leasing or buy out. Of...

Intelius / intelius removed money from my bank account without my explicit knowledge or permission.

Gordon Cross on Nov 27, 2017
Intelius removed money from my bank account without my explicit knowledge or permission. · There were absolutely no service or product rendered in exchange for the money Intelius removed from my account. · After contacting Intelius several time to explain the details, Intelius Terms of...

Pass Program / Fraud

Gilberto M Gonzalez on Nov 22, 2017
Company call me informing that the tree Credit Bureaus were reporting I have a bad credit. His name Eulises Flores. This is a fraud since my credit at the bureaus is excellent. I call back to the phone number in my cell phone and a recording from the carrier "the number you dial can not be...
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