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Jewel-Osco / haaving a hard time with check debits and attutude this happen a lot racial profiling and just notice sometime a problen even when buying items

7737348723 on May 25, 2017
My location is wicker park I got a very bad feeling jewel osco watch alot 1341 n pqulina 5/24/2017 cashier gave me a hard time about bags 7 cent when the bag wasn't no good I ask for another one and almost got into it with the women over hear several conversation I don't know anyone who...

Xolile / service

xolile on May 25, 2017
XolileI have paid body lab but they keep on sending massages saying I owe them and they will take action against me. I don't understand how many times I must I'm not even a member of you guys.I've sent the picture of the payment. I regret why did I even try to join this stupid gym. Sending me to...

Homechoice / account department incompetent

Charmainie on May 24, 2017
the accounts department staff are rude and imcompetent, they demand payments, double debit my account. at the end of FEB i paid a total amount of ± R2130 as i was really upset with the call centre agent attitude. They treat their staff like dirt and when i gave them permission to take the...

MyScore.com / credit score

Lashunta Battle on May 21, 2017
MyScore.comI have contacted gld svcgs to cancel servers times I canceled repeatedly but I continue to get charged. I have been charged twice this month. It's getting ridiculous and i'm fed up with it. Every time I log on and wonder where my money is going you charge me. I don't know what else to say...

Scoresense.com / free credit report, unauthorized credit card payment

Ivy,Weatherby on May 10, 2017
On May 2, 2017 I went online to scoresense.com due to it offers for a one time $ 1.00 refund with 7 day trial period. I have tried to reach this company since Thursday May 4, 2017 to cancel which it states you have to cancel membership and subscription, but this company can NOT be reached...

Cell C / Contract saver plan and upgrade

durcia on May 10, 2017
Hi my name is taryn, 0785474542 phone number to get hold of me and 084377580 is my cell phone number with cell c. I took out an lg g3 with cell c and my contract had come to an end, all payments payed as per contract pm every month for 24 months, I was then offered a saver plan, 29.99...

Oncor / Electric

11Riddle on May 6, 2017
I am writing to complain that my spouse steven russell and I moved to miami and the home was sold november 2013. He made many attempts to login online but that was closed and he couldn't access any information. At the same time, I was in the hospital here in miami for an entire year!!! I...

States Recovery System / Credit report

Ouchyou on May 5, 2017
states recovery system refused to admit negligence by not contacting me prior to reporting collection unpaid. My credit report is dinged by their failure to tell me about the needed payment. Upon finding out about the bill in their collection agency - I paid in full. The problem being that...

Ford Motor Company / ford credit company

Matthew Koch on May 3, 2017
To whom it may concern: I have been a loyal Ford customer for 32+ years and have bought all Ford products and vehicles all my life. I currently Lease a 2014 Ford F150. In April of 2016 I made a honest mistake and missed one payment not realizing I missed April 2016 payment until August...

Svcrt / Credit report/rent to own

Dori Lou Hathaway on Apr 28, 2017
I signed up for a 7 day trial on April 12th. The following day I spoke with a customer service representative. When she started insisting on needing a card number to pull my credit report, I told her I didn't have a card with funds available. She insisted on me using any card. I told her...

www.inquirybusters.com / Inquiry removal

TJ313 on Apr 27, 2017
Payment made on march 7, 2017. The phone number I called was (203)-599-4157. This company is a fraud they hide under three different llc's. I did an entity search on connecticut's website and they don't exist. They offer a service that they don't provide and lie on their website saying they...

Robert P Cocco / philadelphia consumer law

Ryan Coffee on Apr 23, 2017
This guy is a complete and total loser. He takes out personal problems on his clients and will only represent Italian-Americans. Has a hard time coping with reality. Extremely disorganized he doesn't keep client files and asks clients to do work for him. Most likely an alchoholic or has a...

Robert P. cocco / philadelphia credit repair lawyer

D Wopper on Apr 22, 2017
This guy is a complete loser. Robert cocco is a miserable old italian pervert who doesn't know how to practice law. Instead he is dead set on pleasing other italians, especially sicilians, in hopes of finding an attractive prostitute. Gross! He is tall and extremely thin also pale. He could...

The Arabic Yellow Pages / Website from hit web design

saadi ramadan on Apr 21, 2017
I would love to join this lawsuit! They got me for thousands. Never produced a site that was functional, constant problems building the site, stonewalled every time I called to resolve an issue, placed the site online in test mode without my knowledge when there were numerous problems with...

Scoresense.com / unauthorized credit card charges

Charles Austin on Apr 18, 2017
This scam organization started taking 39.99 out of my credit card without authorization and with no contact. I have no idea who they are, I have no credit issues that I need help with and have no idea how they got my credit card information. They have a history back to 2010 of fraud and...

Scoresense.com / ScoreSense

Marlowe63 on Apr 15, 2017
This company has been fraudulently been taking 39.99 from one of my credit card for the last 6 mos nd will only refund me for one month. I have never signed up with this company as I use a free credit check company. They just emailed me nd and say they will refund me for one month. They...

Scoresense / "free" credit scores

Gregory Peniston on Apr 14, 2017
starting February 2017, I believed I was getting a free score check...in fact I was billed after the fact with no notification...then I was not told of the date the useless/unproven services would begin & when they would reoccur...appeal after I found out was a waste...avoid this site like...

Comporium / Comporium internet

Michelle Whaley Fries on Apr 14, 2017
We have had Comporium for over 20 years, it is the worst service ever. They change their due date every month so your late and the service is god awful. We are suppose to get 7 speed which is still pretty crappy, but we are only getting 1 right now. They were suppose to come out an cover open...

Starbucks / Workers

tammy dorwart on Apr 5, 2017
4-4-2017 been going to the Starbucks on Starkey road for a while I go and drink coffee and use the we if. I have heard worker talk bad about the other works and seems to not like her job (grace) they a let children run around yelling and screaming. I have complain about people with music...

Mylife / Charges

Ta-Shira Miday on Mar 21, 2017
I received an email for MyLife and this suppose to allow you to control what the social media says about you, also any derogatory credit remarks. I received an email stating I could come back and try for 8 days premium membership for $1 not exactly forth coming it is $2 dollars and they...
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