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Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990), Watertown, MA: Shoplifting Charges 2014 / identity theft, credit card fraud, shoplifting charges

on Apr 8, 2019

Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990), Watertown, MA: Shoplifting Charges 2014Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990) is an Armenian ugly and psychotic woman who entered the USA via J2 visa and illegally stayed with her mother (Marine Mkhitaryan, now Marina Noble) who violated the 212 E immigration code through perjury. Both Anziv Shahverdyan and her mother Marina Noble are...

BetterCreditGuaranteed / false promises and waste of time

on Mar 1, 2019

BetterCreditGuaranteedHonestly I don't know where to start with. I had a very frustrating experience with this non-responsive company that seems to do nothing but be intent on ruining time and wasting money. First they try to scare you that someone could damage your credit card information as well. Then they sell...

Grosborogh Financial Inc / credit repair service

on Feb 4, 2019

Feb 2017 I entered into a contract with Grosborogh Finances for the amount of $700 for credit repair service. (305. 506. 5113) Michelle, ceo, never offered me a receipt, neglected to continue making credit report repairs, stopped communicating with me when I confronted her about the lack of... / trial period

on Jan 12, 2019

I called and asked to cancel my service before the freetrial ended. Reasons were not only was this something I did not want but it was also my girlfriends idea and she signed me up. Well he goes on to say he'll give me a month free and then at that point they will give me the option to...

Baldy / wish

on Dec 18, 2018

I never received the order and you told me you give me a wish cash, but it is of 22, 50 euros and I paid 111 EUROS! Please give me back 111 euros! I want to make other order...which amount is 194, 50 euros Thank's for your comprehension MP BALDY Résumé de la commande Appliquer un coupon Prix...

Endurance Regen-A / regen-a

on Dec 13, 2018

recieved box with 2 products a moistuizer & lifting serum on this bill in the box was to call [protected] for a authorization # but the line has been buzzy for 2 days want to cancel but cant tell me how to do this my order# [protected] on 12/5 ref # c3134fc401 my maling address 1412 Mo...

1866-617-1894 credit card check / free credit check

on Dec 13, 2018

on 12/12/2018 $59.90 was taking out of my account. it said it was from experian credit chk card pur. I did not authorize such payment and these mother @#$%^& left me negative in my account now I have to pay fees up the ass!!! and when I try to call thiss [protected] it says press this and... 800-679-6327 / credit reporting agency

on Oct 28, 2018

This is some type of credit card monitoring/reporting agency, I never signed up for this service. I have no need for this service. According to my credit card company they have been charging my account $39.95 since February 2018 for a total of $279.65. These charges are unauthorized and fraud...

Kmart Shellharbour / service

on Oct 11, 2018

Kmart ShellharbourA few months ago I sent an email in regards to how I was treated from a staff member and a manager at your Shellharbour store. I even had to get the police involved and they were also disgusted in how your staff members treated me. I vowed never to enter the Shellharbour store again but...

2012 Soplifting Charges of Marina Noble aka Marine Mkitaryan, Watertown, MA / shoplifter marina noble (fake md, fake mph)- watertown, ma

on Sep 30, 2018

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan, fake MD, fake MPH, falsely claiming to be a "metical director of biopharma vigilance at Brystol Myers Squibb, publishes falsified court records/criminal charges that don't exist. Marina Noble started ridiculing and libeling her own (then) closest friend...

PAS Program / pas credit restoration

on Aug 10, 2018

I received phone call from the company PAS Program at [protected], is telling me to check my credit report because I was reffered to them, the agent offered me credit restoration and monitoring, she did not specified amount but aparently will sent me a letter document with the referral...

My Bank, Regions / certegy check cashing services

on Aug 2, 2018

First I tried to deposit the $500.00 check and use a small portion for gas and to pay back a couple of friends. I was told they could not do that. They had to keep full amt. in bank and was going to open a small savings. Then I tried to just cash the check and after waiting quite awhile wa...

Intellius and Seekverify / fraud/scam

on Jul 31, 2018

I did both trials, contacted them, cancelled membership within minutes. Intelluis said I would only be charged $7.95 for a 7 day pass, they charged me $39.95. I have emails to verify. Then they charged me $7.95 after the 7 days. I called them again, they refunded me $7.95 and refuse to give me...

Appinminute / android app

on Jul 19, 2018

When login this website .they have response but they tell for money after you pay money this website doesn't work you can't published your app. Totally fake website. Very very bad I have lost my money this website .don't pay the money appinminute website. They are fraud. .don't purchase ...

Citibank NA/THD / hard inquiry on equifax credit report

on Jul 17, 2018

My equifax credit report shows a hard inquiry for a personal loan from october 17, 2017. I am tracking my credit on this inquiry does not show up on the transunion report. There is no institution information on the inquiry, so I am appealing to you. I did not apply for a...

Deborah Harris / complaining about david alexander id #[protected]

on Jul 3, 2018

On April 10, 2018I I placed an ordered with Ardyss Business Partner: David Alexander ID #[protected] order #390702 receipt #[protected] for $164.57 When the order was placed it popped up that it was in the UK, not someone local for me. I tried contacting Mr Alexander to cancel the order and get a refund. I have begged him to PLEASE give my money back

My Tagged account / Reinstate my account

on Jul 8, 2018

My Tagged accountHello, i have amazing account was deleted by tagged without my permission, i read tagged FAQ Rules TOS, i didnt find a reason for cancelation of my account, so tried too much times TO contact tagged direct support staff but they did not answer my emails until now and my account stayed... / ordered a top feb 25;2018 / [protected] receipt no. invoice id mm1802230636313455. amount 30.27 usd

on Jun 5, 2018

Check above you ve got all no. The order never came to my house. We are in June?... not good service. You tell customers that if the order is delivered on time guaranteed money back? According to your reviews a lot of unhappy customers. Find or trace my order or send me my money back. How...

Lexis Nexis / credit reporting

on May 31, 2018

Yes I have been working with Lexis Nexis for over 14 days not to delete a dismissed judgement from my credit report. I have sent them court documents to prove to them that this case that they are still reporting as open as been dismissed. I finally was able to go to the courts to have thi...

Lakeview Loan Servicing / loan number [protected] / home mortgage

on May 8, 2018

Lakeview took over collecting my mortgage payment last year in 2017. I had autopay from my Jan. they did not collect it. When I saw they didnt collect it I called. They said I told them to stop collecting it at the first of the year. That was wrong. They took my checking number...

Otl Score / credit monitor

on May 1, 2018

I never ordered anything from these people they saying they protect someone they robbing me I'm on disability I can't afford this turning it over to my lawyer David Teddy I don't know how they got my information but it's false I'm am on fixed income it is bad enough I get paid once a...

Lindy Batis-Walsh / incorrect information. I do not have any violation.

on Mar 22, 2018

Please delete or change my info. Lindy Batis-Walsh I am not a criminal. Have not even had a ticket, I will call BBB delete my incorrect info. No liens, no accidents, no tickets, nothing. Thank you, Lindy [protected] Want to cancel this report. Why do you put incorrect information on...

Aux Perfect Resume / paying money I don't know why

on Mar 5, 2018

I have created cv in January for my interview it charged 2 $ for that. I updated my card information there so after this each month 94$ deducted from my current account with a message thankyou for using your card for aux perfact resume. I don't even know why I m paying 94 $ each moth I...

Plain Green Loans / did report my loan payments

on Feb 5, 2018

What's going on I made 2 payments with this company and not one payments is showing on my credit report I have paid my account off I would like my credit updated soon [censor] possible that's it's paid in full it's stopping me from closing on my house LOAN one agent...

Credit Reports Matter / credit report

on Jan 22, 2018

I had £29.50, taken from my account today by a company called credit reports matter, I have never heard of them, cannot find an email or contact number for them, Santander Bank cannot find a contact for them. This is at best fraud. What can you do about this company? I believe I am not the only...

Accurate1Solutions aka A1S.LA aka Allen C. Stallworth aka Christopher A. Stallworth / credit repair, financial counseling

on Dec 23, 2017

Allen Stallworth doesn't know the first thing about credit repair. Not only does he switch his name going by Chris Stallworth when the mood suits him but any questions about credit repair or potential clients who are satisfied with any work he has done for them is like searching for a pot...

Famous Birthdays / celebrity birthdays

on Dec 12, 2017 is a website which strives to provide you all the important information about your favourite celebrity. From birthdays to career details, the website presents the summary of the life history of your most loved stars. CelebrityBorn.Com ensures that all information about...

Lumineux Cream Use For Global Skins /

on Dec 5, 2017

lumineux cream use for Global Skins been genuinely aggravated Along with the glance of All Individuals unsightly indications of expanding outdated current ideal down below your eye location and on The entire encounter?Lumineux Solution If Absolutely, then this evaluation will certainly...

Pass Program / Fraud

on Nov 22, 2017

Company call me informing that the tree Credit Bureaus were reporting I have a bad credit. His name Eulises Flores. This is a fraud since my credit at the bureaus is excellent. I call back to the phone number in my cell phone and a recording from the carrier "the number you dial can not be...

Check Credit Score / not receiving gems for check credit score

on Oct 15, 2017

Check Credit ScoreI have not received my 800 gems for signing up with the credit score offer in the zombie game I've been playing. Please release my gems so I may continue to play. I really enjoy this game and this makes it hard. I've invested several hours to complete these offers and I would appreciate if I be compensated the rewards that were promised. Thank you. / refuse to cancel and continue to charge

on Oct 7, 2017

I tried to cancel my account the very same day I got it. I called first and the customer service man said that I had to wait to cancel until right before the trial is over. Then I emailed them, said I had to call. I got another charge on 10/3/2017. I want my money back and account...

Credit Card Withdrawal / complete garcinia

on Sep 10, 2017

I received two bottles of complete garcinia and complete cleanse it was for a free trial I have had two transactions one for 131.00 and the other 127.00 taken out of my credit card why is this as I have not authorised this the tablets don't even work I would like a full refund and do you...

Meritabode Nigeria Limited / refund of money for unauthorised deduction of fees for unused and subscribed services

on Sep 9, 2017

I got an alert on the 5th of September 2017 from WWW.AND.COM on the following e-mail addresss; and, of an unauthorized deduction of about USD15. 76 twice was done on my bank account number [protected] of Gauranty Trust Bank (NIG.), for a service not used...

Bay State Clinical Trials, Marina Noble, MPH / harassment, hooliganism, stalking, endless libels, scandals

on Sep 9, 2017

MARINA NOBLE (aka MARINE NOBLE, aka MARINE MKHITARYAN, DOB June 01, 1966) currently residing in Watertown/ MA has been engaged in libels, hoaxes and scandals since her age of 19 years, and has matured through the libel courts . Since the entrance of the Internet in our lives, Marina Noble... or A1S.LA or or Christopher Allen Stallworth / credit repair services

on Aug 20, 2017

Please don't allow yourself to be taken by this company or his affiliates namely Christopher Allen Stallworth. This company makes bold promises about repairing credit which are not only untrue but borderline against the law. Their primary goal in life is to swindle unsuspecting customer...

Leslie Tucker / foreclosure that appears on my credit report

on Aug 10, 2017

Citi Mortgage #[protected]-5 Add #13 Bradner Avenue, Middletown, New York 10940. House was sold 7/28/2011. I filed for Chapter 7 10/26/12. Chapter 7 discharge 1/31/2013. House sold to Mamie Cobb. Citi told me that my account was sent to Carrington 6/13/2011. After numerous contacts with...

Shushanik Gasparyan / collection on my credit report which is an absolutely inaccurate information

on Aug 7, 2017

Shushanik GasparyanI have called several times and I have left messages several times on companies voice mail, I have received zero respond and no answer from your representatives, I have also made a complaint on FTC and awaiting for response, your phones do not work, no answer or customer service all the...

Kathryn A Lynch / service

on Jul 31, 2017

I made simple call at 800 AM PT on July 31, 2017 to have my credit freeze removed temporarily to switch phone services. The first person I talked to I could not understand ( English very poor) and they transferred me to two others. I asked if they were in the US and they said no. I asked...

PlatinumMillenniump 866-752-9968 Nc 06/05 / charge $67.00 unauthorized

on Jul 13, 2017

On June 6 ordered 2 items for nominal fee of .99 and 7.95 then 13 days later was charged a fraudulent charge of $67.00 for membership that I did not authorize. I called them and they said they would send me an email and refund my money... needless to say the email was not forthcoming and...