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Abella Mayfair / Unauthorized credit card charges

Allie Brophy on Feb 23, 2017
Abella MayfairBack around January 15, 2017, I ordered via Order #907910 a "sample" of Abella Mayfair product "90 second Rapid Wrinkle Control". I received it in the mail shortly after along with a charge to my credit card of USD $3.95. I made no further order for any product, nor did I authorize further...

Nuvajen Gold / Unethical company

Gretchen Webb Evans on Feb 22, 2017
Well, I along with many others received a trial of the Nuvajen Gold Serum for $4.99, after which I was promptly charged around $98 for the product. I went to their website (nuvajengoldserum.com) to find a phone number so that I could CANCEL any further shipments, but there is NO contact...

Tubby Bumpy / Hydra skin science

Leemoez on Feb 21, 2017
Seen product online, and saw free sample just pay for shipping, did not see fine print because after ordering 1 item I received 2 items from different companies saying I had 14 days to cancel, they automatically charged my account. Revive youth cream refunded my full amount of $97.31 and...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Allegro & brio

milochka on Feb 18, 2017
My skin reaction on those products is very-very bad: redness and severe itching. I had to use allergy relief medication that's why i do not want to use these products in future. Please do not send me nothing and remove my data from your client list. Shall i send these products back to you?...

Resvibrant / Resvibrant anti aging cream

loupeck on Feb 17, 2017
Scam - product doesn't work but above all once they have your credit card number they begin shipping you product every month. Even with confirmed cancellation they continue to ship and charge your credit card. Do not send them your cc # for a free trial. Besides the product not working...

Wrinkle Cream EU / Wrinkle cream - unauthorized credit card charges every month

N J Grobbelaar on Feb 17, 2017
An advertisement was sent to my wife from wrinklecream eu. Without ordering it they sent some cream which was returned. An amount of usd 14.50 plus usd 189.00 were deducted from my bank account (6 january, 2017) an now it happened again (17 febr 2017) usd 189.00 was deducted and that wa...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Allegro and brio day and night products

Nancy Dennager on Feb 16, 2017
I was not so lucky, as one complaint stated. I did not catch the 2 week notice (Took days to get to my house) and then would be charged outrageous prices. Too late, got charged $212 plus the initial s&h charges. I immediately called this organization and stopped any further orders (And...

Skin Tech / Mole removal cream

Randy Cameron on Feb 16, 2017
Signed up for one shipment as trail. Advertisement said, full refund duf not satisfied. Did not work for me after following instructions. Received product on monthly billing which I did not sign up for. Returned (3) to shipper as i did not have company info. No response. Company info wa...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Allegro skin products

LittleDebbie on Feb 16, 2017
The company is a total rip off!!! I called to cancel even before the item arrived. I tried to cancel before the order was processed and it was too late. You can always know with that "auto ship" program it is a rip off. I called today, only 2 days after the order, it hasn't even...

Abella Mayfair / Abella mayfair, platinumfacecare, eyecream

Johanne Brabant on Feb 16, 2017
"free samples" scam from abella mayfair and unauthorized charges. I live in deux-montagnes, qu├ębec, and on dec. 27, 2016, I ordered free samples of the miracle products from abella mayfair which were featured on the dragons' den program in canada. I did receive the samples and was charged...

SkinTek / Hidden subscription

Suezy Mccarthy on Feb 16, 2017
I purchased product in Dec 2016, opted for the free upgrade and got charged an extra $25 for it. Product received - does not work Another charge on my credit card end of December - queried it with them, no response, queried again and no response. This time the charge was from Dermatek (their...

Abella Mayfair / Harmful products and unauthorized credit card charges

Sania1 on Feb 15, 2017
Abella MayfairRequest a Refund The company Abella Mayfair promised to deliver free samples for $5 in December and I had carefully selected No for all other options listed on the promotion on Facebook. No where it was mentioned that the choosing the free sample would cost me $ 190 after 14 days. The company...

L'oreal India / L'oreal nourish 6 oil in 1 shampoo

nitika sahni on Feb 15, 2017
The shampoo of L'Oreal(L'oreal nourish 6 oil in 1 shampoo) I bought a few days back, the shampoo is not in usable condition, i.e its viscosity is not proper and is not developing any foam also when applied. It is not even expired yet.Manufacturing date id Nov'2016, and shampoo is best...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Do not fall for this scam

ffmedic30 Xxx on Feb 14, 2017
This company took over $230 out of my account without my authorization. I signed up for that free trial scam, then read the fine print and cancelled immediately. They still took the money out of my account. It's been 4 months and I still haven't got it back. I get different storie...

Ulta / The store product samples are a mess and ruined my coat & scarf while trying to sample test for the correct color

Mad ulta customer on Feb 14, 2017
UltaThe store product samples are a mess and ruined my coat & scarf while trying to sample test for the correct color . I have placed two calls in 1st to district manager and 2nd to regional manager about this situation and after a week no call back from anyone. I am disappointed that thi...

Abella Mayfair / Rapid wrinkle control

Baglady2 on Feb 14, 2017
They bury their billing information in the TOS. You think you are paying for shipping and handling to try their product for free and then you get a huge bill for well over $100 for the "free" sample and then you get the stuff sent to you each month. The product is garbage as is their...

Rapid Fulfillment / Skin tek mole remover

Debbie Bodine on Feb 14, 2017
I ordered one jar of the Dermatek Mole Removal Cream to try it at A cost of $19.95 in January 2017 . I received another jar today 02/13/2017 which I did not order and was charged for . I do not want to keep getting these shipments and being charged for them . The order number is 20-640695...

Abella Mayfair / The abella mayfair free trial offer is a scam

Manny999 on Feb 14, 2017
The company billing appears as newskinsolution.com & healthyface. This is a scam, they falsely advertise a free trial & send you a small sample size of their product for which you are told you will only pay shipping & handling of $4.95 u. S. & $3.95 u. S. 2-3 weeks later they charge you the...

Abella Mayfair / Charged for product I don't want and haven't received

netnrrd on Feb 13, 2017
I agreed to pay shipping costs only of $5.95 to try Abella Mayfair product. For all 15 pop up adds offering other deals, I selected NO. I received a trial size of 2 products which don't work for me. The wrinkle remover is too dry and causes more wrinkles than it removes and the moisture...

Hydra Skin Sciences / Allegro anti-aging cream

Loftus on Feb 13, 2017
11 February 2017 I sent for a Free trial sample of Allegro anti-aging cream, a product of Hydra Skin Sciences. In the process of providing payment for the shipping charge, $3.96 with my credit card, I could not proceed to check out without also ordering Brio Serum lotion for an additional...
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