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University of Mumbai / my result of llb sem 4 for may 2017 is not yet declared seat - 30533

Siddhesh Manjrekar on Sep 20, 2017
My results for the examination conducted for LLB semister 4 for May 2017 is not yet declared. Maximum students results are already declared and there are few who are left. This is really giving me alot of stress and emotional downfall. I will request the authorities to check and respond at...

Old Navy / safety sept..15, 2017 unethical behavior

Cindy Rathert on Sep 20, 2017
My 16 years old grand daughter works at Old Navy in the Texas City, Tanger Outlet location. As a grandparent I feel that it is common courtesy and human decency that you do not leave anyone alone at a large mall at 9:40 pm much less a minor child. i was on my way to pick her up, I have...

Damelin Correspondence College / conflicting results

DeCa1 on Sep 20, 2017
There have been numerous incedents for accusing me not submitting assignments, so there after i've gathered evidence of emails submitting my assignments and still my marks were influenced! I've also been accused for "copying" from my phone while i was writing an exam. There was nothing on...

Transtutors.com / help with homework

En Ki on Sep 18, 2017
Read the discussion thread...incomplete solution was given...initially the solutions provider did solution based on his own scenario. Have already missed the deadline and no confident that the person delivering understands the question. Also asked that the ansewrs provided are subdivided into the...

Damelin Correspondence College / conflicting results

Shaneen Craucamp on Sep 18, 2017
I have not received all my assignment marks and the ones I have are conflicting can someone please sort this out. After numerous phone calls and emails I still have had no luck. This is beyond pathetic and I urge everyone to not consider damelin as they just do not care. Just to had my...

Yahoo! / email

Rtty Wcvh on Sep 17, 2017
Dear Sir I hope you feel fine. I am Iraqi refugee in turkey and problem with one of the instructors and then I receive few emails threat from ahmetbayraktar@yahoo.com full with wrong information . to my email bozboz.trk@gmail.com which finish my education which not free to accomplish my...

Vatterott College / education

doug ray on Sep 15, 2017
worst school ever do not go and if you do...do not believe any thing said its a diploma farm they recruit like salesman that cant deliver once your done would have dropped if i new this is how it would turn out got nothing but charged for everything worst than ITT and they were shut down charged...

susan pramuk / whos whos

susan pramuk on Sep 15, 2017
i have been in cambridge for several yrs. sisters wanting recognition failed, so they removed me for cambridge son also failure all pending jail . ihave moved to 801 carla dr. apt 1 po box 1084 chesterton ind, new number 219983 2636 cell former address 8630 jefferson pobox 3595 munster...

Centura College / fraud and rip off

tobbie taylor on Sep 15, 2017
I attended Centura College, and I was at the end and about to graduate, they told me that I would had to come up with 1, 750 dollars to finish, I told them up front that I didn't wanted any student loans, but since I was about to finish I agree to get a student loan for that amount. two...

SalesForce.com / adam quinlan - rude and arrogant communication and copying my director into emails that I have specifically asked him to remove him from

Sheona Griffiths on Sep 14, 2017
Adam, I, quite frankly, am flabbergasted by your tone and your audacity to copy my Director into your response. I have given up a considerable amount of my time to educate different people on our needs (which have often not been communicated internally), each time saying that for me the...

Grand Canyon University / my complaint is the misleading financial aid information.

Kaylee Vaughan on Sep 13, 2017
I attended 4 classes and decided the school wasn't for me but since the pay periods are set up for every 3 classes I am now being told I have to pay for the other two classes I never attended or posted in. Supposedly this is because my funds were returned to the board of education except I...

Damelin Correspondence College / student advisors call centres

Jojo.Marais on Sep 13, 2017
Good morning I have been a student with Damelin now for a while and I have never had such poor services as I did today. I want to know where I can receive all my assignements' marks as I have still not received it and I requested that someone please send me the forms for the November...

Damelin College Mowbray / staff are lazy and inadequate, programs aren't accredited with professional bodies.

17*03 on Sep 12, 2017
Damelin College MowbrayWhen I first applied at dateline, I was told they are fully accredited. But truth be told they just a bunch of fock ups trying to make us believe they know what they doing but honestly they don't. First semester we they made a big balls up with our financial management 1a exam. 45 min...

University of South Africa [UNISA] / UNISA assignment submission

Ilse-Mari Greyling on Sep 7, 2017
I want to know how can Unisa send out an sms saying that all Assignments 1+2 has to be submitted on 31 August for students that was registered late and also didn't receive their study material yet. . . Then even though the assignment was submitted on the date UNISA gave now they give us 0%...

Homework Market / entire site not accessible

AidenS on Sep 7, 2017
I had been using this site for years with a lot of caution. There is a ton of scammers on there that just reuse others work and try to get paid for it. But there are others that do original work. The other day I went to log on and get work that I already paid for, and I can no longer...

University of South Africa [UNISA] / no one answers telephone calls

Laura Goble on Sep 6, 2017
I applied for registration one month ago, and paid the fee immediately. I still have had zero feedback on the status of my application. I had some queries about the course, and so I clearly laid them out in an email, as their website states this is a better means of communication than...

Tinder / my fake id created

Sakshi Chaturvedi on Sep 6, 2017
Somebody has created a fake id by my name Sskshi Chaturvedi and my pictures in it. The creator has also mentioned all my personal information like my Phone no., Email, Instagram id etc. Due to which I've been facing a lot of problem from sometime. I've received messages on Whatsapp from...

University of South Africa [UNISA] / academic certificate

Nontokozo Davidson on Sep 5, 2017
I completed my Postgraduate diploma in accounting science (98255) in March 2017, after the release of supplementary results. I got the results informing me that I had passed, however, to this date (5 September 2017) I have not received my certificate as my results have apparently not been...

Damelin Correspondence College / horrible customer service

Jacovanheerdengp on Sep 5, 2017
Hi, I have been studying with Damelin for the past 8 months now and must say in my life I have never experienced such bad customer service. First of all, their student portal has been inactive since the beginning of the year, and they also don't use it to submit results, so they leave you...

Pizza Hut / delivery and service

Michael Conklin on Sep 4, 2017
Hi, I ordered a Dinner box from Pizza hut today, the order roughly was placed around 6:00. I was then told that my order was out for delivery at 6:35 and so as i waited for them at the location i've waited... they didn't show up.. by 7:10 i called the store asking why my delivery never...
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