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Aprilanne Arwood Account # 306313378 / Attention: Christiana

AprilAnne Arwood on Mar 21, 2017
March 21, 2017 Subject: paragon contracting services, llc Dear april anne arwood: The division of consumer services, bureau of mediation and enforcement contacted the above referenced Business on your behalf in an effort to resolve your complaint. the business has chosen not to respond. at...

Lovelace Westside Hospital / Billing

Robert Rinehart on Mar 20, 2017
For once, just one time I would like to get a bill that I can pay from Lovelace. However, it seems that is too much to ask. I never recieve a bill from Lovelace for visits instead I receive threatening letters from collection agencies as a first notice that I owe them money. If I was not...

Afni, Inc. / Unethical behaviour, attempt to collect false debt

nothappywafni on Mar 19, 2017
Just received a collection notice from Afni that I owe Dish Network $691.06. Funny...I have never had Dish Network service at any time. I have found that this seems to be a common practice of Afni to send out fraudulent notices as well as pick up old debts that are past the statue of...

Ligition Services Of Georgia / Try to say I was getting sued for a check I wrote

Deserttownie on Mar 18, 2017
Called my daughter on a friday, march 16, 2017 and said I was being sued for fraud for a check I wrote on march 1, 2013 in california.. Used an address I had never lived at and said courts were after me.. Well, first of all, I don't write checks and second I was living in england (can...

ACS Education / Student loans that were being discharged and acs's inability to work with me.

White Cedar on Mar 16, 2017
ACS student loans - Customer Service ACS Student Loans California United States 2010 March 28 I taken to the Hospital after respiratory failure. With a few minute they found Cancer of the larynx level 4 with is terminal. Along with it the open pit uranium mining and Steel mill work had also...

MBD Credit Solutions / MBD Attorneys / Account/customer service

clerissia on Mar 16, 2017
Horrible service!!! Pathetic, incompetent staff!!! My woolworths in store account was handed over to these fools and i have now in feb 2017 paid up my account at the store and then another payment was due by mbd for the amount of r200 which i also then paid. Now, more than a month ago, i am...

Truworths / Harassment

CarrenClark on Mar 15, 2017
I am a good payer... Always... Last month my daughter was admitted to hospital and my bills have been unbearable. I short paid my account by r400, and it is my final payment... I spoke to a gentlemen on wednesday 8th march 2017 explaining my situation and confirmed I would pay the balance...

Globe Telecom / Globe center

mnchn on Mar 13, 2017
Sana po ang globe center ay no noon break kc paano po ung mga nagwowork 8am to 5pm. Kpag weekdays nman po, they are accepting payments until 4pm only. And please teach some of your agents, even working in globe center, to be respectful to all your customers especially here in daet...

Vericore / Unethical behavior

Care1 on Mar 13, 2017
VeriCore contacted my company with threats of "If you do not contact me within 48 hours, we will be forced to start our investigation process". That process included a threat of contacting banks, landlords, vendors, the AG, etc. As proof of an outstanding debt that was allegedly 6 month...

Asset Recovery Associates / Unethical behavior

Gman85 on Mar 13, 2017
got a letter and a call from Asset Recovery Associates on 3-13-2017, client number 3149046, Amy Lewis 888-686-9475 ext 3076. She said they were going to put me in federal collections, garnish wages and such if I didn't pay them over $10, 000. They had a settlement amount of 2956.38. I...

North Texas Tollway Authority / Forced to pay bill on a vehicle I do not own

TCN86 on Mar 13, 2017
I was sent a bill for toll violations on a vehicle I have not owned in almost 2 years. They indicate a billing period of 1/27/2017-02/26/2017. I called to speak with them and I have to say, I have never dealt with people like this. NTTA indicated if ownership was in question, I needed to...

Internal Credit Systems, INC / Collection account

Kindlyoutragedcustomer on Mar 13, 2017
Guys, To anyone who every experienced any type of harassment or otherwise unpleasant encounters with Internal Credit Systems, INC, please submit full complaint to asd@ncdoi.gov, which is state agency on NC that renews their license. I submitted a complaint and they contacted me within 3...

Coca Cola / Soda vending machine

Crystal lynn Allen on Mar 10, 2017
Coca ColaSoda machine in walmart in santa fe springs ca is marked 50 cent a soda the machine also had monsters in it i put in a dollar and it said $2 for 16oz monster i put in another $1 in and pressed the buttom and out came a dr pepper and no change this not what i paid for. When we asked who i...

ABC Cargo / Some items damaged

Azees Wayanad on Mar 7, 2017
Dear sir, My consingment recieved yesterday form ksa. invoice no: 165415, on 20-2-2017. have 4 four cartoon and one cartoon contains dinner glass items.unfortunatly some glass items damaged. damaged items is one glass bowls, two plates and three water glass. how to get my compensation over...

Maglia Liverpool / Maglia liverpool

sungnila33 on Mar 7, 2017
Calcio Notizie Germania non aveva intenzione di essere rafforzata da due dei loro giocatori più importanti quando Maglia Lazio Bambino si troveranno ad affrontare il prossimo avversario. E 'esagerare creare problemi per l'allenatore. Meamng squadra tedesca perderà due figure chiave nella Euro...

Mbd Attorneys / Harassment at office on unknown debt

zaborski on Mar 7, 2017
I am being harassed on a daily basis on my cellular number as well as my office. I am being rudely screamed at and told to divulge my personal identity information, for their record purposes et cetera. This is totally unacceptable behavior. I do not owe anything to them nor the company...

Kool Smiles / Billing

jamieseymour0528 on Mar 6, 2017
Kool SmilesI received a bill for a check-up with one x-ray on my daughter. Blue cross blue shield confirm that they cover 100%. So why am I still getting billed? I've received 2 emails stating that I need to pay my bill now. Each time I have replied with they need to contact blue cross blue shield. I...

ABC Cargo / One month completed, not delivered

Ameenmuhammedpkd on Mar 3, 2017
my inv no: 165856( Date: 28-1-2017, Send cargo from Abc cargo. One month completed till not delivered. I have very importent items in parcell. please urgent delivery. I have called office he says waiting one week on the way on truck. I am waiting one week no problem and after not delivered with in one week. please give me compensation here . thank you

ABC Cargo / My cargo 35 days completed, still not delivered

SureshMannarkkad on Mar 2, 2017
Dear sir, I have send parcel from jeddah to mannarkkad kerala. my invoice no: 163241, Total five cartoon(wight:166). it was an urgent parcel for house warming. please give me status of my cargo. please urgent delivery. and i have send many cargo before not delay. how delay now...????...

Heartland Ecsi / High payment processing fees

RW2278 on Mar 2, 2017
If you don't want to draft your payment out of your bank account (I rarely do this with companies to avoid mistakes and overdrafts) it costs 1.95 plus over 3% of whatever your payment is to process the payment. This month I paid $4.16 to process my fee. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'll...
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