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Liv Luv Shop / Service

Amy Scanlon on Jun 21, 2017
This is a federal government serve stating that I will be suing this site over stealing. I ordered, was charged and never received. If I do not receive a refund or, my ahipment within ghe next 14 days, expect a messenger at your offices in florida with papers. We have already taken action through social media as a warning to the businesses misconduct.

Ref: 7WFS71264 / I dont have a woolworths card

Zanap on Jun 21, 2017
I persistantly receive SMS from 087 240 5582 - You have not responded to prior messages on your woolworths instore card acc call 051 505 7668 I do not have an account with woolworths, either someone has provided an incorrect contact number, or the contact number is lised incorrectly I cannot see...

Stratford Career Institute / course that was never done

Floridausa on Jun 20, 2017
Hello, I would like to express my frustration with SCI. Back in 2013-2014 I called to verify about a course and just asked for information, your company sent me some brochure via mail, and after that i end up with a bill of $528.00 for something that i have NOT register for, First of all to...

Western Union / please unlock my western union account

Sankili on Jun 19, 2017
Dear manager, My full name is sankili poothatthan kalimuthu Nric: s7360409e Please unlock my western union account since blocked last few months. I am been travel around regions. I am urgently need of my account unblocked since my one transaction are delay today. It is emergency required to...

HTC / battery not charging, after the repair of one time

sujeesh ku on Jun 19, 2017
HTCDear sir/ madam, I really sorry to say that your service is not at all good and acceptable for me because I have made a mistake that I bought a mobile from you souq because of the liability but now I really lost the liability and I am very much angry and not satisfied with your...

RAKBANK / The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah / credit card third party collection officer - (trust lawyer & legal consultants) for threat

bing dayag on Jun 19, 2017
RAKBANK / The National Bank of Ras Al KhaimahThis is to formally placed a complaint againts Trust Lawyer & Legal Consultants Collection Officer named Sohail Qamar and Mohammed Samee for threatening me every time my payment with the bank is due. Though I am outside UAE, I make sure that I do not forget to pay my bills as much amount...

Pos Malaysia Berhad / staff pos mini nenasi, ekan, ahang

Tenggiling Biru on Jun 16, 2017
Dear All, Hereby i want to make a complaint To ur Staff at Pos mini Nenasi pekan Pahang. on 15/06/2017 the poslaju courier service is going to delivered the item need posted from Astro ( Smart Card) unfortunetly the Driver did't not find the adress... So the Parcell have been return to Po...

Nationstar Mortgage / home purchase

Melony Walker on Jun 15, 2017
A home was purchased at 1550 Dilg League Drive in 1986 by Melony Walker and Emit Dizadare, Jr. We were divorced in 1995, Emit remained in the home and paid all the mortgage. Unknowingly, my name remained on the house and Emit kept the mortgage in delinquency which brought my credit down...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / fake calls bogus collection agency

WRG on Jun 14, 2017
I have received calls twice now from numbers showing as from the 414 area code in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but each time I call back I get a different horse's [censor] in Florida. They claim to have sent "a notice" about two weeks prior but will not tell me what it is about. They...

Jp vav Vreden Arc techniques / account

Babez on Jun 10, 2017
I had account issues. I was phoned by people frim some attorney who never answered my calls. After months of phonecalls i got a outstanding balance. Account was settled. Months past and when i apply for wifi at cell c it was declined due to TELKOM that has the cheek to blacklist me as n...

Total Credit Recovery / harassment

Varacha on Jun 8, 2017
I understand that this company buys call list for people with credit issues. With that being said calling people from blocked numbers at all hours of the night and day is frustrating. I normally do not answer blocked calls but after 5 within a 5 minute time span I was concerned it was the...

Cpa / scam

Zakn on Jun 8, 2017
I received this deceiving letter from Credit Protection Association L.P. It states I owe or have an outstanding balance of $59.86. The company listed as the original creditor is TDS Telecom. I have lived at my residence for the past 12 years and have never had an agreement or contract with...

First Gulf Bank [FGB] / unprofessional behaviour

Galiyushka on Jun 8, 2017
today morning (8.06.2017 10 am) i received a call from collection department representative (Thanya, deira branch, called from 046075106). The way she spoke to me not acceptable even for my mother. it seems like i stole money from her pocket. is it nice with a bank management that your...

Lincare / customer service

eon3 on Jun 7, 2017
i cannot get a bill resolved that was sent to my prior ins. carrier by Lincare. Medicare will cover the expense but Lincare keeps dunning me for payment. I have spoken to customer service 3x and despite assurances the threatening letters keep coming. Today when I called after i requested a...

Finex Group LLC / tow charges

CrystalB2017 on Jun 7, 2017
I just talked to a supervisor over the phone about a payment plan. She offered to freeze my account with no interest added as long as I made a payment over the phone. I explained to her that I do not like to make payments over the phone that I would agree to send 50$ a month until tax...

NTTA / never received a first or second notice

Jason Farris on Jun 7, 2017
I have not seen any notices of missed payments until the third which takes 10 dollars of toll fees and adds 170 dollars in admin fees. I pay my tolls online as always and never had any problems .The charges are from 10-2016 to 01-2017 I did move from Fort worth to Azalea tax in May 2016. I...

Boardwalk Buy / order # 435121

I have not received my product, or a response from any of the emails or texts that I've sent you. There's no record of the tracking number a DSL for the product that I bought. I would like a full refund. I have a lot of friends on Facebook and I will make sure and tell your mama to order...

Global services / they say I owe 800 dollars. their number 18882400182. they have my address last four social security and banking information

Ronald Hirth on Jun 6, 2017
THey called and said I owe 800 dollars since 2011. If I do not make a payment arrangement they will take me to court. They have my address, name and social security last four numbers and bank account information. Here is the firstv number 18882400182 globial services. This is the number of...

RMCB / heartwarming books (harlequin reader service)

Tinaah88 on Jun 5, 2017
My mother 88 years old has received a letter from this company stating her account has been turned over to this company, in fact they were very rude stating she should be ashamed of herself for not paying this debt??? My mother has early signs of dementia and has always paid her bills, she...

Mercer County Child Support / double dipping on arrears by not report they were paid.

Rrdg on Jun 2, 2017
Mercer County Child SupportI 'am so tired of fighting with Mercer County C.S. Everything is so one sided you make payment request for your payment history you don't receive it. On 01/31/17 I received a Notice of Proposed Child Support of Obligation Termination letter because the child is 21 yrs old living with her...
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