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Citizenship and Immigration Services Complaints

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Law Office of Garo G. Kapikian / immigration services

Sivan Saadi on Oct 16, 2018

Garo Kapikian conned my family out of $4, 000 for his services, promising that he had a personal relation with the head of the individual in immigration who had the power of not deporting me . Even though every other lawyer said don't waste your money and just sign, that it is impossible...

Permits And Visas / Permits Corporate Service Provider / canada imigration, australia imigration

Nithin Santhosh on Oct 11, 2018

I got call from permits and visas UAE based imigration agency. Their dealing and methodology of cheating is very professional. I was on the verge of paying 7700 AED, but before i crosschecked about this agency, there are many complaints already filed against them. Now they are sending kind of...

WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services [WWICS] / canada immigration money refund

Shailly Brahmbhatt on Sep 23, 2018

have paid my fees on month of October 2016 in Dhs 8800 and in month of April Dhs 6300, firstly they said i am eligible to apply for express entry and after few months they said your crs score is very low so need to apply in PNP so i paid fees after that they have applied for only 1...

Comcast / Xfinity / technician

NotWhite on Sep 22, 2018

Comcast / XfinityA technican was near my home appearing to be working on wires in the box, and made a racist comment as I walked passed him without saying a word. A technican was near my home appearing to be working on wires in the box, and made a racist comment as I walked passed him without saying a word. A...

Yanwen / mail delivery service

charlene glass on Sep 21, 2018

I have shipments coming from over there and haven't received items yet The tracking numbers to missing items are: UB336427981YP and UB336421944YP destination to Cleveland Ohio suppose to deliver by September 9, 2018, to location no more updates provided for tracking number since September...

Global Migrate / Visa Embassy / visa/job offer

Simona Lupesi on Sep 19, 2018

Hello, Me and my family have contacted Global Migrate in order to immigrate to Canada. We have been talking over the phone on several occasions with Nick, followed by Rachel. We have submitted all necessary documentation and paid the fee in full (£2450). We have been told that we will get...

Singapore Woodland Immigration Custom / problem with delayed service and rude officer at woodland ica declare / taxes counter

VictoriaLim on Sep 19, 2018

Things happened yesterday at Woodland immigration Custom, on 18 Sep 2018, estimated 21:15pm. I and my friend was stopped by Immigration officer after failed from immigration scanned device, never mentioned anything just asked us to showing passport and follow him to a office, after he...

Career Overseas / immigration

Vinay Grover on Sep 17, 2018

Hi All. Arun kumar of career overseas is a complete fraudster. He is highly illmannered, liar, thief. He has no talking sense and is only good at giving u a rosy picture initially and then he would stop picking ur phone even if u try calling him 50 times a day. He has logics no reasoning...

Clairol / nice n easy permanent hair colour

Mandy Feeney on Sep 12, 2018

ClairolI'm writing on behalve of my mum she is absolutely distraught she doesn't want to leave the house she has gone from a light blonde to a mousey Brown. The colour on the box is not the final outcome colour I have photographs of her hair before and after and of the bottles I am extremely...

Abu Dhabi Airport / visa

Jafees on Sep 9, 2018

Dear sir I am so terrified. I landed this morning from Riyadh at Abu Dhabi Airport in Etihad with a visa approved for me for a month. But at immigration I was pulled out and taken to ommigration office and told to stay outside and after 2:30 hr they told me since your passport is renewed...

Vmake Visas / take money and nothing do

Abcd123456789 on Sep 9, 2018

The whole team of Vmake Visas is cheaters. I paid money through cheque and cash and they are denied for taking responsibility of cash. Even though they provide me FAKE ITA. I will come soon on news with the help of media and I will show all these proofs. As they know they are wrong and they...

Phenom Health / tablets

JulieWulie on Sep 7, 2018

I think there are hundreds, if not thousands of us that have been scammed by this dreadful company! I am also waiting on a refund of £79.31 since July. Each response o an email I send states they are having ‘technical issues' ... I'm sorry, but these so called issues have been going on for...

Career Overseas Sant Nagar / fraud, money taken for canada pr, no result

Abhishek Singh 1980 on Sep 4, 2018

Arun Kumar and His Brother Tarun are a Scam, He will talk about Karma and keep soo many positive things on his work desk but don't be fooled, All that is a Scam, Many people are going through the same problem with him, Be wise and do not enter his trap, He is the worse person in the world...

Marathon Gas Station, 4400 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio / sales clerk

Luis T Leal on Sep 4, 2018

9-4-2018 i was standing at the counter when some person starts crowding me so much that items fell from the counter. the sales clerk interrupts like i was at fault. i then tried to pay for items and leave when this weirdo gets in my face starts point his finger at me in an aggressive manner. when...

Shoppers Drug Mart / razors

Paul Badura on Aug 31, 2018

Bought clearance razors at yonge/Carlton Location in Toronto took them home and realized they didn't fit. Attempted to return them and was told no but nowhere did it say clearance items could not be returned. Very discouraging as i shop tbere regularly easily spending $1000/ year. Very sad...

Singapore Post (SingPost) / receiving letters for people who do not reside in my house.

p0638029 on Aug 30, 2018

To whom it may concern, I am writing to report regarding an unauthorised usage of my home address. I am receiving letters by the name of [name removed]. This person does not reside in my address (removed). Please could someone assist to remove him from my address from any of his transactions. Thank you.

North American Services Center (NASC) / immigration

fooledbyNASC on Aug 27, 2018

NASC cheated me by telling lies that I am eligible for Express entry system. Even though i have scored good in IELTS, they expect me to get 9 in all, which is not really practical. Initially when i met them they checked all my details and said i need to score either 6 or 7 in IELTS, but i...

Carnival Cruise Lines / immigration status

Carnival girl on Aug 25, 2018

Carnival Cruise LinesI was scheduled to sail with my family on the 18th to 25th of Aug I traveled with carnival cruise line in the past and I just used my NYC license so I assumed it was ok so I did walk with my passport. I did have a photo of it on my phone. When I went to check in I was taken to a room like...

Cardiff International Airport / call center

Mahmou on Aug 14, 2018

I'm Jordanian who lives in Cardiff and I have permanent residency ILR in UK I have booked flight from Cardiff to Jordan with connection in Milan and I spoke to the airport 2days before my flight to check if I need a visa for Italy The answer was no u don't need, However I was denied...

WorldWide Immigration Consultancy Services [WWICS] / misleading and dishonest

Mr.Mo on Aug 14, 2018

The below was a reply I received from VETASSESS : Based on the documents provided, applicant has been working as an English teacher at the company since 06/2011. This occupation cannot be assessed positively as applicant is more of a Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, the...