Citizenship and Immigration Services Complaints


Aadhar Card / I can't link my aadhar card to ravish mattoo

on Mar 19, 2019

As my aadhar card bank account opened. Now I changed date of birth aadhar card. Now I can't link aadhar and bank ac/ online. Job purpose I can't go bank branch where I opened. Now how can I link my aadhar please tell me any solution. I am in too much tention in linking aadhar... / newlife consultant / immigration fraud scam activity

on Mar 16, 2019 for Fraud and Scam activity! Those person criminal all victims should go to nearest police station! Bewere! They run away country to country, victims are many, fake documents, all is fraud. Beware of those scamers, playing with poor people and take them only hope for better future...

Visas And Work Permits / visas and work permits same company as permits and visas

on Mar 12, 2019

Hello Guys This company is owned by the same person who owns permits and visas Dubai Im just warning you all Permits and Visas and is same company. They operating in Multiple name Sale office/same location. If you check both company Address is same, also landline...

Newlife Consultant / immigration fraud scam activity

on Mar 11, 2019

Newlife ConsultantWarning for Fraud and Scam activity! Those person criminal all victims should go to nearest police station! Bewere! They run away country to country, victims are many, fake documents, all is fraud. Beware of those scamers, playing with poor people and take them only hope for better future...

Lets Go Global / emigration to australia

on Feb 21, 2019

They are a scam and have taken money and provided no service. They have been exposed by the Daily Mirror and still are taking peoples money for doing nothing. If you have been scammed by these people contact...

USA Green Card Organisation / this company tricked me into paying fee for green card lottery.

on Feb 21, 2019

After seeing advert I contacted this company and agreed to pay them 389 dollars for sending my application for the Green card lottery. Their support team called me and explained their service and told me that their fee is 389 dollars. I sent them all the needed documents and payed. On...

Audi Service / they put fake part in my car and I pay 800 euro for this and now I buying the same part with even less money

on Feb 6, 2019

Audi was my first car in my life I worked so hard to buy it Now I m olmost divorse and its becaseu of car why I will put this evreywhere and also I still have the fake part I will never forgive audi and also your servec in canakkale My family is almost broken becaseu of my car becasue I...

Singapore Immigration / bad attitude of officer

on Jan 15, 2019

my bad experience from custom on 15/01/19. The officer from counter 18 (duty on 15/01/19 6am) has bad attitude plus low efficiency in work. As compare to the next counter, he works slower (when he clear 1 car, the next counter have already cleared 7 cars). The worst thing is his bad...

Singapore Immigration / immigration officer

on Dec 25, 2018

I just arrived in singapore and i just received a bad welcome from the singapore immigration officer.First of all, i admit my mistake yeah it was my mistake that i did not see 2 collumn that must be filled in in the immigration form and i did not fill that 2 collumn.However that is not...

Ramos Immigration Law in Colorado USA / francesca ramos, tom treat from ramos immigration law firm commit a crime they kept my original documents from my vawa case

on Dec 2, 2018

Francesca Ramos and Tom Treat from Ramos Immigration Law from Longmont and Aurora Colorado Usa. Kept my original documents from my VAWA case the I fully paid and Francesca Ramos harrasme after I request her to send this documents to me . Please stay away from this firm because they will scam...

Alliance Visa Formerly Known As Visa Migrate / unprofessional

on Nov 2, 2018

I would like to warn you about Alliance Visa which is the same company "Visa Migrate" They have rebranded themselves as Alliance Visa after taking many cases and now pretending to be innocent. Please be advised they are not accreditated nor have any policy in place. They will take any case...

Mindspace Solutions / naresh kumar fraud guy

on Oct 19, 2018

Naresh Kumar erakulla and his wife subalatha balasubramaniam cheated 5 persons taking Money from all giving assurance of getting a job in Malaysia. He took around 70-90lakh. Please take this issue seriously . Help me in finding that fraud family . Naresh Kumar Erakulla - passport no...

Singapore Woodland Immigration Custom / problem with delayed service and rude officer at woodland ica declare / taxes counter

on Sep 19, 2018

Things happened yesterday at Woodland immigration Custom, on 18 Sep 2018, estimated 21:15pm. I and my friend was stopped by Immigration officer after failed from immigration scanned device, never mentioned anything just asked us to showing passport and follow him to a office, after he...

Career Overseas Sant Nagar / fraud, money taken for canada pr, no result

on Sep 4, 2018

Arun Kumar and His Brother Tarun are a Scam, He will talk about Karma and keep soo many positive things on his work desk but don't be fooled, All that is a Scam, Many people are going through the same problem with him, Be wise and do not enter his trap, He is the worse person in the world...

Marathon Gas Station, 4400 Monroe St Toledo, Ohio / sales clerk

on Sep 4, 2018

9-4-2018 i was standing at the counter when some person starts crowding me so much that items fell from the counter. the sales clerk interrupts like i was at fault. i then tried to pay for items and leave when this weirdo gets in my face starts point his finger at me in an aggressive manner. when...

Lindsay Michelle Belovari / canada immigration paralegal

on Aug 7, 2018

Ms. Lindsay Michelle Belovari the immigration paralegal from Merkham (ON) has scammed my friend and I. We were her clients from 2014 and over the time started being suspicious of her actions. Eventually she simply disappeared. We live in the UAE and hired her as a paralegal representative to...

NAIA Immigration Department / immigration officer

on Jul 16, 2018

My girlfriend was off loaded on 16/07/2018 on her trip to visit me for a long term holiday in Vanuatu She had all paperwork notarized and legalized She did not have a NSO birth certificate and my Affidavit of Support and Financial Guarantee was not certified by the Philippine Consulate of...

Total Petrochemicals Pvt. Ltd. / recruitment and embassy

on Jun 5, 2018

I was contacted by a person claiming a recruiter from total petrochemicals, alberta. He told me that I have applied to them on a job site. I thought I keep on applying to jobs, may be I had applied to them as well. They started off with the basic things I mean asking for documents like...

I am complaining myself as a veteran of the US Army / treatment against veterans with ptsd as stated in the americans disability’ act

on Apr 18, 2018

Approximately one week from today I (Anthony W Gray Sr) was doing my regular work out on the treadmill (located at 308 Havendale Blvd Auburburndale Fl) had to be about 1940 hours. There were two young Hispanic females working out on the treadmill just in front of me speaking in Spanish...

Bluecloud Immigration / immigration fraud

on Apr 1, 2018

Blue cloud immigration, CEO Jeffrey James and assistant Deepak Pyakurel. These guys had mentioned that they have tie ups with employers in Canada who interviews candidates via skype and provides sponsorship (work permit) if the candidate is suitable as per job requirements. They asked u...

Steer smooth advisories / canada immigration agency

on Mar 19, 2018

This agent makes false promises. They schedule interview and then ask to deposit money of 1 lakh. Later they never follow up. I lost my money. They say IELTS is not required and suddenly ask for IELTS during documentation. I appeared for exam still they did not even give me proper service...

Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Changi T4 / indecent and rude behaviour of ica-personell (rank sergeant "1406a") at t4 on march 14, 2018

on Mar 14, 2018

I arrived on March 14th at approx. 8:30 pm in T4 (Budget Terminal?) with my family of 4 persons, among them 2 minors. I am aware that usually one has to enter the "check-box" one-by-one, however we were allowed in as a a family of 4 persons. My 2 small children (one of them infant) only have...

State of NJ Division of Unemployment / customer service

on Feb 28, 2018

I have worked for over 20 years and have never been on or asked for unemployment. I was laid off this past year due to company acquisition after working for them for over 7 years. It had been a month before I had even heard anything regarding my claim. Emails were not responded to and the...