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Cat Breeders Complaints

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Moon Crescent Ragdolls / kitten

ccno on Nov 14, 2018

On your complaint board, you have two complaints out there on this breeder. I have to say that I agree with both of them. She is very vague in answering questions & it takes her a long time to get back to you; you have to keep asking her if she got your email. She will not talk to you on...

Hoobly / can't get into my account.

patlen-cattery on Nov 10, 2018

I`ve tried everything from trying to open a new account to changing my password. The code to change the pass word is never sent. I get a message that my email address is not listed so you`d think since my email isn`t listed I could register again but no... Then i`m told i`m already listed!...

Sunshinezzz / purchase of persian

Drdolittle on Nov 2, 2018

I wish I had read the reviews about Lisa Diamond before purchasing a cat from her. I bought a Persian that was discounted and when I asked why the Persian was discounted she told me it was just because she was a few weeks older than most cats that she sold. The minute I got her in the car...

Pets4Homes / they closed my account

Mandy Bennett on Oct 30, 2018

Pets4HomesPets4homes closed my account. As I was selling a kitten and this woman got very nasty long story. But I said I'd refundo you Monday. As I had to go the bank put money in. As she had paid a deposit. She demanded it back Now. Iv got some photos of her demandingredients it straight away...

Rideau Lake Bengals / fraud

JennaHarv on Oct 24, 2018

Rideau Lake BengalsI honestly can't believe people are still buying cats off this clown!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE. This breeder is NOT TICA registered and is a fraud. She sells sick animals, has had her own pregnant females pass due to infection and goes on a rampage whenever anyone tries to make her...

Precious Poms N Persians & French Bulldogs / pom

Karla k on Oct 22, 2018

I really can't complain but I have over the last few years purchased Persians from them. I could only go in the evenings. I guess they work during the day. I really wish they would be available during the day and I had to wait until the weekends to be able to go visit my kitten since they...

Hoobly / himalayan kittens (gardiner maine)

SherryNY on Oct 13, 2018

SELLERS PHONE: [protected] Called this # after seeing the ads and some of my questions were regarding the health conditions screenings, whether they have chronic eye problems (because a TON of the photos she's showing they have very tear-stained fur and possibly irritated looking eyes). She...

Alfenloch Persians / kitty

Barbe Bagnall on Oct 10, 2018

I bought a beautiful little kitty several months ago from Diane. The little guy was not socialized one bit, not used to having people around, not raised under foot, so to speak.I gave her an option of sending him to BC, but it seemed to early in the day for her to bother. He arrived in BC...

Hairless Peter Bald Sphynx - Donna DiGiovanni / cat breeder

Erica Casale on Oct 4, 2018

Hairless Peter Bald Sphynx - Donna DiGiovanniSo I was looking for a reputable cat breeder to add to my family. I found through a google search. I express concern because her website is in all caps and seems hostile and express to her that I just had questions regarding the breed but was very much...

Fiona House / cat breeder

Peel on Sep 27, 2018

Fiona HouseI have just fallen victim to this twice now, bought are first cat for my daughter in october 2017, while traveling back to jersey we had an over night stay in hotel in poole before boat she had diarrhoea, put it down to stress and travel. Got home settled but diarrhoea persisted. Insurance...

Debra Hewins / highlander/cat breeder

Terri Suminski on Sep 24, 2018

On August 15 th 2018, I bought a highlander kitten from this so call breeder, I paid 800.00 cash, she said she gives them their first shots, I told her my Vet would do it, when I got home the kitten was sneezing and had a runny nose. The next day I saw my vet and the kitten was deemed...

Kathy Laroche (Sherakan Bengal) / "cat not received after payment"

Amanda Sinclair on Sep 22, 2018

On June 5, 2018 I email money transferred $2750 ($2500 for cat and $250 for flight) to Kathy Laroche of Sherakan Bengal for payment of a Bengal cat. The cat was to be shipped via plane from Montreal to Toronto on June 19, 2018. June 16, 2018 was when I was contacted by Kathy Laroche about...

Sara Bixler / cat breeder

xxx xxx on Sep 15, 2018

You do not want to buy from this breeder. As the buyer said above, the house is in a horrible condition, it smells like you are in a huge litter box. And it is so dark inside, because all of the windows are blocked off, I'd say for good reason, so no passerby has to look in the window and...

Nova Mao Mao / questionable cat breeder

HorseLover2018 on Sep 15, 2018

Purchased a kitten - September 2018 from Wendy Smith. Issues: 1. Wendy Smith refused to return signed Contract which leads me to believe she will not stand behind her Contract - Wendy Smith is clearly a back yard breeder, a disgrace to TICA and other Ragdoll breeders. Wendy Smith claims she i...

Cattails Cornish Rex cat breeder / sick kitten

Valerie kingsbury on Sep 13, 2018

Her name is Susan jo siebecker, 2103 Frisch rd, Madison, WI. 53711. Website address Her phone # is [protected]. Susan has sold kittens from multiple litters that had FIP. Those kittens cost hundreds of dollars and when something like this happens, you expect the...

Baby Blue Eyes Ragdolls / ragdoll breeder that cannot be trusted

Kerri Browne Ducharme on Sep 12, 2018

I was supposed to receive my kitten in 3 days when Jeanine texted me to say my kitten had died because she dropped her while getting her into the tub. I can only assume she is the most irresponsible breeder I have ever heard of OR she is selling the kittens for a higher price, even though... / purchased a kitten

Gail Kraft on Sep 11, 2018

Lilpiggyskysigngmail.comOn May 21, 2017 I purchased a white manx kitten from this person. I paid $600 through paypal. After the purchase they had to get a health certificate to ship cat. They said it was taking them longer to do this due to having trouble getting in to vet that vet was backed up also the problem...

Hoobly / want to post ad and cannot get past account profile page

Angelina Whittington on Sep 3, 2018

Hi, I have used Hoobly for years. There are some glitches with my account. Recently when I tried to post an ad, there was a glitch and it just kept sending me back to the account profile page. I couldn't figure it out, so I tried to set up a new account...

Hoobly / suspended account

Dwelfandelf on Aug 10, 2018

Hello I have an account under the email im selling sphynx kittens. It was suspended and people are being warned about dealing with me. Why?? I was given no reason and this is slanderous. Please explain why I should be warned about and why my account was abruptly...

DreamCoon Maine Coon Cattery / irresponsible breeding

Rowens1031 on Aug 9, 2018

I purchased two (2) Maine Coon kittens from this catery 3 years ago; the kittens were sisters. Upon getting them home, I noticed worms in their stools. I notified the breeder, and she dismissed my claim, stating that the kittens had been wormed and vaccinated, and that worms are...