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Cat Breeders Complaints

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The Cats of Maou / cat breeders

Albie’s mom on Jul 10, 2018

I purchased a 5month old male british shorthair from trisha moore, owner of the cats of maou. A few days after having the kitten he stopped eating and drinking water, he became reclusive, and he would pant for no apparent reason. I took him in to see the vet and they were concerned about...

Fiona House, Fran Catz, House Catz, Fiona H, Fiona S / sick/dead kittens

FrankiePie on Jul 8, 2018

Please believe everything you read on here. This women is breeding kittens from cats known to carry the corona virus. The kittens die a horrible death. Our kitten never purred or played despite us and her crazy kitten brother trying to encourage her gently, she had no energy to play or do...

Camish Servals / a serval kitten I bought from them for 8000

shirley878 on Jun 27, 2018

Camish ServalsI am posting this complaint to warn people about these canadian serval cat breeders. First of all I want to mention this was the first serval I have ever owned. I needed help with how to care for the kitten and nisha was good at first. I followed her diet and within 10 weeks my baby Tiah... / fraudulant maine coon breeder! I wired $800 for a kitten... scam!

1LMF111 on Jun 12, 2018

"juston travis" (phone number: 678-253 — 2771) has a website called He claims he is a maine coon cat breeder and currently has kittens for sale. I agreed to purchase a kitten he has on his site named "harry" for $800.00. He had me do a zelle transfer from my bank in the amount...

Sunshine Siberians / cat breeder

Lana P on Jun 5, 2018

Got a call from one of Sunshine Siberians customers asking if Siberian kittens get sick easily. Their kitten has been to their Veterinarian numerous times for diarrhea and poor appetite. they called the breeder Micah but no answer. I fear they harboring FIP in their cattery? Please stop...

Sunshine Siberians / cat breeder

Lori Lay on Jun 5, 2018

Tori Greer and Micah Dawn Thompson are at it again, this time they are selling Siberian kittens, sick Siberian kittens in Texas and New Mexico, their website is Before they were a pet rescue, breeding and selling what they alleged as rescue. These folks will...

JCatLyn / maine coon breeder

Candice K on Jun 2, 2018

I was contacted by this breeder and advised she had a male kitten that was available, which is what I had told her we were looking for. She asked all about my family and other pets. She was very concerned over my doggie door. I told her this was an electronic door and it will not open...

Barbara Mazur. Gemstone Bengals / bengal kitten

NHLakes on May 31, 2018

I purchased a Bengal kitten from Barbara Mazur (Gemstone Bengals) on Saturday May, 26 2018. Her eyes were wet and kind of runny when we saw her. Barbara Mazur said it was allergies. We received what we thought were health records and a contract. By Sunday the 27th my kitten's eyes were...

TreasurrredAngels on Hoobly / selling sick and neglected kittens

Redmn on May 30, 2018

TreasurrredAngels on HooblyBeware! Kitten mill (treasurrredangels) continues to sell sick and neglected persian kittens on hoobly. The sweet kitten that I purchased, and became attached to, died within two months and seller refused to acknowledge issue. The cats listed today are various ages and all look terrible...

LV* Ice Florence British Mable Cattery Tanja Blinoff/Tatyana Blinova / took money and ran, very unethical

cdoba1966 on May 18, 2018

I have a situation that I just do not know how to handle. So far, I have been silent and hoping that messages sent to a breeder that I was working with would be met with understanding. Then, I just became upset and posted hastily my side of the situation. Now, I come in hopes to find a...

Beauty Ragdolls / selling cats to pet brokers

Thomas Vincent on Apr 30, 2018

Kristen Avila, the owner of this Ragdoll cattery at Southern California, is selling litters of kittens to pet brokers. (videos and message record as proof). The pet broker then sells kittens at a higher price, apparently, Kristen is not a responsible breeder. Be aware folks! If you want to...

Gumtree / kitten bought

Jo pop on Apr 28, 2018

GumtreeI purchased a kitten and although I know you risk it buying on these sights, the lady said on her advert she had wormed/flead the kittens, had been checked by vets at 6 weeks. She also wanted to drop her off as she wanted to check where she was himing them. So kitten turned up, money...

Ragdoll Blues Cattery / not a registered breeder - not full ragdolls

Marilee Hasselle Wells on Apr 20, 2018

The name Ragdollblues is registered with TICA. However; they are not admittedly breeding to the standard at all. The standard Ragdoll is pointed, meaning having Siamese type coloring. Not all that other stuff you see. Our guess is that she used domestic cats to augment her "program"...

Rhondasragdolls aka Bentley Rags / baby seal pt. ragdoll was shipped sick and died at 3mos with fip disease.

Lu Camara on Apr 10, 2018

Purchased a baby Ragdoll (born 10/28/2017) from the above breeder and he was delivered to me in Maryland on 12/17/17. Arrived with a cough, watery eyes and nose. I took him to the Vet 12/22/17 was told he had a fever, and a infection. Was immediately put on antibiotics, and eye drop...

Wild Onion Maine Coon / cat breeder

english2018 on Apr 9, 2018

Wild Onion Maine CoonEntire process was fraught with unprofessional behavior. Have emails to attest. Ultimately was presented with a beautiful but ill kitten. Kitten was sick within hours of bringing it home. Took it to vet because of diarrhea and vomiting that began three hours after kitten arrived. Vet noted...

Forestdolls Cattery / unethical - selling sick kittens

Sibertiger03 on Apr 6, 2018

My 6mo old kitten from Joyce became sick 2/5/18. For 2 months, she had bloody noses, not eating or drinking, lethargy, nose congestion, high fever, diarrhea, eating cat litter, lost 2.5lbs, started having seizures, couldn't walk, had a feeding tube placed, had a blood transfusion due to...

Ariella Ragdoll Cattery / unethical behavior

RagsBuyer on Apr 5, 2018

Erika Jaracs of Ariella Ragdoll Cattery advertised one of her "healthy" Ragdoll kittens for sale on Facebook marketplace addition to the group rule requiring all for sale kittens to have tested negative for HCM (or through parentage) + providing proof to buyers, it is also...

Sarah Bixler / abyssinian cat breeder pasadena ca

Jeromine Pantanacce on Apr 3, 2018

I have been in contact with Ms Bixler in the hope to find an Aby since January 2018. Breeder is located in Pasadena, keeping cats and god knows what else under awful conditions, the house is absolutely disgusting, you can barely breathe as you step into a giant liter box. Kitten are kept...

Ragalong Ragdolls/Briarglen Farms / refused to return deposit

Lee Swedberg on Mar 30, 2018

I had decided I wanted another ragdoll cat. I e-mailed Briarglen Farms for information at the end of December. Marilyn (co-owner), replied back stating that I needed to send $100.00 deposit to hold a kitten and she would then send further information when a kitten would be available. A...

Grace on High Bengals / her breeding skills

Ginny Spellman on Mar 29, 2018

I just had to put down my beautiful cat that I had fallen in love with after less than 2 year of having her. She had a congenital heart condition that caused a blood clot in her legs that left her paralyzed and I unfortunately had to make the hard decision to let her go so she wouldnt be...