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High 5 Casino / high 5 casino slots

Sylviasnaric on Oct 19, 2017
I somehow lost all my points and game levels and cannot open anything to get to customer service. Can you please send me instructions on how to get back to my games and levels. I have tried going thru face book but a screen pops saying there is no such page. I have tries the App Store with...

Tammy Hutchison / PrettyCountryGal / bonus coins you get for purchasing coins

Tammy Hutchison on Oct 19, 2017
I made several purchases during the even if you purchase coins you get your biggest win matched and gifted back. I never got any of them. Today when I sined in a message popped up they should be in my gifts but they were not. It said if not in gifts update the app. Well I have updated...

Playtika / slotomania

Steven Todd on Oct 19, 2017
PlaytikaI have sent 4 emails now without one reply from toddylad29@yahoo.com and also on hold twice for around 15 minutes each and then got cut off and was calling from the UK... Please resolve my queries and reply please... Check WSOP and Slotomania and see how much I foolishly spend with you...

Big Fish Games / jackpot

SweetsueKnQ on Oct 12, 2017
It's been nearly a week now. I won 158 mil chips in Phoenix vip at 300 k bet just before hydro went out. When hydro came back on no credit of chips. I do not lie about anything. I think you guys must think I do if I have received no reply. If you won't give chips, why not free spins. I am...

Playtika / wsop poker

Yokolz on Oct 7, 2017
These people cheat everyone.. I bought 2 packages and it was about 200 million coin... I played for a little and then boom... All of a sudden some person enters the table (No picture) and all of a sudden I got the same 9 and king 3 deals in a row (Odds are nearly impossible) well I lost...

138.com / not paying fees owed

GCPortal on Oct 4, 2017
Fees owed for July, August and September. Resolution: Pay us our fees. We do not request to open our account again as they do not share the same philosophy on the correct way to deal with customers. We are a small online marketing for this company that does work for 138.com. We are...

Sun International / gaming

Jackie Smith121 on Oct 3, 2017
Good day this is Jacqueline smith I'd no:8906080072085, Mvg no;4701046124, I am just about sick and tired of windmill casino Bloemfontein and sun international South Africa!I really don't understand why I am treated this following ways, it seems my Mvg has been market or I am beginning...

Sun International / false offers to attract clients

Bra P on Oct 1, 2017
Me and my wife are Platinum Card Holders and have been playing at Sun International Casinos for as long as I can remember. My wife received a Stay and play offer that was effective between 01/10/2017 ending on 31 October 2017. This offer stated that she is offered accomadation for two...

DoubleDown Casino / consecutive days logged in

Deanna Miller on Oct 1, 2017
Every day I spin for free chips, but it always begins at one. Never gives me credit for consecutive days played. Right now all my other games give me credit for 21 days in a row. Not double down, I can spin and win 3, 000, 000.00 and the chips never show up in my balance. I have been...

DoubleDown Casino / payments for chips

Tatanka Puta on Sep 30, 2017
There are a number of incident's 4 of them today September 30th for 39.0, September 25th, 2 on September 14th, September 13th, September 12th, September 11th, September 6th, September 5th, August 29th, 2 on August 28th, August 25th. I did not authorize any of those transactions. I am not a...

Netflix / everyday for the past week it hasn't played

Gottiboy82 on Sep 29, 2017
NetflixWe're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title. It says this for everything I try and play! I've had nexflix forever seriously forever like 9yrs and saw this from time to time but never this much and for everything I try and play! And...

GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World / unnecessary ban

hunty1976 on Sep 27, 2017
Hi on the 12th of September 2017 at 13h20 a hoax email was sent from my email to grandwest@suninternational.com stating that there was a bomb somewhere in the casino I was noit the one to send this hoax email. I noticed when I opened my email later that day that someone send this hoax...

Maytag / washer

Sue Duplechin on Sep 26, 2017
I'm very disappointed in the Maytag name. Suppose to be dependable well that's a joke . My washer is 6 years old. Can't really afford to buy another one but I have to. I have put enough money trying to get it fixed. It's funny how you don't see that commercial anymore. That they don't get...

Zynga / cheating

Vikram Aravind on Sep 21, 2017
I am a frequent user of zynga poker. i was playing at a 16M buy in table and i was dealt A6 and there was both A and 6 on the table so i went all in with around 15M the other guy had A and K and he won the entire pot i thought some glitch so i dint bother much but it happened again when i...

Chumbacasino.com / payout ratio

Bandita415 on Sep 19, 2017
They are totally monitoring the players, let me provide an ex: I win $3500USD and successfully cash out thru paypal. Then I'm like that was great, let's try to win some more! ... you will not win until you have deposited atleast approx. 65-82% of the amount you cashed out, and sometime...

Zynga / zynga poker member name "spicey t" acct i'd: 29:3631879113

Terri Seitlin on Sep 17, 2017
Today, Sunday 9/17/17 approx 6:00 pm. Joined a $5 million tournament. Reached a point in the game where only three players were left. One of the three was name: A[?] She lost leaving myself and the other player. Suddenly she rejoined the tournament with $500, 000. Kept going all in, won one...

Bovada / sports point spread

Derrek Collins on Sep 14, 2017
I made a sports bet with bovada one day. 2 days later for the same game the point spread was changed to a 2 point difference. So that means that for the same game i could lose but someone else who wagers on that same game may win !!! Bovada dose'nt tell people that the point spread in...

Playtika / caesars slots

Delmar Voegele on Sep 7, 2017
I have been playing your ceasers slots game on my iphone and I had gotten to level 536 and had $420, 000, 000 in coins. I upgraded my phone because the battery was bad and got a new iphone. When I logged into the new phone with my facebook account and it didn't sync all of my information...

Sun International / no payouts

jasonjane on Sep 4, 2017
Going to Grand West Casino is like I Nightmare every single time... R25000 in 3 days!!! It is ridiculous!!! How can you spend this amount of money and get nothing in return... R500 lasts you 10min if you are lucky. I feel that Grand West has no competition and thus the reason why they can...

Huuuge / tickets not received

Michelle Cole on Sep 2, 2017
On Saturday September 2 I purchased 18 gold tickets for 14.99. The money was taken off my card but I did not receive my tickets.Purchase was made using card #5332480015219340. I would like to get the tickets that I paid for. Your immediate attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated. My...
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