Car Service Centers Complaints


Damage the wind pipe / oil change

on Apr 18, 2019

Damage the wind pipeHi. I went for oil change and the person dont know how to open the cover of filer. First he refuse to do that then he ask help from another person. And he told him. During open the wind pipe is broken. When I ask for it he told me no problem u can drive. Then when I ask manager they put a...

Sime Darby Auto Connextion / no proper installation is done on new parts.

on Apr 10, 2019

Sime Darby Auto ConnextionThe incident took place in SIme Dardy Auto Connexion PJ1 from 5 January 2019 to 19 January 2019. My car was sent for clutch replacement as usual to the service center and was kept in their workshop for 2 weeks to complete the job. (This is the fifth time I am doing my car clutch replacement). At the...

Nissan Service Center Oakland / the service centre suck!!!

on Apr 4, 2019

They just dont know what to do.. Their only reason coz they're new and their equipment is yet ready.. So in my opinion, they should not open for business if they're not ready to serve the customers. They can't do aircond servicing, they can't check the customers details and service...

Fast5Xpress Car Wash Murrieta CA / car damage

on Apr 3, 2019

I ran my car thru the automatic car wash and during my wash the conveyor was pitching my car to the left. Heard loud banging noises on my car while stuck in the wash cycle. After the wash, I parked and checked my car which had a broken driver mirror, multiple scratches and cracked rear...

Mossy Mitsubishi Escondido / service department

on Mar 26, 2019

The service department doesn't pick up 4 out of 5 times. When you call you get a call center, they try to contact the service center. If they don't pick up, they pass on the message, which they never call you back. I called Mossy Mitsubishi: 1 time - 3/26/19 Said the service center rep...

Ritu Nissan - Dealer In Mumbai / nissan terrano services

on Mar 11, 2019

Dear Nissan Team, I was a very happy customer of Nissan Pathfinder while I was in Dubai. Post coming here I recommended same to my brother who is a Doctor & few of his friend. Three of them additionally brought Nissan Terrano same time. Being a Japanese company I know the integrity...

Audi Exchange Highland Park IL / repairs not done correctly... will try to charge again for same repair

on Mar 7, 2019

The Audi Exchange The Chevrolet Exchange The Chevy Exchange The Exchange The Porsche Exchange The Saab Exchange Audi Exchange located 2940 Skokie Valley Rd in Highland Park Illinois 60035 is NOT a reputable dealership, but have receive many awards (really...). My A8 was serviced by Audi...

Multipac Motor Sdn Bhd / invalid warranty claim

on Mar 7, 2019

Multipac Motor Sdn BhdDear Sir/ Madam, I, Chandra Loha A/P Govindasamy, am the owner of a Honda City S Plus Saloon withbearing the number plate AKH 6671.This vehicle was purchased in Honda Tian Siang, Ipoh in February 2016.Recently, I encountered problems when starting the ignition as it couldn't start at the...

Galaxy Toyota / unethical behavior

on Feb 27, 2019

My Car was Picked up for Servicing at Azadpur New Delhi Branch, Service Advisor Mr. Amit Dubey Called me for estimate and work required. I told him to do not do few things and let me know about the optional work. He clearly told me there is nothing optional, everything is mandatory. When I...

Bedford Jeep formerly Arroway 531 Bedford rd Bedford Hills NY / service center

on Feb 20, 2019

Bedford jeep formerly arroway 531 bedford rd bedford hills ny [protected]-4140 In november I paid $1400 for a misdiagnosed truck. Brought it back after three day of the same issues. Back and forth since then. Was told to wait after the holidays. This business went from the name...

Dawn News / against bike rider

on Feb 8, 2019

Dear few minustes ago, I booked ride from delta shipping company to taqi center.. With peaktime 1*2 ctaptain name was mentioned imran, contacted from pick location, he told, that he is coming, I was waiting for10 minutes tried to contact again his mobile was going switch off, after 15...

McCarthy Toyota / service

on Jan 31, 2019

Hellopeter MENU Disappointed with Toyota A review of Bidvest McCarthy Toyota Pinetown by Reshika R on 23 Jan 2019 Share Comment Report Disappointed with Toyota My car was serviced by this branch on 3 Jan 2019. When my husband went to fetch the car, he was told that the book was service book...

Pep store in Salem Massachusetts / rude customer service

on Jan 27, 2019

On Friday night January 25 i had a left rear tire that was nearly flat. It was about 8:45 PM and i pulled into the Pep Boys store in Salem, Ma. There was a bay open and 3 employees were standing outside smoking cigarettes. I approcahced and told them my tire was nearly flat and i askd if...

Smith Motors in Wahpeton, No. Dak. / 2018 gmc sierra

on Jan 7, 2019

On Friday Jan. 4th I was in Wahpeton, N Dak. when my 2018 pickup started acting up. I contacted Smith Motors and explained to them that I was from out of town and needed help. They told me "too bad" that they were busy and had no time for me. I feel that they were very rude and didn't...

Dikran (George) Pilavdjian / illegal mechanic work

on Jan 6, 2019

I went to the Sunoco Gas Station (on 470 Communipaw Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305) to see if they could do some body work. They called up Dikran Pilavdjian [protected]), who self reports to be a mechanic. He does not have a valid mechanics license. I paid for half of the repair cost up-front...

All Star GMC / service department manager at all star gmc

on Jan 5, 2019

Bought my car in July 2018 end of Aug the radio began its glitching and freezing. Brought it in on Sept 7 for service when on the 6th I had to disconnect my battery after 30 mins of radio continued playing and no keys in vehicle. Serv phoned and said they found nothing. A couple weeks pa...

Ferman Ford Dealership, Clearwater FL / service dept.

on Jan 4, 2019

We brought our 2015 Ford Escape in for oil change, tire rotation; the service man told me they checked the transmission fluid and it had metal flakes in it and recommended that the transmission should be repaired. They said it was under warranty but it would cost me $100.00. They indicated it...

Modern Motors, Nissan Motor Company Egypt / service maintenance

on Dec 29, 2018

Modern Motors, Nissan Motor Company EgyptDear sir/madam, I am a nissan Qashqai 2018 owner in Egypt. I woukd like to raise a complaint against "Modern Motors Nissan Car Service'' in Egypt for their destructive service. My car was doing the 10, 000km service mileage at the previously mentioned car maintenance center, and they have...

Distinctive Cabling (Pty) Ltd / ford ranger 3.2 double cab

on Dec 27, 2018

I bought a Ford ranger 3.2 double cab in August 2017. Between August and November 2017 it overheated twice. First they said it was a water pipe and 2ndly the egr valve. 2018 I drove the vehicle and it overheated on me again. I took it to Ford citrusdal and after 2 weeks it was fixed and...

Belle Tire / unethical behavior

on Dec 27, 2018

I have been trying to get cleared to drive for Uber (resume). I have taken my car 2011 ford Taurus to at least three different locations. Each time I go to one they say this is what you need to get done. I go and get it done take it back then its something else. So I decided I would just...

Mavis Tire Corporation / mavis tires put the wrong size tire on my car & won't make right

on Dec 24, 2018

My 20-year old nephew who is away at college most of the time went to Mavis tires 3 months ago for 2 back tires. Two weeks ago, he took the car to Parkertown and they informed him that there were 2 different size tires on the back, one of them was the wrong size and that they had to put...

Scranton Dodge / service dept.

on Dec 19, 2018

I was in for service of my 2016 Dodge Ram on Nov. 17, 2018. I was in for inspection, tire rotation and several recalls. I was not happy with the overall service I received and lack of follow-up: 1. No one called me when the vehicle was done with repairs, I needed to call to find out it...

Chrysler Jeep Eagle / service /repairs

on Dec 18, 2018

this is the 2nd time scare tactics used for me to get service done, 1st told I had a serious oil leak and when I said there was no oil leaking on my garage floor told it hasn't leaked out yet and I need this done right away, paid over $600 and a few week later oil started leaking and found...

Audi Center Sandton / unfair dismissal

on Dec 14, 2018

my name is Prince Maba, level two apprentice, been dismissed on the 13th from work. Reason being, on the 29th novermber 2018 early in the Morning I had an issue with water at home to bath I texted my Manager in the morning that I dont have water to bath I Will be late for Work, company...

Swift Car / engine problem

on Dec 12, 2018

Swift Car30/11/18 oil light show in my Swift, car chq in your chikhli katariya automobiles station He say I don't have a parts like oil pump switch and say car is ok, you go and come to after 3-4 days but in between engine light on and car break down on road and engine problem, I am toking with...

Mitchubitchi / service

on Dec 10, 2018

I have owned my suv since new. I went in for a recall on the vehicle and sat for 3 1/2 hours. The dealer could not provide me with a car. I had to sit there. Recalls are the fault of the maker not me! Most recently I went to the dealer in countryside Illinois with complaints of taillight...

Derek De Groat / removal of 4 oem tire lig

on Dec 8, 2018

Derek De GroatNew rochelle mavis; (at least 10 yr. Plus 3 car customer). Took car in for oil change and front passenger side tire check. Tire was removed and tpms valve found leaking; service rep claimed that he could not change valve, so we left it on and they put tire back on. Noticed yesterday, when...

Johnlloyd San Gabriel Dingcong / grab car

on Dec 3, 2018

Johnlloyd San Gabriel DingcongRush na ang father ko at ang mga driver nya papuntang Impounding area sa Marikina dahil operator/owner sya ng jeep mekaniko din nag mamadali siya at madumi silang umalis minessage ako ng driver nyo na si johnlloyd Gabriel Dingcong na nag mamaneho ng silver na Toyota innova na may plaka na...

Koons Ford / ford collision center

on Dec 3, 2018

Koons FordOn 11/14/18, I had taken my 2016 Ford Mustang to Koons Ford Collison Center at 6970 Security Boulevard in Baltimore, MD. I initially brought my vehicle in for service because I could not open the trunk of the car. Jeff Klass was the service representative that helped me upon my arrival at...

VW Service Centre / am complaining about the service center in alexandria. egypt

on Nov 28, 2018

VW Service CentreI had my tigwan since october 2017.. It was ok then I found a message appearing that there is sometthing wrong with the (p) position.. I sent it to the service center alex at august 2018, they didnt diagnose it.. Sent it on september 2018, they told me there is a problem with the sensor...

DMV Customer Service Representative / rude unethical customer service representative

on Nov 26, 2018

I called DMV today 11/26/2018 and i had to deal with the most rude and disrespectful customer service representative. I wanted to know if i can do a address change over the phone the representative said "No we don't do that for no one and if you don't like it move out of California" i feel...

Mavis Tire, Geneseo, NY / nys inspection, oil change, snow tire installation.

on Nov 26, 2018

We made an appointment two weeks ago and I have been sitting in the waiting room for two hours and my car is still not in the service bay. Why bother making an appointment ahead of time if I am just going to sit around waisting my time in their uncomfortable, poorly appointed waiting area?...

Valvoline Oil Change in Raytown, Missouri - 350 Highway / oil change for 2015 vw jetta

on Nov 16, 2018

I got my oil changed at Valvoline located at 9500 E State Rte 350, Raytown, MO 64133. My VW Jetta requires full synthetic oil and I asked how many miles before I needed another oil change and April who was working there at the time said I would need another oil change after 5, 000 miles. I...

Monro Muffler Brake (Mr. Tire) / oil change and missing parts

on Nov 16, 2018

Good Morning, I was scheduled for an oil change on 10/17/[protected] Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, Maryland 21042) for my 2011 BMW X5 since I couldn't get an appt with the dealer. So on or about 11/9/2018 my truck was reading that my oil was low. I took my truck to another mechanic to...

Isuzu Dealership - Cradock / car breakdown: poor services encountered

on Nov 14, 2018

I am a concerned custormer about customer services rendered, their turnaround time in particular. On Monday 0f the 22 October 2018, I had a mechanical break down along the N7 route 50km towards Graaf-Reinet and towed to their dealership based in Cradock. The vehicle is still new, under...

Seremban Nissan TC service center / poor service

on Nov 12, 2018

On 23th Oct 18, I had service my car (model:Serena, No:NDF 8983) at Seremban Nissan TC service center, during service I request to check my subframe due to had noise sound. After that, service center inform me that part damage, so I request service center to order that part for...

ECP Inc / bogus warranty for paint protection

on Nov 10, 2018

ECP IncThis company along with honda sold me a paint and fabric protection warranty for $700.00 when I bought my new car. Well I recently noticed sun damage, fading on the roof and hood. I got an estimate of repairs and the honda dealer made a claim with pics and all. I had to call this company...

Pro Oil Change - 1184 Wilson St W, Ancaster, ON L9G 3K9 / oil change service

on Nov 5, 2018

I took my car in for an oil change over the weekend. After the service my car was left full of soap from cleaning the windows, and my glove box was broken from the employee who checked the filters. I had specifically asked them not to check the filters, since I had done them myself a...

Kal Tire 67 street Red Deer Ab / their suggestion that I need lots of front end work on my van

on Nov 2, 2018

I purchased a new to me used van that the seller said that nothing was wrong and the front end was rebuilt within the last 2000 km and I had a mechanic complete a government of Alberta certified inspection to confirm the sellers statements. The mechanic found no issues other than tire...