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Rental Cars / Refused to refund my money

on Jul 03, 2015

I wont suggest anyone of associate with this company its it run by con artist you would rather go to the actually company yourself than going through these third parties also they the costumer service is horrific, you will be talking to them and they hang up on you. My story: i book a car...

Military Customer / false advertising

on Jul 02, 2015

I reserved a rental van from the hertz website and paid in full to "guarantee" the rental. When I arrived to pick up the rental, the lady at the counter said that they do not have any vans. The only vans that they had were for "Gold Members" only and that only a manager (who wasn't...

Exeque car rental / refuse to pay back deposit

on Jul 02, 2015

I rented a vehicle for n long term period and after 3 months cancel the agreement. I gave 30days notice. A contract document for only 30 days was signed. They refuse to give me back my deposit paid, because they say the rate was suppose to be the advertised rate and not the rate negotiated...

MICAR / late delivery time

on Jul 01, 2015

Micar is car hiring company for self driven cars. The time promised for delivery of vehicle was 5pm .When we called to check the delivery status of vehicle at 5:20pm we were told that the vehicle will reach by 8 pm. When I asked the reason of delay the absurd reason given to me that wa...

Right Cars- Jordan / Money Refund

on Jun 24, 2015

i rent a car at Amman Queen Alia International Airport in May for 1 Week. I saw on my credit card account that the company charged an additional 294, 73 EUR= 240 JD. I didnt be informed. I called the employee, who gave me the Car in Amman and informed me that the Company blaming me for the...

SMS Transport UAE / Refused to return deposit

on Jun 21, 2015

Paid total of AED2, 500. Where deposit is AED1, 500. It was agree in the agreement that will return in 45 days from date returning car. Car was return on 28th March 2015. Despite many follow-up via emails and calls, deposit was not return and being told on silly reason. The office is not...

Rental Car / Scam

on Jun 11, 2015

I just returned from Orlando and had the same horrible experience with Economy Rent A Car. First of all when we got to the airport in Orlando and tried calling them to pick us up, the phone rang and rang and no one answered. Finally after about 15 minutes of waiting the phone was answered...

ZOOM CARS / booking got cancelled at last time even after full payment received by the company

on Jun 05, 2015

I have booked a self drive A-Class Mercedes Car from on 3 june 2015 as my travelling dates are 6 june 2015 - 9 june 2015 and i have paid Rs. 22580/- from my visa card and on 5 june at 23:00 i got a mail from the company that they cancelled my booking and will refund my...

Budget / hidden charges and not authorized

on Jun 01, 2015

Budget Budget is a complete fraud, worst experience of my life renting cars. It was already pre paid with my AA Miles, they said it was obligatory to pay for the insurance fees and there are several hidden fees. If I use the page to buy the car rental the price for a week with Fees and taxes i...

Ola Cabs / Incorrect pricing

on May 27, 2015

Ola cabs claims it is Rs 10/km, but actually it turns to be more than Rs 17/km. They charge peak time of Rs 50 (totally discretionary) plus 1 Rs per min of ride time. So if the ride has taken 60 min, the additional charge over the km charge would be Rs 110 (50+60). For a distance of 17.5... / They took completely different sum for the car

on May 18, 2015

We rented a car through the website We spoke with the rep, who offered one sum for the car, but in result they charged me for completely different sum. And these ### didn’t warn us about the differences in prices. The jerks decided to fool us and they did...

Enterprises / rental fee for toll road

on May 13, 2015

I was sent a letter from enterprises for a illnois toll road which i wasnt use to using, and when i got this letter i immediately contacted illnois toll and attempted to pay it and they didnt have my info on file. I called the enterprises number and left multiple messages and was never...

Rental Car / lousy service lied to

on May 07, 2015

Reserved a convertible car on April 4 for a planned vacation to Melbourne FL., May 1 for some R & R. We had a great flight and arrived on time, walked to the rental counter. From that point on our dealings with the rental car person went bad. I have to say I travel a good deal and I have...

Record Go / scam

on Apr 24, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam I booked car in Tenerife Airport Sur through Record Go site(booking N 8655100), was charged and paid for this. When I arrived in Airport I didn’t find any sign of Record Go & Auto Europe offices even with airport authorities & Police. I asked in all renting car...

Schiller rent a car / Extra fees

on Apr 15, 2015

We were charged E100 to clean the car because it had a few dog hairs, the dog never cam into the car, just brushed up on our suitcases. Then they charged E80 for returning their car EARLY TO THEIR LOCATION. They don't have a drop box and would not make any arrangements to meet us. We...

Car Rental / accused of damage we didn't do

on Mar 20, 2015

We had an accident in my car, so our insurance company rented us a car from enterprise. When we received the car it was still dirty with white sand & tabacco spit down the passenger side door. The person information was still in the car. They just didn't take time to clean car before...

Vehicle rentals in Quebec / Fees paid on vehicle rentals in Quebec

on Mar 18, 2015

I read in the news about vehicle rental businesses in Quebec being fined for charging unauthorized fees. A fine is nice, but it would be better for customers to get a refund of the fees that we paid. Its our money. Please email me at [protected] I would like to start an action to get our own money back.

Universal Rent A Car / scam artists

on Mar 07, 2015

I was in an automobile accident 02/21/2015 at 6:00pm. A company that partners with this rent a car company showed up on scene with a 2006 Mercedes. The representative that came at that time was polite and drove me home in that car. We had to stop on that drive because the car was out of...

Woodford / Fraudulent charge

on Feb 23, 2015

I rented a car with Woodford on November 14, 2014. The charge was R500 and I insisted on a receipt that I had returned in good condition (as I had) when learning upon returning the car that they didn't really have a procedure. The car was rented through Orbitz internet portal in the US. I...

Rental Car / Rental Car

on Feb 19, 2015

Rented a mid sized SUV in Fort Myers Florida. The agent promised to be the lowest price competitor. Agreed on $400 for 7 days. Verbally refused the insurance. When we dropped the vehicle off, the charge was over $800. It included liability insurance, uninsured motorist insurance and a...

Argus Car Hire, Firefly / I have paid twice

on Feb 09, 2015

I have rented a car in Toulouse on a Argus Car Hire website. It was a car from Firefly. The number of rental agreement was [protected]-4. I have paid for the booking on the website with my credit card. The rent price was about 35 EUR. On the website there was an information...

Ambassador Car Service Inc. / Scam and a huge hassle

on Jan 31, 2015

Very scammy business... has many terms and conditions on the back of the contract to attempt to charge you extra (delivery fees, transaction fees, a bunch of bogus fees) when you rent a car. They work with tow truck drivers to lure you into renting a car after being in an accident, then...

Sax Car Rental Istanbul / Security deposit

on Jan 11, 2015

Sax took my safety deposit of over $1, 000 in October 7, 2014 and is holding it up today January 11, 2015. I had a little 3 inch scratch on the passenger side door. Repairing this should not cost $1, 000. They said they are awaiting an expert opinion. 2 months to take care of the little...

Budget / deceitful company

on Jan 02, 2015

I made a reservation online and received what I thought was a reasonable quote. Upon checking in at the KOA airport, the front desk told me my car was not available and offered me an "upgrade". I was in a rush and didn't ask questions as I was late for a dinner appointment and since I...

E-Z Car Rental - San Juan / No service

on Dec 31, 2014

My experience with E-Z car rental in San Juan, PR was bad. We made a reservation for a standard car to be pick up on 12/24. The shuttle never picked us up. We called multiple times and either the phone would not get picked up or the agent pick up and we said that we were waiting she or he...

Marsha Desouza-Williamson / car issues

on Dec 31, 2014

When I booked my car from the UK it was a kia, I rang them to ask about the car and was told the car are expected early December. I rang when I arrive in Jamaica to tell them I will not be able to come for the car until days later. When I got there I realised is not the car I was told and...

Car Rental / paynow scam

on Dec 30, 2014

December 30, 2014 SANJAY RAJBHAR 601, Jefferson St, KT-677 Houston, Texas, 77002 Hertz Corporation Consumer Complaint Division PO Box 26120 Oklahoma City, OK 73126 Dear Madam or Sir: Re: (Service/Purchase/Rental on December 29, 2014 On December 29, 2014, I purchased the following service: I...

EZ Rent A Car / No car after confirmed reservation

on Dec 25, 2014

I reserved a car from Ez rent a car through on December 7th 2014 in San Juan Puerto Rico for a vacation. Upon arrival at the airport at 3 AM I was informed that there was no car and that the company would call as soon as they had a car. I waited but no call came. I tried...

Os Car Rental / BURGLARY

on Nov 27, 2014

I have been working with Turkish Airlines since 22 years. I have travelled to more than 40 countries and 371 cities. I always rent cars but this is the first time that I see that kind of behaviour. It is a big burglary, dishonesty. On the 14th of November we went to Catania. On arrival...

E-Z Rent-A-Car / Don't get a flat tire! You WILL pay!

on Oct 21, 2014

If all I could say was the customer service as horrible, that would be acceptable for a company like E-Z Rent-A-Car – since you would not expect it. We rented a car in Texas, in which the entire area is under construction. When we reached our hotel we found that we had a flat tire...

Universal Rent A Car (TRAC) / Fraudulent charges

on Oct 10, 2014

They are also listed as situated at 7 Kelfield Street Etobicoke, Ontario M9W 5A1 Canada Phone: [protected] Fax: [protected] Toll Free: [protected] These people are pure SCAM artists. If you are from out of town, like predators they pounce on you. They will give you a wreck of a car and...

Airport Of Paris / taxi mafia

on Sep 21, 2014

expedia should put theire extensive power to try to resolved the taxi mafia problem at the airport, its the worst country for this problem. People get riped of and even beaten every day, frances aiport is worse than many thirld world country's. Travelers are asked for sometime 10...

Budget / overcharged credit card

on Sep 08, 2014

Stay away from this location... I rent from Budget weekly I didn't know that Franchises location are run completely different than the corporate location This a franchise location. Apparently they do not care about keeping their business travelers happy and as a Budget customer. The...

Airport Van Rental (Avr) / Didn't issue refund on gas

on Aug 28, 2014

When we picked up the vehicle (Ford E350), they offer us to buy full tank of gas in advance so we don't have to fill-up gas upon return. We agreed and paid for it. Company rep said any remaining fuel will be credit back to your credit card. I drop the van with little less than half...

Holiday Autos / Charged for a car that they didn't have

on Aug 15, 2014

I found a car on Holiday Autos and didn't realize this was apparently not an car rental agency? Had a terrible time actually getting to the car rental company which I guess is called Green Motion. Since we were late they said they no longer had a car for us and wanted to charge 90...

Alamo / Enterprise Holdings / Money stolen

on Aug 12, 2014

I rented a car from Alamo located at the Tampa airport and drove it to Orlando to purchase a used car. I carried exactly $5500 in cash with me to purchase the car with. I talked the owner down to $4400 and so had $1100 remaining in the outer pocket of my suitcase which was in the trunk of...

Right cars Glasgow / return of deposit

on Aug 07, 2014

I rented a car at Right Cars glasgow airport and payed a deposit of GBP350.-.After returning the car on june 5th the car was inspected and everything was okay. I was given a sheed witth a 5%discount on my next rental. after an inquiry on June 18th about the transfer of my deposit onto my...

Right-cars Glasgow / non payment of deposit

on Jul 31, 2014

Really wish we had seen this complaints board before hiring with Right cars. Have had the same problem as the previous comments here. Have now contacted the police and Trading Standards in an attempt to recover deposit. Our story is identical to every other complaint, telling us refund wa...

Steven Kureczka / Car rental

on Jul 31, 2014

Steven KureczkaI am very disappointed in the car we received today 7/31/2014. My wife is a cancer survivor and her immune system is very low.. The filth in this car is totally uncalled for. I had to go and clean the whole car so she could drive it. There was a foot print on the windshield and it was so...

Wicked campers / Mis-information leads to paying 2x rental cost

on Jul 30, 2014

I booked a Multi-Seater van for a tour of Scotland. I also paid additional for insurance to cover the vehicle. In reading the specs for the van I had booked I saw that the height was listed as 2 meters. When I pulled in to the Aberdeen airport short stay parking (clearance 2.2 meters) the...