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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

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Dollar Tree / discrimination, harassment, false accusations

Yadriel Martinez on Apr 25, 2018

It was my fourth time coming back to Dollar Tree, i was told the district manager didn't like that, for whatever reason, i was targeted for termination, always being spoken to for something, for example my manager said the pants i was wearing were not uniform, i had worked for the company...

7-Eleven / unlawful loitering resulting in violence

Robert Douglas Lindsay on Apr 23, 2018

There Is A Hometown 7/11 In Damascus, Maryland.. Where encountering unfriendly loitering re interpreted as hometown gatherings with an early morning cup of coffee.. As cool and oblivious to the signs... But the [censored] redneck punched me and now is saying he knocked me down. Having to...

Burger King / management bullying

Tonii on Apr 23, 2018

Over the weekend I walked into your establishment and experienced a tragic altercation between a MANAGER and an employee. I was able to receive her name from the store manager Ms. D. Your Manager Ms. Blue was outrageously disrespectful, rude, and down right demonic towards her employee...

Safeway / very rude black employees / seeming racial harassment by blacks against asian customer at safeway.

peterykim on Apr 22, 2018

This incidents happened at the safeway located at 2851 Del Paso Rd, Sacramento, CA 95835 on 4-22-2018 and at same location few months ago. Complaints: black employees are discriminating Asian /american customers in the form of refusing service or looking down on with an arrogant attitude...

Skynet Worldwide Express / your delivery staff personality very rude

FarizalDiaudin on Apr 21, 2018

Skynet Worldwide ExpressDear skynet team, Kindly pls advise and trained your delivery person to be more discipline and entertain your customer in manners way. I return call back and your staff said he's at court then talking very rude and instructed me to see him at court, is that your company policy like that...

Texas Roadhouse / hostess

claudiasj on Apr 20, 2018

Texas RoadhouseApril 19th, 2018 I went to go eat with my boyfriend at roadhouse which I've never had a problem with there's always great food but the hotess were rude and ugly. When we were getting seating we clearly said table for Two and the hotess says "oh you mean table for one" while laughing to the...

Family Dollar Stores / bullying and harassment by employee

Gmalori12345 on Apr 19, 2018

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at approximately 7:00 pm my nephew went into the Family Dollar located at 3626 N. Las Vegas Blvd. in N. Las Vegas, NV 89115 to purchase 2 packages be of hot dog buns while his Mom, who was recently diagnosed with cancer waited in the car. He paid for hi...

Supervisor/Unethical Management / crossmark supervisor in alexandria louisiana

Amitria Barron on Apr 19, 2018

I worked for Crossmark for 8 years and 3 months. For years I have a multiple issues with my boss but the worst one was, when I called in not having anyone to watch my son and she discussed it with Sam's club employees. Last fall I made lead and that's when my problems started. My...

Vons / supervisors and management

fedup with bullies on Apr 18, 2018

there have been several occasions when I have been shopping at the Redondo Beach CA Vons, located on Inglewood Ave where I have witnessed management (white baldheaded man) verbally abusive towards employees at this store. I am very surprised that no one has sued this store for the hostile...

Dollar General / employee conduct

Jack1201 on Apr 17, 2018

Saw an employee laughing at a customer for paying with change. Nametag said Shana, about 5 pm at the elora, tn store. Extremely disrespectful, and will not be shopping here anymore because of thia. The employee stated wasn't even the cashier ringing the customer up. She just stood there...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / I am complaining about the new general manager at carl's jr on w lake houston parkway

moneymakinkhali on Apr 17, 2018

I am an employee of your company and I called off of work on 4/17/18 in order to attend job interviews that I had scheduled to have the week before and the manager ms ella harris had another employee text me to don't worry about coming in for the rest of the week when in fact I didn't ask...

Dunkin' Brands / manager at d&d in hamden, ct 1399 dixwell ave, hamden ct

please62 on Apr 16, 2018

I'm very disappointed in the management staff and so called Team leads running your branches. I go in the Hamden Store and twice I have witnessed the abuse the Manger gives her staff. The manager Lizs is terrible. She talks to her staff like they are beneath her. How can anyone...

Circle K Stores / wrongful termination

Summer lewis on Apr 12, 2018

On February 23rd 2018 I was wrongfully terminated from 7600 Tucker rd ocean springs Mississippi store # 1593 my name is summer Lewis employee # 232070 I need someone to contact me back asap at 6017386963 I need to explain my case the mgr would not let me explain before firing me I was set...

Weis Markets / management

Destiny Johnson on Apr 12, 2018

I am a former employee and I have decided to terminate my employment because I have had difficulty working under certain conditions regarding our store production, lack of management ethics, and for discrimination/ prejudice acts from management. I have experienced some prejudice remarks from...

Taco John's / horrible management

Anonymous33888 on Apr 11, 2018

The taco johns in spirit lake iowa is nothing but a joke. Everytime in there the manager is screaming at one of the employees. Last and final stop for me was just the other day. I watched her scream at the lady on drive thru telling her she was nothin but a worthless dumb waste of space...

7-Eleven / employees

Ryancortez on Apr 10, 2018

Today I was in a 7/11 in Chelsea on Broadway and as I went into grab my cigarettes an older female worker was fighting with a younger male employee. Now normally this is not something I would complain about but this female employee was getting ridiculously loud and disrespectful toward...

Speedway / I am complaining about

jessicacortes on Apr 10, 2018

I have been working for your company for three weeks at the store in Boone North Carolina store 1033 king st.. I am sorry to say that it has been the worst experience in my 15 years of working.. The management cannot keep a schedule straight or train people properly.. The district manager...

Hardee's Restaurants / harassment

Austin Green on Apr 9, 2018

Today, 4-9-18, I was off work. There were not many customers at the time of the start of the incident. I pulled up to the window and the employee working front line --Brady-- immediately said that I had to move my car closer but I could not because my window does not roll down. Then he...

Kroger / was placed on suspension without previous notice of wrongdoing

Shawnmv on Apr 9, 2018

Was placed on suspension pending termination on 02/27/2018. For violation of company policy. (policy that does not exsit) had prior authorization from management to "sample" products for night shift huddles. Company has so far refused to allow me to come back. And I am attempting to file...

Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. / manager tj white

Brandon S (312nation) on Apr 8, 2018

I am an employee at the moline ill store. Im trying to file harassment charges against tj white. He is racist. I would like to be contacted by corporate or the regional manager please. I told him i would be contracting someone above him and he told me that won't mean nothing or won't do...


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