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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

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Chicken Express / Staff

Ailey on Jun 14, 2018

The whole place is a mess. The bosses girlfriend is one of the managers in the store. A friend of mine is currently working there and she has had problem after problem with her. She has told her to stay clear of him and he is her boss. She is very unprofessional. The whole place is a wreck...

Waffle House off Cooper st Arlington Texas / Drew as manager unrightful termination

donesha on Jun 14, 2018

In the late 2015 I was released from my employment with waffle House due to the fact that I decided to take honest as a role in my position. There was a rumor going around the store at the moment spreaded by an employee named Micheal that the district manager drew was buying marijuana from...

Aramark Virginia Beach / bullying condoned by manager because he worked with her for a while

Brittany Oquendo on Jun 14, 2018

It was brought to my attention by several people a co-worker was speaking negatively of me. Mind you, I had only been working there for 1 week. So I let it be. As it continued I got statements from the other employees and then brought it to the managers attention. The next day he hosted a...

Ross Dress for Less / manager behavior

M_H81 on Jun 13, 2018

I was shopping at the Ross located in Matthews, NC, and I witnessed what I later learned was the manager of the store yelling at a new employee training and as he was walking away called the trainee a "stupid [censored]" and I had to explain to my kids to never use that word. It honestly...

Circle K Stores / unethical behavior

SHDriver on Jun 13, 2018

While I appreciate that this store is in a very convenient location for me and thus received all of my default business for gas, quick fixes, ice cream, milk and eggs, Gatorade, etc. I have noticed a steady decline in its value to me and to many of its other customers. Many of us are now...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / mount pleasant, mi store

Berzley on Jun 12, 2018

I am an employee that works at this store. This store is very poorly managed. There is no form of discipline what so ever. The coordinators are a joke and basically get paid more to do less. Kevin who is the store manager basically lets everyone do what they want as long as they get credit...

Disney Store Concord Mills / customer service

Mandim05 on Jun 12, 2018

Today I went in to the Disney Store to grab a few things to surprise my kids. We are leaving for Disney tomorrow and this happened to be after a medical appointment and the two hours I had to make this magic happen. The two female managers treated me like a CRIMINAL with my own credit...

Caseys East #3055 Grundy Center Iowa / management and staff

Dawn Buchanan on Jun 11, 2018

Caseys East #3055 Grundy Center IowaI am the manager of a subway restaurant where I had employeed and let go one of your staff members, dawn forehand. She was with me off and on for a couple years until a few days ago I heard from a couple of my staff members that this woman, dawn forehand, had went on social media bashing...

Family Dollar Stores / assistant manager harassment

Bryanna Neal on Jun 11, 2018

I am a new employee at the family dollar in Lumberton, New Jersey. Associate manager Fiona, was harassing me yesterday. I've asked her not to talk about matters that shouldn't be in the work place. I also stated the situation had nothing to do with me. She told me oh I'm the manager and we...

Marriott Courtyard / abuse after you get hurt doing the job

Victim0174 on Jun 8, 2018

You work hard the minute you get hurt they make fun of you harass you accuse you of making belief. They cut your hour and give it to people from an agency don't pay you holiday don't give you a race and instead of offering a job of manager to there workers that are familiar with the hotel...

Dollar Tree / hostile unethical behavior

Valentino,Kathy on Jun 8, 2018

Store 04444, Has one Freight Manger, Robert Jones. He is the true meaning of Hostile and Unethical. He was Manager on Duty, female cashier asked to use restroom, his reply was "I am to busy and walked away and went in freight room. Robert comes on shift, he is cussing and yelling calling...

Kroger / kroger 405.

Amber09 on Jun 8, 2018

The last year I worked for the kroger company at store 405, in bartlett tn, was the worst. It got steadily worse as "new" managers came into the store. Mrs. Bryant (assistant store manager) and Teresa on the front end lead was the worst of the 2. They have ran away the best workers they...

Hooters of America / discrimination

Jazzyj.anderson on Jun 7, 2018

My name is Jasmine anderson and I work at the Hooters in McKinney tx. I have constantly been having problems with my mangers treating me awful. They told me i had to dye my hair so I did and I ended up losing all my hair so they fired me. Called me back 2 days later and told me I can be a...

Sam's Club Clairmont Road Atlanta Georgia / management harassment

Raquel j on Jun 7, 2018

The management at Sam's Club put a lot of pressure on its cashiers to get the customers to get credit cards and upgrades as so forth was told they would be written up if they fall short by the end of their week most customers don't want or already have Sam credit card and it's hard when...

Youtube / video needs to be taken down

Chelsea Raimondo on Jun 7, 2018

I am asking that youtube takes down some videos. These videos were taken when I was 9 I am 13 now and I am getting made fun of for them. I didn't mean to put them up, I was too young to understand. Please take it down. The link for these videos are please just delete the entire channel if possible

Olive Garden / my manager

Lillyana Stovall dunlap on Jun 5, 2018

Hello Human Resource, My name is Lillyana Stovall and I am employed at the Olive Garden Store 6413 at 14231 E. Sam Houston Parkway Houston, TX 77044. I have been an employee at this store since it opened in March. Up until this today, I felt very great about my job at Olive Garden. I love...

Sophistcat Eshop / sophistcat eshop

Amy McGill Turner on Jun 4, 2018

I saw a advertisement for a sale for Kendra Scott jewelry. I placed a order and gave my credit card information. I was then sent an alert from my credit card company that I had a charge to a company called Sophistcat Eshop. I called Kendra Scott customer service and they said this company...

Vons / ashley cahn-customer

Technician45 on Jun 4, 2018

This customer should be banned from the pharmacy. She harasses the pharmacy technician on a weekly basis. I did the training for zero tolerance on LDC. Harassment is a serious offense. It creates a hostile environment. 5/9/18 she came to the pharmacy for me to ring up her groceries to...

American Eagle Outfitters / employee safety

CharityGann74 on Jun 4, 2018

My daughter works at the Douglasville, GA location and she was cornered and harassed by an adult male. She was scared, spoke to management, and was told she needed to get out of the situation if it occurs again. I feel it is American Eagles responsibility to ensure their employees feel...

Publix Super Markets / avs

Sea Bizkit on Jun 4, 2018

I worked at 1006 and I was told to do my AVS survey and for the first time in my 25 I was told to do mine separately from everyone else and on a certain date and time away from all cameras. I thought it was odd and I asked my friend if who was my co worker she told me she was never and...