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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

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G By Guess / customer service and employee abuse

Candy4u on Feb 22, 2018
My Name is Rosa, I have been shopping at G by Guess for years and never had I experienced such bad customer service from the store manager Jessica. She was rude and very angry, she even shared a couple of bad words with me which I will not mention in respect to this email. She even being...

Family Dollar Stores / a manager in alpine tx

M Sm on Feb 21, 2018
There is a new manger that has been there for a few months now. I just witnessed her talking down to an employee by the name of Rafael Diego. This young man was the only person I saw Working during the whole Thanksgiving holiday when everyone else was gone I asked this lady her name and...

United Parcel Service of America [UPS] / ups driver extremely rude and parks in handicap spots

Zachary Weiss on Feb 21, 2018
Coming back to my apartment complex, Skyvue in Lansing, MI, I noticed a ups driver had parked in the handicap spot illegally. I just had hip surgery and have a registered handicap placard. I asked the driver to move, she simply ignored me. As i found a spot and walked over, she asked if i...

Village Inn Restaurants / manager

Kikidoodle on Feb 20, 2018
Village Inn RestaurantsHi im an employee actually a hostess and my manager cedric is bullying me. He says i am racist voted for trump and want to send all non whites out of the country. Also when i ask when i work next he sent me a text saying that the number is not in service and that its not fake. Clearly he...

Autozone / customer service/ harassment on store #6740

Raptor1 on Feb 20, 2018
Kristin store manager has got to learn how to treat customers at their new store location in Spotsylvania, Virginia. I have gone in 3 times to buy oil and filter and recycle old oil vehicles. All 3 times I have been met with resistance from that store manager and smelling old oil accusing...

Aaron Greenspan plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c Think Computer. His father is the VP and Treasuer / aaron greenspan uses his website plainsite.org to terrorize, harass, and stalks people

Aaron Greenspan plainsite.org under fraudulent 501c Think Computer. His father is the VP and Treasuer* Do not let this individual Aaron Greenspan harass, intimidate, threaten or bully in any way this website to remove anything, as "We the People" have the exact same First Amendment Rights as this Sociopath does and we are exposing the full truth on this Hacker and Menace to...

Autozone / a return

1982 ss on Feb 14, 2018
I was making a return to my local autozone, which I visit very frequently. My wife had purchased the items and the mechanic told her she didn't need them. So I took them bk for her. She had already make a call to the store to let them know in advance that I was comin. I proceeded with my...

Real Canadian Superstore / the work environment

Magalienp on Feb 13, 2018
I feel discriminated at my job, I've been working at the pharmacy since 2015. I'm not the type of person that complain but enough is enough my pharmacy manager is trying to make me quit by pushing me off the edge, i'm Still a student and I have another job but because I care a lot about my...

Olive Garden / food

Smevitts on Feb 10, 2018
My family and I went to Olive Garden in Colonie NY on 2/10/18. The food was awful!! My pasta was hard, my chicken over cooked, there was a hair in my daughters grapes and when I mentioned it to the waiter he apologized but did not bring her any new grapes or offer her a substitute. The...

Taco Bell on Tennessee St / service of management the hiring manager

Onekia Williams on Feb 10, 2018
1506 W Tennessee St. Store number Taco Bell 26452 The hiring manager is very rude to her employees she curse at the kids she talked to them any kind of way and some of these young people this is a first time working she yells at them in front of customers her name is Shina philpot an she...

Aaron's / stolen merchandise/harassment

TiredofBelks on Feb 9, 2018
I am constantly being harassed by the name of C.J. at the Aaron's in McComb, MS. I have requested to speak to another member of management and was told I couldn't and he started screaming in the phone at me. I requested that this member not call my phone again. He called me 3 times in a...

Liberty Tax Service / customer service

Shine Johnson on Feb 9, 2018
As I was talking with a tax preparer at the Granite City IL Liberty Tax location on the evening of 2/5/18. A worker there by the name of Lindsay Davis upon seeing me at the facility called her mother Veda (Davis) Neer to come to that location knowing her mother had made false allegation...

Sonic Drive-In / respect from managers and other coworkers

Christinaweyercynova on Feb 9, 2018
I have been working for multiple sonic drive ins since the age of 18 and this is the only sonic I have worked at that has disrespected me so much that I am pushed to the point that I have to call my husband in tears because of my managers and coworkers disrespecting me.. I have alway...

Sonic Drive-In / manager

Jake2018 on Feb 8, 2018
I was waiting to see if our supervisor was going to do anything about one of our managers judy head getting physical with a coworker of mine. As usual she did not get in any kind of trouble. I have been working at this location for a long time and judy has gotten physical with several...

Carrefour / unethical/insulting behaviour

hooba on Feb 7, 2018
At your Carrefour Flamingo Mall Branch, Jeddah, KSA, I was humiliated in front of a large crowd of customers at the cashier at 07/02/2018 minutes after 22:00 in cashier No. 1 when the cashier at that pay point through one of my bought items at me on public. Which is of course caught by...

Olive Garden / manager

Afs95 on Feb 6, 2018
I'm an employee who was extremely wronged, they didn't pay me the amount they were supposed to pay me several times, yelled at me for no reason in front of staff and guests, and the manager retaliated by giving me more work, not releasing me when supposed to, talking about me, and adding...

Morgan & Morgan / I was fired from job and company will not let me get my unemployment

Edward Keeven on Feb 5, 2018
I was working at my job for 3 yrs. everybody loved my work even boss. They hired a friend of theirs to be boss. She bullied everybody but I would not take it so they fired me. I can deal with that but, long story short. For some reason they will not let me draw my unemployment! I need it...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / management

Sarah and Dylan on Feb 4, 2018
I was in the Florence KY location on Feb 2nd. I noticed management leave the girl in drive thru and just walk away when she was struggling to get things done. The manager is rude to employees and guest alike. I over heard her and a waitress talking about the lack of help yet they were not...

GoodLife Fitness / people being violent and obnoxious in the sauna

Christa.azeid on Feb 3, 2018
GoodLife FitnessTo whom it may concern, On February 3rd at 1:30 pm I was sitting in the sauna when 3 teenagers came in wearing civilian clothing (see pictures). One of them had a broom that she stole and started waiving it in my face. Then they tried to steal my water bottle, took the sauna rocks and...

Tim Hortons / tim hortons on brandt pike, huber heights ohio 45424

Vanessa Bulmahn on Feb 3, 2018
I was employed at tim hortons and during a shift I was talked poorly about by a manager and called a "b[censor]" over the headset while she thought I didn't have a headset on. When this was brought to my managers attention he had me take a week off of work to supposedly finish orientation...
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