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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

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Carter's, Inc / Complaint about discrimination and unethical behaviors in staff and human resources

Adrienne28 on Oct 22, 2017
I was terminated for complaint about my district manager and store manager. I kept calling Laura Bassurt to tell her what was going on and ultimately they tried to turn everything around on me for exposing some truths. I was terminated for 2 reasons that the majority of the district...

Dollar General / wrongful termination

teresa gossett on Oct 19, 2017
In the almost 2 years that I worked for Dollar General, I submitted 4 UA's for the company. I was hired for management, but worked my way forward. The first time I was to be a keyholder, I was accused of being high at work. I was not fired, I was demoted. I worked very hard to restore my...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / ups driver

Rachel Martinez on Oct 19, 2017
Yesterday afternoon your driver that has been delivering here at Salon Lofts in Clearwater for a long time was either having a bad day or decided that he didn’t care that there is a clear sign on my door stating DO NOT DISTURB! I am a massage therapist at salon Lofts in Clearwater. I’ve...

Dollar General / employee is a con man

Disgruntled1608 on Oct 18, 2017
Employee at 1608 Canal Blvd, Thibodaux, LA is an elitist and a con man. Ask him to do the job that he is paid to do. Stop trying to act like he is an expert on every product the store sells. I don't need his opinion on my decision to buy or not to buy this or that product. In plain and...

Tim Hortons / management mistreatment of staff

Smartin86 on Oct 18, 2017
I am a former employee of Tim Hortons Enderby BC location and am still an employee of tim hortons and i am grotesquely disgusted with the treatment i recieved by my former manager and by the current treatment of my former colleagues who are still being subjected to this terrible...

Yahoo Mail / sexually offensive advertising

Lyster on Oct 17, 2017
Yahoo MailYahoo mail advertising pup up screen on right continues to display sexually graphic material that is particularly offensive. I have used the 'I dont like this addvertisment' tab stating the advertising is offensive and yahoo has not responded. In fact it appears that the advertising i...

Big Lots / customer service

Aubrey34567 on Oct 16, 2017
Today I was at Big Lots, I haven't been there in a while so it was nice to look around and see what they had. The floor associate I communicated with was very helpful, she helped me with everything I needed, and even checked me out as my cashier later on. While cashing me out, another...

Taco Bell / concerning harassment of a young family member who among other young ladies who have been harassed by a manager at taco bell of petal, ms

Claudine Hinton on Oct 14, 2017
Taco BellSomething needs to be done about Ethan Gerlach abusing his authority as a manager at Taco Bell of Petal MS and him harassing my young niece as well as other young girls who are intimidated by Ethan and have endured his unprofessionalism. He already has a record in Georgia according to my...

rome health rehab rome ga / unprofessional nurse. yelling screaming point system of 6 points gets you fired

noonoo810 on Oct 12, 2017
one nurse on B side yells at patients, yells at employees shakes fingers in their face. laughes so loud you can hear her on the other wing. gives patients wrong meds, not enough meds makes clients get up who do not normally get up and sit in chair 4 hrs yelling they want to go to bed. they...

Netflix / big mouth and your other blasphemous attacks on catholicism

Metyuui on Oct 11, 2017
I'm no longer your customer. I don't know what's going on with you but it's a lie to say you're providing what viewers want. You got rid of all the older decent family lineup of programs I used to enjoy and transformed into sociopath-hustlerdlix. Don't expect me to come back till you have...

Wawa / inventory manager

Christine D Cook on Oct 9, 2017
I was in Wawa earlier I heard your inventory manager Nick making sexual remarks about some of your female associates. I don't believe that is the kind of thing a manager should be talking about on the sales floor. It made me feel really uncomfortable. What if a kid overheard that manager...

Family Dollar Stores / the manager at family dollar in summerville georgia.

Amber Padgett on Oct 9, 2017
This has been going on for a while I have been shopping at the summerville Family dollar. My experience with how the manager treats her employees is outrageous. She should not talk to them the way she does. She treats them like dogs. From what I have over heard from her instructing her...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / a manager

Anonymous1890 on Oct 9, 2017
On 10/9/17 about 11 african American kids came in with 3 adults, they all ordered and Gabrielle Jass (a manager) started yelling at employees because they were confused on the order. And an African American girl about 10 says she needs her burger & Gabrielle goes to the sandwich station...

My Letgo Account / sales

Steven Bahr on Oct 7, 2017
For a period of a couple months I have been harassed repeatedly by people that I feel are fake let go customers in order to mark by flagging my content as inappropriate and or writing bad reviews about me. as well I feel it is one or two people making fraudulent accounts in order to...

Dollar Tree / discrimination, retaliation, and would say harassment

Eduardochoco on Oct 7, 2017
Dollar TreeMy name is Eduardo Carrasquillo and I work for DC6, I have worked there for the past 2 years but in the past about 4 months I have been having lots of problems with a new manager named Jarrod Moyer, 2nd shift manager for shipping and that is the area I have been working at for all thi...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grabcar driver

Irene Cathrina on Oct 6, 2017
GrabCar / GrabTaxiHi there, I am messaging you regarding my experience that I had with GrabCar few days ago. This person was incredibly rude in the way he was speaking to me and my boyfriend. It's all started with him talking about his ex girlfriend and his girlfriend, followed by an information about the...

Banana Republic / employee discrimination

Jasmin Santos on Oct 6, 2017
Banana RepublicHi, it has been brought to my attention that a very intelligent & well mannered former student of mine has been discriminated against at her place of work by her store manager & district manager solely because of her hair style. Her name is Destiny Tompkins & she works at the Banana...

Family Dollar Stores / manager attitude

ANHisaBAMF on Oct 6, 2017
I've been in family dollar many times. Most of the employees are working extremely hard, but the manager is on the phone with her boyfriend/family member, or friend constantly. If I try to ask her a question, she will slightly move her phone and give me a backhanded answer and walk off...

Dollar Tree / I have concerns about store 03678

Marie43 on Oct 5, 2017
I have strong reason to believe that their store manager have been stealing from the safe and trying to pin it on one of the mangers that work there. I also have reason to believe that there is retaliation going on due to the fact the store manager there keep getting complaints. He i...

Panera Bread / service

SweetFace1996 on Oct 3, 2017
I dined in Panera today as I was grabbing my food a crew member named Kenya was very disrespectful and inappropriate. Used foul language, I was given the worst customer service. She also harassed a young lady employees should not be allowed to harrass customers nor act childish on the job...
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