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Bullying and Harassment at Work Complaints

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Dollar General / employment

NicoleMitchell on Jun 23, 2017
This happened on June 23/2017 in your Irwin, Pa store. I am attempting to lodge a complaint about one of your managers at the Irwin store. I was working this evening and every time I asked her to come up and do something that is a manager's job, she gave me attitude, acting like it was a...

KFC in Burgaw NC / I am trying to get someone to listen to my complaint on the Manager who works there right now

Timothy R Grotzinger on Jun 23, 2017
My name is Timothy R Grotzinger, and I am a Officer and work in the 025 Prison in Wilmington NC . I have worked the KFC in Burgaw, for over three years, and never have I had a complaint till now. I have been told I was written up for things I did not do, nor would I do it . The Manager who is in...

Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / Management

Susan B Schul on Jun 20, 2017
My family and I frequent the Kwik Trip by Century High School quite often. Many times during the day but more so to get our morning coffee and breakfast snack. We enjoy the prices and the friendly smiles from some of the coworkers. We do have an issue with the way we hear the store manager...

SafeLink Wireless / employee

SerinaAndrews on Jun 17, 2017
My name is Serina and I was at the welfare office in Philadelphia, Pa Monday 6/12/17. I was stopped by one of your employees to see if I was approved for a phone. His name is Jamar. Jamar has since then been sending sexual text messages to my phone. This is really inappropriate and thi...

Shell / service

Geovanni Hernandez on Jun 15, 2017
The service I received was completely unacceptable I was treated like a second class citizen and was refused service until I pleaded for service, where I had no business in doing. Since I like your fuel and amenities I went along with, but now I see that it was wrong I went to your store...

Windhorse Trading Saddharaja James Belton Fwbo Files Triratna Controversy / bad mouthing employees, bad references, heterosexual discrimination scandal, fwbo files

FWBOFiles2 on Jun 13, 2017
Windhorse Trading Saddharaja James Belton Fwbo Files Triratna ControversyI once took work in the Ipswich Evolution Gift Shop which was run by Windhorse Trading – one arm of the FWBO (now Triratna), set up in order to create profits to give away to good causes including supporting the running of the local Buddhist centres. The shops sold a range of things like candle...

Humana / I am complaining about a cac clinic in semoran, orlando

Suarezmichi on Jun 13, 2017
Date 6-12-2017 I wanted to update and send you this letter so you have a more understanding of the events that has gone on in the location of Semoran CAC Clinic. This letter was necessary not because I am mad I did give a two weeks notice but more because of the discrimination and of other...

Harbor Freight Tools / cheyenne mershon is your manager???

Bobcat865 on Jun 11, 2017
This person Cheyenne which she prefers herself as manager there at your North Knoxville store off-Broadway was probably one of the rudest person I have ever talk to, for a customer that spends thousands of dollars yearly I have never once been made look like a fool in front of customer...

Canadian Tire / manager at innisfil location

Matthew Tierney on Jun 11, 2017
I was shopping at the Canadian tire at the Innisfil beach road location, when I overheard a manager yell at an employee and say he would knock her teeth out. This is not okay. This manager should not be in a power position working with other people, especially younger people who are...

Circle K Stores / manager at store 03745 scottsdale az... unethical.. disclosing personal information a bout a copy worker texted that she was going to make him quit

Jbrown662 on Jun 6, 2017
Circle K StoresI am a former employee at circle k. The complaint is about the manager Jennifer brown at store 03745 in Scottsdale AZ . Who through text as I show below her disclosing personal information about another employee who just so happens to be black, gay and bipolar... Not only does she lie to...

Family Dollar Stores / inappropriate store manager

David Betz on Jun 5, 2017
I was at store 8921 this evening on June 5th 2017 and a lady by the name of Shana who was working at the time was very inappropriately and embarrassingly yelled at and told give up her key by the Manager of the store in Kerens, Texas. I myself was shocked by the behavior of the Manager...

IHOP Restaurants / mangers and staff

Love#me on Jun 5, 2017
manager was very insulting to me and anxiety was at its highest. At times, I felt discouraged and felt harassed because I could not find a red shirt that was supposed to be issued to me. I am so sorry but they way they speak to you as a new hire was discouraging. I asked for pancakes and...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen / I was wrongly fired for no reason

Kenyata on Jun 1, 2017
My name is kenyata langs I was wrongly fired for no reason at all I call cooperate and complain about the manager being rude to her employee which was me she kept demanding me to things instead of asking me but not one time she ever talked to anyone else rude and all obnoxious I wanted to...

Paul Blanco's Good Car Company / bullying and harassment at work

Dana30s on May 31, 2017
Paul Blanco's Good Car CompanySo on may 25, 2017 I was pretty much forced to quit after they talked to the harasser and she came back just to harass me some more. This is what I went through at paul blanco's good car company business office for the last 9 months with no help in sight. On may 25, 2017 when I passed out...

Kroger / gas station attendant

Megan Pilley on May 30, 2017
I, Megan Pilley, am a current employee of Kroger Deli at store #572. I have talked recently with my department manager and my store manager about the gas station attendant Adam. He has, for almost a year now, been following me around the store, has asked me out, and watches me every time I...

Dollar Tree / Rude store manager in westland MI

Klb615 on May 30, 2017
I go to the dollar tree often to get supplies for my children's school project's. I was there today when the store manager was very rude to the cashier. Yelling at her to get the phone when she had a line of customer's. That is not the way to a MANAGER should act, especially in front of...

Publix Super Markets / management

Wish you knew on May 29, 2017
Management @ store in yulee, fl making threats to associates when calling out. Is this the way publix works or is this just the individuals you have at this store. Is it there place to ask why? Is it there place to say "you have to find someone to cover your shift" or should they say...

Hardee's Restaurants / harassment

sheletta collins on May 29, 2017
I am consistently being harassed by a co worker. I have all my dates and times documented in the event, I have to proceed further with this matter. I spoke with the general manager when the first incident occurred. The gm assured me she would take care of the matter, to my disappointment...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / entrance greeter

Tiffjul on May 26, 2017
I have a question about entering the warehouse; are ALL entering the warehouse asked for IDs, or everyone BUT the attractive, well dressed members? The first time I went after joining, I was expensively dressed with makeup, etc. and just got a warm smile and welcome. The last 2 times I...

Rent-A-Center / an unprofessional superviser named roseline bailey

Britshe on May 25, 2017
The big bosses of this company should pay close attention to the people working for them or they will lose money... I have seen how other companies and bosses treat their customers and employees with respect and also they are professionals... Roseline bailey (Store on 1368 forest avenue...
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