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Nedbank / Black listing

ThokozaniMgiyelwa on Sep 25, 2017
NedbankI was checking my credit report and i found that i still owe Ned bank although i paid the money long time ago they even sent me the paid up letter but i still appear as that i am owing. I do have the paid up letter with me on the report it says that Smith Smith attorneys were appointed but...

Capitec Bank / Customer services

BonitaCC on Sep 25, 2017
I am a customer of Capitec Bank. I am able to type this complaint and was able to contact the customer service centre which I would assume means that I have a few brain cells firing on all cylinders in the skull. It, therefore, boggles the mind that I should be treated like an idiot by the...

Citibank / Worst Bank I have ever encountered

Nigel D'Heldt on Sep 25, 2017
I have been locked out of my Citibank account for over 60 days now, and Citibank. I have had two conversations with them, sent two emails to their security team, and have complained in writing, but they have totally ignored all forms of communication. I have now filed a complaint with the...

Citibank / checking account

Gaddi Salomon on Sep 25, 2017
I recently closed one of my accounts due to the horrible customer service that I've received from day 1. The remaining balance was supposed to come to me as a check form, and I never received it. I called customer care and they claimed it was wired to someone on my behalf. I asked for some...

Green Dot / Dispute

LJenkins79 on Sep 25, 2017
On Aug I reported my card stolen and filed a complaint. On Sept 8 my dispute was denied and case closed. I since that time have requested my resolution letter explaining why my dispute was denied especially after I'd been hospitalized during the time my card was being used. I also emailed...

Huntington Bank / safe deposit box

Gary Hill on Sep 25, 2017
Somehow in the move from wonderful FirstMerit to not -so-wonderful Huntington the Liberty Street Painesville Ohio office lost all record of our (wife and myself) safety deposit box. We had this box under FirstMerit and had used it several times. I noticed when I walked in the vault that...

United bank of india / United Bank Of India Freeze My Account without any Reason and Notice

NIKHILESH1234 on Sep 25, 2017
my account was frozen but not receive my msg or anything for what reason my account is frozen, when i visited bank they just told me that your account was frozen from head office any they didn't fount any reason UTBI customer support was very poor, never able to talk with anyone who can...

ICICI Bank / fraudulent transactions and irresponsible response from icici bank officials

Harini Yadati on Sep 25, 2017
This is to reference to one of my complaint against online transactions happened in my account which are not initiated/authorized by me and there by fraudulent. There 30 August 2017 are 10 transactions totaling to Rs. 29, 000/- done by un-authorized person. Ten transactions were happened...

Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad / servis perbankan internet

Farza on Sep 24, 2017
tolong upgrade servis ib bank islam. Teruk sangat sampai nak log in pun ambil masa yang lama. Itu pun kalu bernasib baik dapat la log in..kalau tidak, selepas menunggu dia pergi semula ke home page...ini bukan cerita sehari dua tapi dah berbulan dan dah makan tahun...tolong la seiring...

US Bank / teller

Madisonjones702 on Sep 24, 2017
Recently visited butler hill schnucks I store branch. Was talked to like I was stupid teller had an attitude and also decided to point to the door and was told “you can go now”. WORST customer service I’ve had in my life. When I asked for his name because he wasn’t wearing a name tag he...

First Gulf Bank [FGB] / rsa lifestyle protect plus-gold plan (policy number: 5/1/020/00014395)

ivybcavada on Sep 24, 2017
Everything was fine with First Gulf Bank until RSA Lifestyle Protect Plus-Gold Plan (amounting AED 972/year) was offered to me in April 2017.I received the certificate of insurance on April 13, 2017 but I noticed that the beneficiary name was wrong. So on April 17, 2017 I called FGB for a...

Huntington Bank / unauthorized debit transactions

denise burris on Sep 23, 2017
I received a call from Huntington Fraud department about potential fraud activity on my account, around 8/28/2017. I confirmed my identify and that the activity was indeed fraud. I informed that I could have the charges reverse or file a claim. I went with the reverse charge because I had...

Money Network / terrible company

angryjoe1 on Sep 23, 2017
So they cancelled my card, claimed it was compromised. Did not mail me a letter stating the fact. Never received a new card, had to call to find out it was compromised before they sent me a new debit card. Now I'm waiting all weekend, with bills that are getting pushed back because of...

Money Network / general

Willhelm46 on Sep 22, 2017
After shutting my card/account down due to "fraudulent charges" and never even contacted me prior (though they said they did) I finally got a new card. I was told that my balance was $263, which was how much was on my card. All of a sudden, that's gone, and they're saying that when I got...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / compromised account

Jacqueline0517 on Sep 22, 2017
I called in to ask a few questions regarding a few automatic draft payments that I have going to a compromised account. After repeating the same question several times and the representative adamantly, responding with answers to questions I did not ask, I requested a supervisor. I felt I...

Bank Mobile Vibe / banking

Jamie Horman on Sep 22, 2017
I was told last week that my account had been compromised. I needed to fax them proof of my identity which needed to be notorized. I sent them all the documents that they asked for and still have heard nothing...I have called multiple times and they all answer... it will be 24/48 hours for...

Bank of the West / incompetent manager of the day

Paul Raguindin on Sep 22, 2017
I am trying to get funds from my account with this newly opened branch in Culver City and this incompetent manager by the name of Chris Acuff ( Senior Service Officer) is telling me I can only withdraw to the maximum $200 out of my paycheck. The reason he said is that it is showing that a...

Academy Bank / checking account

Angela Rutherford on Sep 22, 2017
The tellers at the moberly mo branch in Walmart have taken and put someone else money in my account. When they had finally realized what had happened the just took the money back out of my account, leaving me overdrawn 200.98 to fix what they screwed up on. Now I have to pay them for their...

Money Network / your card services

watersfirl09 on Sep 22, 2017
I cannot believe that my account was put on hold 9/22/17 for fraudulent activity with very little resolve on this matter. I asked what fraudulent activity and your customer service rep would not tell me. I tried to get them to tell me how to get this hold off my account and all I was told...

ABSA Bank / dispute fraud department

Suraya Williams on Sep 22, 2017
I sent an email to the disputes department regarding a fraudulant website who I want to claim my credit card payment from and no one has contacted me back. This is also after I have been transferred from one department to another for almost 20 min explaining my story to different people in...
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