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Jay E. / Several

Jay Eckles on Feb 25, 2017
First off I'd like to know why my furniture was deleted it's oak furniture there was nothing wrong with it and now I can't repost it. Second off come from the first one you're deleting my stuff up off of the go when there's nothing wrong with it but I make Complaint after complaint about...

Barrhead Travel / Card Payment Charge

Tracey Hume Stevenson on Feb 24, 2017
I have recently booked a holiday with your Irvine store, and I am intending to pay my holiday in instalments, when I telephoned the other day I was informed it would cost me an extra £1 to pay with my visa debit card, when I questioned this the advisor said it was the bank that charged them...

Rush Card / Direct deposit

Tara Markley on Feb 24, 2017
I am awaiting my dd for my tax refund to my acct...Irs dd it on 2/21/2017 and here it is 2/24/2014 and it hasnt been credited to my acct.Rush card keeps saying that they dont see the deposit nd that they are waiting on the back office to ee whats going on well i hve called in everyday and...

Absa bank / poor communication, failure to respond, failure to meet obligations

AV! on Feb 24, 2017
I have been an ABSA customer for more than 15 years. I have property insurance at ABSA with a mortgage bond at ABSA. I have a case reference for my several complaints at ABSA bank 3142480. Since October 2016 my insurance claim has been approved and no work has been done by the ABSA service...

Absa bank / Renewal of debit card

HenrietteSteenkamp on Feb 24, 2017
On 2017-02-23 I renewed my debit card which expire at the end of February 2017. The amount of R120 was deducted from my account. I would have understand it if I lost my card or if it was stolen, but the card expired. Why do I have to pay such an enormous amount for a card to be renewed...

Fifth Third Bank / Making money for extended hold on checks

José Luis on Feb 23, 2017
The FDIC act for holding certain deposits (check to checking, image to checking) for a period of time was created to protect customers and the institution from fraud. Banks like Fifth/Third are using this as an excuse to place holds on deposits using all of the legally permitted...

Netspend / Locked me out of my account no access to my money

Breelynne34 on Feb 23, 2017
How can a company literally destroy someones life like this. i have to pay for my new apt because I am being evicted and now I am going to be in the street with my two kids because these lousey disgusting company feels they can play games with peoples money. They lockee my account and are...

Region bank / Unauthorized debit charges to my account

Teresa Hirani on Feb 23, 2017
I open a second account with Region on 12/30/2016. I was sent out two debt cards, one for my old account and one for my new account. Some how both debt cards were linked to my old account. When i made deposits to my new account the money was put on my old account. When I first realized...

Absa bank / Poor customer services

Monray Pretorius on Feb 22, 2017
I picked up a huge increase on my monthly management fee on my Absa cheque overdraft account for Feb 2017. I immediately sent an email to Absa enquiries department and they referred my issue to the Absa pricing department on the 17 Feb 2017 for further investigation. Since last week Friday...

JPMorgan Chase Bank / Refusal to release money from deceased father's account

Sylvia F on Feb 22, 2017
Dealing with Chase Legal Department has been a fraught with lack of communication, delays, incompetencies, incusable for a major financial institution. My father died on May 28, 2016. I have been trying, without success, to have the balance of $20, 000.00 in his checking/savings account...

Western Union / They suck

They give you the run around after you give them your phone number, address, email, ID, family history, Classified Security Clearance, blood type and DNA in addition to a thorough 'extreme vetting' Islam/Trump style and they STILL wont send as little as $200.00 from TX to NM! Western Union is a...

Wells Fargo / Customer service

finally frustrated on Feb 22, 2017
1.) Don't make promises you can't keep. Such as calling me back. 2.) Lengthy holds at the branch level. I am tired of being placed on a hold or not getting an answer. I came into the Destin branch today and withdrew some money on my lunch. I asked if I could turn off my debit card and have...

Pravinchandra And Sons / Prefared customer

ronak diora on Feb 22, 2017
my ac no 16892560000125 pavinchandra and sons and 01371000056624 shashikant m diora and 50100016138820 pooja ronak diora menten balance 2lakh this account prefared request to 1 month manegar aporaw maniyadr palitana branch this account in classic to 5year investment my famelly oll insurance...

Wells Fargo / Branch palm beach gardens

UnknownCZD on Feb 21, 2017
I believe this branch is violating the EEOC. I have been applying to this branch for about six months and they have had no openings. when a opening was acquired seems they weren't hesitant to hire a female. I feel they are hiring based on "sex" as all of there tellers are females other...

Umpqua Bank / Paperless activity

J. C. Clark on Feb 21, 2017
Hi I enrolled in Paperless Activity with the Umpqua Bank in Gresham OR about 4 years ago and got paper mailed from them I moved to Tillamook area last year in May 2016 again no paper, yet I get Paperwork once or twice a month still get paper and am being charged 3.00! This has been brought...

Nedbank / Credit card

Stephanus 83 on Feb 21, 2017
We done application online for a new credit card, we sent in all documents needed We did phone to confirm if all docs recieved were correct but they said everything is fine We have been phoning and phoning we also sent emails but no response Today the application expires we sent 6 mail...

Absa bank / idirect insurance - policy 00773527*001 / customer id: 8412235692083

Ayanda Mtimunye on Feb 21, 2017
My claim was rejected and i requested that the recordings be provided to me. The loss adjuster and his senior whom i spoke to, acknowledged my request and promised that they will provide the audio recordings. Six weeks later, I have not received anything from ABSA iDirect compaints department...

Canara Bank / Deposit issue

Tiver Sahni on Feb 20, 2017
Canara BankHi Sir, I had submitted Rs 40000 in ppf account but Canara Bank didn't enter deposit entry in my account. I had submit on 11/3/2016. I have a slip of my deposit amount. It effects on my tax rebate. Please solve my issue. Bank didn't response me. Canara bank Branch frustrated me on thi...

Absa bank / Lack of security

ezzo on Feb 20, 2017
Please let me know since when it is allowed to use cellphones in Absa bank??? I unfortunately had to visit the branch at Newcastle Mall today, and noticed how many people talking on cellphones and busy sending messages, now according to me this is a great method of planning and excecuting...

Nedbank / Global and credit card division

Kathleenstevens on Feb 20, 2017
On 17 December 2016 my sister in UK transferred money to my Nedbank cr card. I was called by global, notified and said the funds would be in my acc at the end of business that day. 12 phone calls and 3 branch visits I was told my funds were in a suspense acc. They were finally put into my...
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