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Auto Insurance & Loan Complaints

Alliance United Insurance Company / My cancelled policeo

Theresa majano on Jan 21, 2019

In December we had a family emergency we have to leave for a few weeks to el Salvador and my husband thought he paid the bill with many of the things we paid before we left.we went to pay our bill for January and. It shows cancelled. I called to see if. We can pay it in full with the re...

Santander Consumer USA / financing over charges

Brian Rogers Ogre on Jan 21, 2019

we financed a vehicle with Santander in 2014. My Apr is over 24% with payments at over $500 a month. I have been paying all this time with out the actual price going down my whole payment goes to the interest this is ridiculous. Hope you can help. I have tried to contact them on several...

American Automobile Association / / auto claim deductible

Ringo's mom on Jan 18, 2019

From: Long time AAA customer Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 3:05 PM To: Kinney, Meg Subject: DEDUCTIBLE WAIVE Fwd: [protected] Dear Meg Kinney Today I picked up my repaired car and had a conversation with Daniel Sarlitto regarding the accident. As I have been told you are his supervisor, I...

Titlemax / the reps and the whole thing altogether

Distraut citizen on Jan 18, 2019

I got a title loan for $600 because I couldnt get a loan any other way so that I could get into an apartment because I had been living in my car for months. I paid a couple of payments and lost my job. They towed my car one time and I paid $400 to get it back. Well I lost my job... Im...

Fred Loya Insurance / the service provided

CMONIQUE1903 on Jan 18, 2019

I've had a policy for a year now with this insurance. I've had nothing but problems since day 1. First off with paying in store with cash and not taking my debit card. Secondly, with the money being withdrawn from my bank account. The insurance always blamed my bank and the bank blamed the...

Discovery Insure / insurance claim

DocJ on Jan 17, 2019

I have been in the process of claiming for damages on my car after a collision on 8 December 2018. I had my car assessed by a local panelbeater and then by Discovery's assessors. Besides the major disparity in the amounts (approximately R40 000), a few days later I noticed mechanical...

Santander Consumer USA / thieves stealing money and hijacking car prices

Dgmike22 on Jan 16, 2019

Ive been dealing with santander for 5 years and my payment is higher 24000 when it was only 18000 in the begining i got a year left on this car and i do not know what im going to do. I jst want this nightmare to be over it seems like imma be paying for this car forever or give it back to...

Travelers Insurance / Travelers Auto Insurance / auto insurance service

Fred Cohen on Jan 13, 2019

Very poorly run company. Travelers Auto Insurance employees exercise very poor judgment and are very shortsighted. Received notice of non renewal for an auto accident totaling less than $4000 in damages. These days that is a minor fender bender. It is ridiculous. I have been driving for over...

First Acceptance Insurance Company / getting an update on a claim

TAV72 on Jan 11, 2019

I was involved in a hit and run with one of their policyholders on 12/15/2018. Luckily; a bystander caught their plate number before they sped off and that's how my insurance company was able to track them down. Now I have been getting the run around with the status of the claim. All I...

Chrysler Dodge Charger / water pump and timing belt (can't get it back on)

gloria idukas on Jan 10, 2019

Well first of all I worked for chrsyler for 33yrs. Retired 20yrs now. I have driven nothing but chrysler products all that time. I bet there isn't more than 4 cars that something hasn't gone wrong. My intrepid-the trans went out. We towed it to the dealer. They told me since I towed it in...

Geico Insurance / insurance claim

DewtheDrew YT on Jan 7, 2019

My daughter and I were at a 4-way stop. After I stopped and then proceeded through a truck ran through their stop sign (to my right) and hit my car. The truck driver said "Sorry, I didn't see you." I called 911 and was told to swap insurance because there would not be police to respond...

Santander Consumer USA / car loan

Chran on Jan 4, 2019

1.Harassing phone calls. 2.Only paying interest on a 2008 - still over $24K. 3.Offers to defer - not explaining anything about it to us when we are having financial hardship. 4.Cannot understand customer agent. 5.Processing payments improperly. 6.Now receiving call from Sam Founder...

Santander Consumer USA / high rates, harassing calls

James Houchins on Dec 30, 2018

so i have a 15 fusion se, borrowed 14057. with my intrerest its 25000, so i hit a deer 12/27/18 the day my payment is do so i call and tell them the response ok mr. houchins we will post pone until insurance comes through. ok great next thing i know im getting a call from another rep you...

Lightstream Loans / name change on title & car registration

Katherine S. on Dec 28, 2018

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have gone to the DMV four times to remedy the situation only to have them turn me away. Lightstream will not send the DMV the title, even when given the proper paperwork and speaking with them multiple times. They will only send me an...

General Motors Corporation / gap refund from gm dealership

butch barron on Dec 28, 2018

I bought a new 2018 1500 sierra pickup April 2019 from Wiesner GMC in Conroe Texas. I traded in a 2017 Yukon XL with gap insurance ( I also purchased from same dealership) The dealership never cancelled my gap insurance even though I asked on 2 occasions. I cancelled it and Partner...

Liberty Mutual Insurance / claims #la0000-[protected]-02

ralph di fiore on Dec 27, 2018

The claim number as stated above refers to a auto accident involving 2 autos in a parking lot. Driver of Vehicle #1 (the other driver) collided into our car (Vehicle #2) causing damage to the rear driver side door and small portion of the rear quarter panel. Was not happy with Liberty...

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company / questionable insurance fraud

William Maybury on Dec 24, 2018

My wife and I have been with Progressive for a number of years as they cover both of our cars. Now I am up disappointed in the assessment of an accident that took place last year on September 8.2017. I believe Progressive is being taken for a ride by this young lady. Events: On September 8...

Alliance United Insurance Company / customer service, insurance agents.

A Former Customer. on Dec 21, 2018

This company is utter garbage. Could never get ahold of agent, was lied to about who spoke with me regarding a claim, unable to receive services that are part of policy in a timely manner, they sent a check for the wrong amount after confirming the correct amount THREE TIMES. I could go...

AARP Services / hartford insurance

LYQ on Dec 19, 2018

I was a member of AARP and bought Homeowners and Auto Insurance through Hartford Insurance in 2015. Since that time premiums have increased triple the amount for both homeowners and auto. Also, Hartford took it upon themselves to reduce my auto insurance to just LIABILITY and not inform...

WorldWideInsure / no response to insurance claim

Tonicho on Dec 19, 2018

WorldWideInsureIt all sounds great until you submit a claim I am not a risk taker so when I hire motor vehicles, especially in Portugal, I purchase the top up insurance cover to eliminate the excess in case of an incident. This time I decided to take the cover offered by Worldwideinsure which I found by doing a...