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American Automobile Association / AAA.com / Extremely Poor Customer Service Department-Billing Issue

Mal-R on Feb 27, 2017
Customer Service Department personnel with AAA (American Automobile Association--main office-800-477-4222) clearly need additional training in responsive, professional and courteous service. Conflicting/contradictory information provided in each call. Promised call backs did not occur...

GEICO / Homeowners insurance homesite insurance #33354454

wulftammy on Feb 27, 2017
My name is Tammy Wulf. My husband Peter and I have Vehicle and Home Insurance through Geico. In September when Hurricane Matthew came through we suffered some damage. Most of which was the loss of trees and some other structural damages, such as our storage building and our fence being...

GEICO / Auto insurance

desmad1 on Feb 27, 2017
I had geico for less then a year I am refusing to pay what I owe since you all dropped me saying I was trying to fraud your stupid company if this was the case why in the hell was I paying out of pocket for my car to get fixed and mind you, the guy met me at a mechanics just to get an...

Outsurance / 2nd rate panel beaters & bullying tactics

Ferdi Goldschagg on Feb 26, 2017
Claim # 148093422. Another driver also an OUTsurance client opened their door as I was driving past and hit my car. Very helpful Tracy took my claim. I was assured that if the legal dept determined that if it wasn't my fault I would not have to pay the excess nor lose my outbonus. It wa...

GEICO / After I cancelled my car insurance policy 1 week later geico is still taking money out of my checking account

Ltilton on Feb 21, 2017
On feb 14th I called in talked to a customer service agent. he cancelled my policy as asked and told me there will not be any additional charges, I explained to him that I have a direct withdrawal. he said that now that he is cancelling the policy there will be no more charges to my checking...

Ezone Insurance Services, Inc / Car insurance

Quameen Waring on Feb 21, 2017
This is the letter i received from this Company, not even on Company Letterhead final demand Regard to Invoice: Date Amount 02/21/2017 $100.00 The purpose of this letter is to notify you that despite numerous efforts to obtain final payment for your contract, I have been unsuccessful and must...

Swinton Insurance / Car insurance hidden clauses and charges

David Lomas on Feb 21, 2017
I have just bought a car on finance and needed to purchase comprehensive insurance cover, I used my old car as part deposit for my new car, I didn't cancel the policy on my old car as there was just a few weeks left on the policy and one more payment, it was cheaper to pay the last payment...

Geico Insurance / Underwriting department

Giezy on Feb 21, 2017
On Tuesday the 21st of Febraury, 2017 at 10:14 I received a call back from Katie from the underwriting department of Geico. Initally all was well with the questioning until she started repeating the same question after I had already answered it. After already explaining myself and stating...

Founders Insurance / Bad customer service

Siana Durrett on Feb 19, 2017
On Friday 2/17/17, I spoke with a customer service rep by the name on Luz, I was reporting my incident of a hit and run and severe damage to my car the rep luz! got irritated I guess and begin being short on the phone or stopped answering questions period, I'm on the other nd thinking...

DNA Insurance / DNA insurance

Tim Voce on Feb 19, 2017
Took out a policy on the 3rd Feb 2017 and paid £200 deposit on debit card.. 4th of Feb DNA informs me they cant add my son to the policy as he has a SIA certificate so I say cancel it then even tho said policy doesn't even start until 20th Feb ..they tell me it will cost £140. In admin...

Progressive / Customer service/doing the jobbi pay them for

Brianna Farrow on Feb 14, 2017
Hello my name is Brianna Perkins. I wrecked my car a couple weeks ago and progressive is my primary insurance. There was an issue with the color of the paint that was used on my bumper when the repairs were done. Progressive refused to make sure the paint matched the rest of the car...

GEICO / Results of my Insurance claim

Crials on Feb 13, 2017
Dear GEICO Insurance Company: My name is Cornelius Rials, and on June 21, 2016, my wife (Julie Overton) was involved in an automobile accident. What she experienced from GEICO in the month preceding the accident was literally a nightmare. She was assigned an adjuster that did everything...

Direct Buy Auto Warranty / I paid in full for warranty now company out of business due to unethical behaviour.

Belitha Kirui on Feb 13, 2017
On 07/18/2014 I purchased an auto warranty which is not due to expire until 07/18/2019. I just recently found out that the company went out of business and I'm requesting a full refund of $1800.00 since the company never did any repairs on my vehicle. Direct buy auto warranty also ha...

XS Direct / Never able to get to speak to anyone

Kerry85 on Feb 11, 2017
Hi I Have been trying for two weeks now to sort out a full payment to xs Direct but no one ever answers the phones, I am a new driver and a claim has been put in for whiplash without any investigate now I have to pay £2230.09 I am so upset I just want it to be sorted today so I can move on...

Fred Loya Insurance / Auto insurance

Melanie from Houston on Feb 10, 2017
Run from this company as fast as you can!!! I have been a customer for years with fred loya. With no accidents and no tickets, my coverage rate steady increases. Dec. 2016 my car was hit. The other driver was at fault. They claim that they paid the person who hit my car. Really? I argued...

Outsurance / Car insurance

Stevekotze on Feb 10, 2017
Yesterday, 9 Feb 2017, I have tried to cancel my vehicle insurance with OUTsurance, because I have found a better offer. After 35 minutes of explaining that I am happy with the other insurer, the lady let me know that documentation will be sent to my email as confirmation. I soon got an...

Progressive / Auto insurance

Daphne Bracewell on Feb 9, 2017
After being with progressive for 9 years doubled our rate. Called to try and talk with them about this or for them to at least match the other Company. All they said was sorry we can't. I understand rates go up slightly. But this was $1400.00 a year higher. Smell something fishy...

TD Auto Finance / Customer service

raremark on Feb 6, 2017
Friday, February 3rd, 2017 TD Auto Finance ordered my car reposed for non-payment. The tow truck sneaked in and took my car at 1:00 AM on Saturday Feb 4th. As you know everything is closed for the weekend which is very convenient to TD and to the company that will be charging storage...

General Motors / 2013 chevy traverse

necola table on Feb 4, 2017
Wednesday Feb 1 2017. Driving down Mack ave. Car lost power. No warning. No engine sensor warning. I almost crashed. very scary. Had car towed to Merrollis Chevy dealership. Called all day Friday to get update on car. THen I spoke to Tony he said for me to bring in my oil change receipt...

Progressive / Bill increase

Sedat Ucar on Feb 3, 2017
So 6 months ago my bill was around $800 and then today I opened my bill and saw a $200 increase. I of course called and the guy told me that one of my neighbors had a high medical plan and that people in my town were speeding and getting into accidents so they raised my bill.This is the...
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