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Auto Insurance & Loan Complaints

Racv / car insurance

Charles Landon on Feb 10, 2019

I wait for an hour and 28 minutes only to have them terminate the call, which I have all recorded on video.. The disgusting pigs. My wife's perfect car gets written off by a drunk unlicensed stollen car that the person runs off from. The victorian police do nothing to get video footage...

RTA Mortgage Release / unsettled rta mortgage release papers from eib

Santhosh Bs on Feb 4, 2019

Dear Emirates Islamic team, I am deeply saddened and broken by the emirates Islamic banking procedures which is taking months to release a simple RTA mortgage loan which was taken by myself and also successfully cleared 2 years ago. It all started on 08th December 2018 wherein I approached the...

Rick Gibbs PA Insurance / homeowner and auto insurance

LoveMyBoys on Feb 1, 2019

Rick gibbs is an absolute nightmare! Do yourself a favor and find another option!!! I had 3 homes with these people for more than 3 years... That is homeowners & flood... Every year, every single policy was cancelled due to inaccurate quotes, improper coverage, failure to maintain office...

Bridgecrest / gap coverage

Shaun PL on Jan 25, 2019

My vehicle was in an accident in December my insurance company notified me that it was a total loss and they emailed and sent bridgecrest the information needed for the claim. Bridgecrest has continued demand payment because Gap hasn't done their part of the process. I need this to settle...

Travelers Insurance / Travelers Auto Insurance / auto insurance service

Fred Cohen on Jan 13, 2019

Very poorly run company. Travelers Auto Insurance employees exercise very poor judgment and are very shortsighted. Received notice of non renewal for an auto accident totaling less than $4000 in damages. These days that is a minor fender bender. It is ridiculous. I have been driving for over...

Chrysler Dodge Charger / water pump and timing belt (can't get it back on)

gloria idukas on Jan 10, 2019

Well first of all I worked for chrsyler for 33yrs. Retired 20yrs now. I have driven nothing but chrysler products all that time. I bet there isn't more than 4 cars that something hasn't gone wrong. My intrepid-the trans went out. We towed it to the dealer. They told me since I towed it in...

Lightstream Loans / name change on title & car registration

Katherine S. on Dec 28, 2018

Worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have gone to the DMV four times to remedy the situation only to have them turn me away. Lightstream will not send the DMV the title, even when given the proper paperwork and speaking with them multiple times. They will only send me an... / insurance coverage and credit card be warned

Hi feroz on Dec 11, 2018

Yes you can rent a car like i did in Thailand but there are games they play on the insurance. They make you pay to car rental company if there is an accident and trap you in the middle to reclaim your paid money with the insurance company. This is even after you have bought a comprehensive...

Derrico allstate / auto insurance

Beth B 1216 on Nov 2, 2018

I used Allstate insurance phone app to delete a vehicle I didn't buy due to the dealership calling at the last minute, they said there was issues with the vehicle and it never went through, so I deleted the vehicle off my policy through the phone app that's provided by Allstate and it went...

Grande Pririe Chryslers Dodge Jeep RAM / I am making a complaint about the treatment we received from the sales manager

Lena Mogrovejo on Oct 31, 2018

Good afternoon my name is Lena Mogrovejo, I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I have a complaint to make, on October 16 we went to Grande Prairie Chrysler located at 11448 Westgate Dr, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 8L2 to buy a vehicle, initially we chose a 2017 Jeep, when they called us so that...

Direct Auto Insurance Auto/Life Ins Co/Nashville TN / lack of refund

Lelia Benham on Oct 30, 2018

Due to the lack of response for premiums paid and not refunded for a car I don't have I am complaining. The Company Direct Auto Insurance has given me the run around now since 7/2018 for premium paid since April 2018. I had requested a cancellation of my auto policy in June 2018 due to the...

UAIG Auto Insurance / claims

MOM x 5 on Oct 29, 2018

I got hit from behind by a hit and run driver in January of 2018. The week after I made my claim the adjuster I was assigned to was reassigned and did not call to tell me. I did not find out until after they had sent a check to have my car fixed and then would not return my calls for an...

Progressive Insurance Co, Hudso, WI / nalin romberg ~ company will not pay car value, classic mint mustang with the bank papers

Jay Washburn on Oct 18, 2018

Progressive Insurance Co, Hudso, WII had a 1995 mustang that I bought 10 days before progressive insurance companies client totaled it out from the rear end, . I am totally stressed and having panic attacks from the situations that they will not pay me for the value of my car ! which was a 1995 mustang GT 5 .0, MINT, POLICY...

Volkswagen Calicut Kerala / service

Sanjus on Sep 24, 2018

My vehicle Volkswagen Vento KL 54 F 6600 is found to have rust on its running board.[protected] This is not expected from a German brand and I need immediate attention from service team to resolve this issue ASAP. With respect to yesterdays discussion, my vehicle was taken to service centre by...

Cecily. Higginbotham / full coverage insurance

CesHiggins on Sep 21, 2018

I was badly injured in a fully covered vehicle twice within 30 days i never was compensated for my injuries i did report accident claims were paid on my behalf and i was not notified or contacted i shouldve been considered upon discovery and i wasnt denied but i been treated unfairly i...

The General / auto insurance

Gayleen Masters on Sep 21, 2018

I submitted my payment for renewal 2 days before due date via automated system and one week later I received an e-mail stating my insurance had expired. I called immediately and was told not to worry that I do have insurance and I asked for an e-mail conformation stating so and was told...

AAA Auto Claim Debt Claim Adjuster / Northern California / claim adjuster mitchell roach

Marylott35 on Sep 19, 2018

My claim # [protected]. I have been having a communication issue since days with this adjustor. He made me feel so uncomfortable after I was rear ended by his insured and I was in my last month of pregnancy. (During the accident my stomach hit the steering wheel. This accident took place...

Farm Bureau / customer service

Held ft. 7 ed uh fj on Sep 14, 2018

How hard is it to cancel a policy, obviously extremely. The people on the phone are unable to help you and just continue to give you the run around. I talked with 4 different people and all of them said I won't help you call your agent. All I wanted to do was cancel the policy, maybe there...

Greco / property damage check

Rock09 on Sep 12, 2018

August 13, 2000 and18, 000 baht and I accident where I was hit by a Nother driver that driver did not have insurance to Geico them picked up the claim I took about two weeks to do that they picked up my car I got snaps into a collision place down for me that in order for me to get my...

Wesco Insurance Agency-CSCI, Inc / gap insurance claim

10spro on Sep 11, 2018

June 20, 2018 My car was Flood and my Insurance co. All-State declared it a total loss, and paid my Lien holder $10, 40.81 which left a balance owed of about $2, 728.37. which should have been paid by the GAP insurance now the lien holder (BBVA Compass bank), All-State, and I filed a claim...