Astrology Readers Complaints

Vashikaran / fake customer service/ cheated me

on Apr 16, 2019

Aaj ke time log vashikaran ko lekar bahut pareshaan hai mere pass iska tarika hai lekin mehnat aapko karni hogi main yeh tarika yahan show nhi kar sakta hoon kyun ki agar show kiya toh log iska bhi dandha bana lenge main sabse pehle dob check karunga ki aap kar sakte hai kin hi agar aap...

Rachel Gibson Ba Hons / mediumship, mentor psychic

on Mar 6, 2019

Rachel Gibson Ba HonsRachel Gibson had me fooled for a while. Her courses are nonsense. You can find them by Google for free or a lot less than she charges. She isn't qualified to teach any of them. She never finished any of her courses. She starts them then gets bored with it and doesn't finish the crap...

Ravidutt Saini and Amrinder Saini / astrologer

on Jan 21, 2019

Ravidutt Saini and Amrinder SainiRavidutt saini and Amrinder saini are both scam astrologers. Once someone reach to them for astrology conseltation they try to give you wrong upas which can destroy your life. After that when your life becomes more miserable they take more money from people. Do not buy gem stones from them...

Lennart Wolff / betrüger

on Jan 21, 2019

Vosicht vor lennart wolff er ist ein betrüger. Er verlange 1160 euro und danach fast nochmals 5000 euro aber er hat nichts gemacht. Mein ex ist immer noch mit seiner freundin zusammen. Als ich ihn zur rede stellte hat er mich blockiert. Sorry lennart wolff ist ein betrüger. Ich kann euch also...

Lennart Wolff / vorsicht vor lennart wolff

on Jan 21, 2019

hallo wollte mich hier mal melden da ich vom lennart wolff abezockt worden bin. 1160 euro habe ich ihm bezahlt und dann wollte er nochmals 4000 euro was ich nicht bezahlt habe. anfangs war er sehr nett doch als das geld bei ihm war konnte ich ihn seltsamerweise nicht mehr erreichen. er hat...

Astrotest Vorsichtg Falle / finger weg von astrotest

on Jan 19, 2019

Hallo leute ich möchte euch wirklich vor den 2 kriminellen abzockseiten und warnen. Ich bin reingefallen aber wie. Ja, ich weiss ich bitte keine selbstschuld kommentare ich weiss es wollte es aber erst nicht glauben. Das sind seiten wo angeblich die anbieter von partnerrückführungen... Sind Betrüger / finger weg

on Jan 18, 2019

Hallo ich wollte euch sagen dass sie seite astrotest. Tv totale betrüger sind. Passt auf. Seit ich diese seite besucht habe habe ich vor 2 wochen einen virus eingefangen und musste trotz hochwertigem virusschutz mein laptop entsorgen. Ich will euch alle warnen. Die erfahrungsberichte was in...

Psychic Marie / con airtist fraud scam

on Jan 13, 2019

Psychic Marieliar, con, scam, bottom line. sincerely, TerryKent. liar, con, scam, liar, con, scam, bottom line. liar con, scam, bottom line. liar, con, scam, bottom line. liar con, scam bottom line. liar, con scam, bottom line. liar con scam bottom line. she scamed me with her fake words and lies. she... / deceiving traitors/blackmailers who will do black magic on you for money

on Jan 10, 2019

All, I became a victim of black magic after calling these people on this website - this has become a common practice for many people in this business. These days everyone is educated and they don't believe in such things. So, these people are catching innocent nri's like... Bethea / they scammed me out of 24.95

on Dec 28, 2018

this Bethea kept sending me emails and I lost my son-in-law and between the tears and emotions, I gave them my debit card now I find out it was a scam. How can they allow people to do this to us? I thought we were protected by people that are scamming us. I am 7o years old and really... / puja services

on Dec 26, 2018

This website is a fraud website. I contacted them in 2014 for a genuine 'Lakshmi Puja', for my husdband's career, the person who claimed as 'guruji' has a typical Punjabi accent, spoke to me on phone and did the puja, but after that I strated facing more problems. First my son got sick and...

Astrologer / mera masla ka hal hoa...

on Dec 26, 2018

Asslaam o walekum mere pass swami g ka nom hay jinse mera kam hoa... Or bahot logo ne kam bhi kraya unka bhi kam hoa.. Mera nikah ki problm thhi jo ab kuch hafte phele solve hui.. Or ye masla swami g ne solv kiaa... Swami g se kuch din pehle meri friend ne kam karwai thi uska bhi love...

Guardian Angel, Angela / prayers, correspondence, & pendent or keepsake

on Dec 24, 2018

Well, she or he got me to believe. She just knew me better than I knew me! Blew me away, really. I sent money. Like right at $40.00 then she hit my account again for an additional charge of the same amount. Promises to send things in the mail & give u a prayer to raheal my guardian...

Vashikaran Fake / cheated me

on Nov 28, 2018

आज के समय में लोग वशीकरण की समस्या को लेकर बहुत परेशान है हर जगह अपना धन व्यर्थ करते नज़र आ रहे है इसमे ऊनकी कोई गलती नही है वो प्रयास अपने सच्चे प्यार को पाने का करते है लेकिन दुख की बात है की आप लोगों के शिकार हो जाते है आपसे पैसा लेकर आपको झूठी तस्सली देकर वाह आपका समय और पैसा दोनो ही बेकार...

Vashikaran / fake no problem perfect solution by me

on Nov 25, 2018

आज के समय में लोग वशीकरण की समस्या को लेकर बहुत परेशान है हर जगह अपना धन व्यर्थ करते नज़र आ रहे है इसमे ऊनकी कोई गलती नही है वो प्रयास अपने सच्चे प्यार को पाने का करते है लेकिन दुख की बात है की आप लोगों के शिकार हो जाते है आपसे पैसा लेकर आपको झूठी तस्सली देकर वाह आपका समय और पैसा दोनो ही बेकार... / did not return promised money back guarantee.

on Oct 6, 2018

Promises of money riches, and love. Not true she took my money and nothing that she promise came to light. Then stated that someone was trying to hame me, that there was bad to come unto me so I needed different readings to get rid of these. I fell hard 1100.00 worth. No I get no reponce...

Clarity & Insight / fake fraud rip off! con artist

on Sep 21, 2018

I've been to my fair share of local psychics and she's the worst. Total rip off con artist. She plays the nice role to lure you in. So I satisfied. Kept telling me I needed more of her services and I just paid more and more money. Total fraud. I should have just stuck with the reading. She...

Psychic Sheri Brown / fraud scam fake psychic rip off!

on Sep 21, 2018

I've been to my fair share of local psychics and she's the worst. Total rip off con artist. She plays the nice role to lure you in. Kept telling me I needed more of her services and I just paid more and more money. Total fraud. I should have just stuck with the reading. She pressured me...

Clarity and Insight / psychic reading

on Sep 21, 2018

Fake psychics that go by so many different name. Who actually runs this business I wonder? Never can get straight answers from them either. I've had the worst experiences from these local so called psychics. I wonder when his idiot "sees" herself quitting smoking because I could smell...

Psychic Malina / fraud scam con artist

on Sep 21, 2018

She lures you in with a "psychic reading" which was so vague... then the pressure starts telling me I've been cursed through my parents or something from long time ago. Pressured me into giving her thousands of dollars to fix my love life.. then she wanted more money, then more money. It...

Fraud guru / Fake Vashikaran Specialist

on Sep 20, 2018

He is ek number fraud.He created many websites saying he is from Delhi, Canada, Kolkata, etc.He is a fake vashikaran specialist.He says ur work will be done after u pay.His real name is lalit and changed as Guru Das Rathan ji.Be ware of him.Dont loose ur money.He is cheating people with... / fake/scam - donot seek any astrological or spiritual help from this fake website

on Aug 31, 2018

Friends, Never make the mistake of calling these numbers for spiritual or astrological help - [protected] or [protected]. They call themselves Guru's who are fake. They have created this website - and it says to call them for any help with removal of black magic etc..."ITS A...

Psychic Bethea / / bethea jenner/ customer service website/ emails

on Aug 25, 2018

Psychic Bethea / wwwmyhealthwealthandhappiness.comI don't appreciate the threatening emails this lady is sending to me. Lady, I will have my lawyer report you to where it will put an end to your emails to US citizens! Her threatenings and forms of intimidation to get someone to pay her money is illegal and against the law and she... / astrologer pradeep verma

on Aug 22, 2018

One of the wrost person and astrologer I have ever met in my life... He changes his fee according to your current financial situation and your location.. I contacted him and paid INR.1100 as per his commitment but when I contacted he asked for inr 2100 as I was struggling I paid the same...

The Digital Psychic / courses

on May 30, 2018

The Digital PsychicThis person proclamation to be a expert in every subject imaginable. She runs her (rebel's) like a cult. Getting pages shut down and slandering other mediums, psychics and witchcraft practitioners. She plagiarising on all subjects promising students a qualification in what ever subject... / psychic readings

on May 18, 2018

Total scam. They send harassing e-mails which apply to your life. After they get your money through pay pal... They never send you the readings plus you can't stop their e-mails. She promises the information will be in your box within 12 hours. Whoever is writing this stuff should be...

Vashikaran / vashikaran

on May 11, 2018

Hai sir I am having love problems, I asked for help, that person took money and not lifting calls, omkar baba ji... He took 20000 money for pooja, his number [protected]..., I asked that person to return my money he is not responding, omkar baba ji he is telling.. Till he gets money he...

Vashikaran, Black Magic / vashikaran

on Apr 26, 2018

I paid an amount to the astrologer they said they remove the black magic to my husband. Initially they asked me to pay5500rs for entire work, i paid 5500rs. After that they asked asked me to pay huge amount 4 times of i paid initially and i paid with negotiation, and they asked last time... / promise of life reading

on Apr 13, 2018

Janet would send me emails throughout the day and some of it seemed accurate about my future so I went ahead and paid for a reading the said would be in my email within 24 hours when I emailed her back she ignored me and hasn't sent anything. Her emails have completely stopped. I just want...

Wazifa’s Online / bring back love

on Mar 8, 2018

Website : of Wazi[censored]039;s, Molana Ahmed Khan Mobile +91-[protected], fraudulent, charged $700 dollars... And than threatened to harm my life & ruin me. Without doing any work, kept promising... Advertised all over google, real scam also, second fraudulent... / false services

on Jan 8, 2018

The real owners name is Marcy Wilson or a man controlling The suite I spend over $3.000 sent to Marcy to help me, What it turns out she waits on PayPal over 180 days does nothing i was lucky to get most of money but not all then she sends and empty Us Express envelope an sneaky move to tell...

Syd Saeed / psychic scam

on Dec 19, 2017

I had a reading with what should have been ONE of the best Phsycic, well he was NOT! This guy just guesses, he's made a mess of my life, he charges 100s $$ for BS, plus he claims to have over 300 reviews, yes, on his website, we all can put lies on a website, and he does not have a yelp... / half hour psychic reading

on Nov 25, 2017

Hi. I purchased a half hour reading with Rachel Jacobs through paypal on October 2nd, 2017 for $50.00, Order No. [protected]. I never received my reading. I have contacted Rachel by email and through her website many times but never heard back from her. I complained to paypal about this . I...

Haji Khan Baba / vashikaran fraud... scammer

on Nov 10, 2017

This is an important message for all of you people. Im from delhi.. My family is been under the attack of black magic so I searched for the cure and did some research and found this haji khan baba. I called this baba and tell him all my family story, he asked for my picture for reviewing to...

Haji Khan Baba / fraud baba... scam don't call this guy

on Nov 7, 2017

Hi I'm from England I called this haji khan baba to get some work done regarding my family life. Baba asked me I don't charge you any fee... you just have to pay for the material ..So for the first time I pay around 30k INR. After receiving the payment he said there is the problem from...

Saika Rashid / not received anything

on Nov 5, 2017

samba, [protected] also known as soman lagera in benin took 2000 pounds of me telling he will sends me talsiman and i was under i spell but robbed me on 31/10/17 tricked 500 pounds i sent through western union to issa yaye now he tell me i am scammed by him i want my money back...

Patricia Weston White Witch Psychic Flake & Scam / scam and fake

on Oct 7, 2017

A complete and utter fake and scam merchant went to see this white witch and psychic such a load of crap. The usual mary is beside you and michael blah blah bullcrap she got nothing at all right so I felt like I was being robbed to my face I did a bit of digging and guess what I am not the...

Galleria Psychic / overcharged, pressured into expensive services. don't trust her!

on Sep 1, 2017

Hello, I reluctantly agreed to pay for a $90 reading in advance. I was given a very vague / shirt reading less than 20 minutes. Also was felt pressured for a chakras cleaning service. To the tune of almost $400. I kindly refused. Relentless pressure nonetheless. My card was charged...

Kimsunchee International Consulting Ltd / fraud by kimsunchee re the real solar time of my chinese astrology birthchart to bring it to a previous chinese hour (中國時辰):

on Aug 28, 2017

Kimsunchee International Consulting LtdRe Kimsunchee International Consulting Ltd cc to www. Fraud by Kimsunchee re the real solar time of my Chinese Astrology birthchart to bring it to a previous Chinese hour (中國時辰): Fraud and/or incompetence by Kimsunchee of...

Psychic Readings by Vollie / psychic scam

on Aug 19, 2017

I bought a groupon for a psychic reading with Vollie Mitchell based in Tampa. This was around April 2013. When I called, she told me she wasn't going to take the Groupon because I had 'good energy' but there was something wrong. She came back saying she wanted to have everything with my...