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Astrology Readers Complaints

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Amil Rehmat Ali Shah / Astrologist/spiritual healer.

Adam786 on Feb 19, 2017
Amil Rehmat Ali ShahI was defrauded out of over £564 pounds by a fraudulent astrologer/spiritual healer based in Lahore, Pakistan called Rehmat Ali Shah. He told me to send him money on the name of Fida Hussain three times first on 10 June 2016 to do spiritual reading and then on 22 June 2016 he told me that he...

Bethea Jenner / Email

sandyjo on Feb 18, 2017
Bethea sent me an email Feb 8th and said I was going to take a 180 degree turn around, but she had to wait till the appropriate time so that it would take affect in my life. She would send me the dates in so many days that I was sure to have 2 great changes in my life, but she would email...

California Psychics / Unethical behavior

wazup on Jan 22, 2017
California Psychics prey on broken hearted and lonely women by posing as a certified psychic who can see into your future. They listen to your concerns then predict your hearts desire will come to pass. But when their predictions fail to come to fruition, they blame you for not believing...

Bethea Jenner / Ripoff

Donna Wall on Jan 10, 2017
Bethea prey's on individuals who are going through a hard time and who are vulnerable to anything that gives the person hope. She knows I am unemployed but yet she emails me on Sunday Jan 8, 2017 "Saying I have been specially selected!" Marla, the Mother Angel has taken an incredible liking to...

Angelic Visions LLC / Unethical psychic medium and minister

Ginger Q on Dec 31, 2016
Brain Sharp of Angelic Visions is mentoring students in the arts of Psychic Reading and Mediumship. He was my student for three months and finished working with me after the suggested three month time period. During the end of that third month, he decided he wanted to "mentor" student...

Astromary.com ; https://www.astromary.com/ / Not response of my services order for personal horoscope for career

Parag Upadhyay on Nov 3, 2016
Astromary.com ; https://www.astromary.com/Dear All, I had avail the astrological services from astromary for my career prospective email dated send on June 30, 2016 She charged me 40 USD and did not reply to my numbers of emails sent to her. Her website is https://www.astromary.com/ below is the mail draft which i send to her many...

Pandit Shri Sainathji Guruji / Astrologer

Rohith85 on Oct 27, 2016
Dear all This is to inform u that one astrologer pandit shri sainathji guruji his number is 9000221987 had put some fake reviews on spiritual sadhana website and earning money by fooling people, he charge 8k for prediction and tells nothing all he says negative points and tells that to...

Tara Medium / It is a fake medium???

Hanshika Styles on Sep 2, 2016
I used to receive a lot of emails from Tara medium.Well I could not deny the fact that it was so convincing and so luring that if I had not googled about her I would have spent my money.I think that some of the facts mentioned was true.I don't know how?This was the email sent. Dear Hanshika...

Espchat.com / Inner circle privileges

Texas Red on Aug 9, 2016
Was told for a one time 24.00 would receive inner circke priveleges for ine year. The second month they took $39.00 out of my account. Have not agreed to this rip off. Recvd one very thin booklet with August horoscope. Have nevet heard from again. Cannot afford them stealing my money

xyz / spiritualvidya.com

Rambo1 on Aug 5, 2016
This complaint is about Chamunda Swamiji. I called their office to seek spiritual advice. A lady asked me to pay $450 to read the horoscope and she promised me that Swamiji will definitely help find solution for my problem. I paid using my credit card. She scheduled an appointment for me...

Aasha Psychic / Reading for me

Mary Pfohl on Aug 5, 2016
I admit I was guillable to request her reading for a fee of £39. Then she requested another. I have sent a complaint and will tell the world she was a fraud. I demand mymo ey back. Please help!

Aasha Psychic / Grand study reading

marie-christine kauffmann on Jul 21, 2016
Copy of the email of the bought, and since i'm only arguing with her for a refund, I have had email the billing gate for this purchase, and now waiting for them to reply to me and help me in any way, and now I had just discover this complaints board. Re: find your login detail...

California Psychics / Psychic readings

Soulsistersf on Jun 26, 2016
I've used this company on more then one occasion, and have wasted a lot of money. I worked with one psychic multiple times because the first reading was amazing. He was really calling out details that there would be no other way for him to know. He had also made q e predictions that came...

Kasamba / Psychic Services

Helen L. on Jun 4, 2016
KasambaFrom May 9th to May 29th, I have been in dispute with Kasamba. My member id/ client number is 3017194. The service providers are committing fraudulent activities and do not need to be paid for ripping people off. I am trying to not allow bad, fake activities to continue such as their...

Psychic Readings By Tina / Psychic / astrology scam

Salinas28 on Apr 25, 2016
My daughter was scam and taken a lot of thousand of dollar from a psychic in this setting. She is a college student and work two job . She is on her fist year of college and graduated been the president of the honor society on her school . Hard to say but also trust everyone. On a trip to...

Bethea Jenner / Abusive emails, consumer scan

Brenda Haroutunian on Mar 17, 2016
Although I've unsubscribed from Bethea, I continue to receive hurtful emails on a daily basis suggesting that my life is doomed in so many ways, that a black halo follows me everywhere I go. Every day, I receive something that plays on my vulnerabilities with scary predictions about a...

Rajat Nayar Astrologer / Astrology Predictions

Reviewer53562 on Feb 3, 2016
I have consulted with a so famous Bollywood Astrologer Rajat Nayar few months back.His reviews on his website are so good that despite his hefty consultation fees of Rs.24000/-, we decided to consult him..no doubt he speaks so impressively on T.V that everyone wants to consult him. But i...

Kasamba / Psychic, "soul mechanic"

frontporchtalker1 on Jan 3, 2016
I've been receiving great readings from kasamba for years (And before that, liveperson) , but the reader, "soul mechanic, " is a blatant example of fraud. She'd done a couple of readings for me already, so when she offered me a deal I trusted her. I paid her $70 in advance, and another...

Goldengirl Psychic / Paid $24.00 for one year and another $39 to be in The Inner Circle

Sue Skierkowski on Jan 3, 2016
I was told by Goldengirl Psychic that on or near the 3rd of Jan. 2016, I would be faced with a Life Changing situation. Well, today (3rd of Jan. 2016) has come and is almost over and I have not once hear from this so-called psychic!! I am trying to request a full refund of $24 + $39 =...

Tara-medium.com / Product not to my stadards

abckls on Dec 20, 2015
In the first email it described to give all thee multiple services yet it turned out they keep asking for more money for those other services this is not a true product to be bought and should be banned from the internet marketing population. I am unsatisfied customer this CO. has a poor...
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