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Timbercreek Communities / Apartment unit

shamsi on Feb 21, 2017
I moved in September 2016 on Mornington Ave. Within weeks I discovered an ant infestation. I found them in my bed, kitchen, and washroom. I complained to the landlord who sent in pest control twice. The problem still persists. I notified the landlord again and said that I will be...

25 Parkway Forest Dr / Supervisor service

rajeshpanyam on Feb 19, 2017
The supervisor in the building is very rude and racist. Once there was a short circuit in the building and most of the unit lights were damaged. Up on enquiring for replacement of lights, we were asked to but lights on our own and fix it. When asked wasn't this part of maintenance as the...

Wiegand Enterprises / Do not rent to kent cory and wiegand enterprises

TraceyDavis@yahoo.com on Feb 14, 2017
Do not rent to Kent Cory and Wiegand Enterprises, because they are evil, wicked, crooked, corrupted and shady!!! They evicted me and Kelly McGee in 2005, because they did not do their jobs.There were roaches inside our new apartment, because Kent Cory did not take of the roaches.Kent Cory...

Coldwell Banker / Charged for service and was not provided

Nirmalpatel85 on Feb 13, 2017
Hi, I was looking to rent an apartment in Edison, NJ. Agent Yolanda Escobar - Flores, form coldwell showed me apartment. Then agent said you need to fill the application for the same. I and my co-signer filled the application and charged on both of us credit cards. Few days later the...

Long & Foster / Property management

Long & FosterI initially had a contract through a property mamagement agent that turned their business over to long and foster. Upon the tenants moved out I was told by l & f that the property was left in pristine condition. Nothing could be further from the truth. They made large holes in the walls in...

UDR Inc. / Unethical behaviour

Karma1024 on Feb 9, 2017
What a horror show. Do NOT live at any of these apartments, it has been nothing but a nightmare. The apartments may look nice but the management is literally the worst. They do nothing to help you with issues. Everything breaks and they don't bother to fix it. You will be assessed fine...

Glacier Court Apartments / Mail is not delivered!

Glacier Court Apts on Feb 7, 2017
We have filed numerous complaints. The office and our residents and nothing has been done. Texas City post office is terrible!!! I sent out 20 Christmas cards over the holidays and not one was EVER delivered!!! I was to receive mail CERTIFIED yesterday and guess what? Again, not...

Airbnb / Scammed

Mauricio on Feb 7, 2017
I booked an apartment in London and owner said he'll meet me at the station. I arrived at the place and waited for over an hour on no one showed up to pick me up. I tried to contact the owner via phone, but his phone was turned off. I thought that maybe he forgot about me or maybe something...

Morgan Properties / Maintenance, security, secure entrance

JJT26 on Feb 6, 2017
I live in cedar gardens with a secured main entrance door. well our door in 10 Valdivia court has been broken (not secured & anyone can walk in without key) since October 2016. I've made several reports to leasing even the leasing manager & keep being told that its being...

Realnet Estate Mooikloof / Bad service

Thabile on Feb 6, 2017
Realnet Estate Mooikloof Ridge Garsfontein has a very bad service, I am trying to get hold of a senior person to assist with a manor problem. I have sent an email to their H/O, on their website. They acknowledged reciept, and promised that somebody will come back to me asap. it is now 2...

Realnet Mooikloof / Service provider

Bhutiza0 on Feb 3, 2017
2 January 2017 082 377 8857 mooikloof@realnet.co.za I need assistance Realnet Estate is refusing to pay my rental fee for January On the 2nd of January the agent called me that they had found someone to rent my house from January to December, and I told them I need till the 5th to move...

Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / Richard A.Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people

CarlHamilton on Jan 22, 2017
Richard A. Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people and black tenants.Calling black neighborhoods Blackfish Bay, because he lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.Whenever black people rent to him and his properties, Black tenants move out because he don't fix things and he...

Shawn Eliovitz / Real estate

DisgruntledTenant9 on Jan 18, 2017
I rented from Shawn Eliovitz in the city of Brantford, Ontario. While renting from him, we encountered a number of repair issues, none of which were addressed in a timely manner. These issues include: We did not have a working toilet for over a month. We did not have a working fridge for over...

Shawn Eliovitz / Rental

disgruntledrenter6 on Jan 16, 2017
I rented from shawn eliovitz in brantford, on. We did not have a working toilet for a month. We did not have a working fridge for over a month. He hired unlicensed contractors to perform inadequate repairs. We had squirrels and raccoons living in our attic. Then one day he decided to sell...

Wiegand Enterprises / Kent cory and dorena banks is evil wicked and crooked against tenants

Rennard Cotton on Jan 15, 2017
Kent Cory and Dorena Banks are evil wicked and crooked against tenants.They slide notes and eviction notes under tenants doors, They don't tell tenants why they getting evicted from their apartments!!! Kent Cory and Maintenance take too long to come over and fix things inside your...

www.uniplaces.com / Real nightmare

Noel on Jan 13, 2017
Me and my friend were moving to UK and wanted to rent a property. We found this website and were really impressed with all the good offers they had. We found an apartment which looked amazing and price was also nice. For us (poor students) that was a great deal so we contacted the landlord...

Rented House / Obnoxious behaviour of house owner - looks like mental case

Poornachandra on Jan 10, 2017
This house owner seemed quiet polite till we entered into the house. The motive was just to extract rent and do not give peaceful possession. We stay on ground floor. Here goes the list 1. Bang the floor with stones from the 1st floor every 2 hours 2. Cut the water facility 3. Get into the...

Regency Property Management / Rental property

Rashesh Shah on Jan 9, 2017
The staff have a clear communication gap. Very unprofessional & rude !! They don't care about the customers at all. One member says something the other says something else. The very first impression of theirs got me vary and even though I didn't move in, my deposit was held. Please be...

Camden Property Trust / Illegal rental fees

Class_action_lawsuit on Jan 8, 2017
In February of 2016, Camden sued me for eviction (the action is called "unlawful detainer") after I had paid my rent and a 10% penalty for being late, late, in December of 2015. At that time, not only did Camden charge me a 10% late fee of $156.00 (my rent was $1567.00) but Camden also...

Booking.com / We did not get what we booked

Tina Vaskov on Jan 5, 2017
Booking.comOur reservation was as follows: Place: kopaonik, r. serbia Name: tina vaskov Check-in december 31, 2016, check-out january 7, 2017 Apartment - villa bianka, ground floor And we get: Apartment - villa bianka, but suteren (underground floor) We got in touch with ms. tijana bogosavljevic...
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