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Agoda Company / one palm tree apartments

Hannah abel on Jan 16, 2018
Agoda CompanyBooking reference-244541065 We booked an apartment to sleep in after our 24 hour flight from the UK to Manila. We had another flight early the next morning so wanted to be next to the airport. When we arrived at 12 o'clock (as agreed previously with the woman who owns the apartment) we were...

Banu Oeter OREA / banu oeter orea

orea on Jan 13, 2018
Banu Oeter has repeatedly lied and cheated her way through management of rental apartments in Berlin, Germany. She has stolen thousands of euros from people who entrusted her with their apartments. Do not deal with this woman! She is a disaster, her company folded and she should be banned...

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) / rude and irresponsible housing brooklyn management staffs

Kagura on Jan 9, 2018
Customer Representative was so rude and yell at people who was coming to set her third appointment regarding the apartment repair. It had been half year since we reported the mail box lock not working, still no one come to fix. The lady manager name Seement was so rude and irresponsible...

Morgan Properties / the building is so old and needs extensive, proper maintenance.

Minaj456 on Jan 8, 2018
I'm a current resident in Colonials apartment in Cherry hill, NJ These apartment units are an old building that needs too much maintenance work, but unfortunately, not maintenance group nor property manager do their job as to maintain a nice, pleasant and decent living environment. Today i...

Booking.com / shangri la, south coast, south africa

Ashaylin on Jan 5, 2018
The advert for the accomodation was that booking could be made without any payment.However;as soon as the booking was made, the establishment kept bombarding me with e mails for payment. The deposit was paid and subsequently before l could book in on the 29th of December 2017, the balance...

HandyMan Club of America / Scout.com / not receiving any type of correspondence from the club

Wardo on Jan 3, 2018
Failure to receive any type of info from the club in years. No magazine, no letters, no books . I received nothing from the club at all. This is a rip off, I should be refunded all the money I invested in the club as a Life Member. I am a manager of a mobile home park, we have several...

Veronica Belmonte / homestay at taal crystal estates tagaytay

truy yenfour on Jan 3, 2018
Veronica BelmonteName: Veronica Belmonte / Veron Belmonte Account number name: Aida Francisco Date of Incident: December 2017 Description: Veronica Belmonte from Taal Crystal Estates Tagaytay City / Alfonso Cavite was being complained in Tagaytay Escapade Facebook group for fraudulent advertisement and...

Forest City Realty Trust / late payment fees (unit 00-0812 one franklin town)

Nabil Henien on Jan 2, 2018
1. My Daughter rents unit number 00-0812 at One Franklin Town in Philadelphia. 2. The lease is for 2270.00 and is paid on time each month. 3. Other Payments are for Garage (started in August, 2017), and utilities. This payment amount to $350/Month approximately. 4. The building management...

The Healing Touch / living

Tonyr82 on Dec 31, 2017
The Healing TouchApartment unit being unclean on move in, black mold, baby roaches, bed bugs in walls. I was There for 3 yrs, The first 2 yrs were okay, 1 Br's are pretty decent. The inside is very cheap looking, it's very old. AC didn't really cool anything off. There was black mold on the inside of the AC...

Roomster / no matches, only billing that won't stop

Sivan Katz on Dec 26, 2017
I've tried to cancel multiple times but it just doesn't recognize my cancelations and keeps my account active and they keep charging me. Every time I try to contact customer service it just goes back to the screen of renting or looking for a room. No one to talk to. Not accepting my...

Bieck Management / dennis mikulac, gloria colle and bieck management are full of crap

Michelle Fabry on Dec 26, 2017
Dennis Mikulac, Gloria Colle and Bieck Management are full of crap!!! I was the apartment manger at Wyngate Apartments at 3006 and 3014 West Pierce Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin until 2008. I was a good a good apartment manager at Wyngate Apartments, I worked hard and pulled my own...

Morgan Properties / the colony’s at towson

Shortc on Dec 23, 2017
Morgan PropertiesAfter attempting to force us into agreeing to first months rent as deposit. They attempted to receive first months rent and a 1120 security deposit. Once it came time to Pay the rent, the company put a hold on my payment account and did not inform me that I would have to bring in a money...

Lantana Ridge Apartments / lantana ridge apartments/ claire she blows

lemon212 on Dec 20, 2017
Lantana Ridge ApartmentsThere is currently a prostitute working out of building 12 in this apartment complex. The apartment managers are renting a unit to a person who is using it for illegal purposes. The person goes by Claire She Blows and she is soliciting out of a unit in building 12. There are families and...

North Iowa Regional Housing Authority in Mason City, IA / their housing services - are bad!- and their housing policy is a lie

pqnforjustice on Dec 20, 2017
Don't ever rent an apt from The North Iowa regional housing authority!- in mason city, is at their office it will be a terrible mistake! Don't believe nothing They say about their housing policy that they don't discrimination against people based on Race!- or color!- they...

Duke Energy / deposit fee

Cort2_7 on Dec 19, 2017
My deposit was waived prior to move in because of my good credit. I used my savings account to pay my first bill online. For some reason my payment was returned. I used the same savings account to pay my first bill the second time and it went through. Now I'm being charged a deposit of...

Team Management / rosie galarza rents to bad black tenants and let them move into kilbourn commons

Joseph Amerson on Dec 16, 2017
Me and my roommate R. Hudson was living at Kilbourn Commons in Apt 311 until it was owned by 28 West apartments. 28 West apartments sold Kilbourn Commons to Team Management in March 2016. Me and my roommate was cleaning the inside of Kilbourn Commons, We were sweeping the front and back...

Team Management / darnell williams and team management let the bedbugs inside kilbourn commons

Lewis Hopson on Dec 16, 2017
I was living at Kilbourn Commons located at 2835 West Kilbourn Avenue owned by 28 West apartments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was bedbug free and free of bedbugs. What happened in March 2016, 28 West apartments sold the building to Team Management and the property owner was Darnell...

Uniplaces / unethical behaviour

unhappykonsumer9 on Dec 15, 2017
I reserved an apartment in Lisbon for my son for six weeks starting in mid-October. The first landlady put him in an different apartment than was reserved. She came up with all kinds of excuses and lies for why she didn't put him in the right apartment. She eventually admitted to...

Team Management / rosie galarza is sick and twisted at kilbourn commons and team management

Iesha Tucker on Dec 14, 2017
Rosie Galarza is sick and twisted at Kilbourn Commons and at Team Management!!! Rosie let the bedbugs inside Kilbourn Commons located at 2835 West Kilbourn Ave in 2016. Rosie Galarza is real sick, crazy and twisted inside her mind!!! Darnell Williams don't do nothing about Rosie Galarza...

Team Management / rosie galarza rents to bad tenants, but she won't evict them when they do wrong

Darrel Johnson on Dec 14, 2017
Rosie Galarza rents to bad tenants and convicted felons!!! She won't evict them when they do wrong inside Kilbourn Commons at 2835 West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A black guy tenant be arguing, kicking her door and beating up his baby mother, She don't call the police on him...
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