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Zenify / City Synapse Info / Thumbs down service

SM088454 on Jul 22, 2017
I rented an apartment through Zenify. I paid the booking amount and booked the flat two months prior to move-in. In between I followed up on all the maintenance to be done for the flat and acquiring the keys. After a lot of calls I was finally told to come to the flat and the Zenify...

Gumtree / Gumtree emails did not arrive

Patric123 on Jul 21, 2017
I want to report a problem with Gumtree. I answered an ad for a Spanish family to come and stay in my house to arrive yesterday. After some discussion I was paid for a 6 week stay. We had not exchanged our proper emails at that stage (as advised by Gumtree). I had sent them the Street name...

Charles Duggan Lettings / tenant deposit not safeguarded

LynMW on Jul 19, 2017
This company is the managing agent for my flat. He no longer answers calls or emails and I can find no evidence of the tenants deposit being registered or safeguarded. He has asked the tenants for extra money in relation to providing a new key and I have asked him to return this, he ha...

Asset Campus Housing / unethical apartment ownership

sugjesstion on Jul 17, 2017
Update 7/17 - They're offering me a $100 credit for the month I lost of living in my apartment due to the broken a/c and cockroaches. Also, as I was moving out on July 15, the a/c they had JUST fixed broke again. This place is a joke. On June 22, my a/c broke. I reported the issue on the...

Equity Builders / non payment for work

Brandy Blais on Jul 15, 2017
This company hired my husband & I to be superintendents at one of their properties. We performed every repair in requested of us and they refuse to pay us. They made sure to request numerous duties and then let us go without paying us. They conduct business by lining their pockets and...

Timbercreek Assessment Inc. / poor building management neglect towards tenants including theft on exaggerated high monthly rent

Sylvanna Lalonde on Jul 10, 2017
timbercreek has bought out most buildings in and around the downtown area, supposeitly a 5.5 billion enterprize in total thus far all over Canada. sadly their management team sucks, for one of their countless buildings located on 2125 st-marc street has totally degraded in the last couple...

Greystar / poorly managed

Brooke Shields on Jul 9, 2017
GreystarPoorly managed. Management has poor communication and careless about residential concerns/complaints. I had move-in date of 6/3. My movers & I were packed and less the 5 miles from apartment on 6/3 when management called & said apartment wasn't ready because previous occupants had not...

Lobos Reality Pittsburgh PA / sobol the owner of lobos reality

user1666781 on Jun 29, 2017
If your a women looking for an apartment in the Pittsburgh area north Versailles, don't do it make sure you google all the complaints are all true, they have no security no maintenance no heat no bathroom door ! Little crazy right ! women be careful bc most of his apartments don't have...

Lobos Management Pittsburgh PA / service being threatened humiliating a 15 year veteran

How a bout it on Jun 28, 2017
Lobos Management Pittsburgh PAWhat ever you don't rent an apartment from lobos reality in Pittsburgh, they humiliated a 15 year veteran that went to Iraq 5 time 5tours and active duty in a war twice, he served his country so people like sobol from lobos reality can sit on his fats [censor] and steal and verbally...

Marin Management / property management

mark42 on Jun 27, 2017
Marin ManagementI was living at a building managed by Marin Management. The people I had dealings with there were Martin Hollander, Evan Hollander and Justin Hollander. I wasn't happy with what was going on so I contacted the city to inspect my apartment. They city sided with me and wrote up several violation...

Lobos Management / apartment rental in pittsburgh from lobos reality

user1666781 on Jun 26, 2017
Lobos ManagementIf your looking for an apartment in the Pittsburgh area or surrounding areas, do yourself and your family a favor don't rent from lobos reality they are slumlords google them sobol is ridiculous, it's a nightmare! We are starting a site and it's going to be on Facebook, you tube, twitter...

Lobos Management / sobol lobos reality women abuser

How a bout it on Jun 24, 2017
Lobos ManagementDon't rent from lobos reality in pittsburgh pa, they are criminal they threatened a women even the attorney Christina thought is was ok that her wack [censor] boss sobol was right in threatening a women after a attack he should be reported for women abuse, his apartments might look...

Anil hans / charges for no services

AHans9364 on Jun 22, 2017
This is the dispute started by regus in liverpool with customer -initial querry raised : 4th december 2016 -welcome pack email received: 5th december 2016 -appointment date fixed by patrice hamill on 5th dec 2016 for 9th dec 2016 with niall o’hagen -online agreement sent by andy...

Lobos Management Pittsburgh PA / service maintenance apartment

How a bout it on Jun 19, 2017
Anyone looking to rent an apartment in Pittsburgh think twice about renting from lobos reality Pittsburgh, the management is terrible and sobol is worse he lies, he's a slumlord to cheap to fix anything, plus a lot of his properties are unsafe no security, the Birmingham in north...

Lobos Reality Management / disgusting management

How a bout it on Jun 11, 2017
I'm not sure where to start, my wife was attacked on May 2 2017, around 6.40 am, going into the apartment which s right next to the outside entry door that was supposed to be locked, but doors were propped open 24/7 I would go to work early, this rocked my wife's world and it...

HomeAway / rental of home, october 2015

Mike Lenane on Jun 10, 2017
Following a particularly stressful period of job changes and relocation from our home of 33 years, my wife and I decided to take an in-between-jobs vacation. We found what we thought was the perfect rental through HomeAway. We contacted the owner, Todd Messer, told him we were interested...

Lobos Management / stealing money from husband

user1666781 on Jun 8, 2017
Lobos ManagementSo today my husband called lobos reality attorney!because he wants his money back ! the attorney Christina for mr rubenoff said they had to put new carpet in the apartment, the carpet was new when we got the apartment just for 2months, we had to leave because I was attacked by a stranger...

Thomas Hardy / thomas hardy rental scam

Faith lindsey on Jun 7, 2017
Thomas HardyI was emailed by a "Thomas Hardy" on june 5 2017 at 4:59 pm after i posted a kijiji ad looking for an apartment i. Almonte ontario. He claimed he was an oncologist and that he graduated from St.Georges University of London. In the uk. He sent pictures of the unit. Didnt tell us the addre...

Winstar Properties / apt building management is the worst in hollywood

Alazar2017 on Jun 6, 2017
This is a rent control building that was apparently bought few years ago by Winstar Properties. Most units are no longer rent control because residents are being bought out for a very low amount of money. Poor/uneducated souls don't know they got a crappy deal! As these units are becoming...

6555 La Mirada Ave / winstar properties/6555 la mirada ave

Alazar2017 on Jun 6, 2017
This is a rent control building that was apparently bought few years ago by Winstar Properties. Most units are no longer rent control because residents are being bought out for a very low amount of money. Poor/uneducated souls don't know they got a crappy deal! As these units are becoming...
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