Apartments Rental Complaints


Lakeside Apartments AKA Hayman Company AKA aimco of Lisle, 60532 / big scam bait-and-switch lisle il

on Apr 17, 2019

Lakeside Apartments AKA Hayman Company AKA aimco of Lisle, 60532Can someone tell me why this company Lakeside Apartments Hayman Company of Lisle, IL is still in business? I moved in 3 weeks ago. They were as nice as pie before I moved in. Well when I called for a carpet repair they said I did it and then charged me on my next rent $240 dollars to fix...

St Elizabeth Independent Living Apartments/Stella Maris / unsafe living conditions

on Apr 14, 2019

This hell hole doesn't' deserve one star, my mother moved into an independent apartment in oct. 6 months she's had to deal with having no air conditioning when it was hot, no heat when it got cold, a broken hot water heater, a broken garbage disposal, sink still doesn't drain...

Winstar Properties 6555 La Mirada Ave / complaint about crappy apt building

on Apr 14, 2019

Beware prospect renters and stay away from this building! I had to move out due to the following. The current wannabe jersey shore manager name Francisco has let the building far apart. Grass 4ft high, garbage all over the floor interior/exterior of the building, he smokes in the parking...

River View Apartments / rude management who asked us to leave the office

on Apr 3, 2019

What do you call folks who are trained to give half information until you're trapped? When there will be about 2 weeks left in your lease, you'll get an email from them that you have to serve a 30 days notice. They have a policy of 30 days notice written somewhere in the 27-page lease...

Villa Direct Management Company / villa rental 20-102

on Mar 15, 2019

Villa Direct Management CompanyThe place was disgusting. The sheets the pillows and the carpets. See my review with the pictures. Below. The sheets were disgusting along with the pillows and the carpets. The smoke detectors are not by code as they are replacing all with battery ones and did not replace the one in the...

Goldenwest Management / property management

on Feb 14, 2019

This company is a joke! I honestly have no idea how they are still in business! Jayson is a chauvinist know it all! He has absolutely no decorum or class! Dishonest and sloppy with their work. My gut feeling was to terminate the agreement before these "amazing" tenants ever moved in. But I...

Cimco Management Company / postage meter - customer service

on Feb 6, 2019

I had called a couple of weeks ago and spoke to someone about this but I haven't received my credit. I should have a credit coming on my bill for the postage from the postage on the meter we returned. Also I have been charged for the returned meter and I have already paid the rental on the...

Julie Winn, Aelous Real Estate Property Management / property management

on Feb 2, 2019

Julie Winn, Aelous Real Estate and Property Management takes advantage of the barbaric Arkansas Landlord/Tenant Laws harass tenant, lie and enter your apartment as she pleases. She changed the rules to the building (which is illegal), provided false pictures and statements to the Arkansa...

Fiona Michelle Wolcott / unethical behaviour, unlicensed property manager and cleaning business

on Jan 30, 2019

I hired Fiona Wolcott about ten months ago to manage my two rentals after she told me she managed an apartment complex in Salem. In the beginning she seemed very knowledgeable as a manager, but, as time went by, she was doing less and less work for me. She assured me she would do better...

Max Polokwane, Hillary Street / renting property without inspection and refund of my deposit fee

on Jan 18, 2019

I, Rhukanani Florence Mabunda rented a property at Polokwane, 186 Hillary Street with Remax from July 2015 until September 2017. The name of the Agent who assisted me is Shelton, who left the company sometimes back. I gave Remax a 2 months notice as per rule. All this time since I started...

NTN Tenant Performance / incorrect information on report and lack of access to report

on Jan 13, 2019

For the first times in two decades we are renting since we just sold our house in Brooklyn, New York. We completed the application form with NTN Performance Rentals. We paid $39 each and did not see the report they sent to the realtor and landlord. There is no option for us to request a...

1800 N. New Hampshire Ave / room for rent

on Jan 11, 2019

On Tuesday, Jan. 10 I saw a posting for a room to rent in a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles in the Los Feliz district. The address given was 1800 N. New Hampshire Ave. I know that address because I lived there from 1992 to 2010 -- and I was hopeful about living there again. I used the...

28 West Apartments / jonathan furle, angel hofmeister and gregory dayton are crooked, sick and twisted and full of crap

on Jan 2, 2019

Jonathan Furle, Angel Hofmeister and Gregory Dayton are crooked, sick and twisted and full of crap, because what happened was in 2015, 28 West Apartments owned the apartment building located at 2835 West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, They took care of things and they took care...

Apartment Complex in Louisville KY / illegal lease

on Dec 15, 2018

Someone got a lease in Louisville ky using my information and it was not me. This was in july of 2017. I do not know who did this. The lease was there for a year. I have complained to the ftc and to as well. I was not residing in kentucky at the time. The lease as at an...

Gershon Luria / rental

on Dec 11, 2018

Gershon LuriaPlease do your research before doing any business specifically landlord tenant. They are the worst landlords in Contra Costa and Alemeda Their properties are know to have violations with the rental board, Gerson will use his key to walk into your unit he walked in on me three times and...

Dallas Property Management Pros / fraudulent rental agents

on Dec 8, 2018

Would not recommend property rented by these people. Rented a very old property from them. They did not keep up with the maintenance of the property during the lease, as required. At the end when vacating, they refused to refund the security deposit, for the same repairs that were either...

Apartment Morgan Properties / pathetic service and work orders not fixed since 3 months

on Nov 17, 2018

Poor service. I have emailed [protected]@morganproperties 3 days back but have not heard from your side. Kindly call or email me as these pending work orders are not getting fixed at all. I hope you can call or email today and help us resolve this. It will be good if this is taken care of sooner...

2430 Morris Avenue Bronx, New York 10468 / apartment: 30b

on Nov 12, 2018

Tenant of apartment 30B is a section 8 recipient:; on numerous occasion for the past 5 years we have given complaints to Super and Landlord of the tenet negligence in supervising her children that have cause water damage to several apartments below the one she occupies; with no avail. It...

Timbercrooks / unprofessional behavior

on Nov 7, 2018

Where do I begin... The lady in the office is dumber than a bag of hammers. She has been harassing me for months for money I don't owe. When asked, she said she doesn't know what the charge is for so until she can figure it out, I am not handing over any money. lol, really. They are...

WJ Kellar Real Estate Company / real estate services

on Nov 5, 2018

WJ Kellar Real Estate CompanyStaff extremely disrespectful and unprofessional. Residences are hazardous and in extremely poor condition. They did NOT respond to maintenance requests in a timely fashion, and sometimes not even at all. This included things that were hazardous and in emergent need of repair. There were...

Just Property Vaal Triangle / house rental

on Oct 25, 2018

We have given notice to move out end of September. We did not pay the rent for September on time, due to waiting for payment and made arrangements with the admin. We have moved most of our belonings to our new place by the 9th of September. Unfortunately I could not leave curtains as I...

Princinetta M. Thurman, Marcus D. Gutsch, Sharon Williams and Marquita White / ain't nothing but trouble

on Oct 18, 2018

Do not rent to Princinetta M. Thurman, Marcus D.Gutsch, Sharon Williams and Marquita White, because they are troublemakers who like to start trouble and start problems with good tenants inside a apartment building!!! Princinetta M. Thurman and Marcus D.Gutsch like to play their music way...

AON Wakeforest, Inc. / whirpool stave model #wfc150m0ew2

on Oct 16, 2018

The stove top (not burners) heat up when using the oven to the point that you can burn your hand or fingers when touched. Granite Club Apartments Mgr. Mona Gonzalez [protected] (2) residents have complained about this issue 08/2016 Resident was making Lasagna in oven set at 350...

34 Elsham Road / black mold

on Oct 13, 2018

34 Elsham RoadGood day, we had to vacate this flat as the stench of black mold was over Powering. The bed was damp and unmade. The flat had not been cleaned at all. I have taken photos Of the mold and spiderwebs. Kindly, Please contact us as soon as can to help us get reimbursed. I have rented many place...

Echo Matthews / worst roomates ever

on Oct 5, 2018

Echo Matthews[Name removed] and her alcoholic boyfriend [Name removed] rented me a room in Northgleen Colorado. As soon as I came into the house it reeked of cigarette smoke although I asked before if there would be any and she promised there would be no smoking and that its a non smoking room as I am...

Team DK / csr

on Oct 4, 2018

I have been a customer for over 7 years now in an Apt complex. They recently switched to online or phone payment. Each has a fee of $3.70/$3.00 respectively. I had misplaced my paper bill and wanted to check on my balance via online. I could not access my account even by using the user... / rental property

on Oct 3, 2018

Besides the fact that they are slumlords and don't fix anything that they put a "work request" in for, I've been dealing with drug addict/prostitute for neighbors. Which is documented by the police after a bust. Where they evicted? No. Where they evicted after tone if their...

M and M Realty Solutions LLC / real estate property management

on Oct 1, 2018

I own many properties and I hired M and M Realty Solutions LLC to manage them for me. They are a Mickey mouse operation and expect me to pay repair and maintenance bills without the actual vendor invoices. They want me to trust them and I just don't trust them. Their accounting i... / / unethical accommodation booking for orchard gate serviced apartment bradley stoke bristol.

on Sep 14, 2018

I searched for an apartment in Bristol for a concert we were going to in October. The web sight decided that as no bookings were available for October they would display available bookings in September. I booked accommodation for the 22 -24 at £258 assuming it was for October. The...

Bergview, 26 Berg Street, Swellendam, South Africa, 6740 / so called double booking and dumped at another place

on Sep 13, 2018

I booked this Bergview place iro 1 room for one person myself on 6 September 2018. It was on a special offer of 30% discount for R 497.00 with normal prices around R 800-R 900. I received the booking confirmation with no 2091.223.896. I was at a high level workshop with Department of...

Ryan Lake Apartments / property manager stole all my property and then wanted to bill me for storage I didn't need

on Sep 6, 2018

the property manager Eswin Berrios has been arrested for human trafficking and has been a property manager for a handful of properties in Minnesota . my family were infected with black mold there is way too much to put down on here but he was evicting me cause I found out that he wa...

Omnipoint Communications Midewest Operations. / rental fraud

on Sep 5, 2018

Hi. I heard about Diamond Place Luxury Apts from a caseworker for my son. She took me to 545 Michigan, in Grand Rapids Michigan where The Office is located. The building was dedicated to various Spectrum help services, however, a handwritten Sign pointed to a suite number for Diamond Place...

Elizabeth Thorne Village Squire Hartman and Tyner Apartments / staff harassment unjustified eviction illegal apartment entry vindictive manager

on Aug 26, 2018

Elizabeth Thorne Village Squire Hartman and Tyner ApartmentsDo not rent from Village Squire Apartments Elizabeth Thorne at Hartman and Tyner Apartments at 5955 Edinburgh St, Canton, MI 48187 Phone [protected]. There is a vindictive manager there named Elizabeth Thorne. She harasses the community using various Gang Stalking Tactics by using her...

Abigail Court Apartments/ WRH Reality / apartment non renewal lease at tax credit apts

on Aug 24, 2018

I am a permanately disabled person 69 yrs old with a well documented service dog of 13 yrs old. Upon moving into Abigail Court Apts in Port Richey, Fl 34668, I and my 76 yr old roommate were verbally and in writing told my on-site property manager that my service dos would not be allowed...

The Village at Irvine Spectrum / apartments

on Aug 22, 2018

I have lived here for 8 years. Last night I was on a conference call when I got home, so instead of driving into the parking garage where I would lose the call, I parked in visitor and ran upstairs. The conference call lasted another 2 hours and I feel asleep. This morning my car was gone...

125 Parkway Forest Drive / pest control

on Aug 14, 2018

Homestead Properties do not do proper pest control in 125 Parkway forest Drive. I know that the entire 9th floor is infested with cockroaches. In my unit alone there would be more than 100 cockroaches. We complained but they dint do a good job with the extermination. They sprayed something...

Chambre d'Hote, Lourmarin village, Provence, France, 84160, 14 rue Henri Serrat / this room is marketed by and was booked for four nights 24-28 july 2018, by my cousin jana robinson.

on Aug 3, 2018

The description of the room in Booking.Com contains two outright falsehoods - "Free Parking" and a "Terrace". There is no parking at all - parking is simply "free" around the village, if you can find it. And there is no "terrace" - the room opens out into an alley, where people walk and...

RL & Associates in Estero Florida / property management and real estate services

on Jul 16, 2018

RL & Associates in Estero FloridaGordan Riley Duncan (known as Riley Duncan) owns a company called RL & Associates which is a property management company in Estero, Florida. He is also a Realtor with MVP Realty Associates. I rented a property in May 2018 that Riley Duncan and his wife Lisa Bowles Duncan manage at...