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Animal/Pet Hospitals Complaints

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Careem Networks / I am complaining about captain

dr farhat on Nov 26, 2017
24-11-2017 Captain: Raja Hashim Ejaz Suzuki Go Mehran, White, FX-223 +923015710630 I travelled with this captain on the date mentioned above from Fateh Jang Road Tarnol, Islamabad to Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi, During this time my mobile switched off due to low battery. When the ride end...

VRCC / emergency vet care

BillJ. on Nov 10, 2017
Stay away!! Julie aiello in the emergency department at the vrcc should not be "practicing" veterinary medicine!!! Summary - she wanted to kill my dog, she said that the dog would be dead within 4 days. I refused, and my dog has been happy and enjoying life for almost a year, and still...

DrsFosterSmith / Doctors Foster and Smith / bad experience

Enid Nell on Nov 8, 2017
I had a hard time trying to refund. I ordered several items and I didn't like them at all when I received them for some reasons. I was on the phone for about 2 hours waiting for someone to talk to me. But they only transferred me from one representative to another and in the end, I...

Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catherines Ontario Canada / alleged animal abuse by skyway animal veterinarian dr. mahavir singh rekhi

VillainHater on Nov 3, 2017
Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catherines Ontario Canada. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi of Skyway Animal Hospital was let off on a legal technicality after charges were brought against him for animal abuse as depicted in the photo below. "Newstalk 610 in St. Catharines reports that Crown...

Advance Animal Hospital / quality of care

Nate61021 on Nov 1, 2017
First when you walk into this Clinic. The cat urine smell will water your eyes. It is a very dirty place. I was in the lobby when the Veterinarian had a melt down. She was talking to a sales person and they where discussing vaccines. My understanding is this Clinic does not buy it...

Illinois Twilight Bark / facebook page practicing veteranarian medicine

Nate61021 on Nov 1, 2017
There are several problems with this Facebook page. Recently a post was made that someone wanted antibiotics for a kitten. A member of the group offered a bottle that was for a human. The two parties made arrangements to meet. The way the page works. Anyone can post on it and its supposed...

VCA Animal Hospitals / wrongfully vaccinated

Rocky22 on Oct 14, 2017
VCA Animal HospitalsOn Sep 23, 2017 my furry baby, Rocky was brought in to VCA Animal Care Center of Chicago 1248 W. Washington Chicago, IL 60607 (312) 243-6655. Rocky was dropped off there to receive a comprehensive physical exam and grooming. Rocky has been a patient there since Jan/2016. I was contacted...

Petsmart / fish

Ela122 on Oct 8, 2017
PetsmartHi i always go petsmart in belton mo 64012.everytime i go there the fish tanks are covered with algea and more dead fish are floating then live ones.when i ask when u clean ur tanks they say we working on it.a week later they still look the same.i hate afraid to get anything out.of The...

Hobby Lobby / floor messes

Bwhit on Oct 1, 2017
I shop the mt. vernon illinois hobby lobby quite often. It used to be neat and organized but lately it is a disaster. For the past few weeks there have been boxes of merchandise all over the store and carts of stuff everywhere. I understand they work hard to get everything out but that...

Banfield Pet Hospital / I will never return

Necati on Aug 28, 2017
I was extremely stressed out and had probably the worst day in my life. My 18-year-old dog was ill and stopped walking and our family made the hardest decision to put him to sleep. When I brought him to the hospital the vet started to tell me that our dog had chances to survive and live in...

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital / overcharge

Blue1123 on Aug 23, 2017
My dog was very ill however it was 10:30am on a monday morning. I had been to one clininc that couldn't see him that day so I called sally, who my cousin had spoken very highly of & I was heading to to my cousin's house. So I called sally & explained I knew my dog was very sick & I really...

Petsmart / grooming

marierosieb on Aug 22, 2017
I took my dog to be groomed on 8-20-17 at PetSmart in Maplewood MN. My dog is very sweet and loving but is also very timid and nervous. This is not the 1st time she has been there. The 1st time I was not happy with the grooming, but the 2nd time they did a great job. This was the 3rd and...

VCA Animal Hospitals / illegal billing practices

LA78 on Aug 16, 2017
I took my pet for an consultation due to vomiting and diarrhea. My pet was left there the whole day and they charged me $413.76. They charged me for services that were not provided and sent me home with a kit for collect urine and fecal test at home. I had no idea why they were giving me...

Petsmart / optimum health plan cancellation

Damian Graves on Aug 10, 2017
Early in 2017, my wife and I asked Petsmart customer service about the terms and conditions of opting out of our plan before the full year, to which the customer service technician/supervisor Becca (360989) told us "canceling your plan now would only mean you wouldn't get your...

Banfield Pet Hospital / pet insurance

MJ Loflin on Aug 9, 2017
I cancelled my pet insurance for my two dogs several years ago, after an incompetent vet at a Banfield location nearly killed my German Shepard. I should have sued, but instead decided to let it go and try to move on. Banfield is still trying to collect on the insurance I cancelled. That'...

Banfield Hospital / tooth extraction

SamandtheBaz on Jul 31, 2017
Our 12 ½ year old Whippet had his teeth cleaned at our local Banfield. During the procedure, Banfield contacted us for permission to remove one of our dog’s molars because the root was showing right above it. We gave them the ok, and after the procedure was over, we were informed that during...

Banfield Pet Hospital / the wellness plan

1127Bigdaddy on Jul 28, 2017
Well My dog had been on the plan for over 14 years. I had to put her down on Saturday July 22nd, 2107. I was told to call the Banfield 800 number to cancel the plan. The girls working at Banfield, seamed very strange when I ask how to cancel the plan. Well now I know why, I am now paying...

Petco / vet services

Madison Naus on Jul 22, 2017
I went with my friend to get her 4 month old puppies shots. When we got into the area where they do the shots a lady who her puppy Pyper has never met before picked her up and held her by her neck and stomach and when they gave her the first shot she tried to nip at the girl holding her...

Banfield Pet Hospital / cancellation policy is non-existent

P Maye on Jul 11, 2017
First of all, while I will not deny attempts have been made to contact me, I will say that your representative always call me when I am at work and I have explicitly told them that information and asked that they instead call my husband's number to get the bill taken care of. Instead your...

Petsmart / banfield pet hospital

jakezoe on Jul 7, 2017
I had my dogs teeth cleaned April 22nd...when I got him home I noticed his teeth did not look very clean at all. I am a dental hygienist so I probably notice more then others would. I called and asked to talk to vet and was told she would call me back...however she never did. I just took...
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