Animal/Pet Hospitals Complaints


Marie bengal / bengal breeder

on Feb 12, 2019

We bought both our little bengals from marie bengal on the quebec side. Both my little kitten came with terrible health issues. When we got our little boy he had a grade one heart murmur. Later we found out he has a hole in his heart and we have spent thousand on vet bills. Our little girl...

Animal Wellness Center / lack of professionalism

on Jan 18, 2019

In 2018 I went through the process of having 2 males collected and had their semen frozen for future breeding. These were males who have very unique color gene so not just any stud dogs. I have been working on my breeding program for a couple years now to include this specific color so...

Pet-Agrees Wellness Services / unethical/unprofessional service

on Jan 18, 2019

In 2018 I went through the process of having 2 males collected and had their semen frozen for future breeding. These were males who have very unique color gene so not just any stud dogs. I have been working on my breeding program for a couple years now to include this specific color so...

Paws Tennessee Animal Reproduction / veterinary services

on Jan 16, 2019

In 2018 I went through the process of having 2 males collected and had their semen frozen for future breeding. These were males who have very unique color gene so not just any stud dogs. I have been working on my breeding program for a couple years now to include this specific color so...

Valley Animal Hospital / vet care

on Dec 2, 2018

well im going to start off by saying one dog is passed, the other went thru a extensive cyst surgery at another vet (this one was seen by 2 nurses at Valley Animal Hospital) and we were told with in 2 minutes after she picked a scab off. that this dog is fine, and if we ever wanted to get...

Rutherford Animal Hospital / doctor pushing services for my pets

on Nov 9, 2018

I want to complain about my veterinarian Rutherford Animal Hospital 755 Rutherford Ave. Rutherford, New Jersey 07070. I had brought all four of my cats to them in 2017. I'm thinking that they got desperate for money. They have this new thing about new procedures. With two of my four cat...

CNN International / change in early morning programming

on Sep 11, 2018

I have watched CNN International since Trump began his bid for the White house. I have it on almost all day every day and record the Shows from eleven at night here in UK. They never change to on screen programme guide anyway, opr even the onscreen guides when programmes begin. The Today...

PET ER Towson / emergency animal hospital

on Sep 3, 2018

Our experience with PET+ER in Towson is nothing short of a horror story. Our newly rescued puppy ate a small toy, and we took him to our Vet where an Xray was taken and determined that IV fluid treatment and supportive care is needed for 24 hours. The Vet recommended Belair medical center...

WestVet / neglect/lies

on Aug 9, 2018

WestVet Experience: August 6, 2018 I was brushing my cat and she screeched in pain when I got near her tail, and that's when I noticed her tail was bent. Not knowing what happened (I can only guess), I immediately took her to WestVet at 7pm and did not leave until 2:30am the next morning...

Millersville Road (741) PA / customer service

on May 18, 2018

Myself and two coworkers stopped in for a quick bite post shift at your Millersville Pike branch. After checking my order (which was incorrect) I apologized while asking to fix my order. My coworkers and I stood there listening to them mock me for their own mistake. When I collected my...

Effa Shafiee / very poor services

on Mar 12, 2018

Effa ShafieeHi there, Please take a look the attached picture as per prove that iv been payment RM60.+, for my courier that only cat carrier. But until today i'm did not received any courier from that promise "next day delivery" what the hell with the promise, its take 5 day already.. Please dont take...

Miami Pet Emergency / veterinary care

on Feb 19, 2018

So here is the deal. I am not one to do post since I understand that every customer cannont be pleased but right now this is straight robbery. So, my girlfriend and I took our dog to this emergency clinic as a recommendation by our vet that we trust and it was a horrible recommendation to...

Charles Loops E DVM / homeopathic veterinarian

on Feb 15, 2018

Charles Loops E DVMAfter a 10 minute conversation where Dr. Loops barely said anything, he explained that he had to end the call because he had another client scheduled. He asked me to send him more information about the supplements that my cat was currently taking and said that he would reply to my...

BluePearl Veterinary Hospital Clearwater Florida / bluepearl animal hospital provided me unethical, awful, unprofessional, undignified treatment of my beloved dog

on Jan 30, 2018

I took my dog to Blue Pearl February 15th not know that would be the very last time I saw her. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis in early stages where with fluids and treatment she would of been okay. They saw that she needed immediate treatment but the only thing they were concerned...

VRCC / emergency vet care

on Nov 10, 2017

Stay away!! Julie aiello in the emergency department at the vrcc should not be "practicing" veterinary medicine!!! Summary - she wanted to kill my dog, she said that the dog would be dead within 4 days. I refused, and my dog has been happy and enjoying life for almost a year, and still...

Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catherines Ontario Canada / alleged animal abuse by skyway animal veterinarian dr. mahavir singh rekhi

on Nov 3, 2017

Skyway Animal Hospital in St. Catherines Ontario Canada. Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi of Skyway Animal Hospital was let off on a legal technicality after charges were brought against him for animal abuse as depicted in the photo below. "Newstalk 610 in St. Catharines reports that Crown...

Advance Animal Hospital / quality of care

on Nov 1, 2017

First when you walk into this Clinic. The cat urine smell will water your eyes. It is a very dirty place. I was in the lobby when the Veterinarian had a melt down. She was talking to a sales person and they where discussing vaccines. My understanding is this Clinic does not buy it...

Illinois Twilight Bark / facebook page practicing veteranarian medicine

on Nov 1, 2017

There are several problems with this Facebook page. Recently a post was made that someone wanted antibiotics for a kitten. A member of the group offered a bottle that was for a human. The two parties made arrangements to meet. The way the page works. Anyone can post on it and its supposed...

Best Friends Veterinary Hospital / overcharge

on Aug 23, 2017

My dog was very ill however it was 10:30am on a monday morning. I had been to one clininc that couldn't see him that day so I called sally, who my cousin had spoken very highly of & I was heading to to my cousin's house. So I called sally & explained I knew my dog was very sick & I really...

Sergents / sergent silver flea and tic squeeze on

on Jun 25, 2017

I went on here to read any information about this flea and tic squeeze on for use on my cats. I am so glad I did. The complaints are horrible. I thank GOD I did not use before checking on here first. Thank you all for putting your complaints on here! I am elderly and live on a limited...

Wagz / advertising

on May 12, 2017

I took a contract with Castle Media who were acting on behalf of Abbey Vets in Barnsley. They charged me £480 which I paid in 3 instalments in March 2016. The contract was to advertise my business of dog grooming on Abbey vets appointment cards. I was sent a card which did show my busine...

Touch O Katz - Kimberly Benson / Egyptian mau kitten

on Apr 5, 2017

I just want to start off by saying I love my kitten... However I am extremely disappointed with the poor quality of health she was in when I received her. The first day she was home in mid february, I noticed she had a black tar-like substance in her ears. I immediately took her to my vet...

Vanier animal hospital / health

on Jun 11, 2016

Dr. Butler is very dishonest! The first time I brought my dog to her hospital was in the end of May. At that time, my dog was going there for allergy treatment. She did not give me any medicine, but she asked me to buy medicine in pharmacy to treat my dog at home( Cost for this visit i...

German Shepherd / dogs

on Apr 12, 2016

Hello, My name is sarmad, some one has posted my Fake Ad in OLX. that im going to Sell German shepherd puppies on cheap prize. Please remove my Ad. My ID is with : [protected] My name - Sarmad Add name: German shepherd male female both A person calls and asks me about dogs, They ask me...

st kilda veterinary centre Dunedin / paid account

on Dec 4, 2015

I took my dog on the 3 Jun 2015 late knight for a open gut paw for treatment and paid for the service what they did not do properly .I did a better job than they did .They did not want to put stitches in. I had to take my dog the next day to a another vet to get stitches. They don't care...

SPCA Clinic / Service delivery to the public and pet owners who are in dia strait

on Oct 17, 2015

On Friday my dog our baby Max had taken I'll he was 6 months old I called the SPCA vet who said to bring in right away she would attend to him soon arrival the rude receptionist said fill this form the vet will be with you shortly I waited 2 hours after the rude receptionist told me I...

BluePearl / Cat given clean bill of health by bluepearl dies soon after minor procedure

on Sep 18, 2015

Took my 15-yr-old healthy, active and vibrant cat to BluePearl on W.55th St., NYC, because he had trouble having a bowel movement the Sunday before Labor Day. After $3000 worth of diagnostic tests (blood, urine, culture, sonogram, xray, etc.) they could find NOTHING wrong with him, so they...

Veterinarians / Malpractice, Misdiagnosis

on Jul 8, 2015

Misdiagnosis and malpractice by Blue Pearl murdered my pet cat. He was taken to Blue Pearl via recommendation of regular vet due to emergency on a late Friday afternoon. My cat, a beautiful orange short hair, was straining at the litter box unable to urinate. Blue Pearl said that cat wa...

SPCA Springfield Park / Disgusted

on Jul 7, 2015

I am totally disgusted with the workers at the SPCA in Springfield park. My Jack Russell had hurt his leg on Saturday and was limping so I took him to the SPCA in Springfield Park to have his leg checked. I explained to the lady at the reception that my dog has hurt his leg and he cannot...

Shallowford Animal Hospital / would not treat sick cat

on May 9, 2015

suppose to be a vet... Catherine Mabe Took my cat to this vet, because he was having overactive thyroid problems. All he needed was medicine for his thyroid. But, they refused to treat him because I didn't have $400 pay them. I gave them $80, all I had, but they had to have the full $400...

Yuba Sutter SPCA / Adopted out sick pet

on Mar 27, 2015

Yuba Sutter SPCAThe Yuba Sutter SPCA knowingly and willingly adopted out a cat that had a widespread skin infection, severe, chronic vomiting indicative of an underlying condition and, they should have known, she had a loud heart murmur. I lost my Persian cat to cancer in October 2014. I’ve been looking...

Veterinary Care Center / Vet Malpractice

on Feb 27, 2015

Veterinary Care CenterEXTREME WARNING!!! This evil, hideous vet named Mark Nunez has done something bad to our pet behind the doors to make him sick (either gave him some improper medication or some injection). Veterinary Care Center, or Veterinary Hell Center! Mark Nunez acted in a very strange way in a long...