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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Virginia | Page 4

Ulta Beauty / employees.

mayli123 on Jan 24, 2018
Very disappointed about the Ulta in stonebridge, usually I am good makeup artist and is glammed up all the time and I know what I am looking for at the store, I was looking a little rough when I came in because I had a long day and employees were being rude and kept following me because I...

Great Wolf Lodge / poor customer service and dirty rooms, williamsburg, va

Gorman_9 on Jan 23, 2018
Date of our stay: 1/20-1/22 Date of incident started on 1/20 and 1/22 departure Rooms 2114, 2105 1. Upon our arrival on 1/20, we were told that there was a leak in our room so they are moving us to a smaller room and we will get an upgrade the next morning. The check person didn't bother to...

Gehane / coach half boot

Gehane Tawfik on Jan 22, 2018
When I make a purchase of over 1, 500 in 3 months and I go to return a $50 boot and the staff treat me bad and wouldn't do the return .. I call this lousy customer service. I understand there is a policy but sometimes you just have to be human. I am so disappointed and had more order...

Safeway / background music in safeway stores

Michael De Sapio on Jan 22, 2018
I am tired of the background music in Safeway stores. It is much too loud and prevents me from concentrating on my shopping! Please turn it down or, better yet, get rid of it. You are shooting yourself in the foot by playing such loud and distracting music. Nobody needs to hear that while...

Hardee's Restaurants / not opening at said hours

Zebulan on Jan 21, 2018
The Hardee's on Hersheberger road in Roanoke, VA and the Hardee's on Peters Creek Road are the issue. Mainly the first one... I have went multiple times to the Hersheberger Hardee's and they have told me that they aren't open because either one person is there so they obviously aren't...

Portfolio Recovery Associates / collections floor

Chros on Jan 20, 2018
The Collections department are VERY unprofessional at this company. The employees act like teenagers in high school. They gossip, spread drama, they don't respect the privacy of other employees. The management / supervisors don't make sure the employees are performing with good, ethical...

Cooke the Ice Man - 360techultd.com - Ryan Cooke / fraud alert: www.360techultd.com - ryan cooke - cooke the ice man

MohamedKhana on Jan 19, 2018
I was just about to buy a watch from this guy on YouTube who calls himself 'Cooke the Ice Man', then I thought it was super shady when I asked for his website or email and he was like 'text me bro' sounded so fishy. I sent him a text and he was asking for me to pay $1000 for a fake watch...

Cooke The Ice Man / scam - credit card fraud

BetterServiceBureauBSB on Jan 19, 2018
Cooke the Ice Man is a SCAM! The YouTube videos he posts are actually of legitimate genuine diamond watches, stolen from a real Jeweler's youtube channel, then he placed his stupid water mark saying Cooke the Ice Man - all in order to bait people and then the price too. He claims to sell...

Cooke The Ice Man / fraud alert: www.360techultd.com - ryan cooke - cooke the ice man

BetterBusinessBBB on Jan 19, 2018
Ryan Cooke is a scammer Do not give this loser your credit card details over text message or any way he will ask He is a known online fraudster stealing peoples credit cards and then automatic billing them for months You been warned!!! Don't believe the fake comments on hi...

Cooke The Ice Man / 350techultd.com *fraud alert

romanANDERSONn on Jan 18, 2018
This website is a scam, processes wrong orders, never sends the orders, it steals your credit card number and continuously processes payments with it. Its been over a year since I ordered something from this website (never got it) and I still get charges on my credit card from it. There i...
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