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stapples / bussiness services

gregbaker215 on Aug 22, 2017
i paid to fax some paper work it didnt go through so i had to drive 7 miles back there a few days later but i initially called and was yelled at and hung up on but when i arrived it all made since ... the woman that took the call her name was barbra and apparently she the managers mother...

Old Navy / return and the disrespect i endured attempting to exchange items

gregbaker215 on Aug 22, 2017
i went into a old navy retail store on 8/21/2017 in philadelphia pa. i was immediatly greeted with disrespect and then the alleged store manager was very apolagetic and she called customer service whatever she said she completly lied to me told me corporate would not allow her to exchange the...

Keranique / Starting Kit

Phyllis McPhail on Aug 22, 2017
I am very disappointed in this product, not because it isn't working, but because I feel I have been misled by your advertisement. I thought I was getting your product three different times, but only got one and was informed that the next two payments were for the first kit. So I am paying...

Pizza Hut / Horrible service

Alijandrina Martinez on Aug 22, 2017
Last night I ordered at 5:33. I called at 6:56 And was told it was on it's way. I received a delivery text at 7:03. I called at 7:30 to ask where my delivery was, the girl was rude and told me they had to remake it and send it back out (probably never made it). Called again at 7:45 And...

Hills Auction Pennsylvania / fraud - no ethics - nasty owner

Daisyone on Aug 22, 2017
First hand knowledge. Advice if you must attend one of his auctions be aware DO NOT hold your bidder card up and just hold it there! You will be bidding against your self! The auctioneers love it. They will look into the crowd and ack if someone is bidding you will never know it. Do your...

Letgo / ps4

Jonny Simaan on Aug 21, 2017
Seller said the item works and that there is nothing wrong with it in her discription. I made sure to ask her again if there was anything wrong with it. She also asked me “is that all you have”, when I offered 130$ for it. I told her I can do 140 the most and she agreed. So when she mentioned...

Springtown, Texas / store and personnel on night shift

Mark Ernest Dodge on Aug 21, 2017
My wife and have experienced everything from nasty store, to rude staff, to being lied to about store policy, to this last just tonight told five minutes when we arrived ten minutes before closing to purchase one item. I myself am in sales and if one of us ever told a customer five minute...

Aaron's / washer dryer combo

Terry McCollum Quinn on Aug 21, 2017
Ordered a washer dryer combo in July there was a problem getting them down the basement this was in mid July 2017 they brought out another set last Tuesday same problem called and complained promised they would be here by 5:30 pm Monday August 21st it is now 8:32 pm and no phone call no...

Taco Bell / horrible horrible chalupa's. stale!

karen warner on Aug 21, 2017
Took my son to Taco Bell as reward for helping me carry furniture. He got chicken enchilada and 2 cheezy Gordida Crunch. I got 2 Chalupa Beef Supremes. Both crumbled when I bit into it and there was nothing but about a tablespoon of beef and all lettuce. Once I got past the edges of the...

Yahoo! / yahoo news forum

Pandora Jones on Aug 21, 2017
You all need to start blocking racist comments. It's getting sickening. There is so much division in this country, and now people have died, including 2 cops, because of these racist idiots. When will you social media outlets start taking some responsibility for failing to monitor your...
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