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Loe / loss of 80000+ points

Andrew1113 on Jun 28, 2017
Absolute horrible service. After a 17 year member of this company and due to a 12 month period of inactivity, IHG removed my 80000+ points. NO letters NO e-mails nothing sent to me stating this was happening. I am a 32 year retired disable Air Force Veteran and to have a company pull thi...

Dollar Tree / employee

Nikki Hardbarger Stacy on Jun 28, 2017
I go to this location frequently because it's near my home, I was just there yesterday as a matter of fact. Anyway, you used to have some very nice employees that knew customer service and we're very nice and now you have employees that are not nice. They don't smile they're not kind they...

Kraft Foods / cheesy jalepeno ranch

Angie Glenetta on Jun 28, 2017
I finally found a product everyone in my house and the whole family will eat now I have 10 families looking everywhere for this product because everyone has taken it off the shelves so what's going on, where can I purchase this product??? Have you discontinued and if so why??? Please send me...

Tim Hortons / bad service

Jessica Klemann Little on Jun 28, 2017
I went to my local Tim Horton's in Salem Ohio 44460 and ordered 2 ice coffee one black and one with cream and sugar, I got to the window and the woman tries to hand me one, I said" I ordered two", she said "you ordered a black mocha" I corrected her on what I actually ordered, she rolled...

Cleveland Clinic / waiting more than 2 hours at a scheduled appointment.

Don Quinlan on Jun 28, 2017
I am currently at my appointment. The appointment that I had to wait more than a month for. The appointment I drove an hour to get to. And now I have been waiting more than 2 hours in the office. This is ridiculous. I was on time. If someone shows up late they get cancelled. You don't...

RageOn / you are not authorized to publish this contact information

RageOn! on Jun 28, 2017
Please remove 617-633-0544 from this profile. This is a personal cell phone number, and we have not authorized the use of this number for any purposes. This is the information you have on your profile: Submit a Complaint RageOn Customer Care Service RageOn 1163 East 40th Street, Suite...

Burger King / burger king customer service

vomitbkeverywhere on Jun 28, 2017
all i get is them telling my the paper work has been turned in on complaint and someone will call you back. it has been three months no call.go figure i call back after 3 1/2 months all i get is we turned in paperwork and someone will call you back, not are problem because it is a...

Domino's Pizza / delivery and customer service

Dominique Jones 1985 on Jun 28, 2017
Very disappointing!! I order form you guys often. The manager of the gahanna Ohio store was very rude and short with me. I ordered my pizza at 130 on line and the wait time was 30 min. I'm a stay at home mother of 3 and I'm a nanny too 3 other children. I called too check on the pizza and...

Kroger / return

marsh0925 on Jun 28, 2017
I bought a toaster in toledo ohio, this was prior to moving to the columbus area. I recently opened the toaster box (which the box appeared to be fine) however the toaster had a dent in it, close to the push down button, so the button would not stay down. i put the toaster back in the box...

1986 / mitchum 48 hour formula and the clinical strength formula

Lethag86 on Jun 28, 2017
In 2004 after getting married, buying a home, and starting a family I decided to begin to Garden as a hobby. it quickly became something I really enjoyed doing! I would work in my garden almost daily for several hours. However, as a young mother of several small children, it's not easy to...
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