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PepsiCo / Pepsi bottles and cans

Jim Krywalski on Oct 16, 2017
Please explain to me what is going on at the Pepsi Company. First, you decide to change the bottles that Pepsi is shipped in. You took a perfectly good bottle, made it a smaller diameter, and increased it’s height. 16.9 fl oz. is still 16.9 fl oz., regardless of how it’s packaged. Thi...

Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bank / Chase Bank at Industrial Park Branch, Syracuse, New York

marie scottie on Oct 16, 2017
I have had my business account at Chase Bank since 1988 and really have not been happy for many years. The Minoa branch was terrible to deal with so I switched to the Oneida Branch. When I moved into the Eastwood area about 10 years ago I switched to the Industrial Park Branch. For many...

North Shore Agency - NSK / Vol 3-17 The Hope Chest

Alisa Howard on Oct 16, 2017
Apparently my father ordered something from Reader's Digest some time ago and never received the items. He spoke with them and said he would not pay until he received the items. He has since died and my mother is now receiving collection statements from NSA in his name. The items in...

Cablevision / Optimum / Optimum Email

Jeff E. on Oct 16, 2017
I have been a Cablevision / Optimum customer for almost 20 years. I have had my email address just as long. They upgraded the email years ago but always gave the option to keep "Classic Mail", which I did because the new email was awful. Now, they are shoving the "New" email down...

Factory Outlet Store / don't buy from them

Dave Sheppard on Oct 16, 2017
After dealing with I understood that I'd better shop elsewhere, preferably offline. Their website states that they ship the same say. It's great to know and when you order you expect them to keep their word. I live not far away from Syosset (it;s where their HQ is situated), and I thought that...

Dating.com / SOL Networks / scammers!

Aleksandr on Oct 16, 2017
Never proved them your credit card information!! People, are you crazy to do that? They charged me twice for who the hell knows what!!! The only thing I paid is for an opportunity to write more messages, that's all!! That was a definite amount. Moreover, profiles of many women are fake...

VitaGlo / bad treatment

Nuri Cank on Oct 16, 2017
They tend to send wrong products, I mean those you didn't order initially. I don't know, maybe they have contracts with post offices or something like this, but when you need to return, it will be at your own expense. They will not refund this money, be sure. Moreover, they will find a...

Zara.com / customer service

Katrina S on Oct 16, 2017
Hey. My name is katrina, I used to shop in zara every week. But for right now I changed my opinion about this store. It’s all because of my sad experience. Security rudely stoped me by the entrance. Without of telling me the reason. Asked me for the recipe for my shoes which is I purchased the...

Applebee's Restaurants / dispute re: billing question and the altercation that ensued when inquiry was made.

Joseph Mancini on Oct 15, 2017
Last week I visited one of your locations, with my Mother for an early dinner. Upon entry the manager seated us in the lounge; this is the fourth visit when we were "autoseated" in the lounge. The lounge tends to be louder than the other locations in this restaurant. I asked the host if we...

Boc NYC / customer service

Kelly 81 on Oct 15, 2017
Completely unprofessional sales people who are not interested in helping you find or purchase items. They are slow and rude. It's a small store no space to move around no air conditioner hot changing room and the sales woman took her sweet time bringing me different sizes. The store next...
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