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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Management /customer service and food

JerodStanz on May 23, 2017
First I order my food in the drive thru being in a hurry due to being on lunch break... So keep in mind this is the 2nd mess up in the last 2 visits to this location... I order and I'm given a total and the swing manager ups my total $2-3 by the time I make it to the wondow, I didn't argue...

MyPrepaidCenter.com / visa award card

Jeeper Tim on May 22, 2017
I bought a set of Mastercraft tires around March 2017, which were to include a $60 Visa prepaid card as a rebate through myprepaidcenter.com. I can't even get the website to come up to activate the card. After doing an online search, I see many, MANY people complaining about this. I tried...

Elvir Kulovic / auto sales

Harlan R on May 21, 2017
In my opinion, Elvir Kulovic is a sorry excuse for a human being. I tried negotiating a deal with him on a used vehicle. I could tell that there was something "off" about this guy by the sound of his voice which to me sounded very shady. He claimed and still claims to be the sales manager...

HDM / service - natural bridge and kingshighway

Hdm Consolidated on May 21, 2017
The employee making my sandwich sneezed while holding my sandwich as she was making it, although she attempted to cover her mouth with her arm it was the same arm she had my sandwich in. She then proceeded to put the sandwich in the microwave, at which point I stopped her. Instead of her...

Sam's Club / rules

Umberto Cashmuny on May 20, 2017
I was in Sam's in Joplin today. While I the checkout line another customer came up behind with a dog in the cart. Everyone including the checkout person thought it was cute until the dog started urinating all over the cart and floor. The lowlife owners were not going to say anything...

Sams Club / tire department

Shister on May 20, 2017
I had my wife take a car to have a flat repaired and they told her that they wouldn't because the tire was over ten years old, so expecting that it might not be fixable I had sent a good tire with 8/32nds tread. They stated that they could not mount any outside tires and instead sold her...

Google / money

brandee2016 on May 20, 2017
within the past month I've charged by three different companies 15-20 times. they are frenzoo, atari, and Apple. I havnt bought anything at all and want a refund now so.ething needs to be done about this because I didn't do it and no one ik did for starters I don't even have an iPhone but...

Rue21 / red elephant leggings

Dakota Maddox on May 20, 2017
I bought two pairs of leggings from the South County Mall store. Both L/XL elephant printed, one pair was black the other pair was red. The black pair absolutely perfect, and the red pair was too tight. It was so tight that i couldn't even wear them longer than 5 minutes without them...

Rallys.com / wings

Tyra Henderson on May 19, 2017
I ordered a 10 pc angry buffalo wing combo w/ a fruit punch no ice and an extra order of 10 pc angry buffalo wings, a spicy chicken combo with a fruit punch no ice and 6 large fries. The wings were very old and the drinks had ice... I asked for ranch with the wings and was informed that...

Wish.com / other

barbiek48 on May 22, 2017
there are four charges taking our of my checking account without my knowledge for them this morning. i want the money back in there, there are 2 charges of 3.00 one for 6.00 and one for 9.00. I show no orders on my account please check into this and resolve this problem asap. The...
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