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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / 3 piece strip meal

Marcik on Oct 22, 2017
Ordered a 3 pic strip meal last night to go. Got the meal and I live not 5 mins from Where i got it. When I opened the box I was so upset. The chicken was cold. And the potatoes were soup. No butter for biscuit It was not late or closing time I had not eaten all Day but did not eat that. I...

Home Depot / there was no service, needed help finding bathroom vanity

christinamarie5 on Oct 19, 2017
Hi, I was shopping in your south portland Maine store this morning around 8:30 am. I am in the process of redoing my bathroom so came in to order all of my supplies. I was looking at bathroom vanities for about 15 minutes, with many employees walking by me, not one asking if they could...

Marlboro / marlboro reds

Goat23 on Oct 18, 2017
I've been a smoker and a Marlboro customer for 10 years. The past 2 weeks I've gotten cigarettes that are limp, have to relight every couple drags, and don't light properly (canoe) all the time. I buy 2 packs a day and I feel like I'm wasting my money on your product. What's the deal? I...

Keen And Social / londoner hoodie

Cher Collins on Oct 17, 2017
I purchased the red Londoner Hoodie in September and received it a couple days ago. The size was way off, but most importantly it was incredibly poorly constructed of incredibly cheap material--certainly not the soft material as advertised--and truly looks nothing like the garment in the...

PopReal / popreal.com is a scam, don’t not waste your money

Blah_blah_blah on Oct 17, 2017
I ordered clothes over a month ago and they have not arrived. I was given a two separate tracking numbers (one month after my purchase!) only after multiple attempts at reaching customer service. Neither of the tracking numbers have EVER been valid and they refuse to give me a refund on...

Pine Tree Consultants / timeshare exit

Marlon J. on Oct 13, 2017
I signed up with this company back in 2016 and they did nothing but charge me every month for a service that does completely nothing. I talked to the resort today at Liki Tiki and they said my account was just put into Default, and they reported the rest of the loan to my credit file. So...

Community H.E.L.P., Inc. / donation pick-up

Patti Wininger on Oct 11, 2017
Yesterday, our 2nd appointment for pick-up, was not picked up, once again. No phone call or email for explanation as to why this is happening. They have been here quiet a few times, so they are aware of our location. We are in need of a Donation box, which we have asked for. No response. I...

StyleWe / $84 dress

Lise Thompson on Oct 8, 2017
I ordered a $84.00 dress from this company's website. The transaction number is : 9LR66897RK180682H Multicolor Printed Half Sleeve Shift Mini Dress $84.00 I never saw a disclosure anywhere on the website that this company is located in CHINA. I would not have bought the dress if I had...

White Castle / hashbrowns

Ginger2 on Oct 5, 2017
I love your hashbrown and every time I order them I ask for them to be fresh and this time I get home and they are soak in grease which you can tell that they been drop in the grease again and they taste horrible. I'm going to stop coming to your establishment for the poor quality of...

Unlimited Vacation Club / unethical behaviour

slmgeorge on Oct 4, 2017
We were suckered into this Unlimited Vacation contract on Sept 21, 2017. After we came home reading thru contract and it did not contain anything the sales rep spent 4 hrs selling, and googled them we panicked. We called Unlimited Vacation and questioned some of the "benefits" we were told...
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