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Fifth Third Bank / inappropriate conduct of a personal banker

Mr.cannsbis on Dec 15, 2017
Unfortunately, I have a complaint against one of your workers at the Chesterton branch on Broadway... There has been unprofessional sexual conduct, as well as an inappropriate amount of time on social media during work hours, and quite an extensive list of customers she has been dating. I...

Speedway gas station / horribly treated by worker

Awol Ford on Dec 14, 2017
I was completely and utterly disrespected by what I believe is the night time manager at Speedway gas station on Lafayette Road I believe the address is 3437 Lafayette Road Indianapolis Indiana I just asked the gentleman where the 12-packs were and he looked at me with this crazy...

Arbys / classic roast beef #5

Chris Cantrell on Dec 14, 2017
I have ate there once before no problem but this time the same order gave me a great big belly pain before i could even get back to work. then this morning i had to ask for a sick day for the first time since my hire date of Jan. 31 2017. not happy at all due to the fact that a ten hour...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / breakfast

Chad1995 on Dec 14, 2017
I live in greensburg indiana. I found out from a former employee that since I like bacon burritos, wendys will make them upon request even though they are not on menu. I have been gettin them for a few months now but only about every 2 weeks if that. Not to often. And I would have to say...

Finish Line / Unprofessional

Dalmadi on Dec 14, 2017
Don't order anything from them, I am begging you. It may be the worst website you will encounter in your life. The same things can be said about their customer support that does nothing to comfort their customers. They offer no alternatives, are very definitive and may be rude sometimes. I...

Checkers and Rally's / I am complaining about hair being on my burger two blonde pieces of hair

Eboni Talley on Dec 13, 2017
The person name is Lisa the check number is 20018 the store number is 0212 the date is 12/13/2017 and the time is 4:49pm I went to rallys and order the 2 for 5 Roadhouse bacon burgers and 1 large Fries When I bit my burger I felt hair and when I spit it out of my mouth I seen two pieces a...

Whirlpool / refrigerator

Aaron0035 on Dec 13, 2017
Been having a rough time with whirlpool products. First with a stove a while back now a refrigerator. Doors don't line up right since day one. Ice maker leaks and have to chisel out blocks of ice every couple days. Had repair man come out under warranty said was fine but never was. Kinda...

Tacobell / employee

Skipping009 on Dec 13, 2017
I went to Charlestown Indiana tacobell yesterday and there was a young lady at front counter talking about another person using profanity talking about drugs and appearing to be under the influence of something herself I didn't appreciate the conduct in which she carried herself it really...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / drive-thru service and wait time

Kim Jamell on Dec 12, 2017
Hello, My boys and I are regular customers of Steak & Shake, especially during happy hour. Today I waited a total of 45 minutes in line in the drive-thru. When I finally arrived at the window, they gave me my food but then had me wait another 10 minutes for our 3 shakes. In the meantime my...

JC Penney Company / I asked to have an order canceled and it's now completed?

Nels Hereid on Dec 11, 2017
invoice number--C23756093 order number: 2017-3446-2016-7154 I called in and talked to a supervisor about a mistaken order that was just processing and was assured it would be canceled and not it shows order complete. Please cancel that order and credit my card as I bought a more expensive...
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