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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in California | Page 7

DirecTV / charges I was not made aware of

Julianna_Genesis on Sep 22, 2017
On Sept 5th I called to make an appt to have a tech come out and install my continuing service to my new address. I specifically asked if there were going to be charges and when I had to pay them, I was informed that it usually is $49 but that would be waived since it was my first move. I...

Sephora / will never buy from Sephora

Jasmine Boothby on Sep 22, 2017
Sephora is a terrible place for shopping. Their excuses for canceling my orders are ridiculous. Why would you do it time after time? I'm so disappointed. I have no time to go shopping, so I order online. I adore Sephora, but their unprofessional attitude drives me away and makes me want to...

ZooShoo / Stay away

Richard Horne on Sep 22, 2017
I rarely order online but I know that they have to send me a shipping notification along with its confirmation. I didn't get anything like this from them. I already paid for the order and don't understand what exactly takes them so long. Their customer service didn't help at all. Wanted...

Trulia / They don't respond

Mike on Sep 22, 2017
So irritating when instead of hearing a human voice you talk to records and you cant reach anyone to tell about your issue. They don't answer my emails and never pick up the phone. Left several messages and the voice machine "promised" to call me back. But they didn't. What is wrong? You...

Blurb / Horrible!

Robert Mares on Sep 22, 2017
ok, blurb, where's your customer service? Do you have issues in recruiting people? Or you only have a machine that sends automatically generated answers and doesn't help at all? And needless to say, my question was simple, I didn't have a hard issue, but I got a copy-pasted answer that had...

Newegg.com / Bad staff

Louis Campbell on Sep 22, 2017
Please, Newegg, hire other employees. Those you have now are terrible. Do you have trainings for employees regarding customers' treatment? Most of them are rude and ignorant, talking to them is like hell, seems like they do an unbelievable favor when talking to you (me) and answering your (my...

Pley / stop my subscription

Bonney Hartley on Sep 22, 2017
I wanted to give a subscription as a present. Due to one situation, I needed to cancel my order. But I didn't understand how to do it if there's no any phone number or email published. Their website has an online form and looks like it was the only way to resolve the issue. So I filled the...

Lulus / I will not use this company again

Tim Gateley on Sep 22, 2017
They sell products with a bad quality and their service is the same. Bad, poorly organized, and simply awful. And if it comes to returns or refunds be ready to encounter a terrible mess. First of all, they will simply not care. It's your problems and you have to solve them by yourself. Who...

IHOP Restaurants / horrible service!

Danny Martinez22 on Sep 22, 2017
Waitress was very innapropiate in her language, She was running around the table saying we had to HURRY UP, becuz she needed to leave, She trew all the straws, forks and napkins at us like if we were animals! When the food arrive 5 minutes pass and the bill was already on the table! With...

Autozone / refuse service/return

W Johnson on Sep 22, 2017
on Thursday September 21 at approximately 9:50pm, the manager named Raffy was very rude and short-tempered with me had no patience and insisted that I was telling him how to do his job being extremely and unnecessarily defensive even going as far as to accuse me of having some stolen...
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