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Costco / Rude employee

Ruby Choi on May 28, 2017
May 28th, 2017 at the Costco in 2700 Park Ave, Tustin. Around 4:00 the woman serving the samples of the chicken patty and guacamole (I didn't catch her name.) The sample server told my father that he had already gotten a sample (which he had not) and said, "You already got a sample, can you...

Vons markets / Steaks

Katherine88 on May 28, 2017
I purchased a package of steaks on sale (about 12.00$) from your sunland /tujunga vons last nite that were every thing awful!! I normally just "suck it up" when I'm not satisfied with a purchase and not buy that unsatisfying item again, but these were beyond horrible. Something that...

H‑E‑B / H-E-B diapers

Emily jagow on May 28, 2017
I have been buying H-E-B brand diapers for over 6 years now. The only brand I'll have ever used and loved. Well y'all new and improved them. Well it really made them worse. And upsetting. Now I have to go and find another brand of diapers to use. Can y'all go back to the old diapers they...

Outback Steakhouse / Steak and service

Julieta Paras Dayrit on May 28, 2017
We just came from Outback Steakhouse National City. My grandson and myself have been craving for some good steak. He said that they were there last two weeks ago. I am so disappointed. I really like ribeye steak. They said they only havr 13 oz size. Three of us me and my two daughter...

Shell / Cashier Joseph

RayRay123 on May 28, 2017
First, I would like to start with a little about me. My name is Raymond Nevarez, I'm an assistant manager for Dominos Pizza, San Marcos, CA, 92069. I recently visited the shell station near my work at the intersection of San Marcos boulevard and grand avenue to simply put seven dollar...

Rallys.com / Burger/Fries

Mikey💁🏻‍♂️ on May 27, 2017
I was at rally's on May 27, 2017 and 1. I ordered 2 Large fries and only received one. 2. I ordered 3 chicken sandwhiches and 2 of them were fish. 3. My ONE large fry was undercooked. 4. The manager was unprofessional and didn't want to fix it. 5. When I did try to fix it the manager came...

Apria Healthcare Group / Customer Service

Chris Johnson on May 27, 2017
This is the WORST place to deal with. My daughter has Lou Gehrig's ALS and after 3 weeks and a lot of my phone calls to them they promised a hospital bed to be delivered today. I got a phone call at 9AM telling me that they would be here at 1 PM. I took her old bed apart so that they would...

Supercuts / She used the Wrong number clip and it made me look like crap

Jhorton141 on May 27, 2017
So I normally go to sports clips but I decided to try Supercuts today. I went in and asked her to shave the side of my hair because I was trying to grow out the top and do a sorta a comb over and I said "I want a little hair but not it all gone" and she said so probably a 1. I replied...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Samsung TV return

Mike from Cali on May 27, 2017
I bought a Samsung TV for $1300 plus warranty. The TV worked well but the Internal Netflix and Amazon functions in the TV didn't work properly ever. It would work for a couple of hours and it would then crash. I think the problem is with internal processor. I took it back to the Costco in...

TeeChip / Posters

Odenholm on May 27, 2017
27 May 2017 System processed multiple orders (I only wanted one) Immediately went through their cancellation process within their time-frame only to be told it couldn't be cancelled. At this point they appear to be a scam with no reasonable customer serviced and not being in the same...
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