Byron Laffertyletter suggesting ford could sell me a new truck for less than I am paying now

B Nov 26, 2019

I received a letter from FORD, insisting I go to my local FORD dealer with the promise FORD would sell me a new F 150 and I would pay less per month. After 3 hours I was told if I wanted a 2019 version of my 2016 F 150, I had the privilege of paying $699/ mo for 84 months. After I refused the deal I was offered a better monthly rate on my payments. After another half hour I was told my rate was fine and sent on my way!

I was there for 3 hours and left dejected, duped, used.

I just texted a service rep, telling hr my issue and she gave me the "offers" web page. I also told her i was a stock holder and got no response. Look, I don't expect special treatment but I invested in FORD because I believe in the company. After the past weekend, I am not so sure.
Byron J Lafferty
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