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Personal / Food not received

rachael chadbourne on Nov 21, 2017
11/21/2017 This is the third time something I have ordered has been forgotten. I am frustrated I pay for things I don't receive. This needs to change or I will not return. I spend a lot of money here but it feels like it is no longer worth spending the money. Please respond to this as I...

Shoppers / Check out

Levonne Roles on Nov 21, 2017
When I went to Shoppers to get some things, my daughter wanted some French bread. As we shopped she ate some of the bread. When we checked out some of the bread had fell out on the shelf where the bags sit and the cashier picked up the piece of bread and put it back in the bread bag. Now mind you she touched the bread with her bare hands. Um gross!

Big Daddy / Firestick

Derick Conover on Nov 21, 2017
I keep posting pictures and descriptions for Firesticks and you guys keep discarding most!!! I checked similar products being sold on your site and they're not discarded. It's frustrating because I lose contact with pontential customers. If I knew why My products are being discarded i...

NewChic / New Chic

Carolyn Costain on Nov 21, 2017
I ordered a pair of boots on 9/29/17 and expected them within 21 days. On 10/30/17 I received an email stating the boots i ordered were on back order. Well they arrived today. I was so excited as they were a Christmas gift purchase for my daughter. I opened the package to discover I...

Mercedes Benz of North America / Mercedes Benz 350E Seat cover cracking and opening up at seams

Altamimi on Nov 21, 2017
Seat cover cracking and opening up at seams. I purchased a new Mercedes Benz 350E in 2011. Manufacturer's sales literature explained that they try the seats over 300, 000 to insure that they are functionable and lasting for the many years that owner uses his car. I have owned my new Mercede...

Dollar General / Schedules

Biteme1983 on Nov 21, 2017
I work for dollar general and i dont normally complain but this week ny schedule has been changed without my ok to suit the two assistant managers. I made plans with my family tomorrow november 22 to celabrate thanksgiving since i will be stuck on night shift again. But the assistant...

Emirates Group / Emirates.com / Unable to Select seats - Horrible experience with Flight booking process

Booking reservation Number #H6WET2 Date :11/21/2017 Date of travel : 11/23/2017 March 2017 : I work in the united states and wanted to go India for my H1B visa Stamping. I had booked the tickets with emirates through priceline. For reasons of the Consulate in Chennai, they chose to cancel...

Better Homes and Gardens / Curtain Rods

Pamela Murcia on Nov 21, 2017
I have been looking for the perfect rods for my bedroom. Over this weekend, I went to my local Walmart and finally purchased the rods that I've been looking for. Went home to be disappointed the find the rods had wood filler on the product. As if someone was just trying to ship it off. We...

Michaels / Customer service/ store manager

Megan Nicole on Nov 21, 2017
Two weeks ago I ordered yarn while it was on sale, and had the shipment delivered to my local store. I was notified on November 20th that my items were delivered. Around 6:35pm on November 20th, I went to my local store to pick up my items. I was given one bag of yarn, and took it out to...

Wawa / Chicken Flatbread

ttman766 on Nov 21, 2017
I ordered a flat bread and soup combo from Wawa. Usually I never had any problems with the Wawa sandwiches, including the flatbreads, in general. However, this sandwich that I got was lazily prepared, with the avocado spread in one side. A piece of cheese was placed inside the sandwich and...
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