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L'oreal / failure l'oreal stockholm 10.21

Aline Bora on Oct 17, 2017
I bought the Loreal 10.21 Stockholm in order to brighten up and remove the yellow color that my hair had. I checked the box and according to the actual color my hair had (Golden light blond) my hair was supposed to at least have brightened up a bit more towards to the present color in the...

Metem International / customer support and telephones do not answer I need warranty repair

Valentina Mircheva on Oct 16, 2017
The company sold me an electric scooter Ali5 v2 for £500. After 3 months of use / and 600 km., I am 70kg. / my scooter ALI5 V2 has his back wheel broken and the control panel isn't work properly: often stops, /and I need to switch it on again/, do not show km and speed, , , etc. The Customer...

Ehickioya Azeke / can't log into my account alternate email and phone forgotten

Ehichioya Azeke on Oct 12, 2017
I can't log into my my yahoo account phillip20b@yahoo.com because I don't have access to my alternative email address secind94@hotmail.com and the phone number I used to open it I forgot and all the details about my account I know and there is no other option available to me apart from key...

IKEA / ikea experience

MarusyaKlemen on Oct 11, 2017
Hello. I am weiting from the Netherlands to report that i was absolutely mistreated with Ikea. During my order i stated that i want to be called upon my delivery arrival. The delivery guys didnt call and left a note that nobody was staying outside which is rediculous to ask me to spend all...

Youtube / the shuffle function

Dilani83 Dekunder on Oct 9, 2017
ever since youtube changed its skin and updates the shuffle function is terrible. It used to shuffle in a selfmade playlist no problems now it only repeats a few songs over and over again. I have a playlist with 300+ songs but if I listen during a workday 8+ hours It will give me maybe 50...

Expedia / taap function with discount doesn't work.

AlexHuis on Oct 8, 2017
My mum has birthday ver very soon. I decided to give her a trip as a present. Before I booked the tickets for flights with Ryanair, but as you know, I guess, there were a lot of cancelled flights, so I had to change the dates of flights. Now I have to book the hotel for these new date...

Letgo / I was scammed by one of your sellers

Jackie Ntombi Ncala on Oct 4, 2017
I was scammed by a ms Rosalie van Dalen. She was selling an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone I put in an offer. Emese both agreed to it and she asked me to transfer the money into her account which I did and the last I heard from her she was on her way to send the iPad my way. Ever since she...

Calvin Klein / sheer beauty perfume

Aleksandra78 on Oct 2, 2017
Hello, I just have one question: I love this perfume and I was so happy when I finally found it (for some reason it is not easy to find it lately in Europe), however the cap on the bottle (the one out of which perfume actually comes out) broke after two weeks. My questio is: how is it...

Epoch / subscription wrongly charged!!!

Kesha he on Oct 2, 2017
Hi there! I canceled my Cam4subscription in July, but epoch has charged my account already twice after the cancelation date. Although, in their website it was written no extra charging after cancelation. I've already tried to call you and contact with via chat and skype call, but no response from your side! Please contact me ASAP. opg2050@yahoo.com

Bravofly / Bravonext SA / booking 1073774019 | invoice

Eddy44 on Sep 28, 2017
I'd like to receive an invoice of booking 1073774019, however it seems there is no possible way to reach Bravofly. Have called several times to there customer contact number, but to no avail. Was in the waiting line for 30 minutes and the line cut-off without having spoken to anybody. Can you...
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