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Zyrtec Complaints & Reviews

Zyrtec / Packaging difficult to open and not enough pills for even 1 month


Zyrtec D is packaged so it is ridiculously hard to open. WHY??? I know this is used in meth labs but do you honestly think these people that make millions of dollars are worried about hiring people to get these stupid packages open. Not to mention the extra cost, which I know is passed onto me. Not only that, the largest package is 24 pills. I take 2 per day, doctors suggestion, and 24 does not even last one month. ALso, some of us users, me included, are older and this is one big pain in the neck opening all those stupid packages. Why can't you just put them in a bottle like any normal...

Zyrtec / Be cautious


I took one tablet of Zyrtec before bed for 3 nights and had an adverse event by the 4th day. I became very highly agitated, in a very very bad black mood, and all around extremely pissed at everything and everyone. My mother noticed the abrupt change in my personality and behavior, which is normally nice and normal. For instance, I left my car to pump gas and was so agitated I furiously slammed my car door behind me. I got pissed at people at the store, etc... This stuff shouldn't be sold over the counter if it can cause these disturbing symptoms. There are enough crazy people out there - I don't want to run into a Zyrtec taker on the street after my experience! This stuff pissed me off literally!