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Zipcar Complaints & Reviews

Zipcar - Massachusetts, Boston / service in general

Mar 09, 2018

Do not get involved in an accident with their cars! If you do, they'll close your account indefinitely! Not matter the circumstances of the accident, they stop being friends with you once they find out! They will end your friendship with you when you get involved in any accident with their cars, even if it's minimal like in the photo shown below. Also, while your account can be closed, you cannot delete your account! Your information stays indefinitely once you sign up! My suggestion is, for anyone thinking of signing up for zipcar, they should reconsider their tactics and sign up for...

Zipcar - Kentucky, Boston / no service, scam

Jul 31, 2017

This company took my fees on credit card and started charging me monthly fees. They claimed they sent me a card which could be used to rent their vehicles, and it never arrived. I called them back and they issued another...supposedly. This happened 2 more times. Now, is it possible the postal service lost these mailings 4 times in a row?? no. the address was checked each time I called, they had the correct one. They said they could start the "refund process" but that they wiould keep the "membership fee" which is the main cost! They refused any other secure delivery of the card, saying they...

Zipcar / Terminated my membership lifetime without notification or warning

Jan 30, 2017

I received an email yesterday without any further details or reasons, it just showed they closed my account. I have paid the annually fees and insurance, but it did not refund me anything, but choose not to have me as their member. I called to ask them for an explanation, the company refused to do so. I called again today, they gave me the worst excuse ever, saying that there were 22 transactions that did not go through. Those cases can happen both to their end or my bank, I paid all the money on time and always follow the rules. I was a heavy user, but they can not just make a final decision without any warnings. My client number is 2715330. I would like them to re-active my account !