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Zinsex International Complaints & Reviews

Zinsex International / Fraud


This company and the CEO behind called Mr. Babar Mushtaq are not doing serious & honest business. They are FRAUD. Be aware of these names and don't send them any money nor any originals from your side. They will try to misslead you and will give you any explainations for their delays or mistakes. They will promis you many things and seem to be professional as also will maybe send you goods. We had to make the experiences that they sent goods with errors even sending them very simple instructions. Also they will not hold on deadlines and will come up with excuses that they had a death, an...

Zinsex International / Fraud/Scam


Fake Tracking, Failure To Deliever We received an email from a Pakistani company, Zinsex International, on 28 February 2009 offering their manufacturing services to us. As we were facing problems with our main supplier in China at that time, we decided to engage more suppliers to manufacture our products for us in order to minimise the disruption to our business whenever Q.C or manufacturing error arises. Thus, we decided to explore using Pakistani suppliers when we received the email from the above mentioned company. They seem professional and knowledgeable with their replies when we ask them on...