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Youtube Complaints & Reviews

Youtube / the ranking of theologically-themed videos leaves much to be desired.

Jul 16, 2017

On 6 July 2017 I uploaded this video,, under the Channel name, "Truth Hound". Please see the pictures I have attached below. My video is the bottom one on Sheet 5. Its thumb-print shows Emperor Constantine in a sycophantic fresco, entitled "Battle of Milvian Bridge", where he looks up and sees an image of "the cross" in the sky with the subscript, translated into Latin as "In hoc signo vinces", meaning, "In this sign you will conquer". The acronym, "I.H.S.", is a ubiquitous monogram in Roman Catholicism and its Orthodox derivatives. My video. as you...

Youtube / I am complaining about you tube video. the name of channel is "clicknetwork"

Jul 05, 2017

The vedio having name Emergency Hacks-Hack It:EP12 forced me to click on its due to its wrong cover page. Actually this vedio consist a cover page that cover page was not in that vedio. This vedio was launched by you tube channel "clicknetwork". This vedio misguided me by wrong cover page thus they made me fool and waste my time. The url of that channel is They will have to give compensation as fine to misguide me.