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Your Top Brands Complaints & Reviews

Your Top Brands - New York, New York / Terrible company


Fell for Your Top Brands $100.00 Visa gift card offer. I successfully met the eligibility and prize requirements, filed their claim form and was promised I would be sent my gift and they were a legitimate company. Was told to check their web site for 'updates' on my status for shipping information. For nearly 2 years my status for my shipping information on YTB's web site has said: 'Confirmed; to be shipped' dated Dec 28, 2007. Have sent 14 pages of e-mails asking about my gift, called customer support and been told the same 'pat' answer over and over...

Your Top Brands / Deceptive business practice


They offer a $100 gift card for completion of trial memberships for certain products/services. A DISNEY book club was one of the trials. After completion of my end of the bargain, it was supposed to be up to six weeks for them to send my "gift card". Should have received in September 2007. E-mailed them in December 2007, they gave me the excuse that they were backed up and would deliver soon. Contacted again July 2008--they're still backed up(yea right). They say I will receive it soon!! Almost a year later, I doubt I will ever receive my $100. Can't believe reputable companies like DISNEY would be involved with a company that scams people!