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YAY Services Complaints & Reviews

YAY Services - Utah, Salt Lake City / Scam computer services

Oct 28, 2016

Last September my computer froze and I got a message that appeared to be from Microsoft or Apple telling me to call a number for help. It was Yay Services. They said my computer was infected with viruses and malware, I had no firewall, and my IP address was affected so all our internet connected devices could be affected. Over the next several days they kept me on the phone for hours terrorizing me about how bad my problem was and how they had to get more and more senior personnel to work on it. I paid them for a one time fix. I believe I was suffering from Stockholm syndrome, needing to...

YAY Services / This company didn't help you if your computer was infected

Oct 11, 2015

People, attention! The company YAY Services tries to scam users. I searched in Google and suddenly the new icon popped up. It showed that my computer was infected with the virus, and if I wanted to get rid of it, I needed to contact them. I called and the rep started to tell me that they needed the access to my computer. When I refused to give it, the rep started to lower the price for the services. I think that they want money and try to mislead us.