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Jul 06, 2012

Yardsellr is a social media and retail combination site, where the social aspect of "liking" and commenting is combined with for-sale items. There is a major loophole in the design of the site which is promoting malicious and unscrupulous behavior on the part of an unpleasant element within the selling members of Yardsellr, and it appears that Yardsellr is both condoning, promoting, and covering this up. I was engaged recently with several other users in a discussion of pricing and condition of a listed item. This site not only invites, but encourages discussion in the comments section, to include... / harassment by member and lack of response by staff

May 28, 2012

This site is a complete joke and offers NO protection to its buyers or sellers. For months now I have seen 1 sick man harass and threaten a group of sellers and this has done absolutely nothing to stop it. He leaves disgusting, vulgar and rude comments on peoples item listings calling them names. He lists gift cards to various stores such as a $5 walmart gift card up for sale for $20 which as far as I know is against the law and definitely against the rules and regulations of walmart and he has even gone so far as to list a jug of what appeared to be his own urine for sale and... / Banned me for my attitude because they didn't like that I was upset that they owed me money

Aug 31, 2011

Staff was very rude to me took months to get refund after several emails back and forth proving item not working (seller still on site w/same item I bought broke). Banned me for my attitude because they didn't like that I was upset that they owed me money. I went to BBB and got my money through them. Site is a joke. FYI I got an email from them to pay me for a positive review! WTH is that? This site that desperate for a good rating?