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xozz Complaints & Reviews

xozz / Worst hosting ever

May 22, 2014

Xozz really sucks... I had written below review as I was running in to serious issue because of xozz. “Xozz is the worst hosting provider I have come across, and their support team just sucks. They don’t care about their client nor their websites, their server is mostly down. If at all you approach their live chat support, they will just ask you to open a ticket, which on the other hand is never answered.Hosting website on xozz server is a big risk. You might lose all your website data without a single notification. It happened me twice. A week ago, their server went down. I...

xozz / reseller linux hosting

Sep 18, 2013 provide reseller hosting, i am using this reseller hosting RL1 plan .Some Day After Get Most of problem email sending problem, server downtime, still at this stage error database, since 10-17 Day most of time error database error problem . Our company reputation down.xozz doesn't provide proper answer and when connect using live chat, when they are come live chat problem solved, but next day again error . still this company not provide proper solution, i am very disappoint using xozz services .