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Xentel Complaints & Reviews

Xentel - Ontario, Hamilton / office gone to hell

Aug 5, 2011

i am new to xentel dm in hamilton, Over the past couple weeks i have noticed that the office itself is run by booze and perscription medications that are available to anyone who wants them. the manager mike is usually flying on something or smells like weed. and today was slamming doors and raising his voice to a woman who everyone says it is his x girlfriend . It is not professional to have someone yelling and slamming doors and clomping around like a crazy person in an office. Personally i dont think mike is stable enough to handle a job in the office because he cant even talk to his own x...

Xentel / They harass people


Although Xentel was told in no uncertain terms to stop calling us to sell Shriners' and Old Timers' tickets, they will NOT stop. They will not take no for an answer. They call at least 5 or 6 times per year and try every trick in the book to appeal to our emotions to buy. They will make you feel guilty if you don't, telling you that some poor kid will be deprived of entertainment and even if you agree to guy 2 tickets they will tell you it's not enough and you should be buying more to sponsor some kid to go see the Shriners'. We have threatened to report them, we have banged the phone down their face, but they just won't stop calling.